Zero Punctuation: MadWorld


12 Responses to Zero Punctuation: MadWorld

  1. PikminGod says:

    I hate when he reviews Wii games. He just focuses on how much he hates the Wii as a whole, intead of the issues with the game.

    • Rhamsey says:

      yeah, i enjoyed madworld. see, if you only own a wii, then you should pick it up, if you own a wii plus 360 or/and ps3, then more of a rent, but still worth a go.

    • well, it think it would be kinda hard to review a game that’s on a console you hate. it’s like trying to review a ford focus but you hate fords. you already have it in your mind that you hate the focus just because you hate fords. i get where he’s coming from and i’m sure it’s difficult to form an objective opinion, but it’s yahtzee, so i’m sure that he’s just fine with that. and i personally still find his reviews more amusing (hilariously) than factual anyway…

      • Excardon says:

        I have to say, going off topic, Ford Focuses are just terrible cars. I had one as a rental and I actually took it back because it sucked so bad.

  2. Kato says:

    All around me are familiar faces…

    • worn out places…

      • Kato says:

        worn out faces.

        • soulofaqua says:

          Bright and early for their daily races

  3. AdamSusskind says:

    I think I may have been raped in watching this. I’d seen one he had done a long time ago and liked it, but I forgot that this was his show.

  4. ONWARD JILEZ says:

    personally i love watching Zero Punctuation
    hes funny

  5. G$ says:

    What the hell.. that was my first time watching a review by zero punctuation and it was hilarious! I’m wondering why I’ve never came across this before.

  6. g4m3sl4y3r says:

    never seen em before, but i lol’d =)

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