Septagon Xbox 360 Case Mod

septagon xbox 360 modBungie fanatics love the Septagon, but none so much as Aron (aka SgtSmackaho). Originally created in honor of the community, this beloved symbol has slowly come to represent all things Bungie. When asked to describe the iconic image in a single word, Aron’s response rambles on to include three: simple, symmetrical, and above all else, damn sexy. It also happens to be the focus of his most recent Xbox 360 case mod. With an overall desire to keep it clean, Aron carved the Septagon into the side of his console, painted the entire thing a shimmery silver, and slapped on some LEDs because, as he said, “If there is a GIANT hole in your case, you might as well light it up so you can see what’s in there!” While he has more plans to spruce this sucker up (by adding plexiglass amongst other things), I’m going to go ahead and make a note here. Huge success!

septagon xbox 360 mod


septagon xbox 360 mod


septagon xbox 360 mod


septagon xbox 360 mod

*Images posted with permission.
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31 Responses to Septagon Xbox 360 Case Mod

  1. Mike says:

    damn, so many people slap lights in things and cut holes in things… they make it seem so easy :-\

    there is no website called “” so i dont know how all of you know what youre doing all the time

    • Poopie McGhee says:

      i really would love to learn, so i can do (something like) this to my old backup 360

  2. Ny Hitman 0401 says:

    This is amazing!!! Great job!!!

  3. DelicousCube says:

    Wow that’s amazing!

  4. SPOC says:

    Screw the mod, I want the neon nintendo sign!

  5. RokNTek says:

    Damn – that is sexy as hell.

    If my three-sitty didn’t live inside a cabinet, I’d do that. [Edit: I’d PAY someone to do that – I ain’t got the skillz!]

    – Rok

    • tmaser says:

      its not that hard really… i have a clear blue case with some lights in it… u pretty much just screw the case in place. the lights tend to be the tricky part since the box is already prone to overheating added more strain to the system makes it worse :(

  6. MGH1138 says:

    I hate to be a geometry Nazi, but… that’s not a septagon. ;o)

    Okay, pseudo kidding aside, don’t they call that the Seventh Column?

    Or am I just horribly misinformed?

    • t0rm3n7 says:

      You’re right

    • bs angel says:

      • MGH1138 says:

        Holy sh*tballs!! Learn something new everyday. Thanks angel.

        • bs angel says:

          I went back and read about the history of the Septagon, Seventh Column, and related things when writing this article. I didn’t know some of those specifics either. :)

    • Noob says:

      I concur

    • Love Slice says:

      It’s not technically a septagon. Septagons have 7 sides, while this symbol has way more than that.

  7. IcyTreats says:

    When I looked at this, besides my comment, there were 7 comments.
    Fitting, no?

  8. Ben Of Bodom UK says:

    It’s ok, but I’m more impressed by the FREAKIN’ RADIO CONTROLLED WARTHOG! I want one!

  9. Rhamsey says:

    thats cool, wish I had the time/effort to do that.

  10. Leeumm says:

    If I keep seeing all these amazingly awesome modded cases, I’m gonna have to try it myself. Then again, the end product would probably look like a 360 that was mauled by a pack of wolves … sooo … maybe not.

    • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

      And you could name it, warzone 360, and as long as it works, you could probably sell it for a million dollars and infinite girlfriends.

  11. DethPwn says:

    I guess I never told ya’ll.


    • DethPwn says:

      Really? I thought it was pretty funny :(

  12. Yoozel says:

    I really wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one of those puppies!

  13. deora says:

    when does bidding start on that RC warthog?

    • Aklangi says:

      Right now; for 400 microsoft points!

      ..It had to be done

  14. FeloniousPilot says:

    Where can I get myself one of those. :)

  15. Forrest Remington says:

    Awesome case, and sweet Losi Micro T with a warthog body.

  16. Forrest Remington says:

    Guys just search Losi Micro T on google

  17. What i don’t understand is how you cut those pieces out. Do you use a knife? Do you take the top off and then cut? They always seemed so cool, but never found out how to do it.

  18. Here’s to hoping the new circulation of air through your console doesn’t lead it to red-ring! *clink!

    Seriously, very nice job on the modifications, but computers are typically designed to have air flow along a specified path. If there is clear plexiglass installed to replace the parts of the case we can now see through, you may not have to worry.

  19. Ghostgas says:

    Just so you all know the 7 sided shape is a Heptagon hot a Septagon!

  20. BulletMagnet says:

    I just picked up a micro-t, and was wondering where you got the Warthog body. My son is a Halo nut and would love to have that on the Losi.

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