Bloody Kirby Cake

*The following pictures are not for the light-hearted. If you have an aversion towards confectionery blood or you simply can’t stomach the thought of a Kirby cake in pain, please forgo viewing of the following graphic images. You have been warned.

kirby cake

kirby cake


kirby cake


kirby cake

Source [Sprite Stitch]
mmm cake

23 Responses to Bloody Kirby Cake

  1. Lincoln says:

    What exactly is the ‘Blood’? o.O

    • Mizzy says:

      Looks like strawberry/cherry filling of some sort.

      • Bryan Ojeda says:

        looks like liquidy jello

  2. Kato says:

    It’s murder! Delicious murder.

  3. Visitor at home says:

    Hmm…the tears keep coming back to haunt me. Quick, get the knife.
    Stab those tear ducts!

  4. snorkle256 says:

    Tried to cut Kirby cake. Girlfriend tried to cut cake. Kirby cake proceeded to inhale and swallowed girlfriend and knife. After doing so Kirby cake chased me around with the knife which twirled in the air as he was throwing it at me. Was rescued by family dog who ate the cake. Lost both my girlfriend and my legs. Would not buy again. F- purchase.

    • pittofdoom says:

      4/5 people found this review helpful.


      • TrAvIs 6t6 says:

        73% of statistics are made up on the spot

    • ReverendTiki says:

      thats a better experience than i had with the yoshi cake i bought.

  5. setters says:


    i want one of those….a bleeding cake, guaranteed to give the kids nightmares!!

  6. Rhamsey says:

    omg, thats terrible, why would you hurt kirby like that.

    • Araknoros says:

      at first clance kirby may be an inocent cake but after watching this series i beg to differ. (Do not watch if BS Angel has yet to fully destroy your childhood. I repeat if you still have fond memories of you childhood or super smash brothers characters do not watch) this series change my opinion on a lot of characters i once held dear… but its also f’in awesome. and i would so eat a delicious kirby cake

  7. G4M3SL4Y3R says:

    coz it r tasty?

    nice kirby btw :D

  8. G$ says:

    LOL. totally awesome.. the blood looks DELICIOUS!
    muahahaha! =x

  9. mysterioso2006 says:

    Well now we can see what happens to all the stuff curbie doesn’t eat if he doesnt poop it out.

    • mysterioso2006 says:

      Wow I meant Kirby and the stuff he does eat. I fail.

  10. dragnew says:

    Wow, 15 comments and no one has called the Cake a lie yet? I’m impressed.
    Now, it makes me feel cruel, but gorram, that looks like a delicious (and moist) cake. I would eat it. Although the tears might make me pause for a few minutes. But then I’d eat it. Guilt is for the weak.

    • bs angel says:

      I think everybody was too distracted by the blood and gore to think of that line!

      • dragnew says:

        And I wasn’t distracted by it. Hmm, I wonder if I should be worried by that…

  11. REM says:

    I’d LOVE to eat that haha

  12. HALO3syourdaddy says:

    Haha, awesome ^_^

  13. Whaappened says:

    Revenge for being cooked by your special in SSBB! SNAKE HAS HIS REVENGE HAHAHAHA

  14. Arcane knight94 says:

    oh nos not kirby

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