Fairfax Sighting!


Mags89 SBG still remembers Fairfax, baby Marissa’s adorably plush bunny that valiantly travels the world in an effort to spread awareness of Infantile Spasms (a condition that has plagued sweet Marissa for much of her still young life). Perhaps you do too as Marissa’s tale touched us all. After spending some time at my house (which included a brief visit to the Halo universe), Fairfax then found herself the esteemed guest at Bungie’s headquarters. Her adventure continues as she was recently spotted at Tim Buckley’s under construction abode over at Ctrl+Alt+Del. Go catch up on Fairfax’s most recent adventures, and be sure to check on little Marissa too. Good thoughts and virtual hugs incoming, …

7 Responses to Fairfax Sighting!

  1. AdamSusskind says:

    Ooooh. That’s rough. I might find a way to donate to this.

  2. SoLIDHiTTmAn says:

    Awwwwwww…. I remember Marissa!!! I hope she gets better, she’s inspiring!!! Like Oprah!!!

  3. HellCat says:

    Best wishes (nothing much i can do sadly but support with words (no money and nothing to contribute(hey a bracket in a bracket cool!))). I really hope there is some sort of great cure. Virtual hugs all around join in!.

    This is so sad.

    Hang in there bunny!

    Btw i’m back from holiday (but i’m sure you don’t care(no one does(hey i did it again!)))

  4. LAZR Blade 14 says:

    It’s saddening that an innocent child, who did nothing to deserve this, is plagued with such a terrible ailment.

  5. HellCat says:

    life is cruel. it just isn’t fair

  6. Thanks for the well-wishes, guys! Long story short, Marissa is still seizing, we’re importing a medicine from Canada that the rest of the world uses but isn’t FDA approved.

    She’s very delayed- almost 18 months, can’t crawl, can’t walk, can’t grab things, can’t hold her own bottle. We love her just the same!

    • bs angel says:

      Thanks for the update! Continued wishes to you and yours. :)

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