PAX Cosplay ’09

pax cosplay 2009

pax cosplay 2009


pax cosplay 2009


pax cosplay 2009


pax cosplay 2009


pax cosplay 2009


pax cosplay 2009


pax cosplay 2009


pax cosplay 2009


pax cosplay 2009


pax cosplay 2009


pax cosplay 2009


pax cosplay 2009


pax cosplay 2009


pax cosplay 2009


pax cosplay 2009


pax cosplay 2009


pax cosplay 2009
You're dressed up as what?

65 Responses to PAX Cosplay ’09

  1. Hahaha. Great pics. You had to have seen that last picture cumming- I mean coming. ;) LOL

    • the_eNeME says:

      Oh, good. You got the better angle of the spartan pic up. =)

    • ShadowNova DVX says:

      Lol, looking good again angel  ur posing is better than your iH3SotW!!

    • Foxman says:

      How about a little tank n spank ;)

  2. uh geez! so much! so fast! >_<

    and i think i saw that last last picture from a better angle! ;-)

  3. RevMDN says:

    The Monarch’s henchmen is awesome.

    • Poopie McGhee says:

      That was what I was gonna say

  4. Wasiq Khan says:

    Before I mention the last picture…L33T COMPANION CUBE! And Scout Armour looked sweet!

    Wait…damn…can’t remember what I was going to say about last picture…

    • Was it… “Scouts do it from behind?”

      • Doc says:

        Scouting the rear entrance… O.o

        • FishType1 says:

          Scouts always attack the rear first.

  5. BenOfBodom says:

    I’m liking the first and last pictures very much. Yes yes, very much…

  6. xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

    Hahaha awesome pics, I need to go to PAX sometime

  7. Ny Hitman 0401 says:

    So anyone else gonna put on Scout now? No? Ok….

    *Changes armor to Scout*

    :D IM A BABE!

  8. KalamariKidd says:

    Those girls from the first pic are are way too attractive to be cosplayers.

    I am thinking they were hired for the show.

    • bs angel says:

      You would be correct. They were associated with a booth. :)

    • ShadowNova DVX says:

      Almost as wierd as the spartan in shot 2. He has an abnormall. Long neck!!

      • Jillybean says:

        I know, right? Strangely elongated Spartan is strangely elongated.

  9. Mizzy says:

    Woohoo! Finally some BlazBlue cosplayers!

    • tbosta says:

      Too bad we didn’t get a pik of Hawty Banging Bang : /

  10. halcylon says:

    Why do those two girls look familiar on the top of the post? Oh yeah… :D

  11. Mr Viper says:

    Having Valve sign a real life Companion Cube is genius. Just hope it doesn’t weigh much, that would be torture to carry around.

  12. Awesome photos!

  13. Mr. Angel says:

    That’s a cool Nintendo bag in photo one!

    • Doc says:

      Exactly what I was thinking

    • bs angel says:

      By Nintendo bag do you mean bewbs?

    • Poopie McGhee says:

      Mind out of gutter… the OG NES controller bag in BG… In Gutter again… And Those Bewbs!!!

  14. hey if you would’ve jumped, maybe we would be able to see those bunny ears! =P

  15. Das Kalk says:


    you’ll have to guess which picture that relates to! :D

    • BenOfBodom says:

      Obvz the last one.

  16. StephaBon says:

    hahaha Look at the guy’s eyes in pic 1. Can’t blame him tho. : )

  17. Crazeye0 says:

    Was totally expecting something simillar to the last pic when I saw the Scout armour. Hahaha.

  18. Poopie McGhee says:

    love these pics…

  19. Mace Windex says:

    bs, are you 3 apples high?

    • bs angel says:

      LOL, … I don’t think I’m that tall!

  20. Ny Hitman 0401 says:

    Angel! I’ll see you at next years PAX!!!!

  21. valinhorn says:

    I didn’t realize my back was so sweating in that picture with the ODST’s on the floor. Gross.

  22. HellCat says:

    Would you look at the size of that thing – pic3. You’ll get it eventually. No wonder angel needed a pic of that
    The best thing was the halo… no the girls… no the girls and halo pics. I hope u had fun at PAX angel.
    Damn and the spartan is light blue as well, my fav colour, lucky…. So was it good? (you know what i mean)

    • Poopie McGhee says:

      that cod piece is LARGE…

  23. CrossKais says:

    Wow. Showing off some cleavage in that last shot. Made my night. lol

    • bs angel says:

      Oops, not that it matters but that was unintentional. Another thing I just noticed was that I posed with all the Spartans but not with any of the other characters. LOL …

      • Will Pwn 4 Food says:

        Man, it’s like you need to be a seven-foot-tall battle-scarred supersoldier or a supernatural sparkling beast to get some nowadays. Curse my orthodoxy.

      • untamedzebra says:

        Unintentional…? Hey, I offered you a shirt to cover them babies… :)

        • bs angel says:

          LOL … touché.

    • HellCat says:

      I noticed it to i just wasn’t sure if i was allowed to mention it.

  24. bs angel says:

    Has anybody noticed my earrings and ring yet? …

    • Poopie McGhee says:

      are they MC’s Helmet?

      • bs angel says:


        • Kato says:

          That’s awesome! I was wondering what “gaming jewelry” you decided upon.

    • i noticed that they were something and i knew that you had picked out something for occasion, but i couldn’t tell what they were exactly from the pictures ive seen so i didnt mention them! =/ care to elaborate? =D

    • valinhorn says:

      I noticed them, but I had the unfair advantage of you showing them to me while we were at PAX

    • ElusiveEagle says:

      I remember you showing me them. They looked fabulous! MC ftw.

    • JLay says:

      For a second, I thought you were trying to show your Master Cheif shrinky-dink body piercings in the last photo!

      (PS – Global Agenda FTW (8th pic), I work in the office above their studios – No Elves!)

      • bs angel says:

        LOL, … good memory with those shrinky dink earrings!

  25. Zwooosh says:

    Lol :P MC has grown out of his armor :P

  26. dickbutt says:

    NUMBER 24

  27. Laird says:

    LoL, you got an image of me and Vance(guy in the scout armor) waiting to be interviewed for halo waypoint. His helmet is in the auction.:D

  28. Ragingterror says:

    Hey, Vance made it in for his scout armor. Yay!

  29. karlibean says:

    Emphasis on codpieces, FTW!

    It was great to see you there. And if you really do want to hook up with the guy in the last photo, Nathan and I are friends with him. *wink*

  30. DethPwn says:

    The Chief one was kinda sloppy, but better than any I could make. That Monarch henchmen costume got me hyped for Season 4 too. Portal FTW!

  31. Piratebot says:

    Wow, I was right next to the Scout most of the day and didn’t run into you….*sad face*

    Oh just wait tell I get the pictures of the Scout dancing with the Katamari posted, Classic!

  32. CrossKais says:

    lol As for the ring and earrings, I (we) would have noticed eventually. First things first you know.

  33. Stryder says:

    Looking good, Angel. I hope you had a blast.

    • bs angel says:

      It was awesome! One of my favorite events to attend every year. :)

  34. B1G TOBACC0 says:

    Really? No props for the sweet henchman #21 costume?

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