Friday Caption Fun, Round 67

halo 3 screenshotSome of you may find yourself enjoying the randomness of Fiesta (the double EXP playlist of choice) this weekend. Others will be playing their favorite video game while simultaneously fighting both breast and cervical cancer in the 4th Annual Fight Like a Girl Charity Tournament. As our roads will be split, let’s come together for some captioning first, shall we? First up is the recap from last week, and then we’ll take on yet another Halo screenshot!

  • “You know you’re in trouble when it takes three people to slide on your rubber.” (ElusiveEagle)
  • “Coming this fall to the Discovery Channel, the Deadliest Catch just got deadlier!” (Jim028)
  • “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” (rowboat 000)
  • “This is not what I was thinking when you mentioned ‘motorboat’ and ‘ribbed dinghy’.” (pwkwsfi)
  • “After the news of another hostage taking, the UNSC decided to up their game against the Somalian pirates.” (DethPwn)
  • “So Bungie is finally coming through with the long-awaited Pimps at Sea.” (tobias grey)
  • “Blue team quickly realized that “Use in case of flood” had nothing to do with zombie outbreaks at all.” (Skeah)
  • “Prepare to drop!” (JLay)

Those poor Spartans. It’s impossible to tell just how long they’ve been stuck on the boat but I imagine they’ve probably worked up quite the appetite. Luckily someone’s in the kitchen cooking up something tasty, or at least that’s what it looks like to me. How about you figure out what exactly is going on in the following screenshot and then let us know in the form of a witty caption? Off you go!

Author: Darkness9475
halo 3 screenshot

140 Responses to Friday Caption Fun, Round 67

  1. ElusiveEagle says:

    I’m in ur kitchenz…

    …cooking Fronk.

  2. HellCat says:

    Where frustrated girl halo gamers go to play.

    Its thumbs down time!

    • Marksman says:

      I feel really bad saying this, but I saw it in a FileShare just today. It was a screenshot, with a Back to the Future logo:
      – Girl Gamers- Back to the Kitchen.
      urgh, I already feel like a pig. I take no credit.

      • Wasiq says:

        I thought it was one of the funniest pictures I’ve ever seen. I LOVE WORD PLAY.

        Aw. But now I feel bad….

        • Marksman says:

          Told you so.

          …and yes, I did lol when I saw it.

          Agh, I feel like a pig AgAiN!!!

      • bs angel says:

        That’s actually where I got this screenshot. I thought we could turn it into a fun activity instead of the negativity it’s trying to promote. :)

  3. dragnew says:

    Brian NEVER should have made that joke about that girl he met on Live. Her revenge was swift and brutal, and he never left the kitchen again.

  4. I’ts Pie time!

  5. Arby says:

    Shocked and outraged, Pink came to the conclusion that the pie is also a lie.

    • Arby says:

      bs angel was determined to find non-sexist halo 3 players, they surely must be somewhere she thought to herself

  6. Learning the anchient secret to a McGangBang, The greatest sandwich ever made…

    • Obviously either making fish tacos or pie…

    • The Pie Is A Lie!

      (Look at friday’s special)

    • Thanks for the thumbs down!

      • Arby says:

        You’re welcome!

  7. “I work at burger king, making flame-broiled whoppers, I wear paper hats.
    Would you like an apple pie with that?
    Would you like an apple pie with that?
    Ding fires are done, Ding fries are done, Ding fries are done.”

    “Damn it, fish tacos again?”

  8. Shirdel7221 says:

    Umm… bs angel works at KFC? “Would you like fries with that?” AHH! *runs*

    • IcyTreats says:

      Fish tacos a la Recon!

      I’m makin teh Sammich, hold on!

    • bs angel says:

      That explains the frequent requests for breasts. Lolz …

  9. Lizzie says:

    If you spend me this F***ing screen shot one more time…

  10. Pete Cooper says:

    “Hel-loooo? Can I get some service here? Jeez.”

  11. EliteXDeath says:

    The first atempt at a cooking show on Halo. Too bad it’s only gonna be reruns of how to make fish tacos.

    • IcyTreats says:

      And the occasional pie-making tutorial. that’s as much variety the show’s gonna have.

  12. something, something, something, pink recon, something, something, cooking mama…

    • halcylon says:

      Its too bad no one got that Family Guy – Star Wars dialogue reference.

      • maybe next time… =/ lol

    • Something, Something, Dark side…

  13. Crazy A 64 says:


  14. The Red’s never minded “playing house” with Donut, as long as it meant Grif wasn’t doing the cooking.

  15. S5 Unit says:

    “dammit the manager didn’t write what is done on saturday or sunday, hmmm i’m gonna take a guess and say it is meant to be pie…” said the the not too smart pink spartan

  16. JLay says:

    “Where do they keep the chalk? Someone obviously left the ‘FUR’ off of Fridays’ menu!”


    Dare found her sex dreams becoming more and more disturbing since she “did it” with Virgil.

  17. Whitehawk13 says:

    Red team finds out where Donut was sneaking off to on Tuesday afternoons…

  18. Terrence says:

    MC: When Sgt Johnson said he was making me ‘Master Ch(i)ef’, little did I know he actually meant Master Chef. Next time, he speaks with that cigar butt in between his teeth, I am going to assplode him.

  19. Terrence says:

    Shit !! I’ve got Grunt Soup all over my armor now. I hate my job.

  20. Terrence says:

    News Flash : Master Chief laid off. ODST has taken his place now. Master Chief now works for a taco kitchen

  21. Ny Hitman 0401 says:

    “The Pie ISN’T a Lie!?”

  22. Terrence says:

    Welcome to the final episode of Top Chef !! Today Master Chief squares off with Hawty McBloggy and the Ingredient of the day is Lekgolos. Have fun cooking.

  23. A Deaf Boy says:

    Hump the cook

  24. IcyTreats says:

    Never criticize a chef’s work. They may just have an Assault Rifle on there backs.

  25. MrAchievables says:


  26. CrunchbiteNuva says:

    Obviously the reason the whole school went sick…

    • CrunchbiteNuva says:

      from “Recess” what ever happened to that?

      • IcyTreats says:

        I dont know, man. I spend my Sundays watching re-runs of that show, it beats the shit outta a lot of the other shows on these days :/

      • General Vagueness says:

        They made a movie no one watched and quietly went off to die.

      • DethPwn says:

        They’re last episode was a Christmas special. It’s sad, becaues it was a well-written show, if not rushed at times. Spinelli FTMFW!!!

  27. smurph says:

    “Almost done. Smell good, don’t they?” Even after the Oracle got reconz, she still loved herself a good batch of home made chocolate chip cookies.

  28. General Vagueness says:


  29. Doc Shaftoe says:

    HALO: Cooking Evolved

  30. NartFOpc says:

    I am forced to assume that Takos are different than Tacos

  31. Mike says:

    this is what happens when you tell a female gamer “id like a taste of your taco”… they send you this picture

  32. ‘ getcha bitch-ass back in the kitchen and make me some pie he says’…we’ll see how he likes Sticky-grenade pie that ungreatful sonofa…

  33. SHAGGYDEATH says:

    I not even gonna touch this one!

    • bs angel says:

      That’s what she said.

      • Deactivator2 says:

        hey, you do that too? fantastic

  34. HyPhire says:

    Master Chef, the early years

  35. pittofdoom says:

    After the war, Spartans needed new jobs that allowed them to use their skills at killing. The fast food industry, of course, is always hiring.

  36. pwkwsfi says:

    This is the only site where tacos and pie make me think of, um, a lunch box. (nom nom nom)

    • pwkwsfi says:

      not a caption, I know. just saying.

    • bs angel says:


  37. BC says:

    No no, I’ll check for enemies out here. You go look in the kitchen. Be careful. Maybe if you find nothing, you could make sandwiches for the team. If you find nothing. Just sayin.

  38. Everybody’s favorite item on the menu was the chef ‘s pink taco, even if it was a little fishy tasting…

  39. XMixMasterX says:

    “Fish don’t fry in the kitchen, beans don’t burn on the grill” – The Pink Spartan found that singing helped pass the time as he cooked for the other Spartans.


    After an embarrassing oversight, Spartan Roy was reduced to wearing pink armor, and working in the kitchen.


    Do the tacos match your armor?

  40. Cailus says:

    Spartan-104: So, we cook the rabbits live, right?

    The pie is great, the pie is mighty…

    In a stunning move, the Master Chief’s first attempt at cooking resulted in a spectacular Betraytacular.

  41. SIR COFFEE says:

    TGIF! Things were starting to get fishy around here.

  42. Now, where did I put that arsenic…

  43. Kato says:

    “It’s Friday. Where’s the damn pie?”

  44. Jim 028 says:

    Before he got the call back for Red vs. Blue: Recreation Donut found himself working in the retail slave underground.

  45. El Bunnyo says:

    The Pie is a lie

    Fronky’s Fish takes Judaism too far


    Fronky’s Fish Co. Takes Judaism too far, starving Spartans on the Sabbath

  46. Woody says:

    NEXT on “Iron Chief!”

  47. Tactful says:

    When Cooking Mama decided to inject some meaning into her endless monotomous life by joining the army, she doesn’t exactly get what she bargained for…


    You don’t know how difficult it was for tertiary soldiers back on Reach… The UNSC couldn’t even afford saucepans!


    Interesting Bungie-verse Facts: After the end of Halo 3, Master Chief went on to have an excellent career at Taco Bell.


    Chef Brian learns the hard way not to spill salmon mousse on your armour…


    When Commander Keyes asked John to stick his hard, pink extremitie into her warm, wet oven he happily obliged.

  48. Tactful says:

    SPARTAN 018-SAMANTHA files her complaint against sexual discrimination in the UNSC. The UNSC swiftly responds.

    • Tactful says:

      Unfortunately for Samantha, the customers kept on yelling sexist insults at her as loud as they possibly could, telling her “How bad girls suck at making this meal”, informing her how “girls cant be cookers,”, suggesting that she go make a “more feminine dish like barbie lasagne adventures”, hitting on her with cheesy chat-up lines, randomly requesting to be her friend, leaving her hurtful messages instead of tips and in the case of one particularly rowdy customer, leaving her a mother’s day gift that turned out to be a slightly different sort of ‘tip’.

      • bs angel says:

        LOL … Bad memories, BAD MEMORIES!!

  49. Seenohte says:

    “…and you too can make use of those popped infections forms. See you next time…on Good Eats.”

  50. SonofMacPhisto says:

    Slowly the 16 year old Five Star General realizes, even after FINALLY getting Recon from Halo 3: ODST, he still works at McDonald’s.

  51. Mikey Rocks says:

    The female spartan realized this was the only way to keep her recon, its still not as bad as what bs angel did for hers. ;)

  52. Terrence says:

    isn’t the Master Chief taking his second amendment rights too far ? Why does he need a AR in the kitchen….to shoot the fish ?

  53. Mid7night says:

    “Next in our tour of Bungie Studios, we find Luke finally preparing to make good on all those Steaktaculars…apparently, “Steak Dinner” is Bungie-code-speak for “Fish Takos & Pie”.”

    • L3377MA573R says:

      Damnit, somebody beat me to the Lukems punchline. Ah, well.

  54. Zee-V70 says:

    “Oh, it tastes like fish, alright…”

  55. Wasiq says:

    TGI Friday’s menus are only good on a friday…

  56. Sam says:

    The most deadliest video game of all time.

    Halo 4: Return of the Master Chef.

  57. Xor1an says:

    Wait a minute… this is *fish* pie!

  58. Wasiq says:

    QUICK CARL! What day is it today?
    I think it’s Thursday.

  59. JLay says:

    *VidMaster Acheivement Unlocked: Iron Chef*

  60. Brain Bleach says:

    “Hey Red, get me my SMG!”
    “Damn raccons got behind the grill again!”

  61. Owl Assassin says:

    Now we know what happened the “MIA” Spartans.
    Pink poisoned them after being told to make a sandwich by Spartan 086.

  62. Amaterasu says:

    “Despite blatantly failing most Health and Safety standards in the kitchen, the pink sparten past due to the inspector being a pervert”

    yeah… long winded and crap -_-

    “Why isn’t it done? The flood have been in there for hours”

    and finally

    “Inflammable… I wonder whi it says that…”

  63. Terrence says:

    And mai stirring spoon ownly goes SOY SOY SOY SOY SOY SOY SOY SOY SOY SOY SOY SOY

  64. Silen7 Sam Strikes Back says:

    Getting Recon is so easy now, The Pie has Recon crust.

  65. StephaBon says:

    When ur addicted to hot sparten pr0n, you look for it everywhere, even the kitchen.

  66. TheArbiter says:

    Its a little known fact that the Master Chief had a twin: The Master Chef.

  67. staticrift says:

    Master chief found he could’nt decide on a meal at ‘Arbies’ grand opening.

    Everyone knows Sgt. Johnson only eats Pie and fish tacos, Fool!

  68. Snowy says:

    little did she know, it was actually Saturday

    Customer:Um, You misspelled fish tacos… someone spelled it takos…
    Women: Thats OK, We probably made it wrong… don’t forget your phish sticks!

    He’s making “Donuts” (Get it? RvB?)


    Sundays special- FISH PIE!

  69. Snowy says:

    Got another!

    “Something tastes… fishy…”

  70. Personsen says:

    “Halo 3 – Now featuring sexist stereotypes!”

  71. DethPwn says:

    This week, on Spartan Chef…

  72. L3377MA573R says:

    -Not seen in this picture is the gorilla with the cowboy hat and squirt gun.

    -Cindy still had yet to realize how late she had set her alarm…

    -Here we see Luke, finally getting to work on all of those steak dinners he owes the community.

    -Roger’s pickup line about taking his pie out of the oven didn’t exactly go over as well as he expected…

    -After 50 years of being shut down, a Spartan wandered in to find a surprise that would satisfy both of his appetites.

    -When the recipe called for milk, the pink spartan had to take desperate measures.

  73. The Flying Spartan says:

    Aw, come on, who ate all the pancakes?!

  74. Big Appleton says:

    What do you expect, pink spartans enjoy handling long slippery wet sardines

  75. xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

    Its lightish red!


    Pink Spartan thought he could make it to Friday without eating, but eating would have been worse anyway.

  76. Chris101b says:

    Angry Xbox Nerd: Your a girl??!??!! Shouldn’t you be in the kitchen??
    Girl: I am in the kitchen, I am beating you with one hand.

  77. cardo says:

    “Uh yea, could I get a metal sheet pie with extra washers, a bag of ranch microchips, aaand a large, 8-inch bolt with a wingtip nut on it, please? Thank you.”

  78. One Crazy Idiot says:

    But it’s Saturday:(

  79. James says:

    I couldn’t think of anything that didn’t make me sound chauvinistic –


    “Even when playing Halo 3, women should stay where they belong”

  80. Mr Poe says:

    Sadly…this is the only “service” that any of the male halo population will ever receive.

  81. Its Fun Time says:

    Just where that pink spartan should be.


  82. Crazeye0 says:

    One Spartan was very determined to find out what flavour of pie was available on fridays.

  83. Babbott says:

    1 Fish Taco!!
    Hold the spit!

    • Weezey31 says:

      1 fish taco. It’s for a spartan.

      • Cardo says:

        “What’s that supposed to mean?”

        “Uh, nothing. It’s just so he makes it good.”

  84. Weezey31 says:

    With no chance of being promoted in the foreseeable future, this spartan decided the next best thing would be to become a Master Chef.

  85. Gnome says:

    She began to cry when she saw that there was no pie

  86. Humrh360 says:

    Looks like it’s fish tacos today…

  87. Begocer says:

    The key to shoving a turkey up your ass is first wrapping it in string, keeping the pointy wings neatly at the side.

  88. KkilljoyGruntT says:

    Spartan Mama!
    The new, spartan Barbie!
    Be who you wanna be, spartan girl!
    Looks like long john silvers.
    oh god, not the pie!
    its too late, she found the pop tarts…
    ah the life of a river gambler, money and women when its up, and scrubbing dishes when things are down.
    ODSC: Orbital drop sous chefs
    Where’s the goddamn salt?!??!
    EAT THIS! No really, its good!
    Not only did the experiments lower the spartan’s sex drives, they completely reversed them!
    Warning: Poison. Hmm, sounds tasty!
    In the soup with ye!
    ROACH? In MY kitchen?

  89. KkilljoyGruntT says:

    New slayer style: food fight!
    Yum yum eat em up!
    Hungry hungry spartan!
    Tacooooes! Taaaaccooooooes!
    The cake is a lie. there is only…muffins!
    Guess what? Its fish taco pie!
    hey, they finally got FDA approved!
    looks like my school lunch room without all the living dead sloppy joes.

  90. KkilljoyGruntT says:

    Master Chef Pepper Officer, reporting for duty!
    there’s a grunt in my soup!

  91. KkilljoyGruntT says:

    Lacking the required turkey, joe had to make do with roast jackal.
    grunt, the other white meat!

  92. KkilljoyGruntT says:

    We’ll see how the brutes like…Choco-lax in their shakes! Ke ke ke ke!
    Donut: I want you in me… Taco: What?!??!

  93. UnluckyIrish14 says:

    (No one answers)
    “Jesus, where is everybody?”
    Obviously, they’re out fighting on Longshore, gettin’ ready to cook some noobs.

  94. Gunlat3M says:

    The fact that she’s a Spartan cancels the whole kitchen meme. Make a sexist comment and she’ll serve you dinner with an extra helping of dessert.

    • Gunlat3M says:

      Hopefully someone sees what I did there. >>

  95. Admiral Madden says:

    “she must be cooking must be some kind of half Pie, half Fish Tako.”

  96. Morpheus300 says:

    If Spartans were Chefs…
    Linda found that her job was not as exciting as she thought
    Oh My God! My Buns are Burnt!
    Looks Like Cooking Taco’s has Taken a tol on Pink Spartan
    “Ummm…. Honey? About Dinner….”

  97. Morpheus300 says:

    Sarge: “Well Done Donut, Another few thousand and the blues will be incapasitated”
    Donut: “Thanks Sir, But Where’s Grif?”

  98. DTA MoonDawg says:

    But…it’s Friday! Can you really fry a pie?

  99. Fox says:

    I swear, if John leaves the grill on one more time…

  100. obsidianchao says:

    If this Spartan’s cooking is as bad as my mom’s, I don’t want to eat at Fronk’s.


    I better clean the counter off; John’s coming home early today.


    After the seventh time, you’d think Pink Spartan would learn to not put her hand on the stove.


    Fire hazard? Pssh. Let’s see what the grill does to my HAND!


    Cooking areas, but no cooking utensils? I TOLD John to buy them!


    Oh, shit. My food is burning. Might as well stick my perfectly armored hand in there and… OH SON OF A BITCH!


    Donut tried to hide the fact that it was HIM by hiding his head.


    If we have Fish Tacos Monday through Thursday, and Pie on Friday, am I not supposed to eat on the weekend?


    Once again, John left a mess on the floor….


    That’s all I have for now.

  101. Not Funny says:

    “Hey could I get a, uh, hmm, maybe a, nah, hmm, oh that looks ni- but then again so doe.. screw that, I’ll just have a pie”

  102. Not Funny says:

    ‘God damn! Where did I put my virginity?!’

    Who said women don’t play Halo?


    Who said Halo doesn’t cater to women?

    (I’m sorry!)

  103. The Flying Spartan says:

    It was at this point that the rookie realized that the pot was on his head and the pan was on his ass.

  104. The Real Dr Nog says:

    lol my gf’s nickname is fish taco

  105. The Real Dr Nog says:

    the guy at table 7 says his fish taco is too pink

  106. The Real Dr Nog says:

    oops, i burnt my hand, oh well that can be the special on saturday

  107. Aklangi says:

    Ill be right out i just have to: Finish The Bite

  108. Aklangi says:

    Out of the frying pan into the firefight

  109. Deactivator2 says:

    I’m going to make a vague, nonspecific reference to 3 things in this picture…


    that is all, you make your connections :p

    • Deactivator2 says:

      oh, that’s obviously not a caption c_c

      • Aklangi says:

        It opens up so many things to caption though

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