What a Big Head You Have

Castle Crashers, a dream game for those that enjoy nothing but hot button mashing action, has a plethora of adorable little pets to choose from that faithfully shadow your every move. Performing various helpful tasks while you are busy finishing the fight, the last thing you would want to do with these adorable little ball-shaped animals is eat them. Except if you were confronted with their edible versions that is. AnnaTheRed, who has crafted numerous amazing video game-themed bentos, has made an entire Japanese meal out of just those little animal orbs. One of these days I will learn the art of bento and craft an entire codpiece made solely of meat, wrapped in seaweed, and gently laid upon a bed of black sesame seed-speckled rice. Until then, I will have to continue ogling Anna’s gorgeous creations.

castle crashers animal orbs L’Eggo My Bento

L’Eggo My Bento

11 Responses to What a Big Head You Have

  1. LAZR Blade 14 says:


  2. Peter says:

    I second that

  3. Rhamsey says:

    giraffe for the win!

  4. CodeMonkey76 says:

    Now THAT’s “playing with your food”!

  5. Ragingterror says:

    DO WANT. That looks freaking delicious.

  6. Yeah that does look mighty tastey… *runs off to find some food*

  7. MathChief says:

    I less than 3 Anna very much

    • bs angel says:

      Me too! All of her bentos are extremely well made and just ridiculously adorable as well.

  8. Dragnew says:

    Must… not… go… awwww.
    Dammit, too late. Those things are adorable.
    Hmph, I should probably go reaffirm my masculinity somehow. Maybe a violent film. Or a bit of the old ultraviolence in Halo.

  9. REM says:

    love castle crashers x)

  10. NartFOpc says:

    No Sherbert? :[

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