Zero Punctuation: Red Faction Guerrilla

Red Faction Guerrilla

7 Responses to Zero Punctuation: Red Faction Guerrilla

  1. Ragingterror says:

    For someone that openly admits his anger/jadedness regarding the Red Faction games at the start of the video, I would have thought Yahtzee would rip it much harder than he actually did.

    • Kato says:

      It’s a pretty fun game. Destroying buildings and watching them crumble I don’t think ever gets old. The multiplayer also adds some nice twists to the standard formula, with the addition of backpacks that give you different abilities and the same ability to destroy the environment as seen in SP. I like a game that gives you the option to deal with a pesky sniper by disintegrating the tower he’s standing on and watching him plunge to his death. Plus, there are jetpacks. Every game should have jetpacks.

      • AOClaus says:

        Sometimes I agree with his reviews, sometimes I don’t. I like he Halo, he hates it. Also, multiplayer means nothing to Yahtzee.

    • i think he wasn’t too hard on it maybe because he actually liked it more than the first one. lol

      • FishType1 says:

        It would be worth buying if the AI didnt stalk you 24/7

        • FishType1 says:

          Red Faction 2 is much better.

  2. This is a seriously good game.

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