A Good Beading

samus aran perler beadPerler beads are small, colorful baubles made out of plastic that fuse together with a standard household clothes iron. While they’re typically used to create such things as jewelry, keychains, and freestanding sprites, every once in a while somebody’s architectural side takes over and they’re left with something that is mindbogglingly amazing. Take this Samus Aran sprite for instance. With some artistic liberty taken in an effort to improve upon the character’s design, the creator, fusible bead extraordinaire DrOctoroc, started with a massive pile of 9,000 beads and finished with something that stands an impressive three feet tall. Other projects of his (a few of which are located after the jump) include almost twice as many beads and also introduce multiple layers. If you are feeling a little less than right now, get off your ass and start making something already. A seven foot tall Master Chief would be an excellent place to start. Just sayin’.

Dr. Wily’s ship from Mega Man 2: 9,000 beads, 8 layers
mega man perler beads


Mega Man X: 10,000 beads
mega man x perler beads


Ninja Gaiden 3D: Ryu in front, then grass, mountains and the castle in back
ninja gaiden perler beads


Metal Slug Big Tank: 15,860 beads, 13 layers
metal slug perler bead

14 Responses to A Good Beading

  1. smurph says:

    fwew… no mostly naked fat dude at the end this time. you had me worried.

    pretty cool stuff!

    • bs angel says:

      Is it wrong that I get incredible amounts of joy out of traumatizing people enough that they fear completely innocent posts? ;)

      • smurph says:

        haha… not at all. its what keeps me coming back… well that and the random bewbs :D

        • VoltRabit says:

          +1 for random bewbs

        • HellCat says:

          traumatizing us? I love it…

          yay random bewbs

  2. when i was younger i ate 10,000 beads… i made them into snickers bar! =D

  3. augustelc says:

    wow that ninja gaiden one is amazing. it doesnt say how many beads though.

    • JLay says:

      Well more than you can imagine…

      • R2-JL says:

        I can imagine quite a bit…

  4. ablestmage says:

    Kinda makes my Perler version of an iPhone (made before the iPhone was released) rather pitiful =P

  5. Where do people find the time to do this stuff?

  6. Ho~ly Hell. That’s impressive.

  7. DethPwn says:

    Metal Slug one is the winliest, but they all win.

  8. HellCat says:

    Mega man yay! I love it. such dedication

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