Top Ten Signs You May Be a Camper

Often recognized by their tent, fire, and permanently stationary status, campers are one of the most detested groups known to exist on the virtual battlefield. Frustrating because of both their infuriating tactics and your inability to stop running directly into their tried and true traps, some of us are a little more guilty of this particular scheme than others. Could you perhaps belong to this most loathsome accumulation of gamers? There’s only one way to find out! Here are the top ten signs that you may, in fact, be a camper.

halo 3 screenshot
you may be a camper if ...

  • After getting a kill, you run around for exactly ten seconds (in case your victim is watching you on their death cam) before resuming your position.
  • The only things you ever hear on proximity voice are, “That -blam- is still there!” and/or startled yelps of surprise.
  • You have more flag stops and shotgun sprees than all your friends. Combined.
  • Your Xbox Live bio reads, “It’s a legitimate strategy!” And you truly believe it is.
  • You have callouts for every last corner of the base but have no clue where Pelican and horseshoe are.
  • Your left thumbstick is always the first button to get worn out on your controller.
  • You veto all single-objective games because leaving the base is out of your comfort zone.
  • When you pick up the flame thrower, your friends ask if you’d like a bag of marshmallows to go with it.
  • You miss both the excessive  amount of maulers on Narrows and the shotgun-friendly shield doors on Snowbound. The radar jammer however can go fuck itself.
  • After reading this list, you are 100% confident you are not a camper; you just purposely put yourself in advantageous positions that play to your strengths. Again. And again. And again. And again.

137 Responses to Top Ten Signs You May Be a Camper

  1. chiefnutszr says:

    I like the marshmallows with your flamethrower one.

    • Mike says:

      man i wish there were more objective games with flame throwers in the base so i can use this line!

      • James says:

        aha me too :(

      • bs angel says:

        I do believe it’s time to Forge some custom maps!

        • Shilalydawg says:


      • Basin30004 says:

        Thats all way too true gayness on the battefield well gotta run to store and get some more marshmellows… see you all shotgun spawn on snowbound.LOL

    • eXoSammYlive says:

      Wow, I was reading the list and thought the same thing!

  2. To quote me friend Dan: “camping is a legitimate fighting strategy!!”

    • Ryan says:

      It doesnt matter if your a camper or not if the person is there the hole game and you know it well HELLO how about dont go down there and if you do stick them and take both you out its an easy answer go with a heavy weapon and they he cant camp ! If you are the camper then the other team isnt doing its job to make you not camp

      • Adam says:

        What about camping in the high room on guardian with unlimited rockets on fiesta? The score was 25 to 7 to 7 to 6 to 5 to 5 to 4.

        • lnfynity says:

          What is the “high room”

          There is snipe tower also known as s1,s2 and s3
          There is top gold and bottom gold, or lift
          There is top blue and bottom blue/ blue room
          There is top green/ bottom green
          There is elbow, camo, top mid and bottom mid but there is no “high room”.

        • Pete says:

          Grenades. Use them.

        • Shilalydawg says:


          You can grenade jump and/or rocket jump onto Gold’s ceiling. If you’re going up lift looking at Snipe Tower, it’s in the middle of the left wall. You get up there and have a vantage point on anybody at or entering Gold.

          I believe that’s his “high room”

    • Rich says:

      I think you mean “whole” not “hole”.

  3. COBRA says:

    It is a legitimate strategy when opponents keep knowingly returning to the “camping” spot and receive the same fate every time.

    Then the jokes on them for just being idiotic and not having the skill to properly flush out a “camper.”

    • Chris Haldor says:

      It’s true! People just run in a staright line to the spot where they last died again and again, and then complain when they get cut down like the fools that they are!

    • MRDNRA says:

      I remember a game on The Pit once, we were getting badly outplayed in the open, so we all went to the sword room….I think they only flushed us out once, we retook it, and they kept on coming back again and again and again and again….we still lost, but we made a fight of it, which we wouldn’t have been able to do if we hadn’t gone to the sword room.

  4. Fiesta says:

    I do #1 so much even when i’m not camping.

    • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

      [Peepee joke here]

      • StephaBon says:

        I gets it. : p *giggle teehee*

  5. Grif says:

    You have callouts for every last corner of the base but have no clue where Pelican or horseshoe IS.

    It’s IS not ARE.

    • Billdebeast says:

      uhh, not its not, dumbass

      • Zabble929 says:

        yeah it is bro

        • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

          It is, but no one cares.

          Looks like someone just leveled the playing field….

        • SonofMacPhisto says:

          I don’t care either, but 1+1=2=plural right? :P

        • bs angel says:

          Be on your way Grammar Police, there are other websites that need you as well!!

    • triptup says:

      pelican AND horseshoe are; pelican OR horseshoe is. it was originally written pelican and horseshoe so the grammar police evidently need to be policed, hence the persons responsible for the sacking have been sacked. now on with the show…..

      • The Silver Fox says:

        Yes! Holy Grail FTW!

        • triptup says:

          too bad there is no llamas!

      • IKsEI says:

        i love people like that…nothing else better to do but piss off others. we call them noobs!!

      • Aero IV says:

        Nice call, You, it turns out, are the one who actually gets it.

    • Shilalydawg says:

      Oooh… Someone just pulled a dick move :x

      Ouch, bro. You don’t go making grammatical corrections on someone’s blog like that :s

      • triptup says:

        especially when they don’t even get it right! besides this is the internet lolcatzz gr4mm3r rulz!

  6. Scott says:

    I like “You miss both the excessive amount of maulers on Narrows and the shotgun-friendly shield doors on Snowbound. The radar jammer however can go fuck itself.”

    I do miss the shield doors on Snowbound… :(

    and hate the radar jammer!

    • gabriell426 says:

      umm..relly the one with no shield door is a diffirnt map edited…ur thinking of snowless….snowbound is the one wit shield door….just dont veto snowboung and then u can cam wit the shoutgun :)

      • Dude McManface says:

        I think you mean Boundless, which IS Snowbound, edited to not have shield doors in order to stop camping and to let a nice cool breeze enter the bases. Really, those things can get pretty rank with all the dead bodies in ’em and whatnot.

        To be honest, I think camping IS a legit strategy.
        Firstly, if they’re camping, you KNOW where they are all the time. So either charge in (And possibly die again and again), or ignore the area, then they’ve got no one to kill, and they’ve gotta move.
        Secondly, would you run out into the open and get shot in a real battle (or even in airsoft/paintball) No, I should hope not. You’d find a nice spot that DOES play to your strengths and go to work. We have a phrase for placing yourself in a disadvantageous situation: Walking into an ambush. Synonymous with suicide and/or negative K/D ratio.
        Thirdly, frog blast the vent core. So there.
        SO long as it isn’t using cheats or glitches, it’s legitimate. Doesn’t mean it’s nice to be on the receiving end, but, hey, getting shot never is.
        And, yes, the Radar jammer CAN go fuck itself.

        • James says:

          Spoken by a true camper

        • jake says:

          sorry to tell you, but this isnt real life or paintball… its a video game

        • blackwind952 says:

          Camping can only be considered to be a strategy if you use it while sniping, because that’s how sniping is supposed to be played…shooting from a safe distance. Camping in any other game type just ruins the fun for both teams because all it does is make the game last much longer than it should.

    • IKsEI says:

      the radar jammer isent even used multiplayer that is anyways, its never in matchmaking!! WTH…?

  7. Kato says:

    “The radar jammer however can go fuck itself.” QFT.

  8. Mizzy says:

    Number 2 only happened to me once on Guardian, and that’s because I kept using the man cannons to get an advantage.

  9. Penguin_Ninjoid says:

    Fuck it I’ll admit I’m a camper. However, I camp in spurts, depending on the map, gametype, and how I’m BR’ing that day.

    • SonofMacPhisto says:

      ‘I camp in spurts.’

      That’s what she said!

      • danieljc2008 says:


        • Rich says:

          lmao Exactly…spurts. Nothing wrong with spurts

    • IKsEI says:


  10. XMixMasterX says:

    If you’ve ever been awakened by your vibrating controller, you might be a camper.

    If you’ve ever played a flash game on your computer WHILE playing a game of Halo, you might be a camper.

    If you’re crouch control is on toggle, you might be a camper.

    If you’ve ever noticed birds singing and generators humming, you might be a camper.

    If someone else has walked over to you and set up camp without noticing you were there, you might be a camper.

    • bs angel says:

      I love the fourth one. Made me think of the computers on High Ground!

      • ablestmage says:

        Yep angel, you like the little window on Last Resort ^_^ My Valhalla and High Ground give away my favorite places =P

    • ablestmage says:

      Yep, the little birdy on Halo 2’s Midship and I have met, from camping at the top so much. I started my preference to camp back during Quake 1 multiplayer matches for the MS-DOS era, back before they started modding servers to auto-suicide anyone who held the same coordinates for more than a set amount of time. Lordy, I miss that grapple.

      If you tend to watch your radar and leave the screen for the peripheral vision…
      If most of the banshees you destroy in a multiplayer match are the ones you’ve just used to fly up to your perch..

      • danieljc2008 says:

        there’s a bird on midship?

    • SonofMacPhisto says:

      If you’ve ever been awoken by your vibrator, you might be bs angel.

      • bs angel says:

        Falling asleep afterwards? Probably. But during? NEVER!

        • SonofMacPhisto says:

          I heard you pass out with it on.

        • SonofMacPhisto says:

          Why on EARTH would anyone thumbs down these posts? Alright, who let the Puritan in here?

        • StephaBon says:

          AAAAAAAHHHH the “V” word! Thumbs Down!! lulz. jk

        • i thumbs downed just cus you mentioned it! =P

  11. Crazeye0 says:

    But it is a legitimate strategy. I’m hardly going to run out into the open with the shotgun, then I’d be called a retard.

  12. Socket says:

    Well, according to these I don’t camp. I also only play Cod4. And I don’t camp in that either.

    I don’t even see how camping makes the game fun.

    • Marksman says:

      I dosen’t make it more fun. That’s why campers are weirdos. They only care about K/D, not having fun and enjoying the game. Also, I have no idea why this list even mentions friends. I play Halo with friends to have fun. Campers don’t have friends to start with.

      This is why I hate MLG. Camping seems to be a major part of it, as is “controlling” power weapons. The only power-weapon I want is the sniper. They want them all, then camp one part of the map, in an effective “strategy” that I call “time-to-get-some-outside-time”.

      That’s all o_O

  13. Spetsen says:

    Actually I’m not a camper, I just purposely put myself in advantageous positions that play to my strengths.

  14. mlpiette says:

    It actually is a legitimate strategy, wanna know why? Because of dumbass people who keep coming back for more instead of moving on. The only reason other people get pissed is because of their inability to kill them, the ‘campers.’

    • ROFL says:

      That’s true for slayer games. When loser camp in objective games, it’s normally around the flag, which means that you HAVE to keep coming back for more. It’s a loser “strategy” for kids with no skill.

      • Fro says:

        I believe that’s called defense

      • Fro says:

        In CTF games, kills don’t count for the win, flag caps do. Are you supposed to leave your flag unattended?Ask yourself this, does an engine work without a camshaft? Successful teams are successful because the team’s players fufill their roles.

        • Gunlat3M says:

          @ Fro

          I’d just like to point out this one problem: CTF + Bubble shield + Shotgun/Mauler = Lose

          All people have to do is grab one flag cap and then camp with the aforementioned weapons and equipment around the flag. There’s a very slim chance that you will win should your opponents choose to do this. It’s even more annoying on 1 Flag CTF… especially on High Ground. That stuff just gets so annoying.

          Now, if everyone played the game out like common MLG style players, it would be fine. Otherwise… you’re better off screaming at your TV at these true campers.

      • SonofMacPhisto says:

        Ooooooo… you wouldn’t like Team Fortress 2! :P

        • lnfynity says:

          Ok lets say ur on the pit, one flag. 4v4. You do not put all people in the flag room w/ maulers and shotguns, maybe some ars. You fight for the power weapons (ie: rockets, camo, os, enemy sniper) and if you win you have two people on the enemy side, on at needler/platform and the other at snipe tower. The other two should be on your sniper tower and walking around above your base. That way some people can keep them on their own side, and if they die the others can keep them at bay until everyone has spawned. If you have everyone sitting in the base you give them all the weapons and it would be a simple job of firing a couple rockets into the base and getting an overkill/exterm and be on their way with the flag

        • Chris Haldor says:

          And he reeeeeealy wouldn’t like real warfare…

          You don’t see many soldiers running towards the enemy ammunition stockpiles…

  15. Visitor at home says:

    You know, if you set up your tent juuust right on High Ground, you can blend in with the ro-
    Of course I’m not a camper. I’ll admit, I use the hollow bit beneath Snowbound or Boundless a bit much, but that’s usually on duals with an SMG, and the shotgun on normal types.

  16. jefferson darcy says:

    i must say sometimes it is an advantageous strategy. like in snowbound. who ever controls the pit usually wins and wins big

  17. Tim Acheson says:

    What constitutes “camping”? It’s subjective and open to interpretation.

    For example, I was accused of camping after pwning with the Gravity Hammer (video):


    There are other alleged camping incidents by me, though you can’t see them unless you play Halo 3:

    • you might be a camper if you have the word ‘camp’ in the title of a video in your FileShare… =P

      and yes dude, that hammer video was hardcore camping. lol you didn’t pick up the sniper rifle though, which i really hate when people do that to me… some people would rather run around with an inferior weapon and be noobs then pickup a precision weapon. just irks me…

  18. Exspartan 138 says:

    Hey that last one is wrong. I do that all the time and I’m not camper…

  19. Terensire says:

    You pride yourself in the fact that your heatmaps are completely blue except for one glaring point of red

    • bs angel says:

      LOL!! I’m going to go check out my heatmaps and see if any of mine are like that.

    • ablestmage says:

      Got me there. If my heatmap for Last Resort were a weather radar tracker, There’d be a tornado along the catwalk over the garage door along the back wall.

      • bs angel says:

        That’s awesome, LOL! Check out my Standoff map with the shotgun. My only surprise was that it wasn’t my all weapons map as well. Slayer must come up more often than objective.

        • Jim 028 says:

          What a lovely piece of symmetry you have there :D

  20. Exspartan 138 says:

    If your friends stop asking where the shotgun or sniper rifles are, you may be a camper.
    If you constantly have to use the restroom while playing Halo 3, you might be a camper.
    If you have a high K/D spread, you might be a camper.
    If you change your colors before a game to match the level’s, you might be a camper.
    If your heatmap looks like the level with a large red spot on it, you might be a camper.
    If you play Halo 3 and do your homework to pass the time, you might be a camper.
    If shotty snipers is your favorite gametype, you might be a camper.
    If you can recall all your splatter kills, you might be a camper.
    If you make a facebook post while playing Halo 3, you might be a camper.

    Those kinda suck actually…

    • bs angel says:

      Number four is a brilliant idea! I just may have to start doing that, …

      • bild says:

        i only change to white on LW in KoTH matches. that way the hill stays the same color while you control it as when it is empty.

  21. MISS35 says:

    This is a funny and so true list. Also, I am loving the new mobile site setup, it kicks ass!

  22. FERRARI75 says:

    were is pelican and horsehoe? and yes the radar jammer can go fuck itself

    • billy says:

      pelican on valhalla, and horshoe no clue, anyone know?

    • bs angel says:

      Pelican is the crashed dropship near top mid on Valhalla and the horseshoe is Laser spawn on Avalanche. :)

      • Gunlat3M says:

        I’ve never heard of the horseshoe being used… ever.

        Well, looks like I learned something about Avalanche today. Thanks angel.

  23. The Flying Spartan says:

    Campers and grenades are mortal enemies.

    • Dustinw1 says:

      no, molotov cocktails are…..and a carbine, makes ’em fall right outa the trees.

  24. lol says:

    “If you have the enemy team scared to enter the flag room…”

    lawl.just lawl

  25. Mr Viper says:

    I’ve had someone claim I was camping when I was playing the Engineer on TF2. It took a while for me to explain that sentries don’t have wheels, and (believe it or not) are made to act like sentries.

    • Mr Viper says:

      “to explain that sentries”*

      I miss Mr Edit Button.

      • bs angel says:

        Ms. Edit Button is still here though, no worries. :)

  26. Mr Smiley says:

    I’m not 100 percent sure that I’m not a camper XD… o.o i actually like the radar jammer (For the double jump >.>)

  27. robby says:

    wtf is horseshoe callout?

    • bs angel says:

      Laser spawn on Avalanche. :)

  28. Methadonebunyip says:

    Radar jammer can go fuck itself XD

    VERY rofl

  29. thestrangestick says:

    Well I’m definitely no camper; my heatmap for Narrows just shows one big indiscriminate bloodbath…

  30. kiogre88 says:

    Im not a camper… thats why I always lose against them…

  31. SonofMacPhisto says:

    You might be a camper if you play Team Fortress 2 as an Engineer.

  32. spaz says:

    what would happen if everyone in a matchmaking game was a camper?

    • Earth Kin says:

      Either A.) The first person to shotty wins.
      Or B.) They realize they have a mutual love for immobility and make peace.

      • onlycanadian says:

        i would rather have the shotty first and then have mutual love. XD

  33. Chris101b says:

    *GASP* You used my picture!!! Thank you! Lol.

  34. TeRRoR 503 says:

    suprisingly enough u can get a shotgun spree with out camping just have to know how to use it

    • Aklangi says:

      With RT normally

  35. Rogoor3 says:

    Ha!! I laughed when it said that the left analog stick was first to get worn out, since thats what happened to mine! XD
    And I admit that I camp with a shotgun on Standoff. No ones gettin’ that flag….
    But I do hate CTF. I like Slayer. But I still love the shotgun!

  36. DarkReign2021 says:

    Warning: Campers may be escaping convicts.

  37. FTW says:

    Top ten reasons why I get a perfection and you don’t.

  38. 7 12 4 V 1 5 says:

    wow i love u ppl….. camping takes more skill than you know lol. as noobish as it sounds, once you get so good at the game, youll find yourself sticking to a certain area where you can play off a grenade or a power drain easily. such as the shotgun room on the pit. another reason it takes skill is cuz you got to know when to throw the sticky grenades :)

    • K1llaB1rd says:

      Oh. Go play some Pit TS or Pit Flag against a team who’s actually competent at the gametype…and watch shotty turn into a deathtrap from all the ‘nades getting chucked in there.

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  40. SonofMacPhisto says:

    This camper is not a natural formation.

  41. hypnocake says:

    The only time I really, voluntarily camped was a slayer game on Last Resort. I held down the tower with my trusty shotgun and also landed some BR kills. I got perfection, running riot, and was MVP for that game. Pretty fun.

  42. HellCat says:

    To be honest we all do it but deny it. I do it in objective because i defend the base and no one else does

  43. K1llaB1rd says:

    I am an atypical camper: BR and RV as opposed to shotgun and tent. xD

    No, really…my favorite style of play is just to get into a good map-control position (preferably one with a power weapon spawn nearby) and just rain BR bullets down on the enemy team while controlling said power weapon (if I can time it, all the better). Got a perfection in Social Slayer (Valhalla Team BRs while I was a guest on my roomie’s Xbox) doing that from top mid. :)

    Sometimes I’ll pack up and shift spots, but yes…I am a camper. However, by this definition, I think I’ve seen some pretty nasty camping out of some of the pros I’ve watched, too.

  44. K1llaB1rd says:

    Also, those who keep rushing off to die at the hands of the so-called “campers” are the bane of my existence 90% of the time. (I admit, sometimes my brain loses the battle and I fall into that trap myself.)

  45. Hey, it’s not called camping anymore when you follow your target and set up ahead of them… again and again…
    That’s called stalking…

    It becomes hunting only when that one’s dead and you pick a new target…
    Then rinse and repeat….

  46. Seno says:

    haha. That was awesome xD

    I loved “You miss both the excessive amount of maulers on Narrows and the shotgun-friendly shield doors on Snowbound. The radar jammer however can go fuck itself.”

  47. Sykiz says:

    I’m no camper… I’m just a happy-go-lucky sniper =)

  48. liquidvelius says:

    The radar jammer however can go fuck itself “good i loved this one”

  49. It’s a legitimate strategy! Really! It is!
    until of course everyone gangs up on you and sets you on fire…

  50. onlycanadian says:

    sadly enough im one of those people who keep going back only to die…..again. and again. O.o

  51. MattM says:

    LOL I love that list, however, I can see how the poster of my LEAST favourite one is an “ex-Spartan” (lol)

    Shotty Snipers is MY fav gametype, but I’m not a camper.
    I actually consider myself pretty good, even in MLG (amazingly, some Social Playlists are harder than ranked).
    It’s also my friend’s favourite, and there are two things you should know about him:

    1.He’s practically pro; and
    2.He never plays Halo anymore, but that’s ‘cuz he built his own gaming PC (yep, you heard me, from scratch ;P)

    • Exspartan 138 says:

      Actually I enjoy shotty snipers as well and usually hope for it. It is one of the reasons I play snipers. I just put it on the list for laughs.

  52. Leo Kruegeri says:

    It’s not my job to leave an objective unguarded so you suck less.

  53. Brain Leech 412 says:

    Does sniping in one spot count as camping… i have always wondered

  54. Brent M says:

    So 1 question, 1 statement.

    Where the fuck is the horseshoe?
    You should totally make a vid for this of campers and check off ur list as u go.

  55. Aklangi says:

    Not camping is also a legitimate strategy we just put ourselves in disadvantaged positions to see how “pro” we are; or to die either way :D

  56. Black Mambo says:

    While I agree that camping is legitimate, I also agree that it is the most loathed strategy. I sometimes camp, few times, just few.

  57. Gunlat3M says:

    If you nade spam the entrance(s) of your favorite corner of the map frantically, especially when you have no radar, then you may just be a camper.

    If you hate it when the ground/floor is flat and completely visible 360 degrees around, you may be a camper.

    If you have your weapons of destruction on as Shotgun, Melee, Mauler, Assault Rifle, BR, and Sniper IN THAT ORDER, you may be a camper.

    If you get into a passenger seat of an unmoving Warthog with Active Camo, and no one drives the Warthog for the majority of your invisibility, you may be a camper.

    If you spy someone getting a Killjoy medal in the Post Game Carnage Report, and he/she killed you the most, you may be a camper.

    If you love to Shotgun around corners and then yell at someone for camping with the Shotgun around a corner, you may be a hypocrite… – oh wait, that came out wrong.

    If you have played Campaign with (an)other player(s) and have actually seen Covenant spawn in front of you while your teammates are fighting and dying somewhere else, you are definitely a camper. No ifs, ands, or buts…

    If you are a citizen of Camp City, Rats Nest, then you may be a camper.

    If you have played an entire game the same way Marty O’Donnell would, you may be a camper.

    If you blare music on your 360 to drown out people’s angry screams directed towards you, you may be a camper.

  58. Astr0m says:

    It would be funny to see two campers going on 1v1! the kills will be…. well not plenty..

  59. Exspartan 138 said…
    “If you can recall all your splatter kills, you might be a camper.”

    Hopping into the party the other night angel was ecstatic about the Splatter she had just gotten…her 14th splatter in 4000 games.

    I agree with Exspartan as long as the wording is changed from “might be a camper” to “is most definitely a camper”


    • MattM says:

      Too bad I don’t know Angel…
      she’d be my nemesis.

      I always aim to get a splatter, but just when I’m about to, some random person comes and splatters ME – and I’m in my vehicle!

      I’m guessing that I was one of those 14 splatters. Because strangely enough, every time that happens, the player who did so either yells at me for getting in his way, or screams with delight that she “actually got a kill.”

      • bs angel says:

        I was definitely screaming in delight! As someone that evening said, my voice went up about 20 octaves and punctuation was suddenly nonexistent. I was so excited that people were confused about my high level of joy so that’s when we checked my splatter stats. Then it all made sense. :)

  60. A Pointless Paradox. says:

    It’s not camping, it’s called being a “stationary sentry”. Get it right, humans.

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