Piff! Paff! Puff!

xbox 360 controller rice krispies treat

Halo fanatic John, better known in the gaming world as gtdroptop, loves his video games, so much in fact that he often coordinates his schedule around many of the bigger releases. Needless to say neither John nor his wife were surprised when their doctor informed them their baby girl was conceived on September 24, 2007 (which, not so coincidentally, was the day before Halo 3 launched). His friends are more than aware of, and equally share, his dedication to gaming so close buddy OmniscientDeath got the brilliant idea of making him special birthday treats that reflect that passion. Crafted primarily from butter, marsh-mallows, and annoyingly vocal breakfast cereal, these delectable Xbox 360 controller-shaped Rice Krispies treats feature M&Ms for buttons and upside down Hershey’s Kisses for thumbsticks. Hopefully they didn’t eat these suckers while they were actually gaming though. Otherwise their controllers may be even stickier than normal.

21 Responses to Piff! Paff! Puff!

  1. that’s so cool looking…

  2. Ben Of Bodom UK says:

    After reading the title I got a depressing image of a gay Sgt Johnson prancing around going “Piff! Paff! Puff!”

    Fortunately he’s way too bad-ass for that to ever happen.

  3. KalamariKidd says:

    I love me some rice krispy treats.

    • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

      I’m hungry now.

  4. iSpartan24 says:

    I thought Halo 3 launched on September 22, 2007? The article says 2008, great article and very creative snack!!

    • bs angel says:

      I totally had ODST on the brain when writing that article. I fixed the date, thanks for the catch!

  5. NartFOpc says:

    If he was REALLY dedicated, he would have planned for the birth of their child around the Halo 3 launch, instead of the conception. He would have been able to snag a few extra days of, easy.

    • Mizzy says:

      It’s easier to get your Halo playing when doing the naked-time than holding a baby.

    • Mike says:

      maybe he was so excited to get the game he couldnt help himself?

  6. Personsen says:

    Holy crap! That’s awesome! :D

  7. What do you mean by sticker than normal?

    • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

      That it has more stickiness that it usually does, of course!

    • Ragingterror says:

      Stickier than BS Angel after playing around with “Rumble Massage”, of course.


      • Ragingterror says:

        … her controller, that is.

        • You put those thoughts into my head….

    • bs angel says:

      You know exactly what I mean undercoverduck! As does Ragingterror obviously, LOL …

      • I remember all the inuendo… :~)

        • Visitor at home says:

          I’m still slightly disturbed by that entry. Ever since that, I’ve not looked at my sweet, innocent black controller the same way.

  8. D taktics says:

    Baby=No more gaming
    Those snacks are awesome though. I wish I had friends like that.

  9. IcyTreats says:

    I’ve never craved Rice Krispies Treats, ever more than I do now. EPIC YUM.

  10. DethPwn says:

    That sound like the best day ever.

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