A Dark Knight-Themed Xbox 360

the dark knight-themed xbox 360

Console modder Carl is a lot like Batman, well besides the fact that his parents didn’t get brutally murdered in front of his eyes and he doesn’t lead a life of fighting crime in an effort to avenge their untimely death. While he may or may not frequently sport a bat-themed costume (that morsel of information remains unknown), he does practice one trade by day and another by night. A carpenter during the sunlight hours, Carl dabbles in modding Xbox 360s long after the sun has gone down. His most recent endeavor was inspired by The Dark Knight and features everybody’s favorite schizophrenic clown. More pictures of the Batman-themed console are waiting for you after the jump, along with a small gallery of the project he completed before this one (which includes in progress images). Carl also has an unadorned case he is ready to get started on but unfortunately he has yet to be struck with inspiration for a design or general theme. If you have a suggestion on what you think he should do next, leave it in a comment!

the dark knight-themed xbox 360

the dark knight-themed xbox 360

modded xbox 360modded xbox 360modded xbox 360

modded xbox 360modded xbox 360modded xbox 360

*Images posted with permission.
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27 Responses to A Dark Knight-Themed Xbox 360

  1. COL0NEL SANDERS says:

    I love The Dark Knight….
    But the Joker’s head sticking out of the box is kinda creepy.

    I’d go with a plain one, or at least one without the head and just the writing.


    • bs angel says:

      I like the creepiness factor of it. To me, that is what the Joker is all about. :)

      • COL0NEL SANDERS says:

        This is very true.

        Maybe he should make a version with the Joker’s entire body, while holding a knife!


  2. davyboy94 says:

    i think the head ruins it

    • triptup says:

      there’s always a stinker!

  3. Scotty Bob says:

    go with POKEMON!! lol!

    • Rhamsey says:

      id buy a pokemon one, as long as it is well done, and there is no pikachu

      • Scotty Bob says:

        Of course no pikachu!! Go with awesome pokemon like charmander and vulpix!!

        • Sharkuel says:

          a machamp is more manly… xD

          but i prefer a psyduck/woobufet one

  4. Visitor says:

    Awesome sauce, in the words of the Mythic map Pack.

    And, of course, go for a Hawty Mcbloggy Invites you to play one. With Angel and Chief’s Codpiece on the box.

    Wow. I am twisted.

    • bs angel says:

      Wanting that is twisted? I’ll join the club then because that sounds AWESOME!

  5. LordOsiris says:

    What happens when the box dies?

  6. Rhamsey says:

    its so cool looking, but the jokers face is creepy as hell

  7. Coxyy says:

    I love these designs! OMG, you are amazing! :o

    I showed my mates, one of them suggested a remote control xbox lmao (Like with wheels).

    My more sensible idea would be a lego xbox covered in lego bricks and lego men helping each other put the lego bricks in place.

    Dumb idea I know, I lack creativity in gamertags too :)

  8. AmX15 says:


  9. I would get nightmares turning this thing on. How do you do it? Poke him in the forehead and his eyes light up?

  10. LAZR Blade 14 says:

    Would you believe me if I said I’ve never watched The Dark Knight?

    • triptup says:


    • bs angel says:

      No. ;)

      • LAZR Blade 14 says:

        Well, on a slightly related note, I can just imagine the Joker’s head, in an utterly silly tone…

  11. Das Kalk says:

    I wonder what he sculpted them with….

    I want some so I can try *devious laugh*

    • carl says:

      i used some stuff called milliput to make these , its available from most model shops, works like putty then goes rock hard after 3-4 hours. i made each panel one at a time let it harden then do the next one. fitting the perspex in the top was the hardest part , getting an exact fit. if the xbox does die i can just take off the shell and put it on another one as i have not covered the seams of the box , glad you like it.

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    • caelan96 says:

      I completely agree with you

  13. Naepa34 says:

    y so srs?

  14. mysterioso2006 says:


  15. Sten4sw says:

    Transformers!!!! There are no Transformers Xboxs!! Has anyone ever seen one?

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