Amazing Cortana Cosplay

cortana cosplayCortana cosplays typically feature an amazing suit, an amazing makeup job, or an amazing wig, but rarely does one person successfully bring all of those things together. One of the more talented members of Halo costuming and prop site is an obvious exception to that rule. Investing the time to create an entire costume from scratch, the aptly named {Cortana gathered Lycra, a needle equipped with stretchy thread, fabric paint, a bead-adorned wig, and water activated, moist cake makeup and proceeded to transform herself into a ridiculously realistic version of our favorite holographic AI character. I would give her the title of Best Cortana Cosplay Ever but I have a vision in my head that consists of nothing but big bewbs and body paint. Until I can get my hands on those pictures, enjoy a few more shots of this costume after the jump.

cortana cosplay

cortana cosplay

*A special thank you to Jim 028, whose visions of Cortana’s cherry dance in his head, for the tip!
You're dressed up as what?

37 Responses to Amazing Cortana Cosplay

  1. CrazedOne1988 says:

    very nice!

    Though her eyes kinda creep me out…….

    • DeepCee says:

      The whites of the eyes would always stand out against blue make up.
      I guess the next step would be blue contacts and blue led’s all over the body suit?

      • Lord Osiris says:


      • Tentimook says:

        And mb she could shimmer in and out like when ur playing

  2. She looks like a thinner version of my 6th grade teacher. O.o

  3. Crazeye0 says:

    Big bewbs and body paint eh?

    • Poopie McGhee says:

      Here is just that… Sorry ppl i had to

      • Poopie McGhee says:

        But This Is Absolutely Amazing and Fascinating Thing… But the Bathroom Would Be Hard To Do In This… Unless It UnZips Somehow…

  4. Matt7777444 says:

    *Facepalm* T_T

  5. setters says:

    woah – she did really well!!

  6. Crazy A 64 says:

    But how does she pee???

  7. Kato says:

    Very cool.

  8. Gorebashd says:

    wow, that must have taken a crazy amount of time. kudos on the detail tho :)

  9. Ken Raves says:

    That’s very impressive, the best I’ve seen!

  10. nixproto says:

    wow! very good!

    guess we know who angel’s new best friend is unless she finds a MC cosplay that’s better. :)

  11. GeneralCupcakes says:

    That’s amazing. Best Cortana costume evar.

  12. She’s raised the bar with that costume. I’ve never seen a better realization.

  13. HellCat says:

    thats perfect but body paint would have been better

    i’m going to sleep well tonite

  14. Mace Windex says:

    I want to see Tron-Guy in that outfit. Wait, no I don’t.

  15. Ez8Diaz says:

    looks good, but shes kinda big to b cortana

    • NOKYARD says:

      don’t get many 2nd dates, do you?

      • NOKYARD says:

        in case anyone didn’t get what i said above, i was talking about the poster above me, not about the cos player

        i think she did a GREAT job with the costume (and she’s hot)

  16. Kensai111 says:

    Grace really did an outstanding job on this cosplay. She’s rumored her next one will be Miranda Keyes, I’m sure whatever she chooses she will do an amazing job. Thanks for the 405th linkage Hawty, much love from all your armor clad friends.

    With Love <3,

    • Crazeye0 says:

      I’d like to see that, I can imagine it being pretty good.

      And to all the people saying she’s “too big” to be Cortana I say stfu, it’s about the costume, not wether she’s hot or not…and the costume is damn good!

      • Hunter85792 says:

        And she’s pretty good too…

  17. mysterioso2006 says:

    Her hips aren’t curvy enough, her face is an odd, circular shape, and she has a huge chin…..

    srry, me no likey

    • bs angel says:

      I would really appreciate a higher standard than the typical John Gabriel Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory-esque sort of comments around here. Normally I applaud efforts to go above and beyond, but not when it comes as an attempt to be the ultimate douchebag. Consider your comment officially frowned upon.

      • Mace Windex says:

        See, now you done gone and gave bs some WRANKLES!

      • nixproto says:

        I think we know who the winner is. Angel, you pwn. ALWAYS. These people come into your house and mess with you and you kick him out with a slit throat. I applaud you.


    • BigCountry1369 says:

      Please provide your picture either in normal dress or in costume and we will be more than willing to judge you on the same standards that you espouse….thank you and good day!

  18. Whaappened says:

    Better than what I could have done if I were a girl. The section “Crafty Crap” is inadequate for this at least.

  19. Confucious T says:

    Alright, one for the 405th! One of the best I’ve seen.

  20. Chupa Cabras says:

    Um, Can I buy that costume for my wife? I need it.


  21. Matt7777444 says:

    O_o body paint?

  22. Bobo says:

    So I’m pretty sure there’s no panties under that? No lines that I can see anyway.

  23. J girl says:

    WOW thats awsome how did you make that. I wAnT oNe To!!!!!

  24. maemi says:

    Where can I buy this costume?

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