Rorschach Inkblot Test – Heretic

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Halo 3 Heatmap Rorschach Inkblot Test, almost seven months to the day to be exact. That number seemed ripe for a comeback so I would like to propose that we take a one week break from Friday Caption Fun to try our hand at deciphering another amorphous image. Well, I guess I’m not exactly proposing as much as I am forcing it upon you but why fight about the particulars when we can instead get down and dirty with some peer psychoanalyzing! We last left off with Assembly, where the majority of people obviously had Halo on the brain. Alessandro first noted the resemblance to the Spark that is Guilty while Queen 0f Blades thought of the rather explosive trip mine.

trip mine guilty spark

While numerous people followed suit with the Halo references (with even Forerunner symbols being brought up by pittofdoom), an equal number of people, the first of which was DeepCee,  saw a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull.


While I have no idea what people will see in this week’s Global Heatmap, I look forward to the very small glimpse it allows me into each of your twisted minds. The subject of our eleventh enlightening psychological evaluation is Heretic, the bane of my I-suck-with-the-br existence dating all the way back to Halo 2. Instead of getting sidetracked with a rant about the horrors of spawning with a plasma rifle, I will instead ask you, “What do you see?” And as always, extra nonexistent points for originality!

Heretic Global Heatmap

352 Responses to Rorschach Inkblot Test – Heretic

  1. Not Funny says:

    Somewhat reminds me of the Big Daddy’s helmet.

    • Weezey31 says:


    • Doc says:

      First thing I saw

    • analbumcover says:

      For a second there I thought you were saying you were sodomized …

      • win

    • Jack says:

      I saw an old fashioned diving suit helmet.

    • Jared says:

      Hockey goalie helmet.

    • Threshold says:

      With this “inside look”, I think we have finally discovered why people who use the “fishbowl” / E.V.A. helemts seem to have a higher death-rate than others; they’ve got part of the helmet running right across their line-of-sight! Of course, that theory doesn’t apply in Sniper matches…

    • Yeti says:

      Looks like Album Cover art from Journey’s Frontiers Album. Check It out.

    • IDK says:

      It looks like the oddball skull when viewed from the top and in front

      • earthkwake says:

        thats the first thing that came to mind, even though the skull has ears lol

      • Etc. says:

        I saw a skull also, but i thought of the grateful dead skull when I saw it.

    • Richard Yearling says:

      I see the underside of a skull wearing headphones.

    • MrFiendley says:

      I see a dragon head (front on) shooting a fireball out of its mouth!

    • brian says:

      target redicule.

      or a skull looking up (eyes up top.)

    • Duncan says:

      Same here! First thing i saw too was a Big Daddy Helmet!

    • danieljc2008 says:

      It’s a skull from beneath.

    • Bowser from mario…… DUHHHH

    • Rogoor3 says:

      Yes! Big Daddeh’s helmet. No mistaking it. Lol.

    • Gerbs says:

      I think it looks like a skull, like the pictures in halo 3.

    • rat ferret says:

      a big daddy with headphones

    • cruise davis says:

      Dr. Robotnik…… but ya i can totally see how you seen the bioshock bouncer

    • Dr FeelGood says:

      I see I see Earmuffs!

    • disruptor96 says:

      mr bubbles the big daddy

    • deserthawk says:

      Looked like a crying guy to me.

    • jourd rass says:

      yup, i thought big daddy helmet instantly.

    • noskills117 says:

      Yep it’s big daddy for sure

    • Batts says:

      A Skeleton trying to give me a big hug…

    • umop apsidn says:

      I see a heatmap

    • T Moneyzz says:

      The Gunpod from Jak II

    • Tiger says:

      a ball cage

      • D00m114 says:

        Yeah, sorta. Looks like a globe with the multiple axis. Ya know?

    • bjb yo says:

      It’s an upside down Jack-O-Lantern. Duh.

    • Minyyo says:

      I thought it looked like a grunt gas mask

    • Vanitas says:

      I agree. Big Daddy FTEW.

    • smackedabum says:

      It’s a bowl on a hot pot.

    • R says:

      Looks like a grunt helmet to me

    • Cyberbyte says:

      I see a Turtle

    • The Halo Grunt head emblem:

    • scarupa says:

      looks like a battle rifle reticle you kow the blue thingy used for aming

    • Herr Kawne says:

      Like a mudkip, but with the head fin cut off.

    • Jimminy2345 says:

      I see a guy with headphones

    • Shoon says:

      Looks like a deep sea fish.

  2. HellCat says:

    a shark

    • More like a whale shark.

  3. Whitehawk13 says:

    Grunt helmet

  4. Crazy A 64 says:

    Is see red which is a perfect reflection of my emotion for having no Friday screenshot captioning… Damn you Angel, you’ve messed up my entire Friday morning at work routine. I’m sure I can forgive you over time but please just bear with me for the next couple of… minutes.

    Also I think it’s a pair of dolphins jumping towards each other infront of the setting sun… ah that feels better, much better :)

  5. Ollycity says:

    It’s a cross-eyed French man. Up top the slivers of white have a bit of black on the insides,
    making them eyes. The moustache is fairly obvious, the black things with swirls at the end.

    Nose is right below the eyes, but his mouth is split in two.

    Am I crazy?

  6. Ollycity says:

    AM I? HUH?! HUH?!

  7. daredizzle says:

    Buzz Lightyear.

    To infinity and beyond.

  8. mendicantbias00 says:

    I see princess Leia.

    • mendicantbias00 says:

      Make that Lego Princess Leia.

      • PikminGod says:

        i was thinking the exact same thing!!

  9. Jim 028 says:

    To me it looks like a skeleton strapped to the wheel from a pirate ship.

    Rubbish line drawing showing skull, ribs and pelvis.

    • Jim 028 says:

      Link to the aforementioned rubbish line drawing is

      • mendicantbias00 says:

        MS Paint?

        • Jim 028 says:

          Yup, it’s all the Work machine has :D

  10. AusQB says:

    Looks like a pig with a massive grin chomping on a bone.

  11. Xerone says:

    Those weird goalie helmets that only lame guys wear.

  12. DerekJM says:

    I think it looks a lot like an old fashioned diving helmet!

    • says:


  13. Willy says:

    It either looks like Kirby or a Cheep Cheep from Mario

  14. JLay says:

    Looks like the Napster logo to me.

    What it doesn’t look like is the Friday Caption Contest results :(

  15. Radius says:

    A skull viewed from the bottom.

  16. pittofdoom says:

    I think it looks a little like the Librarian symbol from Halo 3. Just a bit.

  17. Fiesta says:

    It’s obviously the grunt head emblem.

  18. … The Pringles Guy.

    • Holy shit, thanks for mentioning me Angel. I just realized that. Thanks a million.

  19. Trombone2007 says:

    I see the terminator’s skull.

  20. IcyTreats says:

    The BR’s sights?

  21. Louis Wu says:

    I can’t believe nobody sees Dr. Eggman, from Sonic.

    • CrunchbiteNuva says:

      *scrolling down to type reply*
      awwww, you beat me to it.

  22. YamiR says:

    It looks kinda like a kamikaze grunt running from some big, round thing. Don’t ask me what.

  23. Fezzer says:

    A Cacodemon!

  24. Alessandro says:

    A Lost Soul from DooM looking upwards?

  25. SPARTAN G110 says:

    The reverse bear trap used at the beginning of SAW I lol it looks exactly like it!

  26. Scott says:

    I would say Grunt helmet also. Or maybe a Grunt with headphones on? idk

  27. Mr Viper says:

    The front of the mini-submarine you get in Subculture.

  28. Mizzy says:

    The Janitor with huge headphones on.

    • T-Drake says:

      DUDE! yeah I think it looks like a TV with headphones on it.

  29. I see a Booblehead.

  30. Zero says:

    the Bouncer from BioShock.

  31. Mayesyboy says:

    Looks a like a steering wheel. Complete with driver’s hands

    • Terrence says:

      yup !! it definitely look likes the xbox steering wheel or am i playing forza too much ? anyways it looks like the steering wheel is in an inverted position which means the driver is spinning around…….that’s me !!!
      i think i just flunked the blot test.

  32. Terrence says:

    Does it look like papa bear to anybody (except for the ears maybe) or is it just me ? i think this is bringing up embarrassing flashbacks from my past…..this blot test is good !!!

  33. Uccxxxv says:

    Upside down it looks like a psychotic tele-tubby (like serial killer psychotic, not their normal psychotic)

  34. Crazeye0 says:

    I see a grunts head.
    I also see a Big Daddy helmet

  35. 7he grunt w/a plasma pistol says:

    Both have already been said, but I see a Bouncer Big Daddy’s helmet, and the bear trap-thingy from the first Saw.

  36. IxPuppy xI says:


  37. Barrotek says:

    An alien with a giant head wearing headphones. His eyes are at bottom.

  38. chiefnutszr says:

    Looks like Jigglypuff doing his taunt from Super Smash Bros.

  39. Visitor at home says:

    Halogen bulb. For sure.

  40. Lancer says:

    I see a fat football helmet. lol

  41. triddy says:

    I see an old-timey deep sea diving helmet…”Men of Honor” style….

  42. James says:

    I see a Big Daddy from Bioshock!

  43. NartFOpc says:

    Beat from Jet Set Radio

  44. Taisen says:

    First thing I thought was ball cage, like those ones from gladiator, then I also saw a drone inside it. Covenent Gladiator anyone?

    Amazing how hard it is to find a picture of that:

  45. DarkChaplain says:

    It made me think of the whale scene in Finding Nemo. :-)

  46. GS059 says:

    either a scope, or my dads brain scan…

  47. Tristan says:

    Just Bioshock Helmet

  48. paul says:

    A skull…

    • Some weirdo says:

      i see it too… but which skull?

  49. zizzle17 says:

    I see the fish mask from Fossil Fighters >_>

  50. Al7eredBeasT says:

    I see either:

    The control panel from the Gondolas in Halo 2,
    The turtle from DBZ (the one who hangs out on Kane Island with Master Roshi).

  51. MoltenSlowa says:

    I see a metroid.

    Or a yoshi.

    Or a mushroom.

  52. AlienEmperor says:

    The brain scan of a dead fish?

  53. Jason says:

    I see a Cog tag from Gears

  54. Matt says:

    It looks like a giant snapping turtle’s face.
    Looks like its eating something.

  55. Grittack says:

    Looks kinda like a Grunt, a Big Daddy (Bouncer), or maybe a Shark

  56. Saint says:

    Optimus Prime!

    Come on, he’s right there!

  57. I see a grunt

  58. Noah says:


  59. I too see a grunt.
    Or an angled line of sight of the back of a skull.

  60. Church says:

    Anarchy Symbol

  61. Silent Stranger says:

    I see death, in that I see two skulls, one on top, and another on the bottom, connected by weirdly shaped horns. Or maybe two skull masks back to back, again connected by weirdly shaped horns.

  62. artixvonkrieger says:

    i think its the sandbox skull… taunting us with its guardian towers!

  63. NinjaKirby1322 says:

    I see a steering wheel with the hands at 3 and 9 o’clock.

  64. Chaz says:

    Looks like a Grunt.

  65. OHL says:

    Looks like an Energy Sword handle.

  66. Master Green says:


    …y’know…from Earthbound…

  67. Clay says:

    I see a puffer fish from the front (when fully puffed, of course).

  68. DPM says:

    I see a dragon breathing fire at your face

  69. Fallon Kell says:

    Definitely someone sniping a guy wearing big headphones.

  70. Janaka says:


  71. L337MA573R says:

    Hey there, you listening to Grunty radio. Next up is “Come Back Food Nipple” by Quinhip.

  72. SPOC says:

    I see the Napster logo

  73. Terrence says:

    Topography of Darth Vader’s head as seen by a spy satellite o_O

  74. Aklangi says:

    Its the skull on top attached to some tesla coils; or im just using the energy sword too much on oddball

  75. Awkward Silence says:

    It looks like someone with big teeth is smiling.

    Comme ca:

    ou comme ca:

  76. Shruikin says:

    I see a grunt face. More like the symbol you use for the emblem than the actual grunt head but they both work.

  77. ALTEX says:

    looks like toad from mario wearing dj headphones. just rhowing it out there.

  78. HHC Telemascope says:

    It’s obviously a whale shark firin his lazor… Duh…

  79. It is clearly that jungle gym my friends and I played in when I was in 4th grade. You all know it- the metal, silver cage that was half of a sphere? You and your friends would climb inside and punch each other and the first one to make the another person beg wins? Or was that just me?

  80. Terrence says:

    potrait image of a caterpillar ??…..

  81. it is definately a skull (not my picture)

  82. ultratog1028 says:

    Earmuffs of Death.

  83. Chris says:

    looks like a spark holder from beast wars

  84. J23 says:

    Big Daddy helmet and also a space helmet.

  85. DisguisedBandit says:

    I see like one of those MRI images of someone’s brain. at the bottom (what would be the front of the head) you can see eyes. also you can see that dividing line and the little squiggly gray matter lines.

  86. Phri says:

    I see a bad bad insane clown….

  87. Jade says:

    Looks like a bear trap with evil red eyes and headphones to me.

  88. A-train says:

    Michael Jackson!

  89. Tabion says:

    I see a rounded gibbet, with a skeleton crying inside o.O

  90. DeclinedShadow says:

    Obviously a pop-up bread toaster, viewed from the side! ^^

    • Duardo says:

      Looks like Brute head with it’s mouth open, ready to eat its prey.

  91. Liz says:

    Looks like a BR recticle and it’s red meaning you’re in my sights

  92. escApe says:

    Mmmm. Looks like a circular cage with a small skull hangin at the top. And its being puking blood into the cage.

  93. Parkour Badger says:

    Car steering wheel anyone?

  94. GellyX24 says:

    Looks like a skinny cheerleader with pom [oms coming out of a tunnel.

  95. airsparrowhawk says:

    Looks to me like a pair of hands clutching a steering wheel.

  96. Rageon says:

    First thing I saw was an alchemy symbol from Full Metal Alchemist:

  97. MBT_Boomer_MBT says:

    looks like a frightened pumpkin to me.

  98. Nubby says:

    Kinda like a weird skinny suicide grunt.

  99. Matt says:


  100. ODST says:

    I see Serenity (the ship from Firefly) from the front with something huge behind it

  101. DethPwn says:

    Kickle from Kickle Cubicle’s head.

  102. Nay says:

    I would have to go with the creature from the black lagoons head, or an old scuba diving helmet

  103. captain cor says:

    I see a vampire-goomba with earmuffs on…

  104. Mikesword221 says:

    The top looks like a oddball. But the entire things looks like a bouncer.

  105. AOClaus says:


    OR, Kraid from Metroid.

  106. Alan says:

    Looks kind of like a FB logo

    look at this to see it how i did

    its a pic of the heatmap with a semi trasparent FB logo on it

  107. Swizzy says:

    A really weird Sniper scope with all the bells and whistles.

  108. Oroso says:

    It’s either a Metroid or a Grunt.

  109. Psychosis says:

    I see a steering wheel…

  110. thejet619 says:

    What is this thingy. What r we talken bout?

  111. Apollo Running says:

    Its Barney!

  112. Whitehawk13 says:

    upside down it looks like a crazy cartoon baby.

  113. ajarofpickle says:

    It looks like a BR socpe shot with blood spray in the middle

  114. Aero 237 says:

    I see Mr. Monopoly. With a curiously smaller top hat then usual.

  115. C3-PO… (kinda)

  116. a flyin hobo says:

    The first thing I thought of was Thomas’ helmet from Daft Punk

    • Qwepir says:


  117. FunkyMonkeyBass says:


  118. iBoxxy says:

    I think I might be demented, but I see a screaming baby with earmuffs.

  119. Stoned 5niper says:

    A gorilla blowing a bubble with watermelon bubbleicious!

  120. Looks like a skull with small blasts going out the sides of its head.

    • Check that. A skull with TWO faces with small blasts going out the sides of its “head”

  121. Derp says:

    Grateful Dead.

  122. GeneralCupcakes says:

    Person w/ Headphones.

  123. juicypat says:

    looks like the helmet worn by the villain from sonic the hedgehog games “dr Robotnic”

  124. Sean C84 says:

    Grunt face. The one you can get as an emblem.

  125. Jeremy says:

    I saw the album cover to Breaking Benjamin-We Are Not Alone.

  126. StephaBon says:


  127. StephaBon says:

    Also, an evil rooster in the crosshairs of my BR. Anyone else see it?

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  129. AndrewS41 says:

    A metroid

  130. exgmo says:

    its definitely a laughing skull with mudkip cheeks duh

  131. Alphawolfpack69 says:

    Goonies, Movie (1985), Spanish Doubloon

  132. wastedjamacan says:

    Top-Down view of someone in a jetpack. at the bottom are the jets, and the top the eyes….

  133. wyatt says:

    The reverse bear trap from saw 1.

  134. hag says:

    Looks like a clown

  135. AoR_Final says:

    A cauldrong with a flattened skull for a handle.

  136. Xxxreaper999 says:

    I saw a grunt lolz…. the silver thing r its feet

  137. Byron says:

    I see the woman I love in the center of an atom…

  138. sldkfhew says:


  139. ZeroXFallen says:

    Dear God. I immediately saw Doctor Robotnik. Hell yeah.

    • ZeroXFallen says:

  140. xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

    Its a Grunt Face! And its very grunty.

  141. Rez says:

    Well, before I looked at the posts and saw Big Daddy, I saw Gravemind. Ick.
    Hmm… wonder what SandBox’s like?

  142. canadagoose says:

    Stewie Griffin

  143. canadagoose says:


  144. Firestorm12 says:

    It’s Toad! Or…an evil Toad at least!

  145. Jack says:

    Looks like the all-spark. Or a metroid…. or a caged Dinosaur/T-Rex, or a Bear-Captain-Falcon with Earmuffs or Earphones….hmmm….

  146. Dust and Echoes says:

    I see a man, a circle around him, holding orbs of pure energy in each hand

  147. Gundam8 says:

    I just realized exactly what this is…ITS THE DAFP PUNK HELMET!!!

  148. Chris101b says:

    Crap, I cannot remember what company the logo is for, but it is a head wearing headphones. Rhapsody maybe.

    • NiTrOuS 343 says:

      I think you mean Napster.

      • Chris101b says:

        Bingo, It looks like the Napster Logo

  149. NiTrOuS 343 says:

    It’s obviously Dr. Dre wearing his Beats headphones. lol

  150. Kristov says:

    Looks like The Jackel from 13 Ghosts

  151. Jo Haines says:

    Steering wheel for sure.

  152. Wenholz says:


  153. Kalin says:

    Caceodemon from doom lol

  154. Dice says:

    It’s a grunt’s head.

  155. War Horseman says:

    I see the parachutist from Pilotwings. Crap, did I just date myself?

  156. South1Paw says:

    Thats got to be a metroid.

  157. Rollz says:

    I see a head of a grunt

  158. scadandy says:

    i saw a grunts head after a while, but i originally saw the album cover to a certain motorhead

  159. Andrew says:

    That is Mega-Man. %100.

  160. Sparticas44 says:

    It looks like a Covenant Plasma Turret… uh… damn what’s the name? The big ball looking one that made it’s intro in 3… DAMN!!! I know the damned name of the thing… SHADE!!! That’s it the Shade Plasma Turret.

  161. Cellblock says:

    It’s Eggman!

  162. sir kren says:

    the metal god ormagoden from brutal legend, eh?

  163. jefferson darcy says:

    looks like one of them cage/sphere things they used to run around in while playing american gladiators

  164. torrix says:

    A football helmet, with a skull on top, wearing earmuffs.

  165. staticrift says:

    First thing i saw was a grunts head but now it looks more like a grunt inside a shade turret.

  166. Xzurae says:

    I saw a grunt’s head…

  167. DA says:

    Grunt’s head.

  168. mastalee says:

    looks like a head that was cooking on a rotisserie. now its a skull.

  169. mr. clean says:

    i thought it looked like crosshairs, focusing in on a brain in the center. or a really awkward looking cranium of a clown.

  170. DEgaurdian says:

    Kinda looks like EVA helmet in the center of BR’s reticule…

  171. wolfcakes says:

    looks like the nev safe for work birdie on the right side of the page

  172. greatman says:

    looks like a br’s cross hairs

  173. Sandwich says:

    definitely a pac-man ghost

  174. Magistarcraftre says:

    looks like an archon from starcraft

    (or a diving helmet)

  175. Slarcio says:

    ITS A GRUNT MASK___________________

  176. Fortune says:

    IT LOOKS LIKE A POWERDRAIN. or the front of a ghost

  177. Ax3l says:

    i think it looks like a yawning tiger skull

  178. nick says:

    its the helmet from the little dood on the bioshock gamecase

  179. muisje says:

    grunt from above, or a shade with grunt

  180. Niko434 says:

    A sad dragon,brewing fire in his mouth

  181. GladiateSmiths says:

    Definitely Megaman’s head.

  182. Firefox665 says:

    A very upset baby. Probably had his candy stolen.

  183. zipzap171 says:

    Grunt faceplate symbol

  184. Alexander says:

    person listening to music with over the ear headphones

  185. A.Ether says:

    A human skull, mouth wide open in a scream, tilted back a bit.

    wearing headphones

  186. Dracona89 says:

    I see a mudkip.

  187. Samus Aran’s Helmet.

    Metroid may be a Nintendo game, but Samus and the Chief have buddied up before….

  188. Cleansing Aura says:

    I see…. the kill ball from forge – something that has yet to be included in any good custom maps….

    For those who aren’t obsessed with all things customizable – See below for Kill ball reference:


    • Marksman says:

      A good custom map that includes a KillBall is Lofty Towers. Check it out.

      • Cleansing Aura says:

        Hmm – i will have to investigate this!

  189. Telomee says:

    Holy shit, it’s the Red M&M from those retarded commercials they keep making with the things… I’m going to run and cry in a corner until I can find a M21 to go kill the thing with. And yes, it must be an M21, not a M82, because I do not need a 3-4 foot muzzle flash to blind me for the few seconds I could be watching the vapor trail intersect with the things… does it even have a head? And what are the creepy gloves for?

  190. Gh0st Biker says:

    Look like the bioshock guy :P

  191. Crashoveride78 says:

    Looks like a rooster siting on a throne.

  192. Calvin says:

    I don’t know what you guys see but i see a beartrap

  193. OneFinalEffort says:

    It looks like a skull from underneath. Though the underneath has seen better days. That or somebody got stabbed multiple times.

  194. Fumble Cake says:

    It’s a grunt wearing headphones/earmuffs.

  195. Izza Pyder says:

    Looks like the album cover for Cumbawamaba.

    Either that or a Boo from Super Mario 64.

  196. Roger says:

    looks like a grunt with headphones to me lol

    • Roger says:

      actually i see a BR reticule thing aiming at a chicken lol

  197. dylan says:

    looks like the symbol on the sticky gerneade

  198. Saibot says:


  199. ACE pwnr XX says:

    I think i see a Grunt’s head

  200. hypnocake says:

    A skull with headphones on.

  201. iRanged says:

    I see the sign of the zodiac killer

  202. Derrtygotgame says:

    as completely UNUSUAL as this is, kind of reminds me of the electrical path of the human skull when sitting in the electric chair!!

  203. a ninja donkey says:

    It looks like a skull doing weights with his mouth….

  204. Juan0x0rzz says:

    Looks to me like an old stained glass in the shape of a Cross placed in a Cathedral in the times of the Crusades…

  205. Zaine says:

    I see an Ouroboros caging a phoenix. However, instead of it being a traditional Ouroboros depiction, there are two that are fighting for position. The dual heads that are struggling for consumption of the other are at the top, while the two tails are wriggling to be free of the other at the bottom.

  206. Desert Rat says:

    Im thinking prototype Big Daddy helmet from Bioshock 2. Dang, why did that have to be delayed?

  207. Swager says:

    Looks like the iron giant to me.

  208. Marksman says:

    Yeah, sure it look’s like a Big Daddy helmet, but I saw a Gorilla head myself.

  209. Eregon says:

    I see McDonald’s hamburgers. Nothing but empty space between 2 buns.

  210. HazMatt says:

    I see a skull yawning at me like its about to bite.

  211. repzero says:

    i saw a grunt getting his face blown off

  212. Shirdel7221 says:

    I see a Flask, like the ones you’d take to a Picnic.

  213. Spaghetti says:

    Its so Yoda’s face.

  214. A1P4A 0M3GA says:

    I actually saw a Cyberman (Dr Who) helmet, from the old series, and without wires.

  215. schembru says:

    big daddy

  216. Jelly says:

    I reckon it looks like a grunt’s face, with the mask on. makes sense?

  217. ZombieHunterX77 says:

    Bid Daddy Bouncer !!!

  218. samus_only says:

    looks like my br on hyabusa’s face!!!

  219. Bryant Aracena says:

    I think it looks like the EVA helmet, do you not?

  220. hfhfhfhfhfhfhfhf says:

    the napster guy

  221. ICE2099 says:


  222. GInga G says:

    The Napster logo, the cat with headphones on.

  223. Lizden says:

    It’s a really fat and short kid dressed in a ghost costume with a mustache.

  224. LocalYour says:

    I looks like a “astronaut Helmet” or the Helmet from the comic books which my dad has “The Forever War”

  225. LeeringPaladin says:

    Saw trap. The one that goes on the peoples head and is like a bear trap.

  226. Grombi3 says:

    Looks like this:

  227. Fernie says:

    It looks like a grunt to me. The head, eyes, and the little gas things they wear….yeah, I can see them there.

  228. steve says:

    I saw a toasted sandwich maker

  229. me myself and i says:

    that defintly lokks like a big daddy helmet especcially the bouncer i dont know about the skull though

  230. proff kaos says:

    Its a clown trying to hide behind a brick….

  231. Radmire says:

    Dr. Robotnik’s face.

  232. MichelV says:

    It’s a Spartan II helmet

  233. Elli Scrubbs says:

    I think it looks like a close up of a grunts face and breathinging apperatus

  234. Bendig says:

    a cheerleader

  235. Tim says:

    Looks like a grunt face with a mask to me

  236. Jordan says:

    Turtle shell.

  237. Charles says:

    It’s obviously a Pokeball!

  238. Fire brns says:

    looks like skull at top(sort of flat) with a mullet(yellow) and it is lifting a weight(two circles with line connecting them) with it’s skinny arm(line up in middle with hand looking connector).

    Or in other words a stoopid looking mullet skull lifting weights with it’s skinny arms.

    and yes grammer police, I spelled stoopid (and grammer) wrong…

    on purpose.

  239. DarkReign2021 says:

    Here’s a new one thanks to all of the children I’m constantly surrounded by:

    It looks like the Alien EchoEcho from Ben 10: Alien Force

    Dare to compare:

  240. Fire brns says:

    on second thought it’s actually the map covered with blood from all the noobs I killed…

    then they were ejected into orbit around one of those planets.

  241. -.- says:

    No seriously

  242. Alex says:

    Definitely a grunts head

  243. iron man says:

    Looks like a torture device straight out of a Saw film

    Or even a close-up of Bowser from Mario if he were about to spew a fireballs

  244. MachinimistLuke says:


    A kinky Swalot.

  245. obsidianchao says:

    I see a Boo, from Super Mario 64. I dunno why.

  246. Teddy Chan says:

    It reminds me of a Metroid, one of the ones from Super Metroid maybe…

  247. Twilix01 says:

    I see a Doom 3 Marine Helmet…..

  248. Harrison says:

    hummmmmm……. i see the sad gost emblum from halo…

  249. Xplode441 says:

    Looks like a grunt in a ferris wheel.

  250. Dmon9055 says:

    Upside-down X-Wing steering wheel FTW!

  251. Duble naut spy says:

    I see Ironman

  252. xxblackaznxx says:

    i see 4 major points in a big circle which is the result of the stickies(heretic) and some luck

  253. xxblackaznxx says:

    srry i didnt explain enuff, 4 points in circle=overkill+luck=exterm

  254. Dymentid says:

    i think that it looks like an old fashioned juke box from a side point of view…

  255. iceman says:

    To me it looks like a grunt’s head.

  256. ThePinkPirate says:

    Godzilla or Bowzer about to use their fire/energy breath.

  257. davo058 says:

    Looks like the bottom water feature area of the star wars battlefront map yavin 4……

  258. d Fusion b says:

    I see 3 things, the Security Helmet, a skull looking up, and as everyone said a Big Daddy.

  259. Jumendez says:

    Looks a bit like a Mudkip. It’s as good of a guess as the T-rex for Assembly.

  260. Cale says:

    …Kinda resembles the Marathon symbol..

  261. Lucid says:

    I see a metroid.

  262. Cyro says:

    Looks like a swamp man to me. -the ears look kinda like fins

  263. looks like the flying demon dragon thing from Doom 3

  264. Dr. Rick Marshall says:

    To me it looks like the pokemon chansey lol.

  265. Seafire says:

    I’d say it looks like either those “screw-lock” doors in High Charity, or the german trip mines from WW2, the ones with the handles at either end.

  266. Nerf15 says:

    squirtle lol

  267. Jake says:

    I see the rolling bone cage from Pirates of the Carribean 3

  268. Josh says:

    I see a guy with the EOD helmet in a guy’s sniper rifle’s cross-hairs. And the skull so loved by Bungie.

  269. Marty says:

    Naw, that’s clearly the head of Blaster of the Blaster-Master symbiosis from Mad Max 3; Beyond Thunderdome. Clearly!

  270. lol says:

    big daddy listening to music

  271. Timmeh says:

    I just thought it looked like a brain from the front.

  272. Daaaah Whoosh says:

    I definitely agree wth all the people who say it is a Big Daddy. My only question is where to find the Little Sister…

  273. phoenix88 says:

    It’s a Hammer Bros head from Super Mario :)

  274. kamikaze says:

    looks like a monster eating a woman

  275. Josh says:

    I think it looks like Larry’s (3 stooges) MRI.

  276. QUEBALL says:


  277. Vermillion says:

    Mushroom from Mario. When you include the flat bottom edge.

  278. nick says:

    Napster’s old logo…or maybe a really f’ed up football helmet…

  279. Tyler Perfect says:

    looks like Obi-Wan’s fighter from SW ep2

    • Tyler Perfect says:

      at least from the front.

  280. Kennon says:

    I see the Ebon Hawk from Knights of the Old Republic

  281. norb says:

    I saw the nose piece of a grunt.

  282. Pate says:

    Bowser or someone wearing headphones.

  283. Stefano says:

    it looks like the helmet from that big guy in the game ”Bioshock”

  284. Semolika says:

    Hmm…. Maybe a deployable cover?

  285. Pingback: Tell Me What You See… « Psychologeek

  286. ????? says:

    A fat fish going om nom nom!

  287. nick says:

    its a halo 3 power drain, kinda.

  288. Mike says:

    grunt head much?

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