Halo Tattoos That Are Real Life Emblems

Halo 3 has a plethora of options available when playing dress up with your Spartan, one of them being a unique emblem that appears on your supersoldier’s right shoulder piece. That solitary picture proved not enough to satiate Mike’s taste for customizable images though so he grabbed his right arm, and his left, and marched on down to the local tattoo parlor to get a little work done. What he ended up with was enough to make any Spartan green with envy. The iconic Legendary symbol can now be found adorning his left limb and a custom Bungie-themed creation (a fist holding lightning, the Septagon symbol, and “Don’t make us kick your ass” in Latin) embellishes his right. I’m just glad he didn’t go with the grenade avatar that looks like a penis because that would have just been embarrassing.

Halo tattoo

Halo tattoo

halo tattoo

*Images posted with permission
that sucker's permanent

43 Responses to Halo Tattoos That Are Real Life Emblems

  1. Mr. Awesome says:

    I thought about getting one of Cortana……
    Super sexyness!

  2. Nova says:

    Sweet stuff! I’ve been wanting to get a Halo tat, just not sure what yet.

  3. Venus Envy says:

    That dude totally lives in moms basement! :D HA!

    Cool tats and I love halo, but I don’t know if I’d put them on my own body.

    • HellCat says:

      I was thinking the same thing. They are cool but i’d never go so far to put it on my body. maybe only my emblem

      • HellCat says:

        Bloody down thumbing fanboys who live with their mum

  4. HALO3syourdaddy says:

    Moms Basement FTW =P… tis my own basement though sir ^_^

  5. Spartan-201 says:

    Hot dam, that’s a nice Legendary tat.

    • HALO3syourdaddy says:

      I know ^_^, I was very impressed with how good the artist drew it, and its never been touched up, and its 2 years old =D

      • Spartan-201 says:

        0.0 Wow…*singing* All i want for christmas is my halo tattoo…

    • ziffim89 says:

      its missing feathers at the base of the skull thou

  6. setters says:

    the legendary tat is cool…..

    i wonder if i could fit it on somewhere…hmmmm

  7. Ragingterror says:

    Those came out quite well.

  8. xX Prime x says:

    Is his t-shirt inside out or something?


    • Overdoziz says:

      It’s called a mirror.

      • It’s called looking at his reply just a few steps below your own, and seeing that it was not a mirror, but rather the built-in camera of an imac, which happens to reverse the picture automatically. Way to be a jerk.

      • In retrospect, it was probably a bit much to call you a jerk.

    • My guess is he has a macbook and was using the built-in camera. It mirrors things so they look backwards. It also explains the flash being dead-center in the third picture.

      • HALO3syourdaddy says:

        Close sir, an Imac ^_^

    • The Silver Fox says:

      I believe it’s backwards because the pictures were taken in the mirror, or they got reversed once online.

    • xX Prime x says:

      Ah thanks folks.

      No need to rank me down though >_>

  9. Leeumm says:

    I’ve thought about getting the Seventh Column. Not so sure I’d want it on me for like, though.

    And that Legendary tat is gorgeous.

  10. ImTriForceGuy says:

    Psh. Im thinking of getting a Tri-Force on my left hand.

    • Oh yes.
      Oh yes you should.
      Because I will get one too, and then you will have to kill me with a butterfly net!

  11. Mizzy says:

    I can just see it now, when he’s 70 and a bit more overweight. Those poor tats are going to stretch out and look awful.

    • HALO3syourdaddy says:

      I’ll still remember why I got them, and they will still tell a story to me ^_^, although I hope to not be more overweight =P

    • ZZoMBiE13 says:

      Tats are about capturing the moment, right then and there. Not about how awful they may (or may not) look when you’re older.

      • morevinnie paz says:

        Bingo. Although the artist who did those wasnt very good

  12. This is awesome. I kinda what an ODST Helmet tat on my shoulder or something. Hmm….

  13. ZZoMBiE13 says:

    I’ve considered getting an AHCS tat a few times. You know, to mark an important project in my life and whatnot. But I think the zombie on my arm is enough for now.

  14. KkilljoyGruntT says:

    now get a gold faceplate and tattoo your entire body green. sweetness.

  15. Morpheus says:

    I’m getting one of the Mark of Shame on my left shoulder.

  16. dune says:

    kind of off-topic: what kind of kit is that in the background?

    • HALO3syourdaddy says:

      Haha, my set is just a mutt really… mostly Tama, with all Zildjian Scimitar Bronze Rock cymbals ^_^

  17. tattersall says:

    Check out my 7th Column tattoo!

  18. tattersall says:

    here it is in progress http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff24/andrewTATS/GetAttachmentaspx.jpg
    here’s my Overkill tattoo (work in progress!) http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff24/andrewTATS/Photo31.jpg
    and this is one for all the haters :D http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff24/andrewTATS/Photo28.jpg

  19. tattersall says:

    ooooh poop, this isn’t even going to get seen all the way at the bottom of the page >.<

  20. zach says:

    Why are people such asses? There are only about 4 posts which had more thumbs ups than thumbs downs

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  22. RHCP182 says:

    Nice. You should totally get an MC (I especially like the one on the front of H2) one on your back.

    Like the poster in the background of #1 as well.

    And props for being a drummer. That’s always worth congratulating.

  23. GrimRune says:

    right on man.

    i’ve been toying with the idea of getting a halo-themed tattoo myself, but I havent decided what.

    • HALO3syourdaddy says:

      If you do be sure to let me know ^_^

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  25. I have a Halo Tatt, its the Halo symbol with my son’s name in Halo font

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