Little Big Planet Bento

video game bentoEvery time I see a video game-themed bento, my jaw drops at the amazing level of detail acquired solely from food. Then my stomach turns a bit when I realize it wouldn’t taste nearly as good as it looks. AnnaTheRed’s latest creation, inspired by Sony’s puzzle platformer hit Little Big Planet, is no different. Featuring the always adorable Sackboy, this cold Japanese lunchbox is comprised primarily of Inari-zushi skin (Inari being fried bean curd soaked in sweetened water), black sesame seed-speckled rice, bits of seasoned broccoli, and soaked somen. The only thing that even remotely appeals to me is the somen, and that’s because I misread the word the first time I came across it. I’ll keep hoping for a steak and potatoes version. I’d even be ok with a few grains of rice thrown in there, just to keep it a traditional bento and all.

L’Eggo My Bento

9 Responses to Little Big Planet Bento

  1. I wonder how long it takes to make something like that……

  2. Damnit, you beat me to the somen thing.

    She puts a lot of effort into these, she even makes little heart and star shapes and everything X_X. That’s pretty awesome.

    • bs angel says:

      I agree! Every single bento she creates is absolutely amazing, just jaw-droppingly so. Her attention to detail is incredible.

  3. Mizzy says:

    Not a fan of sushi, are we?

    • bs angel says:

      I actually love sushi! Maybe because I don’t ask or know exactly what is in all the various types I eat, lol …

      • Mizzy says:

        Then you shouldn’t know what even goes into the REGULAR food you eat. Like hot dogs. >_>

  4. Marksman says:

    aww, bentos always make me hungry- the somen comment takes that away >:(

  5. Feista says:

    These inspire me to be like “maybe i should start bringing my own lunches” then they fall out the window when i can’t find anything she uses.

  6. DethPwn says:

    It looks more like Frankenstein’s monster Sackboy, but still epic win.

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