Chronicles of ODS Steve: Prophet of the Unknown (#41)

ODS Steve. The man. The legend. The hero that knows no fear. Join him and Delta Squad for their comical adventures as they valiantly attempt to drop into enemy territory to take the fight straight to the Covenant. Enjoy the Chronicles of ODS Steve, a regular weekly offering brought to you courtesy of DeepCee.

ODS Steve

ODS Steve

ODS Steve

ODS Steve

ODS Steve

ODS Steve


coodss [at] gmail [dot] com

17 Responses to Chronicles of ODS Steve: Prophet of the Unknown (#41)

  1. Araknoros says:

    first! and i cant wait for the next. get here faster wednesday

    • Lol, people really do hate people who say first in the first commet…

  2. HALO3syourdaddy says:

    ^_^ Ooooooh!

  3. VoicedWalnut says:

    dun dun duhhhhhh
    mysterious prophet can’t wait for more

  4. I probably won’t see the next comic for a few weeks… ODST comes out THE DAY BEFORE IT COMES OUT! AhHhHhHh! So close! Okay I’ll stop fanboying…

    Great job as always, DeepCee!

    • Doc says:

      Maybe DeepCee should show us the next couple…

    • Poopie McGhee says:

      Does He Even Do Them Like That?

      • DeepCee says:

        Sometimes :)

      • Poopie McGhee says:

        well, you have “the future ones”???

  5. I wonder what Prophet it is? Truth? Regret? Mercy? Someone else?

    • pittofdoom says:

      In this comic? I doubt it will be as straightforward as any of the ones you mentioned. If I had to guess, it’ll be named after a reader, just like Sunef.

      • Marksman says:

        Everybody put on smily faces and act kind to DeepCee!


  6. Crazeye0 says:

    Smaller, like…Gorillas from the zoo? =P

  7. Poopie McGhee says:

    DeepCee, Great Job… Is There 41 of these?

    I’d Buy An ODS Steve Mug…

  8. Willy says:

    Here’s a quick questions not related to episode #41. Will we see Steve playing ODST in the near future?

    • DeepCee says:

      Hmmm..interesting idea. Think about that I shall :)

  9. xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

    I didn’t see that coming
    The Plot Thickens!

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