Zero Punctuation: Scribblenauts


7 Responses to Zero Punctuation: Scribblenauts

  1. Poopie McGhee says:

    Cool, if i had a DS, i’d pick this up (or R4 it sadly)…

  2. Kato says:

    It’s a shame, the game has a nice premise.

    Also, the Escapist News Network’s got nothing on The Katonian Press! (Unless of course they want to start paying me to write for them in which case I redact that and insert in its place “The Escapist News Network is brilliant!”

  3. Kato says:

    Also, Penny Arcade’s take cracked me up:

    • bs angel says:

      That comic made me laugh too. Hey, it makes perfect sense really!

      • Kato says:

        It would have honestly been the first thing I’d have tried, if only to see what happens.

  4. Mikey Rocks says:

    Huge boulder of course lol

  5. DethPwn says:

    This was hilarious, as per usual

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