Firefight Teammate Friends Lists

For the past three weeks I have been compiling a database of Halo players looking for Firefight teammates. After acquiring enough interested parties, I have created friends lists based on time zones to assist those individuals seeking a multiplayer experience. If you are looking for fellow Halo fanatics to dip into the world of Firefight, simply send a friend request to the list that best suits your time zone needs and instantly find numerous gamers willing to take on wave after wave of Covenant attackers right alongside you.

HMB Firefight P

HMB Firefight C

HMB Firefight C

HMB Firefight E

HMB Firefight E

HMB Firefight G

*Please be logged into your account to best utilize these links. I have only created friends lists based on those time zones that can support a large number of people. If your time zone is not included, simply send a friend request to the most compatible one. All friends lists are monitored on a daily basis and should one fill up, a new one will be created.

20 Responses to Firefight Teammate Friends Lists

  1. t0rm3n7 says:

    I <3 bsangel!

  2. HellCat says:

    Thanks angel i got the request earlier.

    • bs angel says:

      Yup! I wanted to build the lists up to at least 50 before releasing them. :)

    • I was wondering who HMB Firefight C (or whatever) was but I figured you were doing something like this…

  3. Nice, Thanks for setting this all up its great!

  4. x Primeeeeeee x says:

    Good job bsangel

  5. Qix says:

    Such a great way to live with the lack of matchmaking. Plus it has the added benefit of grouping with people who read this site. i.e. less asshats. Well, at least more of the asshat I like.

    I think that came out wrong. What I meant to say was I have already been invited to a couple games, and was a hair from getting the vidmaster achievement. Stupid mythic skull.

    Thanks for the hard work Angel!

  6. Whitehawk13 says:

    Awesome BS =) Unfortunately, while I wish to remain on the list, I am temporarily unavailable to play Halo 3 or H3 ODST – Read: Some ****** stole both my copy of H3 and ODST (as well as Prototype and COD4), so until I find out who or buy replacements, I’m not able to play :(


    • bs angel says:

      Oh no! That’s no good. Here’s to hoping you get back on your gaming feet soon.

      • IcyTreats says:

        Yeah man, that’s gotta suck. Hope you find the guy and beat the living crap out of him! :)

        • We don’t want any beating up…

        • staticrift says:

          And they say gamers have violent tendencies. Anyways, kick ’em in the crotch whitehawk! :D

    • HellCat says:

      Chainsaw the guy. Gaming teaches me stuff

  7. Ben Of Bodom UK says:

    Ah awesome, I did wonder who it was that added me.

  8. SPOC says:

    Brilliant, thanks!

  9. ausmara says:

    Sorry I haven’t been on anyone who added me. Gearing up for a vacation and I’ve been neglecting my 360. If you happen to catch me on, send an invite. Haven’t even played Firefight yet :P

  10. Marksman says:

    Aww, no GMT+10, ah well, I have added Firefight G, which one is that?

    Nice organisation of a database too, friends-list-thing, I would have never thought of that. It’s perfect though, great job!

  11. Marksman says:

    But, may I say, for everybody who uses this database, in your motto, or location, how about putting your HMB name (mine’s Marksman, but my GT is Marksman Fusion) in with either one? It helps to find who’s who from the list.

    • Poopie McGhee says:

      Mine’s the same :~)

  12. Poopie McGhee says:

    BTW, I stole this Idea for the Escapist’s Borderlands Group…

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