Top Ten Halo Multiplayer Maps

If you’ve been with the Halo trilogy since the beginning, selecting the best multiplayer maps is a lot like saying whom out of all your children is your absolute favorite. Or whom you would save between you and your spouse if only one of you could survive the impending zombie apocalypse. Or whom you would vote for if both Master Chief and the Arbiter were running for president. That’s right, it’s damn easy. Here are what I have deemed the all-time top ten multiplayer maps from the Halo series. Remember, this list represents a single opinion and a single opinion only. It just so happens that this opinion is right. Off we go!


Top Ten Halo Multiplayer Maps


10. Warlock


Warlock, a remake of Halo: CE’s Wizard, is a dark, smaller arena that includes four bases, each with a corresponding teleporter. Super bouncers be damned, the action on this dungeon-esque map is often frenzied, frantic, and all sorts of shotgun in your face awesome.


9. Terminal


A large asymmetrical map set in New Mombasa, Terminal features a huge train station complete with an accompanying parking lot and garage. While this isn’t an overwhelmingly popular map, you can’t tell me getting smacked by an invisible train while speeding across the tracks in a Gauss hog isn’t completely bad ass. Because it is.



8. The Pit


The Pit, a mid-sized map housing a plethora of power weapons and power ups, offers several different levels and routes for getting from Point A to Point B. Perfect for a variety of players, there is only one thing to beware. Brutes and Jackals. Actually I guess there’s two things to beware, my bad.



7. Hang 'Em High


A map which was later remade into Tombstone, Hang ‘Em High is a dream for those that excel with a long-range weapon in their virtual hands. Even with an active camo, the chances of your face escaping this map intact are ridiculously low. And by ridiculously low I mean zero percent.



6. Beaver Creek


Beaver Creek, which is a remake of Halo: CE’s Battle Creek, is an outdoors map set in a small canyon. Two symmetrical bases separated by a creek, this map is a playground for snipers, rocket aficionados, and flag throwing fanatics. Beaver Creek is so awesome I once designed the interior of my hermit crab tank after it. True story.



5. Prisoner


Prisoner is a Halo: CE map just begging to be redone in Halo 3. A multi-leveled building with not many places to go, the abundance of bridges and varying levels simply scream for gravity lifts. The tightness of this map assures a pleasurably fast paced experience. Yup, that’s what she said.



4. Zanzibar


Zanzibar, which was faithfully recreated as Last Resort, is one of the best asymmetrical Halo maps out there. Allowing for everything from long range sniper fights to close quarters combat to varying vehicular duels, what’s there not to love? By the way, sniper at Froman!



3. Lockout


Providing the inspiration for Guardian was Lockout. While spawns on this map are frustrating beyond belief (unless you enjoy being assassinated before you can even take a single step), it still allows for some of the most strategic gameplay out there. Oh, and Blackout sucks balls. Just throwing that out there.



2. Midship


A very small Covenant-themed map, Midship provides a tiny space for a very large amount of fun. From plasma punchout to stickies only and snipers to swords, both slayer and objective on this purple map are a pleasure to play.



1. Blood Gulch


Blood Gulch, the big daddy of all Halo multiplayer maps. It spawned Coagulation. It inspired Valhalla. It even made it into Halo Wars. There’s a reason why this map continues to create new life. That’s because it’s fucking awesome. Simplicity at its best.


Honorable Mentions

  • Ghost Town: If this list was top ten most beautiful maps, Ghost Town would be sitting pretty at number one. It is, in my opinion, the most gorgeous Halo map ever.
  • Sidewinder: Sheer size and availability of vehicles make Sidewinder an easy favorite. Avalanche isn’t so bad either.
  • Standoff: Any map where I get to say, “Bomb’s going into birth canal!” gets my vote.

*I know you have your favorites as well. List your top ten in a comment!

220 Responses to Top Ten Halo Multiplayer Maps

  1. joe says:

    i’m sorry, but ghost town sucks arbiter balls.

    my top ten:

    10 – ivory tower
    9 – boarding action
    8 – rat race
    7 – guardian
    6 – zanzibar
    5 – chill out
    4 – avalanche
    3 – the pit
    2 – hang ’em high
    1 – blood gulch

    • davyboy94 says:

      i disagree , when playing Ghost town it feels like your in a war zone especially if playing as a team and the map is beautiful

    • fusbun says:

      lol arbiter balls.

      • helenkellerskid says:

        agreed.. ghost town = worst map ever

        • AdamSusskind says:

          I’d have to go with Isolation for the worst map ever, and only because the hill in the center of the map makes for some really random grenades and awful BR play…

        • D taktics says:

          No, standoff=worst map ever.
          Quote from Bungie:
          “We just think a sniper on the map would be overpowering.”
          Really? That didn’t stop you from putting 2 rocket launchers, 2 warthogs, 2 turrets, 2 camos 2 shotguns, and a spartan laser now did it?

    • Colby says:

      You think Ghost Town sucks balls? Not surprising from a guy who has Avalanche at #4 in his list. By choosing Avalanche I can only assume that you enjoy Big Team Battle…and a general concensus among people who play a lot of Big Team is VETO AVALANCHE – it is by far that worst of ALL the large maps in he history of Halo.

      • Qwepir says:

        *gasp* BLASPHEMY. And lies. In every Big Team battle I’ve ever been in, Avalanche always passed with very very few vetoes, if any.

    • bs angel says:

      I love one-sided objective on Ghost Town. Plus, as I already mentioned, it gets tons of bonus points from me for how strikingly beautiful it is. :)

    • DethPwn says:

      The only thing Avalanche is good for was CTF and Neutral Assault, if even. Hang ‘Em High FTW, though

    • dandy says:

      hang ’em high = best map ever

      ghost town is fun but whenever i play it someone always laggs very badly

  2. DethPwn says:

    Blood Gulch deserves this title. I can think of a couple maps I’d trade in for Blood Gulch.

    • LordOsiris says:

      Agreed. Blood Gulch > Everything Else.

      • Qwepir says:

        Blood Gulch=Overused. I’m not saying I hate it, I’m just saying that it’s not as great as everybody says.

        *dons flameproof suit*

  3. Ragingterror says:

    Decent list, but what surprised me the most about this article was the lack of innuendos used in the blurb on Beaver Creek. Part of me find this a little disappointing.

    • JLay says:

      Hold RB to board crab tank!

    • bs angel says:

      It’s so delicious and moist?

      • Draco says:

        Like cake?

        • Draco says:

          (no, it is not porn… sorry)

          Portal reference if you didn’t catch it… and if you didn’t catch it, you deserve to DIE!!!!!

  4. JLay says:

    Avalance needs to make this list. Big map that can play small. All vehicles play well here; plus good for bomb, flag, hill, and slayer. Also, Standoff for the Warthog win! Thanks to Joe for Ivory Tower reference…was an excellent SWAT map.
    Does anyone remember the H2 map inside the covey warehouse. It had exploding canisters on conveyor belts and a sniper platform at the back? Lots of good flag and slayer games on that one

    • Skibur says:

      That was Colossus. It was a (Forerunner) gas mining facility.

      • bs angel says:

        Colossus was amazing fun. I loved multi-objectives on that one.

  5. Skibur says:

    10. Warlock
    9. Ascension
    8. Foundation
    7. Guardian
    6. The Pit
    5. Ivory Tower
    4. Coagulation
    3. Lockout
    2. Hang Em High
    1. Headlong


    • PikminGod says:

      Headlong FTW!!

    • cewkjkm2009 says:

      10. Warlock
      9. Sandtrap
      8. Acension
      7. Foundation
      6. Ivory Tower
      5. Valhalla
      4. Battle Creek/Beaver Creek
      3. Blood Gulch/Coagulation
      2. Lockout
      1. Headlong (FTW! i hope one of the maps coming out with ODST will be a remake :))

      • scott says:

        please dont use bg/coag as one of your votes, as if they are the “same”.. BG is awesome…. coag was a huge dissappointment!!

        • jbenisek says:

          Check out the full size remake of Headlong on sandbox forge. Play test 4.

          We tested this with halo 2 and timed out the routes and weapons. This is by far the best port/remake of headlong and it’s full size not like that other crap out there.

  6. ReverendTiki says:

    im surpirsed no ivory tower… best map EVER. i like how u used sanctuary for the pic but didnt have it on ur list.

    • bs angel says:

      Sanctuary was so close to making the list! I went back and forth between that one and Warlock.

  7. xmiyux says:

    I agree with many of these but Ivory Tower absolutely needs to be on the list. Ivory Tower SWAT was the best game ever.

    I also was a big fan of Waterworks.

  8. AusQB says:

    10. Foundation
    9. Headlong
    8. Midship
    7. Ascension
    6. Hang ‘Em High
    5. The Pit
    4. Sidewinder
    3. Standoff
    2. Blood Gulch
    1. Boarding Action

    I just kinda felt a little sick to my stomach that you didn’t even mention Boarding Action.

    • I agree with you 100%. Boarding action was the greatest. Ever.

    • PikminGod says:

      Boarding Action is AMAZING!!

  9. RT says:

    I’m sure it’ll never happen, but a retro map pack including some of the top maps from past halo’s would be sweet.

    • bs angel says:

      I’d buy that without blinking an eye, definitely!

  10. VoltRabbit says:

    Map # 5 Prisoner

    Love Love Love that map. So many epic battles (not to forget all the other great maps). If I got my hands on the shotgun, this map was all mine, none of my roomates could stand before me. This map holds the memory of my favorite all time Halo franchise moment: Freefall from the highest point of the map, perfectly timed so to land a fatal melee, and survived the fall. Using my opponent to break my fall and taking the kill for the win, with a room full of roudy, cheering friends to bear witness, priceless. Oh yes.

    I too was disturbed by the obvious lack of perverted commentary on Beaver Creek, bs angel be slippin. Plant the flag in Beaver Creek FTW!

    • scott says:

      Priz has no shotgun……

  11. Penguin Ninjoid says:

    Oh man, I was such a shotgun-camping n00bs when playing Warlock. People hated me.

    I also have been crying for a remake of Prisoner for AGES! Hey , Forge Freaks! Get on this, pronto!

  12. WLGJr. says:

    I feel like you consistently hate on Ivory Tower. Show it some love, c’mon angel!

    • bs angel says:

      You must be going crazy because I don’t think I’ve EVER hated on Ivory Tower! Even though it didn’t make the list, that was one of my favorite H2 maps. Objective on that one was always a blast, assault especially.

  13. Crankdawg47 says:

    10: Relic
    9: headlong
    8: sanctuary
    7: hang’em
    6: rat race
    5: Standoff
    4: Zanzi/Last Resort
    3: Lockout
    2: Avalanche
    1: Gulch/Coag


  14. DeclinedShadow says:

    10. Headlong (Nice map, manages to have a Gauss ‘hog and not fsck it up)
    9. High Ground (I wish it’d come up for 1-side objective more often)
    8. Zanzibar (Hee, there’s a big wheel to play with…)
    7. Turf (Cool map, and pretty damn balanced too!)
    6. Hang ‘Em High (!7’z b0x3|2 r0c| Lockout… You heard me, flame on!)
    2. The Pit (When I write The Pit here, I really mean Pit Stop :P)
    1. Valhalla (No comments required.)

    Honorable Mention: Boarding Action. Not really possible to play, but the idea is nonetheless awesome ^^
    Also, Orbital would be on my list if the weapons available on the map didn’t suck [insert goat’s body part of your choice here].

  15. DeclinedShadow says:

    Okay, so some of my maps were obvoiusly not accepted in the list :P
    Trying again:
    5. Terminal (Interesting map.)
    4. Chiron (Loveable map, and great for LAN-parties containing alcohol ^^)
    3. Blackout (Imho, Blackout > Lockout… There, I said it, flame on!)

    • DethPwn says:


    • DethPwn says:

      :0 I’m shocked!

  16. SoC BrownSound says:

    10: Wizard
    9: Foundation
    8: Guardian
    7: Ascension
    6: Chill Out/Cold Storage
    5: Battle Creek
    4: Avalanche/Sidewinder
    3: Lockout/Blackout
    2: Blood Gulch/Valhalla
    1: Hang em High

  17. Freedom kicker says:

    No love for Damnation?

    that makes me a sad elite >:

    • SynergyNT says:

      Wow… Took the words right out of my mouth. Damnation was awesome. Gotta give love to Chill Out/Cold Storage as well.

    • zephond says:


    • DAVES MOM says:

      I’m glad someone said it!

  18. Morpheus says:

    Warlock can diaf.

    I’d rather have the original Wizard or Chiron than that crap.

  19. Rhamsey says:

    Chiron TL-34 FTW!

  20. Kato says:

    I weep for Blood Gulch.

    If you really did design a hermit crab tank after Beaver Creek, you gain a million geek points and win the Internet. (Also, were any pics taken to document?)

    • Kato says:

      Oh, and side note: Ghost Town is really nice aesthetically, but I’ve never liked the way it plays. It’s got way too many sticky-outtie parts on the geometry that like to get caught in my armor when I’m trying to move around or jump. The layout is fine, I guess, but the actual parts get on my nerves. But then, maybe that just because whenever I see a piece of rebar I just run right for it. Weird compulsion, I know.

      • WLGJr. says:

        haha, rebar, it’ll getcha everytime.

      • AT-AT says:

        Yeah. Ghost Town has good geometry, its just all that crap gets in your way (I do not like coming to a dead stop when there are people trying to kill me).

        Actually, overall, I think Halo 3 has too much 3d detail. I get very, very frustrated when grenades bounce off course/right back at me off a little detail in the wall. All other modern games get that extra detail with textures, but H3 had to make it part of the model (probably another reason every weapon can’t be on every map; too much memory is taken up by the map itself).

        • H3Phreak says:

          See, having those little details makes you think quicker and think more about your next action. You have to be mnore precise which I think makes it more fun

    • bs angel says:

      I did not take pictures of it because I wasn’t 100% happy with the outcome. Their houses were the bases though, I had a decorative tree branch as the center arch that held rockets, but creating the creek was difficult (I didn’t want to put plastic or anything in their tank to contain the water) so that was the failure point. It was still pretty awesome though, LOL …

      • Kato says:

        It sounds awesome. I wonder if I could get away with landscaping my yard that way…

  21. xMixMasterx says:

    Top ten…. hmmmm….

    2. Coagulation
    1. Valhalla
    8. Containment
    4. Headlong
    7. Waterworks
    9. Rat’s Nest
    3. Ivory Tower
    10. Lockout
    11. Ascension
    5. Terminal
    6. Turf

    …ok, so it’s an out-of-order Top 11… big deal

    “What do you mean you didn’t like Halo CE’s multiplayer?!?!!?1?”
    “Gah… so shoot me.”

  22. PikminGod says:

    1. Headlong
    2. Guardian
    3. Sactuary
    4. Boarding Action
    5. Beaver Creek
    6. Foundation
    7. Zanzibar
    8. Turf
    9. The Pit
    10. Construct

  23. Pkmnrulz240 says:

    I can not agree with Warlock. That map was terrible compared to Wizard from Halo 1. And The Pit? Hawty, you are out of your mind. That map would definitely top a “Top 10 WORST maps” list, but there is no good reason for it to be on the top 10 list. That’s a huge slap in the face of maps like Damnation, which didn’t even make the list. D:

    As for things that should have made that list, I’d say Damnation and Ivory Tower deserve to be on there. Ivory Tower was one of those beautiful maps like Ghost Town, but it also played amazingly. 2 Bomb arm spots = brilliant. Damnation is just a classic, and a general favorite among Halo fans. If either of these were to be added, I’d want it to be Damnation. It really deserves a spot… much more than The Pit (seriously?!?).

    And I can’t agree with Midship being number 2. It should be 3, and Lockout should be 2, IMO. Lockout was Halo 2, pure and simple. It’s design was far more interesting and unique than that of Midship, which was essentially a jazzed up Derelict as far as I’m concerned.

  24. MasterCheifn says:

    My list:
    10. Damnation
    9. Boarding Action
    8. High Ground
    7. Standoff
    6. Cold Storage
    5. Sandtrap
    4. Turf, terminal
    3. Relic
    2. Headlong
    1. Coagulation

    The worst halo maps (In no order):
    The Pit

    • JLay says:

      MasterCheifn brings up a good follow up here… the all time worst Halo maps! Seems fitting for a follow up thread. What maps could you not hit the Veto button fast enough (or would have if Halo 2 had allowed it)?
      6. Isolation
      5. Snowbound
      4. Ascension
      3. Epitaph
      2. Foundry
      1. BACKWASH!!!!

      • QDAWG says:

        5. Isolation
        4. Snowbound
        3. Avalanche
        2. Backwash
        1. Any thing in Halo 3 that has the word HEAVY in it (Big Team Heavy has to be the worst, “Yay a Tank, a Chopper, Gauss, Hornet, Banshee, Warthog, and a Prowler on the same map… oh yeah and there are rockets missile pods, and spartan lasers everywhere :( …uh

      • MasterCheifn says:

        you know, i have a strange affinty for backwash :/

    • CanDidTin says:

      :O No love for The Pit?

  25. Das Kalk says:

    10. The Pit
    9. Headlong
    8. Warlock
    7. Zanzibar
    6. Hang Em’ High
    5. Terminal
    4. Sandtrap
    3. Relic
    2. Avalanche/Sidewinder
    1. Isolation…..


    it’s Blood Gulch…

    • bs angel says:

      LOL, … you’re lucky nobody has freaked out on you yet!

    • Draco says:

      Sandtrap… REALLY?!?!

  26. Swedish Rednek says:

    Standoff FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. andy says:

    I loved Halo 1, never played H2 and do play H3. So its mostly H1 maps here for me!
    In no order: (BG first, followed by Sidey though)!

    Chillout/Cold storage
    Rat race
    Hang em High
    Battle Creek was funtimes!
    Valhalla is ok.

  28. NartFOpc says:

    I can understand why some people don’t like Chiron, although its one of my favorites, but no Boarding Action? No Headlong!??!?! NO HEADLONG!?!?!?!??!?!?! WHERE IS HEADLONG!?!?!??!

    • bs angel says:

      I did love Headlong, especially one-sided objective games. I think the horrible fly the bomb to the top of the map for three hour games harmed my view on it though. Talk about a nightmare.

      • Draco says:

        And not everybody superjumping out of the map within 2 mins ofthe game starting? Honestly, I think people spent as much time out of that map as in it.

  29. Gilver says:

    I don’t have time to give my list right now.
    But I agree with most of what bs angel says. Nice list…save for Lockout…I never thought it was an amazing map…it was OK.

    • Draco says:

      I <3’ed Lockout

  30. zephond says:

    I like this list but i belive that damnation form halo:CE should have been included

  31. A Deaf Boy says:

    LOL. Nice list. Mine would be:

    10) Relic
    9) Terminal
    8) The Pit
    7) Lockout
    6) Sidewinder
    5) Hang ’em High
    4) Containment
    3) Rats Nest
    2) Blood Gulch
    1) Headlong

  32. SGMX says:

    10. Gemini (I know very few people will agree, but it’s seriously a great map)
    9. Damnation (Odd map, to say the least, but well balanced and intense)
    8. Headlong (Best map for long-range SWAT)
    7. Standoff (Objective games FTW)
    6. Boarding Action (Best level to force yourself to learn how to snipe)
    5. Guardian (Ascension, just condensed)
    4. Sidewinder (Best team map in Halo 1)
    3. Valhalla (Best team map in Halo 3)
    2. Lockout (SWAT FTW)
    1. Prisoner (Rockets FTW)

    Honorable Mentions:
    Blood Gulch/Coagulation – While they are undeniably great maps, Valhalla and Standoff seem like the “finished” versions of what the maps were designed to be.

    Ascension – Tower of Power anyone?

    Chiron – Single most confusing map in any of the Halo games. Once learned, the map was a great tool of terror.

    Backwash – Could have been one of the best LAN party maps for Halo 2, if it wasn’t for the stupid 360 issues…

    Sandbox – Not a huge fan of the default layout, but the variations have been amazing. Pivotal, Tundra, Utah Mambo, remakes of Boarding Action and Damnation… Plus a golf club.

  33. Gi85on says:

    WTF? where is snowbound?!?

    • that guy says:

      Aha i hope you’re joking dude…

      Snowbound = shotgun camping = bad!

      • WLGJr. says:

        Just to further explain that guy’s point…

        The transitive property of Halo tells us that is A=B & B=C then A=C, therefore…

        Snowbound = shotgun camping

        shotgun camping = bad


        Snowbound = bad

        • PikminGod says:

          very nice…very nice indeed

    • bs angel says:

      Where it belongs, NOWHERE ON THIS LIST! ;)

      • Gi85on says:

        I was only joking, it’s in the bin.

  34. h4y10 says:

    10. Narrows
    9. hang ’em high
    8. boarding action
    7. assembly
    6. midship
    5. mlg map amplified
    4. Guardian
    3. Sandbox (for forgers)
    2. Lockout/ Blackout
    1. Pit

  35. bwwardiii says:

    10. Snowbound
    9. Isolation
    8. Backwash
    7. Containment
    6. Chiron TL34
    5. Relic
    4. Waterworks
    3. Rat Race
    2. Boarding Action
    1. Burial Mounds

    In no REAL order


    • PikminGod says:

      burial mounds was a great map, i had so much fun with ctf on that one

      • bwwardiii says:

        Ditto. I ran out of maps that most people don’t like so I put burial mounds because I remember my friends complaining about it. I actually pretty much love most of the maps that are people think just don’t work. Then again, if you were to look at all the maps and gametypes I’ve made in halo 3…. you’d already know that. :/

  36. Thorn Harvestar says:

    I wish all of the Halo 1/2 maps could be re-released for Halo 3.

    There were so many fun ones. Headlong, Ivory Tower, Damnation, Relic, Boarding Action, Terminal, and Waterworks even…

    While some maps were much better than others, I think EVERY map had it’s uses.

    A couple of “Retro Map Packs” would be epic.

    • Thorn Harvestar says:

      I’m an idiot. I know that should have read “had its uses”.

      Also, it was a dirty shame that Tombstone came out so freaking late in H2’s lifecycle.

  37. ordin4ry says:

    (Yes i know the majority of them are from Halo 3, and none from Halo CE, but that is simply because i Never played Halo CE online, and only played Halo 2 online for a very short time. However, I play Halo 3 online almost every day)
    10 – Snowbound
    9 – Blackout
    8 – Epitaph
    7 – Narrows
    6 – Guardian
    5 – Sandbox
    4 – Construct
    3 – Warlock
    2 – Lockout
    1 – The pit

    • StoneAgeHitman says:

      halo CE was never available to play on XBL, which is the biggest shame in the history of the universe :(

  38. Ivanho says:

    10. The Pit
    9. Ascension
    8. Beaver Creek
    7. Avalanche
    6. Hang ‘Em High
    5. Headlong
    4. Foundation
    3. Midship
    2. Blood Gulch
    1. Ivory Tower


  39. Vn2Go says:

    Lockout is probably the best map.

  40. 13L00D says:

    10. Avalanche
    9. Snowbound
    8. Lockout
    7. Standoff
    6. Blood Gulch
    5. Ghost Town
    4. Zanzibar
    3. Boarding Action
    2. Assembly
    1. EPITAPH!!!

  41. piercingtiger says:

    ?Standoff? No Standoff? Greatest Vehicle map evah…? :)

    Good list though.

    • that guy says:

      Standoff would be much better if it had a long range weapon eg a sniper on it. It’s too big not to have one. That said it has the balance between infantry and vehicles done nicely.

      PS: No guardian? And Last Resort was like Zanzibar only done properly.

      • bs angel says:

        I much prefer Zanzibar over Last Resort. Significantly so as a matter of fact. And Standoff is arguably my favorite Halo 3 map, but it still didn’t fall in my all-time top ten. Too many amazing H:CE and H2 maps. :)

  42. dickbutt says:

    I’m surpised there’s no love for high ground going on, one of my favorite maps.

  43. cewkjkm2009 says:

    I miss locking on with rocket launcers :(

    • Ivanho says:

      As do I, but I guess that’s why they gave us the Sparty Las.

    • bs angel says:

      That’s one of my favorite things when I go back and play H2! That and the strong auto-aim, LOL.

      • Draco says:

        LOL, reminds me of snipers. I’d put sensitivity on 10 and shoot while I sweeped the aimer across their head. ^_^ Got to a 40 playing like that. Then I had to rely on skill in H3…

  44. prodigal son 88 says:

    I don’t care what anyone on earth says but Damnation is still one of the sickest halo maps ever created. if you didn’t like it back in the day, try the forged map called Process. it beats out most H3 maps.

    oh and ivory tower should be on there as well.

  45. AT-AT says:

    Out of all the maps, I have to say Rat’s Nest is my Favorite. Its large enough for big teams and small enough for Infantry battles. Speaking of infantry, it also has a nice balance of open and closed spaces so Infantry can’t be dominated by vehicles and so vehicles can be used to your advantage.

    My next favorite is Sandtrap for its extensive vehicle action (my only 2 gripes are the vehicles don’t respawn fast enough and the plasma grenades are unreachable if you’re on foot being harassed by vehicles).

  46. moaningdeathsph says:

    No sandtrap. I love Sandtrap!! Other people may disagree…

    • zach says:

      agreed! Sandtrap kicks ass w/ a good connection.

  47. moaningdeathsph says:

    I agree with At-At except for rats nest which is rubbish for vehicles. As a side note does anyone else really hate the spartan laser /:(

  48. Herr Zrbo says:

    I’ve always liked Rat Race, one of the few truly excellent 1 vs. 1 maps. Was great back when I only had one TV and one extra controller. Provided hours of fun.

  49. illocon says:

    Sanctuary > everything else.

    i love that map, and it was perfect for neutral flag. why bungle didn’t carry over neutral flag to H3 is a mystery.

    honourable mentions to:

    The Pit (for assault and ctf)
    Orbital (already a great objective map)
    Relic (1 flag)
    Standoff (ctf/neutral assault)
    Warlock (4 team multi flag is amazing).
    Beaver Creek (2flag)
    Headlong (1 flag/1 bomb).

    yeah, i like objective over slayer!

  50. says:

    Here’s mine:

    10: The Pit (Halo 3)
    9: Terminal (Halo 2)
    8: Valhalla (Halo 3)
    7: Boarding Action (HCE)
    6: Relic (Halo 2)
    5: Damnation (HCE)
    4: Hang ‘Em High (HCE)
    3: Sanctuary (Halo 2)
    2: Sidewinder (HCE)
    1: Death Island (HPC)

    Honorable mentions: Zanzibar, Waterworks, Battle Creek, High Ground, Timberland, and Coag.


    • bs angel says:

      Relic is right on bar with Terminal in my book. An incredibly fun map.

  51. GOST j3di says:

    10. Construct
    9. Lockout
    8. Wizard
    7. Ascension
    6. Ivory Tower
    5. Sanctuary
    4. Gaurdian
    3. Hang ‘Em High
    2. Longest
    1. The Pit

    (in no particular order; I would rather just these 10 maps in Halo 3 than all of the other maps in Halo 3 that no one plays…..)

  52. you guys are all wrong says:

    10. Construct
    9. Narrows
    8. Chill Out/ Cold Storage
    7. Boarding Action
    6. Midship
    5. Lockout/ Blackout
    4. Sandbox- Can recreate any map on it
    3. MLG Guardian- Ridiculous for Oddball
    2. Hang ’em High- Need I say more?
    1. MLG The Pit- Awesome symmetrical map

  53. Stinger503 says:

    1. Boarding Action – My dream is to have a remake of this map, half Covenant ship with a huge hole in it, half human ship.
    2. Ivory Tower – Had a love/hate relationship with this map but I wish it were in Halo 3
    3. Blood Gulch – Classic
    4. Elongation – Loved this map for it’s design, colors and gameplay. Loved Swat and Snipers.
    5. Beaver Creek – Classic map
    6. Hang ‘Em High – Loved sniping here.
    7. Terminal – Yes, I miss being hit by a train.
    8. Zanzibar – I remember E3 when this was unveiled as part of Halo 2’s multiplayer. The spinning wheel and opening doors were amazing.
    9. Blackout – I probably like Lockout more but I love the Human setting redesign
    10. Backwash – Sort of out of left field, but I really loved the feel of this map

    Honorable Mention: Containment, Foundation, Headlong, Relic, Colossus, Warlock
    Least Favourites: Waterworks, Burial Mounds, Turf, Foundry, Isolation and Snowbound

    • bwwardiii says:

      Ditto to the Backwash comment. It’s a shame that it got the bad rep that it did.

      Maybe someone will recreate it in sandbox and then just throw half the filters in there at once so that we get the same sort of visibility. Haha.

  54. SpetznazSnake says:

    10. Beaver Creek
    9. Zanzibar
    8. Standoff
    7. Orbital
    6. Rat’s Nest
    5. Hang Em High
    4. Blood Gulch
    3. Sidewinder
    2. Guardian
    1. Valhalla

    Valhalla is basically a combo of Blood Gulch and the second level of Halo:CE campaign combined on acid and steroids. Whether its heavies, CTF, Assault, or just some badass slayer or snipers, there is no map i’d like to play more. The balance of power weapons to vehicles makes being on foot fun, and there is nothing better than flying out of the man cannon and hijacking a banshee mid-air.


    • QDAWG says:

      THANK YOU Valhalla is a great vehicle map and an on-foot map as well best balanced map ever.

  55. ElusiveEagle says:

    FYI, a lot of those maps have some really well done remakes in Sandbox. The Prisoner one looks exceptionally well done.

  56. Caboozles says:

    10. Burial Mounds-this map was fun to play on, as well as fun to glitch on (Invisible staircase/slide) remember consistently getting out of the map just to fuck with.
    9. Relic- so much insanity and awsomeness that you can barely shake a stick at. Again, glitching, and getting on top of the tower with a sniper was insanely fun… as well as frowned upon, but who cares about others?
    8. Sanctuary- I don’t know, something about the beauty of this map combined with the excellent cover system scattered all around the map…
    7.Waterworks (I absolutely loved the infinite dark corners and hiding possibilities, being a massive camper/hider)
    6. Terminal- Multiple hax maps were made where you had to climb up the large slide and NOT get hit by large falling objects, a crapload of fun, and hours of glitching fun to see how far you could get. the actual map itself is well made, and made for some interesting tactics (setting your enemies’ Warthog on the tracks anyone?)
    5. Sidewinder/Avalanche- Wide open spaces for epic combat, vehicle balancing and weapon balancing was perfected in both maps. And equipment made it even better.
    4. Ivory Tower -again, hiding spots, the crates on the ground floor near the shotgun aided in me in games-a-many when my teammates quit and I was ahead.
    3.Boarding action (there was a remake on Halo 3 Forge, it’s amazing)
    2. Lockout/Blackout- I always loved this map, for no apparent reason other than it’s chock-full of battle rifles.
    1. Blood Gulch/Coag- Red vs Blue… need I say more?

  57. Jonathon Fisk says:

    Bungie Employees, If you are reading this or even if you’re not, please put Headlong, Ascension, Terminal, and Sanctuary into Halo 3. Just use your magic to do it.

    7)The Pit
    10)Beaver Creek

  58. HiTMaN23DB says:

    I loved damnation from h1 had alot of fun
    on that map.

  59. SpetznazSnake says:

    What is with the abscence of love for Valhalla?

  60. lol he said it suck arbiterballs

  61. Yoozel says:

    Ahem… any map where you get to man my turret is my favorite. ;-)

    • bs angel says:

      :adds Sandtrap to the list:

      I’ve missed my favorite large and oh so powerful turret!

      • Draco says:

        No… NO! Not Sandtrap!!!!!!!!! I’m sorry (that’s a lie), but that map has to be (one of) the most annoying maps I’ve ever played. The only thing it can be used for is BTB (everything else is way too slow) and even then, the gameplay is just one team whoring all the vehicles and the other team getting spawn raped over and over and over…

  62. Dust and Echoes says:

    10. Foundation
    9. Burial Mounds
    8. Relic
    7. Sidewinder
    6. Turf
    5. Terminal
    4. Last resort/Zanzibar
    3. Blood Gulch
    2. Hang ’em High
    1. Headlong

    I’m disappointed Headlong didn’t make mention

  63. zero says:

    Sorry, but Standoff is one of the worst maps I’ve ever played, ever.

  64. DC Gold says:

    I know there’s no H:CE in there, but that was too long ago and in my nooby times to remember the good maps.

    10. Foundry – Default layout = garbo, but the forge possibilities = =)
    9. Sandbox – Default layout = sweet, and the forge possibilities = =D
    8. Narrows – Sometimes sweet, sometimes god awful.
    7. Turf – Ah, teh spawn killing in teh SWATs…
    6. Standoff – Best BTB map
    5. Blackout – Yes. Blackout > Lockout. There, I said it.
    4. Guardian – Played it too much, still no. 5, w/e.
    3. Construct – I mean, dude, awesomesauce!
    2. The Pit – <3 the symmetrical and awesome layout there.
    1. Midship. God, if Heretic turns out not to be Midship i’m gonna send hate mail to Bungie.

    Honorable Mentions:
    – Lockout, as inspiration of Blackout and Guardian
    – Valhalla, also a nice BTB map
    – Cold Storage, one of the best FFA maps

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  66. Schrant says:

    10. Turf
    9. Headlong
    8. Guardian
    7. Warlock
    6. Sanctuary
    5. The Pit
    4. Ivory Tower
    3. Damnation
    2. Midship
    1. Lockout

    Halo 2 maps are the best of the 3 games overall

    • bs angel says:

      I really prefer H2 maps overall too, although I’m not sure why.

  67. zach says:

    Why not just remake all the halo 2 maps for H3? That would continue to earn them massive amounts of money for like 3 years minimum.

    • Draco says:

      Easier said then done, but a decent idea. I assume they still have files with H2 object boundries that they could rework to fit H3…

  68. lordstick says:

    In my opinion Isolation has it’s faults, but also isn’t that bad of a map to play on compared to Avalanche. (Which is vehicular noob zone). Really I didn’t get how you were judging your maps… I mean for looks I guess I can see your list working, and for the objective games yes, but for all of us Die Hard Slayer people… really I don’t agree totally on all of them but most of them yes. Anyways here are my top 10 maps that are great for anything.

    10. Coagulation
    9. Colussus
    8. Sanctuary
    7. Warlock
    6. Sidewinder
    5. BEAVER Creek
    4. Guardian
    3. Orbital ( This new map rocks my socks for all game types)
    2. Blood Gultch
    1. Lockout…( I like that they remade this map in Halo 3… it’s just that there is just something missing. I guess it may be the snow or the BLUINESS, but it’s just not the same..)

    • lordstick says:

      Woops I totally forgot about Construct!!!!!!!!!!! It takes my #1 spot.. Just move everything up 1. I really don’t have to explain myself on this one :).

  69. Jakob Trent says:

    Halo 2 had the best maps of them all. They had the most creativity and detail. You could be fighting in a gulch, an alien space ship, a weird mall, out on the streets, or even an unfinished city. Halo 3’s maps are a little too bland. It only makes up for it with forge, otherwise halo 2 would be the best. The best of halo 2 were coagulation(can’t believe they don’t have a true remake in halo 3), terminal, ivory tower, turf, relic, and the best of them all, Headlong.
    Headlong is the best map in halo history. It has large open vehicular combat in the middle. A ramp that takes you across the map. Several small, enclosed buildings with maddening detail. Great for Sniping, bomb, flag, slayer, nearly everything.

  70. thestrangestick says:

    Wow, I love people that will just spout any old crap at you in the name of conformity… each to his own, as Oscar Wilde said, ‘Be yourself; everyone else is taken.’ What I mean by that is, stop with the tired old Halo memes of
    1) Snowbound = bad
    2) Isolation = very bad
    2) Blackout? Moar liek reimagining that I am too narrow minded to appreciate!
    3) Halo 2 & CE ftw, because retro is the new indie!
    Grow up people, it’s as sad as the fools that complain and bitch about Metallica being ‘mainstream’ because they feel they are so ‘alternative.’

    So no, I will not list my favourite maps, instead I will point out some good points about the over-looked ones (Halo 3 only)
    1) Snowbound works really well for team snipers. Also, campers only win if you rush them. Tactics people?
    2) I find Standoff really bad for small Team Slayer games (although good for Squad battle etc) and apalling for Team Snipers so why is it so popular?
    3) Blackout is a great map, and from what I’ve seen and my friends have told me, reasonably faithful to the original. However, if you do not like it, download one of those boring Sandbox remakes and play those!
    4) Isolation is a unique map. That doesn’t make it a pile of steaming shite however, it’s all about working for control of the top, much like other maps that leap to mind (Valhalla?)
    5) Avalanche is a great BTB map, but awful for Team Snipers.
    6) Where is Guardian? Suprising it’s not included as it was voted best Halo 3 map surely? Semi-joke, see 7
    7) BS Angel has not ‘forgotten’ to include THAT map. Perhaps, as a different human being to you, she has her own opinions?
    8) What’s wrong with the default layout of Foundry? Great team slayer games to be had.
    9) Does anyone like Orbital? I mean, it’s four corridors. Which are all seperate. If you can’t see the enemy team in one, they’re in the other. Element of surprise and teamwork completely eliminated from game. Oh, and if you’re downstairs, and they’re upstairs, expect to be nade-raped.
    10) Does nobody else like Assembly? I think it’s gorgeous (but again each to his own)
    11) And what about Rat’s Nest? Surely the best vehicle orientated map?

    • bs angel says:

      7. Thank you! That is what I love about opinions. They are all right to their respective owners.

      And I think Assembly is beyond gorgeous. I still remember looking up on that map for the first time.

  71. iBoxxy says:

    Ehh… it’s an okay list. I’m gonna list what I know.

    5. Narrows (spawn killing is frustrating but only if you’re victim to it… :) )
    4. The Pit (snipers and rockets and hallways, oh my!)
    3. Valhalla (Yep. I’m not a fan of Blood Gulch. I said it. Blood Gulch/Coag is far too big for my liking. Valhalla = snipers, splazers, shotguns, and BRs FTW)
    2. Midship (eff eff eh. That is all.)
    1. Guardian (What’s not to love?)

  72. Arteen says:

    I’ll be crazy and throw in the HPC map Ice Fields as one of my favorite maps. It’s a beautiful map with a great layout and intricate bases, and I wish that I had the opportunity to play it on one of the console versions of Halo. Danger Canyon and Timberland were good, too.

  73. redday21 says:

    Guardian, The Pit, Construct, Standoff, Blood Gulch, Ivory Tower, Terminal, Warlock, Valhalla, Ascension, and that city map on Halo 2 i forgot the name.

    • bs angel says:

      Turf? :)

  74. d3ad1te says:

    Why can’t they just put every map from previous games in, The only forged remakes that look great and play great are the Warlock remakes.

    • Ah….
      You see….
      The Halo games were respectively coded differently.
      A whil back, there was a weekly what’s update back on that had a story…

      The story went that the person writing the updte would always joke with the programmers, “Well why don’t you just get the [whatever] and just copy and paste it from Halo 2 to Halo 3?” You’re-an-idiot-look from programmer

      And remaking all the maps gives you a TON of work, and if you haven’t noticed the Breaking In’s, They’re hiring, which means, new project starting.
      I think I would like to see this next project rather than new map remakes

  75. REM says:

    Beaver Creek!

  76. SPARTACVS says:

    My top ten ended up being quite different than I expected, only because I sat down and went through every Halo map to create my favorites from best to worst and then took down the top ten. Here they are:

    1. Hang ‘Em High
    2. Lockout
    3. Blood Gulch
    4. Midship
    5. The Pit
    6. Guardian
    7. Coagulation
    8. Boarding Action
    9. Sidewinder
    10. Ivory Tower

    And to save space, numbered 11. to 55., here are the rest:

    Construct, Sanctuary, Zanzibar, Chill Out, Prisoner, Damnation, Narrows, Valhalla, Tombstone, Ascension, Beaver Creek, Cold Storage, Headlong, Last Resort, Standoff, Warlock, Turf, High Ground, Terminal, Avalanche, Sandtrap, Wizard, Orbital, Battle Creek, Containment, Foundation, Assembly, Longest, Blackout, Relic, Colossus, Gemini, Elongation, Ghost Town, Derelict, Desolation, Snowbound, Burial Mounds, Rat’s Nest, Isolation, Waterworks, Rat Race, Backwash, Epitaph, Chiron TL-34.

  77. bunny says:

    blood gulch 4ever! nuff said

  78. stutzand says:

    ummm thats an awesome list, but there definetly needs to be guardian somewhere on there its like the best halo 3 map

    • bs angel says:

      I opted to only use one map on this list if it was remade for a future title. In that particular case, I found the original to be better than the inspired version. :)

  79. xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

    In no particular order:

    d2) I like Valhalla, it’s got a banshee, lasers, warthogs… It’s a well-rounded map.
    f8) BOARDING ACTION! Oh man, if anyone has ever played on that one camo snipers server… its amazing, games last 2 hours, everyone has a sniper and super camo.
    z1) DEATH ISLAND! What Rocket Race would be like on THAT!
    q5) I’d have to say rat’s nest is fun
    9v) Gaurdian, good stuff
    r3) Anything in the legendary or mythic map pack, they all play amazing. I just really don’t like blackout… that’s about it.

    There are more but that’s off the top of my head

  80. urban justice says:

    My top 10 favorite maps are:
    1) Relic
    2) Terminal
    3) Turf
    4) Midship
    5) Assembly
    6) Blackout ( I like the lighting)
    7) Blood Gulch
    8) Death Island (PC only)
    9) Timberland (PC only)
    10) High Ground

    • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

      Oh timberland! I forgot about that….
      Spawn campin with a tank/sniper though….

  81. D taktics says:

    I agree with all of these accept for Zanzibar. That map was and is garbage.

  82. lordstick says:

    woops forgot 10 worst maps..

    10. Headlong ( I didn’t like being shot from anywhere and everywhere whenever I played this map on snipers.. and I’m not much of a camper so I couldn’t just sit in one of the buildings. So this map just really didn’t make it for me. Sorry Headlong fans.)
    9. Last Resort ( For some reason I don’t like this map whatsoever… I loved Zanzibar, and I know it’s the same map… except the sniper spawns are a little switched. It just doesn’t do it for me anymore.)
    8. Cold Storage ( Too many power weapons and power-ups for such a small map :(.)
    7.Waterworks ( Again I’m not a camper so this map was horrible for me.)
    6. Rat’s Nest ( This map isn’t really a good map… It’s a map for people who like to Warthog it up and camp in hallways…Idk I really don’t like this map in Halo 3 Matchmaking.)
    5. Burial Mounds ( I think this map had potential.. it’s just that it was never played. Whenever I got into Matchmaking I never played it.. and when I just played with some friends we always steered clear of it.. mainly because we hated having to use a vehicle to get a weapon.)
    4. Backwash ( Same reason as Waterworks.)
    3. Snowbound/ Boundless ( One of the worst maps in Halo 3.. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a map veto’d more in SWAT and in normal Slayer. In Sniper’s it’s playable but other games such as objectives it’s one of the worst one’s out there. It’s lower level is set just so there can be campers all throughout the match. Also the exploding barrels are just rediculous. If someone gets a lucky miss on you and they hit the barrels, it’s an automatic death.)
    2. Standoff ( If ever there was a map made for Warthog noobs, well this would take the #1 spot. At the beginning of the game if your team doesn’t take out the opposing team’s Warthog then you pretty much have to worry about getting chain gunned or splattered constantly the rest of the game. I know there are Rockets and a Spartan Laser on this map, but the respawn times on these guns are GAWD-AWFUL! If you don’t control these weapons while the Warthog noobs are running around you are effed, unless you’re skilled enough with your stickies… It just gets rediculous.)
    1. Epitaph ( All I have to say about this map is….VETO VETO VETO VETO VETO VETO VETO VETO VETO..I don’t think anyone plays this map, it’s too little for how many power weapons/ power-ups are on it. Whenever this map is played it’s usually Lone Wolves: Swords. Which IMO is a horrible game type on an even more horrible map (<=== Prolly not proper English, but whatever.), but besides the fact that it’s the worst map ever created… NO ONE PLAYS ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. So there is no getting use to this map.)

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  84. Black Phoenix says:

    I cant believe that Death Island has had no attention, a map with that much scope and action needs to be present or am I he only one who feels like it was literally epic.

  85. Tom-Tom says:

    I believe Boarding Action deserves at least an honorable mention.

  86. Scootiee says:

    my top 10:

    10: Prisoner (sweet BRing)
    9: Relic (FTW)
    8: Hang ‘Em High (not tombstone)
    7: Headlong (sweet giant jump)
    6: Ivory Tower (good asymmetrical gameplay not too much of a strong sniper tower, breachable)
    5: Zanzibar (nice wheel, fast way to rockets)
    4: Guardian (small, but good sniping)
    3: Sidewinder (not avalanche it is Shit!!!)
    2: Construct (control the lobby and you win)
    1.5: The Pit (two snipers, a bunch of BRs and camo?, sweet!)

    piece of shit maps (no particular order)

    avalanche, snowbound, isolation, standoff, sandtrap, valhalla, chill out,

  87. Randome says:

    10. Relic-Always loved snipers on it.
    9. Valhalla
    8. Sandbox- i <3 Forge
    7. Midship
    6. Sanctuary
    5. Isolation-Say what u want about it but its amazing with Multi-Flag BRs
    4. Guardian
    3. The Pit
    2. Warlock
    1. Lockout


  88. dragonkillernz says:

    Blood Gulch, I agree, has to be number 1

  89. Fromonkey says:

    Jeez… This post takes me back to the fun times of Halo 2. I haven’t really thought about it before but comparitively speaking, Halo 2 had far more superior maps than Halo 3…. Or maybe it’s just the way the game played out. I dunno.

    Not so sure about Terminal in the Top 10 BEST Halo maps, though.

  90. Alpha Zombicus says:

    1. Blood Gulch/Coag
    2. Headlong
    3. Containment
    4. Avalance
    5. Relic
    6. Guardian
    7. The Pit
    9. Chrion TL-34
    10. Santuary

  91. Psychosangheili says:

    10: Ivory tower
    9: Death island
    8: Wizard
    7: Headlong
    6: Valhalla
    5: Boarding action
    4: Beaver creek
    3: Lockout
    2: Longest


  92. Martian says:

    For any of you looking for a solid Prisoner remake, this one , by Andz, over from the ‘remakes thread’ at Forgehub, is awesome.

    Like I thought I had booted up the wrong game awesome.

  93. Martian says:

    Dunno why the link broke…This is the Forgehub thread. There are some other good remakes over there as well.

    While I’m at it, I’ll through my two cents into the ring as well.
    6. Valhalla: I did my list backwards, and was going to stop at five, until I remembered Valhalla. Methinks it is the best map in Halo 3, and indeed the best large map in the entire series, because it takes most of the problems of a ‘Blood Gulch’, say (i.e. walking for ever, only to get sniped in the middle of the field, or getting destroyed by a warthog because this is Halo 2 and the $^%#^*% rockets aren’t respawning) and fixes them, while not suppressing that sniper or those vehicles. And because it has the Banshee. Perfection!

    5. Midship: One of the most versatile maps in the history of Halo, essentially every gametype played pretty well on this map – it was, and still is, the only map where (shotguns/no shields/stickies) played just as well as (CTF/No Radar/Flag Touch return/) and (FFA/ 15 Minutes/ No limit), etc.

    3. Prisoner/Damnation: Unfortunately, the art of amazing asymmetry has been lost to time. These maps had that art, and still shine to this day.

    2. Chill Out: Although Cold Storage is its physical successor, the spirit of the map was lost in translation. When you have your M6D? The map is awesome.
    (And a little spammy, and rockety, and so on…but still so much fun, because the map forced you to move to stay alive, which is unfortunately rarely the case nowadays).

    1. Lockout: Cumulative time on this map > Rest of time in Halo 2. Blackout is its unfortunate, illegitimate step-child. I liked it because of the fun of any asymmetrical game on it – extra damage oddball, carbine spawns, 4 on 3 on 2 on 5, comes to mind.

    Special mention goes out to Foundry and Sandbox, which have, in my humble estimation, provided the most worth in Halo 3. Some of that ‘special feeling’ comes back on truly solid forged maps. Really, actually, it feels kind of like some of the magic from the past Halos never made it through the development process and into this game. I don’t know what that magic was, but the best The Pit/Guardian/Construct/etc. have to offer just don’t match up with even Ivory Tower/Terminal/Ascension or Battle Creek/Wizard/Rat Race, and so on.

  94. Spaghettioes says:

    My fave top ten would have to be:

    10. Boarding Action
    9. Valhalla
    8. Zanzibar
    7. Beaver Creek
    6. Sidewinder (Tank campin’ like no other!)
    5. Death Island (Very fun for CTF and races)
    4. Blood Gulch (nubz in bansheez)
    3. Chill Out
    2. GEPHYROPHOBIA (haven’t seen this one here!)
    1. Ivory Tower

    These maps are are my favorites, even though I have to switch consoles to play…lol.

  95. Willy G says:

    10. Valhalla
    9. Turf
    8. Rat’s Nest (I love Warthogin’ it)
    7. Standoff (I hate Snipers)
    6. Chasms (I know its halo wars, but I love it)
    5. High Ground (Love the bunker)
    4. Construct (Fighting in the purple lifts)
    3. Gaurdian
    2. The Pit
    1. Coagulation

  96. Willy G says:

    Some maps that I hate,

    Epitaph, the reason I don’t play multi team or rumble pit more often

    Snowbound, there is nothing about this map that I like anymore. They took away the shields and shotgun with boundless and now it is dead to me.

    Isolation, First Halo 3 map I played, never liked it. Looks ugly, plays terribly, least favorite halo map

    Narrows, I used to like this map, but it gets played too often, seems like 50% of the games I play are narrows

    Last Resort, again played way too much, 2 words: Sniping Bitches!

  97. Vash says:

    Personally my top ten would be…

    10. Infinity
    9. Danger Canyon
    8. Battle Creek
    7. High Ground
    6. Hang Em High
    5. Sidewinder
    4. Blood Gulch
    3. Gephyrophobia
    2. Ice Fields
    1. Death Island

  98. Sang says:

    I think I’m one of the few who wholeheartedly thinks Coagulation was an upgrade in every way, shape or form, of Blood Gulch.

    • bs angel says:

      I enjoyed Coagulation immensely as well (probably had the most memorable H2 games on it) but this is a case where I decided to go with the original as it spawned the most remakes. Decided to give it the tribute I felt it deserved. :)

    • scott says:

      i think your the only person that thinks that…

  99. Admiral Madden says:

    10. Ascension (had it’s time before people could bounce; TOP-FTW!)
    9. Sanctuary
    8. Beaver Creek (When in doubt, DUAL NEEDLERS!)
    7. Turf (Urban Combat = Confetti)
    6. Headlong (Urban Combat + Super Size = Confetti Smiles)
    5. Relic (the Forerunners are compensating, we all know it.)
    4. Boarding Action
    3. Containment (explody testicles = unadulterated WIN)
    2. Bloodgulch
    1. SIDEWINDER! (no Avalanche, it can go suck an exploding testie.)

  100. Manpole says:

    1. Coagulation
    2. Sidewinder
    3. Hang ‘Em High
    4. lockout
    5. Ascension
    6. Elongation
    7. Santuary
    8. The Pit
    9. Ivory Tower
    10. Turf

    1. Boarding Action
    2. Chrion TL-34
    3. Avalanche

  101. iNumbbb says:

    This blog fails due to copious lack of Damnation.

  102. Shirdel7221 says:

    10. High Ground
    9. Release (Halo Wars)
    8. Tundra (Halo Wars)
    7. Orbital
    6. The Pit
    5. Construct
    4. Octoplex (NO JOKE K)
    3. The Storm (Yeah, it’s Campaign, I don’t give a crap.)
    2. Sandtrap Heavy (YEAH, I <3 SPLAZERS)
    1. Guardian

    3. SAND TARP
    1. [r]ISOLATION GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!@????aNGRY FAIC[/r]

    • Manpole says:

      I can see you have not played the classic Combat Evolved…or even Halo2!
      – If you want the best maps pop in those 2 games.
      (especially best for campaign: Combat Evolved)

  103. Aus_Askar says:

    Relic would have to be my favourite, I really liked the ambience.

    • bs angel says:

      Relic was amazing, I agree. Nothing like successfully barreling up the back of the base in a warthog to grab the flag!

  104. jhon says:

    i think you should put sandbox and orbital as
    like this
    3:blood gulch

  105. warnoor says:

    Isolation is “The Worst Map Ever”!!!

    The gameplay is sooo bad…

    The only thing i like about isolation is the skybox.

  106. D3NN15 says:

    Prisoner Rockets!! Whowooo! :-P

  107. Rated by gameplay rather than forging capability

    8-The Pit
    7-High Ground
    6-Last Resort/Zanzibar
    4-Blood Gulch/Coagulation
    2-Ghost Town

    I rather like Ghost Town. It’s something about how no place has only one way in or out.

  108. Pete VenkmanPHD says:

    I read through all these comments and didn’t see this map mentioned once. Longest brings a smile to my face when ever I think about it. It was so small that 3 could play an FFA and still have constant action. I haven’t had such fun on any map since.

    • Manpole says:

      Longest is amazing, but I prefer the redone version Elongation – its in my top 10. Blood Gulch is also amazing, but I prefer Coagulation (needed to add that).

  109. Yin117 says:

    1) Blood Gulch / Coagulation
    2) Headlong
    3) Containment
    4) Terminal
    5) Relic
    6) Backwash
    7) Turf
    – Cant Really devide the others.

  110. BuffaloBill says:

    Lockout is the best halo map of all time, i like how blackout expanded the bottom area so it wasn’t so much of a deathtrap, however lockout has a certain feel to it that just makes halo sooo much more amazing. Isolation is by far the shittiest halo map ever, and snowbound is also terrrrrible.

    • Manpole says:

      Lockout is much better than blackout, because of the all the jumps to map movement quicker in areas, and it was more spread out – Blackout is bunched in-together.

      Oh, and if you think Isolation is the worst map ever, then you’ve never tried Boarding Action or Chiron TL-34 in a actual match.

  111. chomps says:

    damnation? anyone?

  112. crymzen says:

    i didnt play halo 1 or 2 online multiplayer so i dont realy know any of the maps listed above so im gonna give my top 10 wich are all halo 3 maps

    10-high ground(not a big fan im constantly seeing people camping in bunker with shotgun and mualers but i always have fun with 1 flag on this map)
    9-Ghost town(its a good looking map but not the best only time i will play this map is if its 1 flag or swat)
    8-foundry(yeah the defualt layout sucks and its pretty bad but foundry gave us 2 of the most fun and fast paced maps ever to grace my screen amplified and onslaught)
    7-valhalla(realy fun map i cant compare it to blood gulch but this map is just so fun when it isnt heavy)
    6-narrows(very fun map and very satisfying only problem i have is when getting spawn sniped)
    5-blackout(not as bad as everyone makes it out to be its pretty fun for swat and team slayer even played some MLG customs on the MLG varient n it was pretty cool)
    4-cold storage(hated it at first but finding some tactical jumps and good nade points have restored my faith in it)
    3-Construct(OMFG!! i love this map its just amazing i love it..has some flaws but damn its still amazing)
    2-Gaurdian(this map is so simple yet so damn affective)
    1-The Pit(yeah i prefer pit stop.the pit is an amazing map with so much to it nomatter whats going on theres always away for you to turn the game around)

  113. GOG TOXIC says:

    10:Relic- huge map with vehicles and the big tower.
    9: Orbital- good for any gametype.
    8: hang ’em high. There’s a remake on sandbox. Despite some spawning issues it’s amazing.
    7:Headlong- only problem is people all heading up to that stupid building out of the map with snipers and rocket launchers. Bungies remaking it without the stupid building hopefully
    6:Boarding action. Learn to snipe. NOW.
    5:Standoff. One of the best maps out there for weapon and vehicle placement
    4:Tie: Last resort. ditch vehicle in wheel. drop out. get attacked. and then vehicle falling on attacker is awesome. and Ivory tower- Swat and neutral flag and bomb.
    3:Tie: Side Winder- Classic CTF and Death Island for Halo CE on the PC.
    2: Sand Box. Recreate all of these if you want. Somebody even blocked off the turrets in the map sandbox ultimate. It’s on
    1: Blood Gulch/Coagulation. It birthed Red Vs Blue. It made it to Halo Wars. It was good for every game type. Yet, there’s no Remake!!!!!! WTF!!!!

    Honorable mentions: Which was the one where there were the tracks with crates on them. If it was in Halo 3 you could forge it so you were only on those tracks. Assembly. Scarab in the sky. Cool. Now why aren’t I in it. Black Out. Awesome setting and great layout but doesn’t quite make my list.

    Top 5 worst:
    5:Snow bound. Even though that was my first over kill. Not with Shot gun. The Shot gun camping still makes this an unbalanced map.
    4:Foundry default Map. I would delete the default to make room for forged ones.
    3:Avalanche: Too big for it’s own good. Is it seriously supposed to be side winder. It’s twice the side and there are f**king huge man cannons.
    2:Construct. People camping at the grav lifts with shot guns or swords really suks. I mean bungie even put areas people could back into to be safe from the grenades you throw up.
    1: Oh My God. No vission. Crap layout. I want to kill it with fire.

    • bs angel says:

      The map with tracks and crates, are you thinking of Elongation by chance? :)

  114. Ryan says:

    Holy crap finally Blood Gulch gets some of the respect it deserves! If I mention it over XBL people usually don’t even know what I’m talking about and it’s such a great place and has to be your favorite if you know Red vs. Blue, and if you don’t, it’s the best series of videos ever in the whole world. It pissed me off they didn’t have it in Halo 3, Vahalla just doesn’t do it for me (that’s what she said?). FTW!!!!!!!!!!

  115. SSO Mosh Pit says:

    what! NO TIMBERLAND????

  116. Dylan says:

    this would have been a perfect list if you had have swapped Midship for Headlong and Beaver Creek for Boarding Action. And in honorable mentions instead of Ghost Town and Standoff you should’ve had Ascension and Damnation

  117. KingSausage says:

    Headlong = greatest. map. evar.

  118. SergioMach5 says:

    I love many halo 1 maps, and some are begging to be remade into halo 3 (snipers on boarding action, prisoner ,or damnation if fall damage still existed) blood gulch is a legendary map in its own right, simple layout, 2 bases, 2 cliff edges, open areas, and let the destruction begin!

  119. porkstein says:

    I pretty much have the exact same list, but I would replace Terminal with Headlong and switch Lockout with Midship.

  120. Oblivionforyou says:

    My all times fav map is actually guardian since I have learned how to no scope so well I nvr miss anymore. Next has got to be coag or blood gulch then timberland. I had the PC version of halo:ce so I could play online!

  121. Matty says:


    nah but first place goes to blood gulch/coagulation/ valhalla
    its such a great map it affects ppls (angels) spelling: aweome

    • bs angel says:

      LMAO, … good catch! And fixed. :)

  122. porkstein says:

    Ah, forgot about Damnation. That would be up at number three or something. I’m currently forging one on Sandbox that should be fuck load better than the current remakes out there, pardon my arrogance. It’ll take a while, cause I have a load of exams coming up, but if you check my profile in a month or two you should see it in my file share.

    Oh, and this annoyed me:

    “Wow, I love people that will just spout any old crap at you in the name of conformity.
    1) Snowbound = bad
    2) Isolation = very bad”

    Would you tell me that I was spouting crap for the sake of conformity if I stated that I thought the Vietnam War wasn’t such a great idea? No, sometimes, people agree with others simply because they share the same opinion, and most people agree that Snowbound and Isolation are bad maps.

    “3) Blackout is a great map, and from what I’ve seen and my friends have told me, reasonably faithful to the original.”

    I enjoy playing Blackout, and am generally pleased when it is chosen in Matchmaking. So are most people. But if you never played Lockout (or at least not much), you just can’t comment. I dunno what it was about that map, but whatever it was, it isn’t in Blackout.

    • lordpratt says:

      “No, sometimes, people agree with others simply because they share the same opinion,”

      if somebody shares the same opinion, don’t they automatically agree?!


  123. scott says:

    1) Dammy
    2) Priz
    3) Hang ’em
    4) Chillout
    5) Dere
    6) BG
    Personal favorites… never really liked h2 or h3, WAY different games than h1.. still lan h1 once a month with my buddies.. and if these were the only maps ever made i wouldnt notice because these are the only ones we every play..

  124. Halodude117 says:

    Personally my all time favorite has to be Lockout from H2 it was my favorite and I was really good when playing on it. But that’s just me.

  125. Halodude117 says:

    Also Coag definitely. Those long 2 hour ctf matches sure were fun.

    • Manpole says:

      Oh, Ive definitely had a few of those – also on Blood Gulch.
      …Valahalla isn’t the same…

  126. Desert Rat says:

    Here are mine

    10( Ivory Tower
    9( High Ground
    8( Guardian(seriously, how was this not in anybody’s list?)
    7( Assembly
    6( Prisoner
    5( Chill Out/Cold Storage
    4( Relic
    3( Valhalla
    2( Blood Gulch
    1( Sanctuary

    The worst
    7( Epitaph
    6( Backwash
    5( Rat Race
    4( Isolation
    3( Lockout
    2( Foundry
    1( Derelict

  127. teh bear says:

    Any of the MLG maps. Last resort is too big for a really good 4v4, High Ground is just plain noob on noob action (camp w/mauler since they’re everywhere, until you meet the guy who picked up shotty or rockets) and unless you’re talking Amp or Onslaught for flag, Foundry is plain frustrating.

    Sniper on Standoff would be shitty. It’s bad enough that laser = map control since you can then basically control huge areas around the enemy base with the warthog. Actually scrap that, any vehicle-centric map sucks balls.

  128. cagerrin says:

    10. Prisoner
    9. Prisoner
    8. Prisoner
    7. Prisoner
    6. Prisoner
    5. Prisoner
    4. Prisoner
    3. Prisoner
    2. Prisoner
    1. Prisoner

    Not kidding.

  129. Omer Baker says:

    my top ten custom cames maps are



  130. Omer Baker says:


    5.THE PIT

  131. CyberDonkey says:

    Wth? No Valhalla? Good things always happen to me when I play Valhalla.

  132. Grimhollow says:

    my favorite maps

    9-the pit
    8-chillout/cold storage
    5-rat race
    4-ivory tower/reflection
    3-hangem high/tombstone
    1-Gephyrophobia …Scared of heights??? =P

    • scott says:

      bad enough to put chillout, hang em and BG together on your list the with their shameful remakes… but somehow you put sidewinder/avalance as if they are the same map.. whats next boarding action/chiron tl34??(after all they both have a lot of ports)…. just pick 1 map and go with that..

      Halo 1 FTW!!

  133. dertraumer says:

    No love for Citadel? Not even an honorable mention? :( Standoff got listed, Lockout, Prisoner, Hang Em High, but no Citadel? I am sad.

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