Are You Ready For Some Grifball?

grifballGrifball and I have a love/hate relationship. On one hand, it’s an activity that involves getting pounded all night long. On the other, it’s not exactly the best gametype to indulge in when you already have a disposition to betray. That’s why when I received an invitation from the crew at Rooster Teeth to play in the inaugural game on their new Sandbox Grifball court, I hesitated ever so slightly before accepting. Not wanting to miss out on a fun opportunity, I opted to go while promising myself that I would show massive amounts of uncharacteristic restraint and attempt to spare the lives of my teammates as much as possible. Turns out it wasn’t really all that possible.

Before detailing my very long list of betrayals, I wanted to offer my thoughts on the new official court. As I’m known for being Grifball’s #1 fan and also for having mastered the extremely difficult art of Forge, I was able to make some very valuable observations about this particular playing arena. There were three main things that really jumped out at me – the unique spawn system makes spawn camping near impossible, the well thought out placement of the weapons could not be more perfect, and the geomerging is simply beyond flawless. After taking my poor performance into account however, my expert opinion is that this sucker is broke. Fix your shit Rooster Teeth! So now that I’m done talking out of my ass, off we go to a screenshot diary reflecting my undying love for my teammates, the majority of whom I banged repeatedly throughout the entirety of the evening. And for the record, these aren’t the only betrayals I got that night. I just got tired of taking so many damn screenshots.

My first betrayal of the evening goes to runNOKYARDrun, congrats!
halo 3 screenshot

My second betrayal also goes to runNOKYARDrun. Oops.
halo 3 screenshot

And so for Louis Wu it begins, …
halo 3 screenshot

I blame lag. And host.
halo 3 screenshot

And also the fact that I suck at Grifball.
halo 3 screenshot

Clearly that one was Shishka’s fault. Seriously.
halo 3 screenshot

Oops, sorry runNOKYARDrun. I thought you were Louis!
halo 3 screenshot

Oh look, it’s Louis. Again.
halo 3 screenshot

At some point, you’d think he would stop coming near me.
halo 3 screenshot

Or not.
halo 3 screenshot

I’ll leave you with one more screenshot. I call this one “Eat it Shishka”
which he actually refused to turn over and do. That bastard.
halo 3 screenshot

*A special thank you to runNOKYARDrun for organizing the festivities (and for making me my own special court!), the other participants for making it so fun, and Claude for not bashing in my own skull when my hammer would not stop connecting to his.

Watch the game here
Check out the stats here
Read Grifball HUB’s thoughts here
Download my own personal Grifball court here

34 Responses to Are You Ready For Some Grifball?

  1. Crazeye0 says:

    I find it amusing that you betrayed Shiska for some reason.

    The new Griffball curt might actualy be interesting enough to bring me back into Griffball, it’s a good thing I spawn killed for the mythic achievements like a pro ages ago though =P

  2. TheChrisD says:

    You sure the teams weren’t just a little bit unfair?

    • bs angel says:

      What gives you that idea? Because we had four players, they had three for the majority of the game, and they still beat us 7-2? ;)

      • Joey says:

        Hey Missus! I used to be Spirit of Fire member before you changed forums! Remember :P Anyway, You never added me for loving Halo & Bungie So Much – GT Maronic234

  3. Crazy A 64 says:

    What makes you so special that you deserve a home cou… oh… wait!

    • bs angel says:

      Quit your bitching and go download my court! It’s awesome. :)

  4. Das Kalk says:

    Pffft, shishka, what a jerk

  5. NOKYARD says:

    i pushed Wu out of the way and ran in front of her so i could be first

    • bs angel says:

      It all makes sense now!

  6. Evil Otto says:

    In Shishka’s defense- Luke and I observed that he was only getting fan spam at a rate of 1 every 30 seconds (a pretty slow day for him), so we decided to make things a little nore interesting from our nearby desks.

    Did you know that restricts the rate of speed at which you can send friend messages?

    • bs angel says:

      I don’t think Shishka needs a defense. He killed me repeatedly for the entirety of all the games. Half the time I was convinced he was making a bee-line for me the second I spawned. Next time send more messages Otto!

  7. A Deaf Boy says:


  8. puptastrophe says:

    It was a lot fun, angel. Stupid Moocow connecting so well to Shishka’s west coast host. *grumble grumble*

    I should have my article up soon. Just waiting on a certain someone’s feedback ;)

    • bs angel says:

      Wu is such a slow poke, isn’t he? I’ll tell him to hurry up. ;)

      • Louis Wu says:

        Why, I oughtta…

  9. EctopicMike says:

    OMFG I kick Bungies And RvB Ass On GrifBall

  10. Mike says:

    Question: If this map is put into matchmaking will the golf club still be there? I might be wrong but i thought the golf club was only playable in customs and forge.

    • bs angel says:

      The golf club was on a different court, not the official one. That particular map was called Mayan something or other, and it was a pretty cool twist on the standard variant. Definitely look for it if you like Grifball!

      • Mike says:

        k thanks i will

  11. It’s obvious that Shishka does not know what the ladies like. He should take lessons from Johnson.

    • sauter11 says:

      you’re right. johnson DOES know what the ladies like. Especially Cortana and Miranda Keyes.

    • tortacular says:

      I dunno. angel is a pretty big fan of getting hammered with a large weapon.

      • “I’ll leave you with one more screenshot. I call this one “Eat it Shishka”
        which he actually refused to turn over and do. That bastard.”

        I was referring to that… ^

  12. PPMooCowPP says:

    If it helps, I had fun.


    • bs angel says:

      I’m sure you did Mr. I Got 80 Kills And Went +45. Hmph.


  13. Adam Susskind says:

    HA! You must think you’re cool or something, playing with all those people! :)

  14. M6G1C M6N says:

    i wish i could have just heard what you guys were saying during the game……that would be interesting

    • bs angel says:

      Not really. It was pretty much, “WTF, she betrayed me again?!” over and over and over. :)

      • Whaappened says:

        I guess it’s true-women can’t play Grifball.

      • M6G1C M6N says:

        ha thats funny so you were just a third wheel

        • bs angel says:

          I was worse than that. I was the annoying person who constantly messed things up!

  15. Andrew Jensen says:

    Hahahaha, you should be careful you don’t incur the great all powerful wrath of Shishka for betraying him!

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  17. Andrew Jensen says:

    Ah, I just realized I said betray instead of teabag, and forgot a comma on my last post!

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