Francis Hates Mobiles

left 4 dead mobile

Sometimes couples meet on Left 4 Dead. Occasionally they fall madly in love and get married. And every once in a while they even pop out a kid or two. It is those people who will appreciate this Left 4 Dead-themed mobile the most. Sure it doesn’t have to be adorning the side of a baby’s crib in a nursery; I’m sure this $36 decorative object, which features figures that were laser cut from a 1/16″ solid black mat board, would look equally fabulous hanging elsewhere in the house. But can you imagine a better way to spark your infant’s budding interest in gaming? I think not. Those little suckers spew like boomers anyways so they might as well learn to recognize them as well.

4 Responses to Francis Hates Mobiles

  1. nixproto says:

    and the witch will recognize as mom on her period. the hunter- a freaky pedophile. and the smoker- dad after mom leaves him because of a drug addiction. and the tank- well we won’t go there… trust me it will happen.


  2. DethPwn says:

    The Tank is the ‘roid-rage uncle charged with domestic violence.

  3. Mike says:

    teach children to fear and respect the fact that a zombie apocalypse will occur in their lifetime

  4. Kato says:

    I hate cribs.

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