Top Ten Interactive Features on Halo Multiplayer Maps

Playing Halo isn’t just about shooting your opponent in the face. It’s also about planting a sticky grenade on their ass. Beyond that though, the designers behind many of the multiplayer maps gave us numerous opportunities to interact with our environment. Many times utilizing these reciprocal features gives us a distinct advantage during gameplay. Other times they are merely good for shits and giggles. On the not so rare occasion they can even be the direct cause of our untimely death. They always keep us on our virtual toes though so in appreciation for these tasty little tidbits, I offer you what are, in my opinion, the top ten interactive features scoping the very full library of Halo maps.


Top Ten Interactive Features on Halo Multiplayer Maps


10. Snowbound's Automatic Turrets


Snowbound is widely adored and equally despised. Regardless of where you fall on the love/hate spectrum, I guarantee you have, at some point during your online career, toyed with the automatic turrets that diligently guard the boundaries. Shooting anybody who ventures beyond the designated area, it’s fun deploying a bubble shield and watching them fruitlessly attempt to gun you down. It’s even more fun watching an enemy ghost flip out of control and get blown to smithereens. Assuming it’s not me.


9. Elongation's Crates


While I have never been a big fan of Elongation, I will readily admit that the crates are a never-ending source of entertainment. And by entertainment I mean complete and total frustration. If I were to receive a single plasma grenade for every time I got pinned behind one and fell down the black hole of death (both purposely from conveyor belt dance parties and accidentally from poor maneuvering), my pockets would be bulging. And not because I’m happy to see you either.



8. The Pit's Brute/Jackal Targets


The Pit, which is a small training grounds for UNSC forces, has a total of four Brute targets (and two Jackal ones as well) that pop up when they sense nearby movement. While they may provide excellent shooting practice, they have also been known to startle approaching players. I would like to take a moment to say they have never caught me by surprise or made me jump. Because that would just be silly. As firing a few rounds at them out of reactive fright would be as well. :cough:



7. Colossus' Conveyor Belts


If you thought Colossus’ shining glory was the numerous easily accessible n00b combos, you missed out on a brief time period that allowed for one of the most fun flag tricks ever. At one point in time, if you threw the flag just right from the top part of the base down to the lowest level, it would bounce off the conveyor belt directly into the opposing base. Unfortunately that glitch was fixed but that doesn’t stop it from making my list. Super bouncing flags ftw!



6. Midship's Bouncy Bridge


The top bridge of Midship is home to the highly sought after energy sword. It also has four little indentations (two on each side) that roundly jut out ever so slightly. Those small gray circular sections, which comfortably fit one, double as trampolines. Jumping on them gets you glorious air, especially when done in coordination with someone on the opposite side. Bouncing on the bridge may even be more fun than playing an actual game on that map. So you can take your rocket ball and shove it.



5. Sidewinder's Icy Patches


Successfully maneuvering a vehicle in Halo is difficult for some. Successfully maneuvering a vehicle on the icy patches of Sidewinder is difficult for all. Located in front of the horseshoe and in between the bases are treacherous patches of slippery ice just waiting to throw you violently off course. What should be a source of frustration always ends up as a hilarity, no more than when the sliding results in running someone over. Slippery splatters have never been so satisfying.



4. Zanzibar's Gate


The vast majority of offensive objective games on Zanzibar start with someone stating their intent of opening the gate. Allowing vehicular entry into the base, it is an excellent strategic move. It’s also entertaining as the screen that appears after the gate opens reads, “A total FU exception has occurred at your location. All system functionality will be terminated. Press any key to power cycle the system. If system does not restart; scream at top of lungs and pound on keypad.” As humorous as that is, I think screaming was the usual response when faced with the all too frequent blue screen of death. For me it was anyways, along with a controller hurling directly at the tv of course.



3. Isolation's Poop Chute


The easiest way to get from the top of Isolation all the way down to the Flood-infested bottom is by falling down the tube located above the shotgun. Because of its appearance and the way it closes after it ejects you, it’s often fondly referred to as the “poop chute.” If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the basics of the defecation process, I would think that’s the perfect glimpse into what it would be like to take a ride out of your own ass. Which I heard, by the way, is quite the pleasurable experience.



2. Terminal's Train


Terminal’s setting is a huge train station in the city of New Mombasa. Considering that vital bit of information, it only seems fitting that one of the most prominent features on the map is a light rail train that periodically speeds down the tracks. Doubling as a killball, the train kills almost everything it touches. I would say much like my sniper rifle but that would be a complete and total lie. Curses.



1. Waterworks Stalactites


Playing neutral flag on Waterworks? Not so fun. Dropping an icicle-shaped mineral deposit on the top of an opponent’s unsuspecting head? Now we’re talking. Waterwork’s ceiling is home to a handful of stalactites that can be convinced into falling with a few well-placed bullets. There is no better feeling than starting a game, shooting the stalactite above the enemy’s base, and having it come crashing down, crushing anybody who has the misfortune of being directly underneath it. Actually, there is one better feeling but there’s no reason to bring your mom into this, right?


Honorable Mentions

  • Turf’s Beams: The two large beams on the buildings on the street can be lowered with a simple melee. I would have included them on this list if I could cross them without falling off.
  • Narrow’s Icicles: Super bad ass Spartans can jump off the icicles hanging on the tops of the doorways that lead underneath the bridge (9:36). Unfortunately I am not one of them.
  • Last Resort’s Container: It’s possible to flip the container inside the base on Last Resort, adding an extra layer of protection to the objective area. It’s a cool trick when messing around, but cheap as hell in matchmaking. Thus, DENIED.

*Did I miss your favorite? Do you have a fun story that involves one of these features? Share it in a comment!

93 Responses to Top Ten Interactive Features on Halo Multiplayer Maps

  1. yeah teabagging bodies in halo 3! XD

    • Doc says:

      and the fact in halo 3 the bodies will re-act to your teabagging, just awesomeness.

  2. JLay says:

    How does Avalanche’s many mancannons not make this list? And while the train in Terminal is my personal #1, I recall the ‘telefrag’ on Beaver Creek was very interesting.

  3. Das Kalk says:

    good list, i definitely agree

  4. NartFOpc says:

    My top 2 match your top 2 :D

    • NartFOpc says:

      Oooh but I just remembered, the swinging highway section on Headlong gets my number 3 spot.

      • bs angel says:

        Aaahhh, good call. I forgot about that one!

        • Blake says:

          I always loved hitting it with a banshee at full speed, 90% of the time it would splatter anyone standing on it at the time.

  5. Yin117 says:


    Playing 1 Flag on Matchmaking and having both Tanks head for the Middle with each either destroying the Teams Hogs Racing to the Flag, or just waiting for the other to go far enough Forward to get Blown-up by the Other.

  6. dickbutt says:

    How is last resort/zanzibar’s wheel not on here?

    • Herr Zrbo says:

      I was sure that was going to be #1 too.

  7. xMixMasterx says:

    Odd association with ‘Poop Chute’ – Check.

    When I went on spring break at Daytona after my senior year in HS, my friends and I had this hilarious thing where we would be walking down the street pretending to tell an enthralling story to our friends. As a group of girls would get closer the story would get more and more animated until finally the story-teller would yell “and then Kaboom!! Right up the poop-chute!!” and make an upward driving, pointing motion into the air.

    Eventually, after a few drinks this turned into us just running through the streets taking turns yelling “Kaboom! Right up the poop-chute!”

    Mature… I know

    • bs angel says:

      LOL, … strange looks in 3, 2, 1!

      • XMixMasterX says:


        That was the point!

        The only thing worse than a strange look was no look at all ;-)

  8. Leeumm says:

    I don’t think there’s anything I disagree with up there. Waterwork’s Stalactites has always been my favorite interactive thing in a map by far. So fun to watch a huge stalactite dropping on a tank thinking he’s gonna own some noobs. =P

  9. Morpheus says:

    Relic’s teleporter switch.

    It turns on the whole damn level, it’s awesome!!

  10. Gi85on says:

    Yeah! Snowbound makes the list!

  11. Kato says:

    What about Shield Doors? They’re the best–

    Oh, wait, nobody likes shield doors, what was I thinking.

    • bs angel says:

      I was considering that one (especially since I love playing the shield door game with a pocket full of stickies) but ultimately left it off.

      • Kato says:

        Bungie needs to create a shotgun that shoots plasma grenades. And put it on Snowbound. And sit back and laugh and laugh and laugh.

        • bs angel says:

          Why must you tease me with such an amazing concept that will never see fruition?!?!

        • D taktics says:

          Ya know whats great…In Halo 2 I had a shotgun that shot stickies. Ahhh…The good old modding days.

        • Socket says:

          I can mod that into Halo pc…
          Just switch some stuff and it works, I’ve actually done it before.

        • bs angel says:

          Jealous. Very, very jealous.

        • COL0NEL SANDERS says:

          Speaking of that, I had friend who modded the needler so it shot rockets.
          Good times….

  12. Gilver says:

    Definitely the Teleporter switch on RElic. I agree with that.

  13. Naepa34 says:

    I’d have to say last resort’s wheel of death.

  14. Pkmnrulz240 says:

    The stalactites are definitely noteworthy… but I don’t think they quite deserve the top spot. I never had any problems with Terminal’s train syncing except in ridiculously laggy gameplay, but every Big Team Battle game I ever played on Waterworks had laggy stalactites, even if the game itself didn’t seem laggy. Hell, I’ve even had those things like, fly at my banshee a mile away to splatter me… even when I was the one that shot it down (again, from a significant distance away.).

    IMO, Terminal should be #1. That train provides for endless hours of fun… and it’s continuous, unlike the stalactites. :P

  15. Rayzer says:

    What about Foundry and Sandbox, you can’t get more interactive than that

  16. COL0NEL SANDERS says:

    What about the disorienting maze of teleporters on Chiron TL 34 from Halo: CE?
    Good times, good times.

    Or the big dish thing on Ascension in Halo 2?
    Standing up there with a sniper does not make you invisible.

  17. Fred says:

    I favourite for me is the those rocks by the snipers on beaver creek. I used to push them over the edge and kill unsuspecting enemies down below ; )

    • bs angel says:

      Good call Fred! I totally forget about those. I have many fond memories of dropping those suckers onto people in the creek below me too!

  18. Halo God1990 says:

    If your including the new maps in this then i think the massive “sauron-like” towers located in sandbox should make this list. I mean, how many ways have you tried to survive out there, and trying to get to the hidden skull. I know i enjoy pinning myself inside a giant tube while the death towers launch their futile attacks on me

  19. jhon says:


  20. Tentimook says:

    I would also include mancannons, I mean what isnt more fun than flying halfway across a map only to be headshot in mid-air?

    Or maybe in The Pit’s sword room there are tables and chairs and stuff to play with, and that phone on the wall.

    • bs angel says:

      What’s more fun than getting sniped mid mancannon jump? Uuuummm, EVERYTHING?!

      • NartFOpc says:


        • bs angel says:

          Bastard. ;)

  21. mdp11 says:

    How could you have left out the golf club on Sandbox? Toying around with that thing is so much fun. XD

  22. scootiee says:

    where is thelast resort wheel????
    and I think that conveyer belts rule!!!!


  23. Ragingterror says:

    Slippery splatters have never been so satisfying.

    Indeed they have not… just ask the Mrs. ;)

    • bs angel says:

      Somebody got my reference. w00t!

      • liphttam1 says:

        I got it too!

  24. I Jewbaca I says:

    No one has mentioned fusion coils. I love shooting them as people run by them on the pit or guardian or dropping them from the top of ivory tower.

    • goregasm says:


  25. Scooter Pie says:

    Lately banking snipe shots have become popular. Nothing like starting the match with banking a snipe off rocket hall on the Pit for a douple head shot.

  26. Steven says:

    I loved pushing the garbage bin behind the defending base on Terminal using the Wraith. Blocks off the backdoor. Increases amount of cursing from opposing team. Double win.

    • bs angel says:

      :facepalm: So many things I forgot! That was definitely one of those must do strategies for objective gametypes on that map. Just like the boxes behind Waterworks!

      • Rez says:

        Speaking of closing entrances, I loved getting an Energy Sword and pushing random objects on Headlong into areas they shouldn’t be. It is so amusing to push crates, even, onto the highway, and watch enemy Warthogs slam into them. Even more amusing – xploshuning said ‘hogs.

        • bs angel says:

          Ya know now that you mention it, I used to do a whole lot more goofing off (such as moving random objects, especially up and down the lifts!) while waiting for the action back in H2 than I do now in H3, I’m not sure why. Maybe there were more crates and maneuverable objects back then?

  27. mastirchaef says:

    umm, what abput sandtraps elephants? those moving bases are insanely fun. and all you can do with them on forge is priceless.

  28. brickfungus says:

    1st off… netrual flag on waterworks, or as i like to call it, “braveheart”… was one of the most fun matchtypes i’ve ever played. get into any vehicle you can find, and throw it into the middle as hard as you can. as long as you can NOT think of it as a tatical match and more of the fustercluck that it is, it’s good times.

    and the train was great, but often the demise of a hog driver like me.

  29. Tantrik says:

    I wouldn’t consider this as an interactive object, but remember the lock-on rocket launchers? On Ascension i would always jump down and bum-rush those things, and me any me friends would do awesome tricks. Like, one would fly the Banshee into the mancannon, whilst I had already shot a rocket, and try to disorient it. Ah, good times..

  30. Good list, I have to say…
    I think I’m gonna have to try that container trick in matchmaking…

    • bs angel says:


  31. ThreeSixXero says:

    Ive always found Eelphants to be a fun edition to Sandtrap. Especially when you steal the other teams Elephant and back them into each other making a fortress dominated by 50-cal. machine guns! (Thousands of bodies would litter the ground! Muhuhuahaha!) And I think they should make a Covenant shotgun. Not one the shoots stickys though, people would over use it (Oh, I forgot, you can only hold two stickys anyway)

    • Whaappened says:

      I count any explosion-starting device interactive…I’ve killed so many people by shooting fusion coils on Last Resort. And Chiron TL 34 was amazing with rockets.

      • bs angel says:

        I think Last Resort has the best fusion coils. I can’t even tell you how much I love watching snipers make their way around the catwalk, obliviously thinking nobody is watching, then shooting the coils right as they go past. Muhahahaha!

        • x Encounter x says:

          I hate people like you! The other day I had CAMO and I sniped my unsuspecting friend on the other team. He respawns and guessed where he got sniped from and randomly shot the coils on the catwalk. I wasn’t even by the coils when I shot him the first time, but I just happened to be walking by when I explode out of no where. I was angry faced!

  32. alex says:

    what about the barriers on relic

    the ones that you can stand on and shoot the front with a rocket launching you to the top of the tower

  33. Mat says:

    I think that the train on Terminal was my favourite thing ever. Especially after I leave a Scorpion on the tracks…

    And stealing the enemy elephant during CTF and driving it in front of ours…”Flag Taken! Flag Captured!” (x3) :)

  34. m4573rz3r0 says:

    Dude. Terminal’s train? Best thing Bungie ever did for their multiplayer.

  35. Gooser0102 says:

    What about fusion coil launching mongooses? Crazy how a single trip mine takes out a goose, but when you throw a frag on the fusion coils and get in your goose, you only loose your shields as you fly across the map at like 500 mph.

  36. Justin says:

    I always loved the rocket guardians under the sand in Sandtrap. My friends and I would have crazy mongoose/warthog chases out there. You flip your vehicle, and you’re toast.

  37. DethPwn says:

    9: Lmao!

    What about High Ground?!?!

  38. Gooser0102 says:

    I love trying to get up the poop chute. Just when your a few feet from the top you go back down. Then you go back up, then down, then up. It’s fun.


    • bs angel says:

      That’s what he said?

  39. xHipAlbatross says:

    I must say The train is my number one. I don’t think I even knew about the stalactites being able to fall, though. :D

  40. Pingback: Top Posts «

  41. Gooser0102 says:

    Um well, uh, ya that’s what I meant to say

    you cheater

    • bs angel says:

      I didn’t cheat! I totally followed your rules. ;)

  42. Admiral Madden says:

    how could any of you forget the exploding testicles on Containment?!?!?!?!

    (if you watched the H2 making of DVD, you’d know that certain Bungie employees were soo fascinated with the Idea of those testicles that babies started to cry.)

  43. Halodude117 says:

    Hey guys what about zombies in H2 on Foundation the crates there should probably be there what do u think (Blocking the entrance to the room?)

  44. goregasm says:

    whatever happened to good ol’ sword canceling on turf?
    you could launch yourself up on top of the scarab and chill with a buddy!!!

  45. HellCat says:

    The train is fantastic. Pit’s hologram targets are helpful to me when sniping. I always love the gates and bridges that you can mess around with. I’ve found it easy to drive on sidewinder.

    My favourite is standoffs doors or blackouts lift. oh and narrows mancannons. I love them all!

    And for the record even though i hate the map i always called it isolations rectum

  46. Admiral Madden says:

    I always called it the sphincter…

  47. Idlewheelman says:

    Interesting list, but i always liked Containment’s gates and Explosives…

    • bs angel says:

      Containment’s gates almost made the list. I think it’s one of the best gates for the sheer fact that once you heard yours opening, you knew some vehicles were going to come storming in. It was just a matter of if it was going to be a hog or a tank!

  48. Shirdel7221 says:

    I wish you had played Halo Wars… They have some awesome stuff. Who doesn’t want to open a Flood Containment Unit? XD

  49. tb2571989 says:

    Maybe you should do a top 25, like a community vote or something.

    And the train/stalagtites were a good no 1 and 2. I found the stalagtites by mistake when messing around in a tank. Scared the hell out my brother :P.

    Nice work, keep it up.

    • bs angel says:

      A vote may be fun! While I spent a a decent amount of time making the list, people reminded me of numerous things I had forgotten, some of which I probably would have included.

      And thanks for the kind words. :)

  50. Feeniix says:

    Also, the iron pole on Turf which you could shoot down and then make your way across from wall to wall…cover half the map in seconds :)

    The swinging door in turf was also hilarious…many a circumstance of popping out and shooting a rocket…ro reversing that scenario and pummeling a camper behind that door with frags until they got splattered by the door….

  51. Assassin Mr X says:

    Loved this list and all the comments!

    I love the way bullets can bounce in halo 3, esp when u bounce shots round overshield spawn on the pit. Getting a head shot after 3 bounces is always amazing :P

  52. Halodude117 says:

    I got one. The gates on Containment from H2 also. Ah the good ol’ jumping hogs onto someone days. Come on that was really fun.

  53. Alex says:

    I wanted Containments Big-ass fusion coils and gates to be in this list ! :|

  54. Gooser0102 says:

    Don’t laugh- The gate on High Ground. Whenever I am playing 1 sided objectives and I’m on offense, I immediately grab the shotgun and go to the door switch so my teammate’s ghost can get through. Then I go pwn the guy with the splazer. Seriously though, your odds of arming the bomb/capturing the flag/whatever is much higher. What would be cool is is it was possible to close the gate too. I would just camp up there and try to squish people ;)

  55. Stinger503 says:

    Forgot a big one, the lift on Ivory Tower. Nothing like watching some unsuspecting sap come up to meet your shotty :)

  56. Halodude117 says:

    Not sure if u guys have heard of this one but on Backwash H2 the red guilty spark. IT IS POSSIBLE to jump on top of him and fly around the map sniping.

  57. tb2571989 says:

    Hmm hmm hmm…so you are a genius? :P

    The gates in Containement were pretty awesome…the scream of metal as they were opened and furious warthog races to get out, up to one base and back again before they closed.

  58. Jo Haines says:

    Me and my friends always call it the vagina (Isolation’s chute thing).

  59. Matty says:

    what about the big,BIG black hole in Boarding Action

    ahh, endless hours of entertainment watching spartans go “swimming”

  60. jason says:

    What about the gas tanks on headlong. If you shot the top off the tank they would turn into a flying deadly missile, literally. I t was fun to line them up on ctf. Guys would run into the base with the flag expecting to capture it, you shoot the tanks, and they fly all over and splat. Good fun

  61. Halodude117 says:

    I remember that and also if your on the right spot and ur balanced you can surf them around headlong. That’s fun. Another one I thought of were the shields on turf and relic that lauched you really high in the air if you shot them in the ight place with a rocket. Come on someone oughta know those huh?

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