Lego Left 4 Dead

left 4 dead legos

The custom Lego minifigures I typically make often consist of a myriad of mismatched parts complemented by a torn cape crafted from previously-used construction paper. Thankfully Justin of Saber-Scorpions Lair has much higher standards than I do which he so clearly demonstrates in his Left 4 Dead Lego creation. Positively brimming with detail, each and every figure, including the numerous infected, looks spot-on down to the specifics of Francis being covered in tattoos and Bill having a cigarette in his mouth. While one particularly cocky character would probably hate absolutely everything about it, I’m going to go ahead and declare this project a win. Check out a few more pictures after the jump to see if you agree. And yes, there’s two different versions of Louis but I figure if Michael Jackson can get away with it, so can he.

left 4 dead legos


left 4 dead legos

Source [technabob]

17 Responses to Lego Left 4 Dead

  1. EliteXDeath says:

    Why is Zoey so mad? They must be wondering what happened to Louis in the last pic.

    • Nova says:

      Yeah, I’m kind of confused over the race change lol. Otherwise, wicked find ;)

    • Mizzy says:

      I would be mad too if everyone blamed me for the helicopter crashing.

  2. Downandout says:

    Its obvious Louis spray painted himself yellow in the last pic with that can in his hand. Probably because, as we all know, black people always die first in horror movies.

    • davyboy94 says:

      think their pills : p

  3. All I can hear is Francis saying “I hate legos…”

  4. I agree this is full of WIN!

  5. IcyTreats says:

    In that last pic, it seems that they have no idea that there are Infected right behind them, they’re too busy being shocked at Louis becoming…yellow?

  6. Sweet. Now all they need is a TAAAANK!

    How would you even manage to make a lego tank? Well, I’m sure he’d find a way.

  7. augustelc says:

    wait why is louis yellow at the end?

  8. DethPwn says:

    Goddamn Mega Bloks

  9. This is so cool… i want the bill one (he’s my favorite character to play as)…
    Great Job!

  10. HellCat says:

    I like Zoey the best. But i think i’m gonna stick with lego starwars. I love saberscorpian

  11. CyanDeadEye says:

    Saber-Scorpion makes all his characters with the old fashioned yellow skin color, he’s stated he hates the new realistic flesh colors. He also hates things like the SW prequels, the Spiker, insisted that Covanent weapons are better because they don’t have serial names,and any armor that can’t be earned offline….He rants a lot for a multitude of things.

    I like his Halo models, as well as his Star Wars and Mako from ME, (but he says a Mako is realistically superior to a Warthog. Last time I checked, we don’t have a realistic Mako out) his skill with LEGO bricks and minifigs is definitely impressive.

  12. COL0NEL SANDERS says:


    Now I know what I want for Christmas.

  13. Kato says:

    I hate bricks.

  14. Will Pwn 4 Food says:

    They wanna kill zombies…here you go:

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