Sexy Sangheili Cosplay

arbiter cosplay

When someone mentions The Arbiter, a familiar picture of a quadruple-hinged jawed, leathery-skinned, muscular Sangheili with a thick torso and digitigrade legs probably comes to mind. Sailor-Destiny, who also cosplays as Cortana, decided to switch things up just a bit this year for Supanova Brisbane (an Australian pop culture fan convention). Her version of a Thel ‘Vadam costume took her approximately five months to complete and features armor crafted from fiberglass with an almost flesh-colored suit underneath. After carefully studying the full length picture waiting for you after the jump, I couldn’t help but come to the conclusion that the straps holding up the leg armor closely resemble garters. Damn if that Arbiter doesn’t look downright sexy, disgusting four mandible-like lips and all.

arbiter cosplay

*Images posted with permission.
You're dressed up as what?

18 Responses to Sexy Sangheili Cosplay

  1. soulofaqua says:

    The human fleshy skin is a shame the rest is impressive though!

  2. Mizzy says:

    I really hope that’s not a camel-toe I spy.

    • bs angel says:

      LOL, … I actually used the magnification function of my mouse after reading your comment. Best use of that feature ever!

  3. Mr Meyagi says:

    is it just me or do i spy with my whispering eye…she is undergarmentless? maybe thats how it is down unda….ha ha ha ha ha <-thats comedy gold!

  4. setters says:

    5 months…..

    crikey – I’d stick to Cortana

  5. DethPwn says:

    Meh… seems a bit sloppy for 5 months. Still cool though!

  6. Ken Raves says:

    I almost tried to be a Senghelli for Halloween but Decided not too. Didn’t want to lose leg function.

  7. COL0NEL SANDERS says:


  8. LAZR Blade 14 says:

    I like the plasma rifle in her Cortana picture.

    • LAZR Blade 14 says:

      EDIT: DERP DERP she’s holding a plasma rifle in this one.

  9. Tortacular says:

    Just think about what he could do for you with that mouth angel.

    Just saying.

  10. Socket says:

    It seems to me the ODST didn’t use enough smoother…You can still see the pepakura fold lines.

    He’s also carrying a NERF maverick…srsly?

  11. SoLIDHiTTmAn says:

    Black Spartan: Please Stop…
    Arby: What the hell are you two doing!?!?!

  12. redeye says:

    O.M.G. Here is the proof that the Arbiter is really a girl.

  13. Its pritty good, seems a bit rushed but hey, they made a freaking arbie costume!

    Oh yea, BS, have you seen Sean Bradley’s version he had a D*con? working jaws and everything! O_o I can’t for the life of me find the goram links though! :(

  14. Sean Bradley says:

    @ Flying Squirrel: The link is found in my signature at the 405th, but there also a good feature story in the March issue of The Source.

    It’s nice to have more company these days. I know of 2 more arbiter builds that are going on in addition me redesigning my costume for D*C ’09.

    Someone needs to do some of the other elite characters too! We can’t all be Arbiters!

    This one would look much better with a proper foam bodysuit and undersuit. Still, nice work!

  15. Kensai says:

    Hehe all the 405thers crawl out of their garages to peek *waves to above fellow 405thers* Looks good enough to me, I do agree with Sean though, we need some more elite characters than just Arbie :) Incredible detail on this head from what I can see in the pics :)


  16. Sanguine Jackal says:

    Dear god. I hate to say it, but for 5 months, that looks TERRIBLE. And hardly “sexy”. The armor isn’t even believable, fiberglass or not the shapes are too flat.

    It’s like she spent 4 of those months on the head, and then the last month decided “Meh, fuck it, I’m tired of this so let me finish quick.”

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