Zero Punctuation: Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X.

Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.

11 Responses to Zero Punctuation: Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X.

  1. Qwepir says:

    3:42 on made me laugh my ass off.

  2. triptup says:

    sounds like he enjoyed it over all! such a positive twist, on earth day!

  3. FishType1 says:

    Wearing silly hats.

  4. Qix says:

    The PC demo seemed pretty good. I even used my 360 controller since i don’t have a joystick.

  5. mysterioso2006 says:

    I think that was the first good review he ever gave.

    And trust me, I’ve seen them all.

    • Salen says:

      You forgot his review of Psychonauts and Bioshock (although he had to get rid of all the niceties out of the way in the beginning for the latter).

      • dragnew says:

        And Portal. He couldn’t find anything bad about Portal.

  6. LAZR Blade 14 says:

    “…Like threading a needle with a very angry spider.”

  7. DethPwn says:

    This may or may not be random, but am I the only one here who watches Noobtoob? If so, I implore you to head over to their site, because their reviews are hilarious. However, they’re always around an hour, but they cover multiple games. Check them out. NOW!!!

  8. G$ says:

    an hour sounds pretty dang long. This was another funny review =)

  9. Kato says:

    I need to use the phrase “”Sweaty Hairless Meerkat” more often.

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