A Very Scientific Halo Experiment

periodic table of the halo universe

Video game-themed periodic tables are all the rage right now. From popular characters to Xbox games and even to controllers, they’re popping up more often than your mom does on my doorstep. And that’s A LOT. Every time I see a new one, I can’t help but wish there was a Halo version. As my silent prayers have yet to be answered, it’s officially time to create a Periodic Table of the Halo Universe. I’m not sure I can pull this off myself so let’s make it a joint effort. I think we should first place characters and then move onto maps, weapons, locations, and other staples of our favorite fictional world. There is a list of all the elements we need to come up with waiting for you after the jump so get those rusty wheels turning and then start making placement suggestions in the comments. Even if all the slots are filled in, please keep suggesting things. What is listed is not necessarily what will get used. Things such as finding suitable pictures will undoubtedly play a factor in the decision making process. Now get to it! This table isn’t going to make itself you know.

UPDATE: You guys have breezed past placing things in each elements’ applicable slot. You may continue suggesting but let’s also move onto fine-tuning things a bit. I have the ones I am leaning towards bolded next to the corresponding element’s symbol (the ones bolded in red are 99% set in stone ). Please start leaving feedback on the ones you like and the ones you don’t. If there is another option you would choose, please state why. When you are suggesting and/or leaving feedback, please keep in mind there must be images available of each item to be placed in the actual periodic table we are constructing. Obscure references are appreciated, but pictures must be available for them as well.

Ac – Active Camouflage

Ag – UNSC Aegis Fate

Al – Avalanche

Am – In Amber Clad

Ar – Thel ‘Vadam – The Arbiter

As – Assault

At – Automated Turret

Au – Pillar of Autumn

B – Bungie

Ba – Banshee

Be – Jiralhanae – Brutes

Bh – Banhammer

Bi – Brigadier

Bk – Blackout

Br – Battle Rifle

C – Cortana

Ca – Carbine

Cd – Codpiece

Ce – Combat Evolved

Cf – Capture the Flag

Cl – Chill Out

Cm – Camping

Co – Coagulation

Cr – Battle Creek

Cs –  Cairo Station

Cu – James Gregory Cutter

Db – Double Kill

Ds – Dropship

Dy – Danger Canyon

Er – Ellen Anders

Es – Energy Sword

Eu – Epilogue

F – Flood

Fe – Forge

Fm – Carol “Foe hammer” Rawley

Fr – John Forge

Ga – Gravemind

Gd – The Guardians

Ge – General

H – Halo

He – Helljumper

Hf – Rtas ‘Vadum (Half-Jaw)

Hg – Huragok

Ho – Hornet

Hs – Headshot

I – I Love Bees

In – Index

Ir – Iris

K – Jacob/Miranda Keyes

Kr – Kig-yar- Jackals

La – Spartan Laser

Li – Librarian

Lr – Legendary

Lu – LAU-65D/SGM-151/Missile Pod

Md – M6D Pistol

Mg – Mgalekgolo

Mn – Mendicant Bias

Mo – 343 Guilty Spark – Monitor

Mt – Mount Kilimanjaro

N – Night vision

Na – Narrows

Nb – n00b

Nd – Needler

Ne – New Mombasa

Ni – Nicole-458

No – No scope

Np – NMPD Headquarters


Os – Overshield

P – 2401 Penitent Tangent

Pa – Plasma Grenade

Pb – n00b combo – Plasma Pistol and Battle Rifle

Pd – Power Drain

Pm – Prophet of Mercy

Po – Spartan pr0n

Pr – Prophet of Regret

Pt – Prophet of Truth

Pu – Pure Form

Ra – Ripa ‘Moramee

Rb – Press RB to… wait how did you do that?

Re – Reclaimer

Rf – Ranged Pure-Form Flood

Rh – Reach

Rn – Rat’s Nest

Ru – Fist of Rukt

S – Skulls

Sb –  Sentinel Beam

Sc – Scarab

Se – Slayer

Sg – Avery Junior Johnson

Si – Superintendent

Sm – SMG

Sn – Sangheili

Sr – Serina

Ta – Scorpion

Tb – Teabag

Tc – Traffic Cone

Te – Terminal

Th – The Rookie

Ti – Timberland

Tl – Chiron TL-34

Tm – Trip Mine

U – Unggoy

Uus – John-117

V – Captain Veronica Dare

W – Warthog

Xe – Extermination

Y – Yanme’e – Drones

Yb – Yellow bars

Zn – Zanzibar

Zr – Zebra

Must be included:

John 117


Thel ‘Vadam (The Arbiter)

Avery Junior Johnson

Prophet of Truth


343 Guilty Spark (Monitor)

James Gregory Cutter


John Forge

Ellen Anders

Ripa ‘Moramee

Prophet of Regret

The Rookie


347 Responses to A Very Scientific Halo Experiment

  1. Waffle Deluxe says:

    Ar = Arbiter

    • Gundam8 says:

      Hf – Holy Flare

    • KORUP7ION says:

      For the 3 other MMP maps:

      Uuo – Longshore
      Uuh – Heretic
      Uut – Citadel

    • adam says:


  2. Alpha says:

    Ar – Assault Rifle

    Co- Cortana

    Uus- SPARTAN 117 (UnUnSeptium is 117)

  3. Ragingterror says:

    As – Ascendant Justice

  4. Tentimook says:

    Br- Battle Rifle

    Sg: SMG

    Hg: High Ground

    Os: Over shield

    • Tentimook says:

      B: Bungie

      I: Incendiary Grenade

      Tb: Teabag

      Na: Narrows

      Mt: Mount Kilimanjaro

      Lu: Lukems

      Mg: MLG

      Tl: Tied the Leader

      Ga: Guardian

      • bs angel says:

        Teabag, lol … nice!

  5. Ragingterror says:

    Ho – Lord Hood

    • bs angel says:

      I was thinking Miranda for that one.


      • Qix says:


      • Ragingterror says:

        Brilliant! XD

      • bs angel says:

        I may do that actually, just so we can include both Miranda and Jacob. Hhhmmm, …

  6. nixproto says:

    Ta- Tartarus

    this will be very fun and interesting…

  7. Lord Osiris says:

    Ar-The Ark
    Sg- Johnson
    Pr-Plasma Rifle

    • Lord Osiris says:

      K- Keyes- Either Miranda or Jacob
      H-Halo (as in the rings)

    • solosith says:

      Rh- Rhino
      H- Helljumper

  8. Tentimook says:

    Sb: Sandbox

    S: Stickie (plasma grenade)

    O: ODST

    Si: Sierra 117

    Cs/Co: Construct

    Sc: Scarab

  9. Tentimook says:

    Fr: Forge

    Ra: Rats Nest:

    La: Last Resort

    Mo: Moniter

  10. Mizzy says:

    Ca: Covenant Carbine
    Si: Silicone Blast Gel (or whatever it’s called; the stuff inside his suit)
    Sr: Guilty Spark
    Li: Librarian
    Ta: Tartarus
    Mn: Mendicant Bias
    F: Fauxhammer
    Pa: Pelican
    W: Warthog
    Mo/Mn: Mongoose
    Gd: Guardians
    Br: Brutes
    Ga: Grav Hammer
    Pr: Prophet
    S: Skulls
    Fr: Forge (either the mode or the character from Halo Wars)

  11. Mizzy says:

    OH yeah, and GA for Gravemind.

  12. Das Kalk says:

    Dy- dyson sphere

    Kr- kurt-051

    H- harvest

    Ar- ark

    U- urn

    Cm- CPO mendez

    Re- reclaimer

  13. Araknoros says:

    FR- frag grenade
    Cf- capture (the) flag
    Sr-Serina (halo wars AI)

    • bs angel says:

      I like the CTF idea!

  14. BladedDakkon107 says:

    PT: Penitent Tangent (monitor from Delta Halo)

  15. CaLL Me ZeNy says:

    Bh: Banhammer

    • Araknoros says:


      • bs angel says:


    • CaLL Me ZeNy says:

      He: Heretic

      Rb: Red VS Blue
      Lu: Louis Wu

  16. Araknoros says:


  17. Jim 028 says:

    Md – MAC Round

    • Jim 028 says:

      N – NOVA Bomb

  18. Araknoros says:


  19. Araknoros says:

    Rb- press rb to… wait how did you do that?

  20. Pm- Pillar of Autumn, maybe?

  21. Reid says:

    Rb= Red Vs. Blue

  22. Mondo Titan says:

    Be – betrayal
    Tm – Team Killer
    Rf – Random Frag Throwing
    W – Wheelman (a precious metal)
    At – Arm The Flag
    Pt – Penitent Tangent

  23. DeepCee says:

    Ac – Ackerson

    • DeepCee says:

      Sr- Shredder Rounds

      • DeepCee says:

        Se- Sentinels
        At – Assault ( gametype )
        Pu – Pure Form, Flood

  24. SoC BrownSound says:

    Tm- Trip Mine

    • SoC BrownSound says:

      U – Untouchable or Unstoppable (medals)

      • SoC BrownSound says:

        Ru – Running Riot

        Se – Se7en on the Se7enth

        I – Isolation (map) or Infection (Gametype)

  25. Qix says:

    Great to see a lot of things from the books!

  26. Orion255 says:

    Te= Terminal

  27. gruntkiller99 says:

    Cd=Cod Piece
    cause MC’s Cod Piece is just that ossim

    • bs angel says:

      You are preaching to the choir my friend!

  28. Orion255 says:

    Zr= Zanzibar

  29. CaLL Me ZeNy says:

    Si = Super Intendent

    • CaLL Me ZeNy says:

      Os = OdSt
      Tm = Trip Mine

  30. CrunchbiteNuva says:

    Nd or Ne=Needler

  31. gogt200 says:

    Ba- Battle Creek
    P- Penitent Tangent
    Sm- Stuntmutt
    Hs- High Speed Halo

  32. JRCB says:

    Ba- Banshee

  33. gogt200 says:

    Cu- James Gregory Cutter
    Th- Thel ‘Vadamee

  34. mcfree007 says:

    Po = Pown!

  35. Araknoros says:


  36. Xor1an says:

    I’ll try my hand at this:

    Ac – Active Camoflauge
    Be – Beatdown
    Bk – Blackout
    C – Covenant
    Es – Energy Sword
    Ge – Gephyrophobia (HaloPC multiplayer map)
    I – flood Infection form
    Lr – Last Resort
    Nd – Needler
    Pd – Power Drainer
    Ru – fist of Rukt (a little obscure)
    Se – Sentinel
    Sm – SMG
    Sn – Snowbound
    Sr – Sniper Rifle
    Tm – Trip Mine

    And some that already have suggestions:

    Ca – flood Carrier Form
    Cs – Cold Storage
    Cf – flood Combat Form
    Re – Regenerator
    Sb – Shield, Bubble
    Sg – Spike Grenade

    • MapMaker says:

      Good, someone did Gephyrophobia. No one else agrees with me, but I thought that that was the best Halo PC multiplayer map

  37. Araknoros says:

    Bk- douBle Kill

  38. skiggs says:

    Cu can be cutter

  39. lordpratt says:

    sm… wait, thats not halo related :D

  40. gogt200 says:

    Md- M6D pistol

    Sorry for the multi-posts, can’t stop thinking of things to put in!

    • bs angel says:

      No worries! Post as much as you want. :)

  41. Jim 028 says:

    Cu – James Gregory Cutter

  42. Jim 028 says:

    Uuh – The Rookie

    He’s always asking questions ;)

  43. Sc4r says:

    Re: Ripa ‘Moramee

    Ce: Combat evolved

  44. gogt200 says:

    Cl- Admiral Cole
    Hs- Dr. Cathrine Halsey

  45. Xor1an says:

    Though this is probably the opposite of help, I would like to suggest that perhaps such a table shouldn’t be constrained by the names of the chemical elements, or use the layout and positioning of the standard chemical periodic table.

    The design of the periodic table creates groupings of similar elements (the noble gases, the transition metals, alkali metals, etc.). If we choose how to place Halo things on the chemical periodic table by name alone, we’re not going to get that kind of nice grouping. Instead we’re going to get “Library” next to “Betrayal”, and “Valhalla” next to “Cortana”.

    There are plenty of examples of alternative periodic tables constructed to follow the natural order and grouping of elements. One example that springs to my mind is the periodic table of Perl operators (which probably will make zero sense unless you’ve ever programmed in the Perl scripting language)

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have weapons grouped together in one section, equipment in another, with groupings of locations and groupings of characters visibly separated?

    Feel free to ignore this, it’s just what this method makes me think.

    • bs angel says:

      That’s an interesting idea. Do these alternative periodic tables contain the same elements and are simply organized differently? I’m drawn to the idea, but I see flaws in it as well. I don’t think this table will include 100% of the weapons, maps, equipment, etc so my concern with that type of setup is that it would highlight the fact that only certain things were included while others were left out. I’ll toss it around in my head a bit.

      • Xor1an says:

        The kind I’m thinking of make up their own placements and their own abbreviations.

        Three more examples like this that I’ve found for your consideration:

        Periodic Table of Awesome

        Periodic Table of Typefaces

        Periodic Table of Sex

        I agree that it would be difficult to decide what to include and what to leave out. I think you’re going to have that problem anyway, though it may be to a lesser degree than if you were free of the constraints of the periodic table of the elements.

        • ElusiveEagle says:

          True, it may work out much better to be able to create our own “abbreviations” than trying to match something with Uuu, for example. I also like your idea of organizing the table by common objects/themes/etc. With some organization and custom abbreviations, I think this table would be awesome = full of win [but that could just be the chemist in me coming out : ) …….]

        • bs angel says:

          Really tough call. I’m definitely going to have to think about this. Opening that up would create a bigger project and determining what makes the cut and what doesn’t, … I’m not even sure how I would go about making those decisions. The restraints of the standard periodic table is appealing in that matter. Goodness, something to ponder over.

        • soulofaqua says:

          I don’t know with whom you are planning to make this but likely the designer can help as well. I know I wouldn’t mind doing so. It may take longer and be more difficult but the results would look better.

  46. halosavior says:

    Hs – Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey

  47. gogt200 says:

    Uuu- Adrianna-Spartan 111 (going off of Alpha, UnUnUn)

  48. Laird says:

    Fe-Fenris Nuclear Warhead


  49. halosavior says:

    Au- Pillar of Autumn
    Ag- Age of Reclamation
    Al – Albatross Heavy Dropship
    Re – Reclaimer
    Lu – Lucy-B091

  50. halosavior says:

    Ne or Nb – New Mombasa

  51. Cagerrin says:

    Ni – Food Nipple

  52. DeepCee says:

    Am – Archer Missiles

  53. iAmGhost says:

    Rh – Planet Reach

  54. FoxmanFX says:

    Au – Pillar of Autumn

  55. Gatchaman says:

    Ni – Ninja, of the flaming variety
    Cr – Carney holes?
    Er – Engineer
    Bi – Black eye (kinda works)
    V (alternate) – Voi

    P – Prowler (ship class or vehicle?) – UNSC Prophecy?

  56. sramboz says:

    CR- CRows nest

  57. Shazzy Mack says:

    Hg = Headlong

  58. s938 says:

    ER = Foehammer

  59. PikminGod says:

    C is Cole as in General Cole of the Cole Protocal

  60. Spartan 113 says:

    Th= The Rookie

  61. ElusiveEagle says:

    Er – Ellen Anders

  62. halosavior says:

    Y- Yayap

  63. Peter says:

    HF = Headshot F******!
    He = Heroic
    Y = the hell do you keep team killing!?

    There rubbish, i know I just wanted to be a part of something

    • bs angel says:

      LOL, … I hear that Y comment all the time unfortunately.

  64. BigCountry1369 says:

    Am = Amber Clad

  65. jack says:

    s- spartan

  66. Shazzy Mack says:

    Th- Team Hardcore
    Tl- Terminal or Tu Legitamate
    Rn- Flag Run or Speed Run
    No- No scope
    Db- Double Kill
    Ds- Team Doubles
    Am- Bomb Armed
    Nb- Nub
    O- Orbital
    Tc- Team Classic (MLG)

    Here’s a stab in the dark

    Uuu- Triple Kill

  67. PikminGod says:

    Ce- Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey
    Fm-CPO Frank Mendez
    Uuu-Adriana Spartan-111

  68. Blade160 says:

    Db = Double Kill

  69. PikminGod says:

    o and RE should be Reclaimer

    • PikminGod says:

      Ba-B.S. Angel

      • PikminGod says:

        Rb-Red vs Blue

  70. Halo 1 says:

    Si – Sidewinder

  71. oh paulius says:

    Rf-Sniper Rifle

  72. hawkowl7 says:

    Pm – Prophet of Mercy

  73. JRCB says:

    Am- In Amber Clad

  74. Some Real Talk says:

    Db=Double Kill

  75. solosith says:

    Rh- Rhino
    H- Helljumper
    Nb- noob

  76. OoberSnoober says:

    Am-Age of Mercy

  77. Blade160 says:

    Re = Reconnaissance Armor
    Rn = Rats Nest
    Np = No Scope or No = No Scope

  78. slayer1878 says:

    Y-Yanme’e (Covenant or Forerunner name for drones, can’t remember which)

  79. a flyin hobo says:

    Pm – Plasma Grenade

  80. ElusiveEagle says:

    Eu – Eridanus OR Eridanus II (birthplace of MC)

    • ElusiveEagle says:

      Pm – Plasma Grenade

      • ElusiveEagle says:

        Tc – Truth and Reconciliation

  81. gigglepie says:

    Pm – Prophet of Mercy

  82. Blade160 says:

    Nb = n00b

  83. A Big Avalanche says:

    Am – AMG Transport Dynamics. (Yes, that is for Halo, look it up.)
    Ni – Ninja Oddball.
    Po – Power Drainer

  84. Karlstrand says:

    Am – assembly
    Bi – Trash Bin

  85. a flyin hobo says:

    Db – Double Kill

  86. MapMaker says:

    Pb – Plasma Bolt

  87. SSO Mosh Pit says:

    No- No Scope
    Y- Yellow button
    Rf- Red Flag (red teams flag)
    No- No u! (from arby n the chief)

  88. Karlstrand says:

    Rn – Recon Armor

  89. Cujo3211 says:

    This may seem silly and really off, but just give it a look.

    Pb= Plasma pistol & Battle rifle- aka noob combo.

    • bs angel says:

      Not a bad idea actually!

  90. Tismonring says:


  91. Sc4r says:

    Bi: Bifrost (battle of the Bifrost)

  92. SoC BrownSound says:

    Ti – Timberland (Halo 1 PC Map)

  93. Sc4r says:

    Zn: Zanzibar

  94. cultofrubik says:

    P is for Perfection [Or perhaps Pelican]

    Ds – Death stick [stick that kills after one dies]

    Zn is for Zanzibar

    Po is for Power Drainer

    Pb could be for a human weapon [pump ’em full of lead]

  95. OXCTankCat says:

    TC – The Chief

  96. GeoNeo2582 says:

    Ti – Titanium-A

  97. Blade160 says:

    Uuq = Can I Haz Recon?

  98. Snowxing says:

    Cm = Cannon, Man

  99. Uub –
    Uuh –
    Uuo –
    Uup –
    Uuq –
    Uus –
    Uut –
    Uuu –

    These are all undiscovered elements. They’re names aren’t actually finalized; what you see are just placeholders. Just pointing that out. If nobody can thing of anything appropriate for these, it should be understandable.

    • bs angel says:

      Agreed. I’m leaning toward 86-ing all of those because they would be too much of a stretch anyways.

      • PikminGod says:

        you could make these all spartans that are MIA!!

        • bs angel says:

          Interesting idea!

  100. Cujo3211 says:

    Ra- Rampage

  101. paulmarv says:

    K – Jacob Keyes
    Miranda is a lesser character than dad. By rank, Halo Story Involvment, etc. I don’t know why she’d get the spot over her father.

    • bs angel says:

      We love Miranda around these parts but you are correct. I’m going to try to find a way to include them both.

      • PikminGod says:

        the Keyes Family!!

  102. Blade160 says:

    Rf = Rooster Teeth

  103. paulmarv says:

    Uuh – Unyielding Heirophant

  104. xtwisted metal says:

    Rf – Rifle

    Ti -Tie game
    Ti -Triple kill

    Uut – Universe Under Tactical
    Uut – Universe Under Taintless
    Taintless means Free from taint or infection; pure.
    Uut – Universe Under Taint
    Taint means To affect with or as if with a disease.
    Why taintless or taint because the flood was once on the universe and had a disease and taint because the ring blowup

  105. Blade160 says:

    Si = Sidewinder

  106. xtwisted metal says:

    Cr – Can’t have Recon

  107. Jordan117 says:

    Here are the ones that are left:

    Np – Napalm grenade, Noga ‘Putumee (Elite character)
    Po – Ponder (“Contact: Harvest’ character), Power Drain
    Ra – Rampancy
    Rf – Rain Forest Wars
    Tc – Traffic Cone!
    Tl – Terminal
    Uub – Untouchable (medal)
    Uuh – Uhtua (moon)
    Uuo – Wort-wort-wort (ululation?)
    Uup – Uprising
    Uuq – Tsavo Highway (114 km away from Mombasa!)
    Uut – Utgard (capital of Harvest)
    Uuu – Adriana-111 (Spartan)
    Xe – Xbox 360 (codename Xenon), Glassing (form of xenocide?)
    Yb – Aigburth (moon; sounds similar I guess)
    Zr – Zombie Repeller (achievement)

    • bs angel says:

      Love the traffic cone idea!

  108. gogt200 says:

    Tl – Chiron TL 34

  109. gogt200 says:

    Ra- Captain Carol “Foehammer” Rawley

  110. Jordan117 says:

    Also, some of the ones I came up with were filled in before I finished the list; here they are, for kicks:

    Ag – Aegis Fate (UNSC frigate)
    Db – Dadab (“Contact Harvest” character)
    Ds – Desolation
    Er – Eridanus II (Chief’s homeworld)
    Fm – Chief Franklin Mendez (“Fall of Reach” character”)
    Nb – Neil Blomkamp, Noob combo
    Ne – Neural lace
    No – NOVA bomb
    Pb – Particle Beam Rifle (Covenant sniper rifle)
    Rh – Reach
    Rn – Running Riot
    Th – Threshold (planet)

  111. Xtian says:

    Nc= n00b Cannon or n00b combo

  112. Pete VenkmanPHD says:

    Xe- Xerxdeej
    Zr- Zorn (H3WM)

    Those seemed like pretty hard ones, So I figured I’d throw out something…anything! lol

  113. Sc4r says:

    Po: Prophet (species)

  114. ClownX says:

    Bi – Brigadier

  115. Hectic Epic says:

    U – Unyielding Hierophant (Covenant Vessel)

  116. Jordan117 says:

    Oops, forgot to post my first four for the ones left:

    Bi – Biko (colony), Big Team Battle
    Eu – Epilogue (Bungie map variant)
    Hf – Halo: First Strike
    Ni – Nicole-458 (DOA Spartan)

  117. Sc4r says:

    X: Xytan ‘Jar Wattinree

  118. ShellySniper says:

    Hf-“Half Jaw” Rtas Vadum

    • ShellySniper says:

      Mt-Methane Tanks
      Bi-Bio Foam

  119. Sc4r says:

    Eu: Eddie Underwood

    • 11 is Over 9000 says:

      Po = Prophet of Objection, the one who stood up during the Arbiter’s trial during Halo 2 and shouted “Nay, it was heresy!”

  120. Pete VenkmanPHD says:

    Got a few more for ya.

    Po- CPT Ponder
    Bi- PVT Bisenti
    Eu- Emmanuel Lomax
    Tc- Thomas C. Meyer

    You can find info on all of these here-


  121. Sc4r says:

    Ni: Ninth Age of Reclamation

  122. Sc4r says:

    Fe: Ferrex (easter egg, remember?)

  123. Lord Osiris says:

    Cd- Cold Storage

  124. Predator says:

    Fr = Fuel Rod Cannon

  125. cbwilliams17 says:

    Po- power drain

  126. ChismSchism says:

    Hs – Halo Wars
    Pd – PwnD

  127. JRCB says:


  128. Lord Osiris says:

    Hf-Fleet Admiral Harper
    Po-Petty Officer Franklin Mendez
    And May I propose a Change?
    Zn to Yasmine Zaman (Melissa)
    and Zr to Zanzibar.

  129. Outatime28 says:

    Yb= Switch Melee
    Po= Planetary order or Piss Off you kill stealer

    …it’s something lol

  130. DaRabidMonkey says:

    We need the covenant species like…

    Se, Si, or Sn – Sangheili (Elites)

    Kr – Kig-yar (Jackals)

    One of the U’s like U, Uuo, or Uuu – Unggoy (Grunts)

    Mg – Mgalekgolo (Hunters)

    I can’t think of one for Brutes (Jiralhanae).

    • bs angel says:

      I love that idea! I wish there was a more appropriate one for Brutes but I couldn’t think of one either besides the Br.

  131. 11 is Over 9000 says:

    Zr = Zhar, the only Jackal Zealot.

  132. Reisgar42 says:

    Po: Portable Cover or Prophet.
    Li should be Librarian over library, in my opinion.
    F – Flood (which makes more sense to me, seeing as how Fluorine is F and they both start with FL).

  133. Wolfseye says:

    Ge- General instead of gephyrophobia.

  134. Jedi in Exile says:

    Po – ODST Drop Pod
    Hf – Half-Jaw (Arbiter’s ally, H2)
    Zr – Zoning Recon 111 (Recon squad in New Mombasa, H2)

    That being said, good luck with Xenon and Ytterbium!

    • bs angel says:

      I know, right?! LOL, … we’ll get ’em. Hopefully.

  135. Sc4r says:

    What happened to Xe?
    I already sais: Xytan Yar ‘Watinreee

  136. iAmGhost says:

    Fm – flamethrower

  137. Hectic Epic says:

    H – Halo??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    I can’t be the first one to think of this…

    • Sc4r says:


    • bs angel says:

      Actually you are. LOL!

  138. FloodControl117 says:

    Fm – Foman’s Mom or just Foman
    Rf – Red Flag
    Yb – Yellow, bottom (Guardian or Construct)
    Zr – Zombzibar (Last Resort infection maps)

  139. Sc4r says:

    K: Keyes (level)

  140. Sc4r says:

    FM: Camp Froman

  141. SoundEffect says:

    Bi – Bisenti, Private
    Eu – Euphrates, UNSC vessel
    Hf – Hopeful, UNSC hospital ship
    Ni – Nicole, Spartan-458
    Np – New Legaspi, Mars birthplace of Spartan-458
    Po – Polaski, Shiela
    Ra – Ranged Pure-Form Flood
    Rf – Rainforest Wars
    Tc – Twilight Compunction, Brute frigate
    Uuh – Unyielding Hierophant
    Xe – Xenobiology
    Yb – Yanme’e Bugger
    Zr – Zeta Doradus IV

  142. Po- prophet of obligation

    • Ignore that, I didn’t know it was filled because I did not reload the page before I commented.

      • bs angel says:

        Even if it’s filled, keep leaving suggestions. Maybe I’ll like your idea more, or perhaps a picture for the first idea won’t be available. A lot of factors are going into this so the more suggestions the better!

  143. s938 says:

    Wait, I meant Fm for Foehammer.

  144. iAmGhost says:

    Zr for Zanzibar

  145. phantomx603 says:

    RF – Radar Failure, Radio Frequency, or Running Flag? (First one is for the Radar Jammer, second for all the times they communicate ship to ship etc., and the third…well you get it.

  146. hapythots says:

    Fm can be fragmentation (grenade)

  147. MAW~Aj says:

    Fr= Fuel Rod Gun

    posted from my iPod

  148. Hectic Epic says:

    K – Kurt-051

  149. Mutoid Log says:

    Zr – Zeta Doradus -> Onyx
    Rf- Refuge(achievement/beginning of Ark mission) or Roland Huffman (believe) Fm – Fragmentation grenade or Firebomb
    Hf – UNSC Home Fleet
    Uuo – Ultra UnggOy
    Uuh – UNSC dawn Under Heaven (Halcyon Class)
    Uut – UNSC forward UnTo dawn

  150. iAmGhost says:

    Rf for Ranged pure flood

  151. Dehouston says:

    Rf= rain forest (sierra 117)

  152. Willy says:

    Pr – Planet Reach
    Re – Reach
    S – Spartans or Spartan II
    Sc – scout armor

    • Willy says:

      oh wait I just thought of another one right after I posted lol

      Mn – Man Cannon

  153. CrunchbiteNuva says:

    Rf=Rocket phail!
    Zr=Zoom, Reload

  154. shadowshot2 says:

    Yb – Yellow Ball (custom Powerup)
    Zr – Zealot Rampage (Zealot=covenant)

  155. Andrew Snow says:


  156. Firestorm12 says:

    Zr – Zanzibar

  157. SLNTPRDTR says:

    Pb – playball

  158. Killing Poet (gamertag) says:

    yb=yellow brute

    best i can do :)

  159. Hectic Epic says:

    Mn – Petty Officer Mendez

  160. Laughing Sama says:

    Pa = Pillar of Autumn

    I’m surprised I’m the first who proposes ^^

    • Laughing Sama says:

      Th – Tsavo’s Highway
      Mn – Mjolnir
      Rn – Recon armor
      Os – One Shot (?)
      Rb – Reload Button
      Fe – Fujikawa engine
      Bk – Black eye
      S – Spartan

  161. Robert says:

    BR-Battle Rifle

    UuH-Unyielding Hierophant (from First Strike. It’s a stretch, but it’s something)

  162. PikminGod says:

    Co-Cole Protocol or General Cole

    • PikminGod says:

      Rf-Rafiki (the monkey from Lion King)

      • PikminGod says:

        Pa- Pillar of Autumn

      • bs angel says:

        I do love that movie, … ok, I’m sold! ;)

  163. Morpheus says:

    GJ=Great Journey?

    If=Infection Form

  164. iAmGhost says:

    Uuu – Spartan II Adriana #111

  165. Zandax says:

    Gn= General

    Br= Battle Rifle

    Sa= Swat

    Sp= Spartan

  166. Yonatan Dubale says:

    Why no luv 4 Br? (Battle Rifle)

  167. Yonatan Dubale says:

    Mk- Miranda Keyes?

  168. Yonatan Dubale says:

    Bs – Backsmack (Ninja quote from TSquared)

  169. Yonatan Dubale says:

    Bg – Blood Gulch
    Cg – Coagulation
    Lo – Lockout
    Bc – Beaver Creek

    old-skool ftw

  170. Mr M12LRV says:

    No way. I started this project 9 days ago.


    Check it out.

    • bs angel says:

      Nice! I think this is one of those great minds think alike things, eh?


      • Mr M12LRV says:

        Yes. =)

  171. Black Theorem says:

    Sj – Sergeant Johnson

  172. Spartan TT117 says:

    Rb = Rubble (from The Cole Protocol
    Pa = Pillar of Autumn

  173. Spartan TT117 says:

    He = Helljumper

  174. Pete VenkmanPHD says:

    Ho- ecHo 419

    • bs angel says:

      What? You don’t like my ho suggestion Pete? ;)

  175. Electro42 says:

    Wr – Wraith

  176. S043 says:

    Rf – Red Flag!

  177. Link_Cable says:

    Rf-Sesa ‘Refumee (The leader of the heretics in Halo 2)

  178. Electro42 says:

    Me – Methane (that the grunts breathe)

    • Electro42 says:

      Ps – Plasma

    • i eat baby dung says:

      that would be CH4

  179. L3G0builder says:

    Yb – “Switch Weapon”

  180. Electro42 says:

    Sbd – Snowbound
    tP – The Pit
    Stp – Sandtrap

    • Blade160 says:

      those aren’t even elements

    • i eat baby dung says:

      yea…what he said

  181. EldritchWarlord says:

    Nb – Nova bomb (the UNSC’s most powerful weapon, one vaporized most of a Sangheili fleet in Ghosts of Onyx)

  182. EldritchWarlord says:

    Si – Slipspace

  183. Yb- Years battling.
    Rf- The Rifle Family of Weapons.
    Zr- Zanzibar Refugee

  184. brian says:

    Bk = bad kid

  185. EldritchWarlord says:

    Cs – Cyclops

  186. Blade160 says:

    Rf = Rooster Teeth
    Rf = Recon Frenzy

  187. Pyro Guard says:

    Zr- Zanzibar, a cherished Halo 2 Map

  188. Julian says:

    I- I would have been your daddy
    K- Killionaire
    YB- Yorick Ball (alas poor yorick) bit of a stretch i know
    P- Perfection

  189. Blade160 says:

    Rf = Remade Foundry

  190. Electro42 says:

    MjA – MJOLNIR armor
    Ps – Plasma

  191. Grif says:

    Rf- Return the Flag!

  192. Julian says:

    Uub – Urk Updates Bungie (weekly)
    Uuh – Ultimate universe of Halo
    Uus – UNSC Unit: Spartans
    Uut – Under ur teabag

  193. Julian says:

    Zr- Zero (my score when I play Lone Wolves)

  194. chris101b says:

    Sc= The Silent Cartographer

    Hs= The Halo series

    Zr= Zombie retards (People who run out in the open in a zombies game for no particular reason while everyone else is inside crouching in a corner)

    Yb= Yellow bars (Gold bars)

    Se= Swat elites (People who turn into elites for the sole purpose of playing swat)

    Rf= Raping faces (Teabaging)

  195. blue_j says:

    I didn’t notice a single suggestion from ILoveBees, so here’s a few more suggestions:

    Cl / Co / Cr – Coral
    Hg – Colonel Herzog
    O – The Operator
    Mn / Mo – Monster Anne
    Mn / Mt – Manticore
    Mo – Jersey Morelli
    Rn – Rani Sobek
    Sb – Sophia Bossedon
    Th – Thin Kinkle
    Y – Yasmine

  196. Blade160 says:

    Ar = Armor Premutations

    • Blade160 says:

      K = Keep It Clean

      • Blade160 says:

        As = .ass error

  197. Someone says:

    Ps – Plasma
    Rd – Radar
    Se – Shields

  198. ActiveCamoElite says:

    Yb – Yellow Banshee!

  199. timothygruber says:

    Yorick’s ball
    (ala. Alas Poor Yorick)

  200. Das Kalk says:

    the closest thing i can think of for Rf is Grifball…

  201. Das Kalk says:

    At – Auto turret, probably has a picture more readily available…

  202. Chesticles117 says:

    Tm-Team Mate

    K-Kill Steal

  203. Absolutioner says:

    I – IWHBYD

  204. Tygron says:

    CC – Chris Carney

    Seeing as his face is on two different maps.

    • Tygron says:

      [add on to above post]

      or maybe i’m missing the point >.>

  205. rowboat 000 says:

    My god. I didn’t read any of this. :)

    • bs angel says:


  206. Cardo says:

    Don’t rule out the possibility of representing TWO references for ONE Chemical. Think Split-Screen!

    • bs angel says:

      I hate split screen! But it’s a good suggestion, especially when trying to fit both Miranda and Jacob Keyes in.

      • Cardo says:

        angel, I’m the guy who randomly invited you off Bulletproff’s List without realizing it. And you took the time to respond. You rawk hard.

        • Cardo says:

          Gawd I hate to double post but I can’t edit =(

          Just think back to the H:CE days when split-screen was damn-near mandatory. Those who suggest a recently released map for a space that may be utilized in a much better fasion hath be damned!

          (His name is *Bulletproof (i can spewl!)

        • bs angel says:

          No worries about double posting (if I could add an edit function for comments, I would!). I don’t mind split screen when playing campaign, but the noise cues really throw me for a loop when indulging in multiplayer.

          (And I thought your name was familiar. :) )

  207. Cardo says:

    V – Veto

    V – Vahalla

    One V box (on periodic table) with splitscreen-style pictures (one picture with valhalla, one picture with a blue ‘x’ button [or something that represents veto])

    …Kill 2 Brigs with 1 Stone <—- that, my friends, is what I call a halo-mindfuck

  208. CirceanShadow says:

    Uut should be The Rookie (ununtrium is 113) Th is easier to find something for than uut.

  209. De Laal says:

    Why is “S” superintendent? “S” should be Spartan.

    • Ghosts0f0nyx says:

      S should be spartan

  210. JohnnyB says:

    Bn – Bungie.net

  211. Altair4PM says:

    tb= ‘tank beats everything’

  212. 647 says:

    Uuh = Un Univers de Halo

  213. TITAN0402 says:

    Reacon -Ro

  214. Tazor says:

    Rb – Red vs. Blue

  215. TITAN0402 says:

    Battle of Reech-Br

  216. kadir says:

    Rl – Rocket launcher
    Mp – missile pod
    Sp- SPNKR (rocket launcher)
    Gs – Gauss
    Mc – MAC gun

  217. AKA Enigma says:

    La- Spartan Laser

  218. Shirdel7221 says:

    I’ve got one for Ir! It’s better then Iris. Iron. The Skull.

    • Shirdel7221 says:

      Pa – Particle Beam Rifle.
      Po – Poor Yorick.
      Ru – Running Riot.
      Ta – Tank Form, Tank (Scorpion).
      Ti – Tilt (Skull).
      V – V.I.P., Vehicular Manslaugher (Medal), V-Day Massacare, Vehicle, Voi, VidMaster, Vulture.

  219. brett says:

    Cr= Carbine or Carbine Rifle

    • Ghosts0f0nyx says:

      not once have i ever hear it been called a carbine rifle

  220. DTHLRD says:

    Hs = Headshot

  221. DTHLRD says:

    Cl = Colonel (let’s not forget them…)

  222. Billy Bob says:

    Uut- (Multiple) Sound you make when you pwn a noob

  223. Billy Bob says:

    I- Iced (Like how the Covenant would ice the planets so the Flood couldn’t escape.)

    • Mizzy says:

      That would be glassing, not icing.

      Though, now you’ve given me the hankering for cake.

  224. Adam says:

    Uuo- UnstOppable (Medal)

  225. XMixMasterX says:

    I think this should be narrowed down since we have so much.

    For instance, I think we should do book titles, but not places in the books (ie – Reach or Harvest).

    Also, if there is a fight between two items, the more important one should win the higher slot (ie – C = Cortana instead of Carbine).

    • bs angel says:

      I agree. I’m definitely trying to figure out the themes right now. Someone suggested using all the Covenant species, which I really liked and did. I’ve also put priority on major characters. I’ve included the starting weapons from the various games along with the two most popular gametypes from matchmaking. I love the little off the beaten path things so those have gone in as well. Otherwise, I’m struggling with determining where to take the rest of it. Focus on vehicles? Maps?

      I’m going to look into your book title idea as well.

  226. Laughing Sama says:

    Fenris nuclear warhead ? >.> Is there no more evident thing for this one ?

    • bs angel says:

      I did some juggling with that one. Switched around a few things in the F area.

  227. Sc4r says:

    I say Dadab should stay. After all, he IS a character

  228. Ghosts0f0nyx says:

    so how did you want to do this? HALO as a game? or halo as a universe? i think you should do it on halo was a universe it’ll be more in dept and colorfull.

    CO= cole protocol
    CR=covenant revolutionary war
    LA= LT. Ambrose AKA kurt spartan -051 trainer of the spartan IIIs
    MN should be Mendicant Bias. i think the person who betrayed the forerunners to the flood is WAY more inportant then a mongoose.
    i got way more but im not ganna waste my time untill i know how you want to do this

  229. R a Z o r says:

    Xe= Extermination
    Pt= Perfection
    K= Kill
    S= Spartan
    I= Incineration

  230. BlackWaltz says:

    Zr- SplaZeR

  231. burninhell647 says:

    Since K is Potassium and Na is Sodium, the letter doesn’t have to be the same letter as the word lol so on that basis:

    Uub – Inoperable (Turret) = Unusable or Uub

    • Uup – Super Bounce (U go up)

      • Uuu – Triple kill (you, you and you are dead)

        • Uuo – Fail ( e.g Triple kill: You, you, oh I’m dead)

  232. Uub – Untouchable

  233. Snowxing says:

    ZR, its ‘ONI Recon 111’
    not Zoning Recon 111.

  234. R a Z o r says:

    He= Headshot
    C= Campaign
    Al= Avalanche
    Mg= SMG
    I= Infection
    In= Incineration
    Es= Energy Sword
    Db= Double EXP

  235. Matt says:

    AR – Arcadia City

  236. R a Z o r says:

    Ga= Guardian
    Ru= Running Riot
    Ba= Banshee
    W= Warthog
    At= Assault
    Fr= Frag Grenade
    Ds= Deployable Shield (it’s actually cover but shield works)
    Li= Lifts
    Be= Beat Down
    O= Officer
    P= Pelican
    Ca= Captain
    Sc= Scorpion
    Cr= Crows Nest
    Mn= Man Cannon
    Fe= Flare
    Ni= Ninjaball
    Cu= Captain Cutter
    Ge= General
    Se= Sentinal
    Tc= Traffic Cone
    Pd= Power Drain
    Ta= Tank
    Bi= Brigadier
    Lr= Spartan Laser
    Rf= Flag Run
    Db= Double EXP
    Sg= Sergeant
    Rg= Rampage
    He= Headshot
    Mg= SMG
    B= Bungie
    C= Campaign
    F= Forge
    Al= Avalanche
    S= Spartan
    Ar= Arbiter
    K= Kill
    Ti= The Pit
    V= Vehicle
    As= Ascetic (elite armour)
    Br= Battle Rifle
    Kr= Killionaire
    Sr= Sniper Rifle
    Nb= Noob
    In= Incineration
    Sb= Sandbox
    Te= Terminal
    I= Infection
    Xe= Extermination
    Re= Recon
    Os= Overshield
    Pt= Perfection
    Bh= Banhammer
    Hs= Headshot
    Yb= Y button
    Cf= CTF
    Es= Energy Sword

    Srry 4 the long post, but there are so many good ideas!!! There may be some repeats but i wasn’t sure which one’s i already posted

  237. angirach says:

    BR – Battle Riffle
    AR – Assault Rifle
    RE- Regenerators
    NB – Noob
    FR – Frag Grenade

  238. Rayquaza says:

    P = Plasma

  239. Monsta Masha says:

    Xe – Xbox (seeing as that is the first console that Halo was released on)

  240. Wolfseye says:

    yay General amde it as GE! that was mine , i fell proud for some weird reason….

  241. FoxmanFX says:

    Ok just a few

    Am – AMG Transport Dynamics
    -> In Amber Clad
    Ship – good graphic

    Au – Assault Rifle
    -> Pillar of Autumn
    Ship – good graphic we should have at least one human ship! We already have other weapons for elements AND well this was the ship we first saw… It was a ‘golden’ moment!

    I – Infection
    F is for flood – do we need an I for infection? OR make F for Forerunner and leave I for “Infection aka The Flood”

    Pb – n00b combo – Plasma Pistol and Battle Rifle
    -> Particle Beam Rifle
    Just go with the rifle Pb seems a stretch for a noob combo

    V – Veto
    -> Voi
    How are you going to display “veto”? Voi strikes me as having better photo ops.

    • bs angel says:

      I was thinking with an X. Great feedback by the way, thanks for that!

  242. R a Z o r says:

    Ag= M41 LAAG (Warthog Turret)
    Mt= Mythic
    Au= Auto- Turret
    Cd= Citadel
    Cl= Cloaking
    Fr= Forerunner
    Gd= Grenade
    Hg= Honor Guard Elites
    Rf= Flag Run
    V= Vehicle
    Zr= Zomzibar

  243. Zelp says:

    FR – Froman (Camp Froman) from Last Resort/Zanzibar map

  244. Blade160 says:

    you should stop the comments at 360, that would be sweet!

    • bs angel says:

      I should have stopped them at 117!

  245. Blarg says:

    As-Assault On The Control Room (Level)

    Silent Cartographer must be included, even if that means no Scarab.

    If you remember, the first demo of Halo was that level, it is also the site of most hog jumps and has been made into a Multiplayer level for the computer version.

    More Important

  246. billy bob says:

    how about slayer for sr?

    • bs angel says:

      I think I’m going to throw that under Se.

  247. rockin chizel says:

    Tm-Too Many Flood
    Uuh-Unattainable unnecessary helmet (aka recon armor)

  248. A(lex) Ha says:

    QUick and easy: R, Rl, or Rx
    The one way Rocket to a Real life need for a pRexription.
    Na(+) = GreNade
    round, brown, rolling on the ground: tink, tink, BOom!!

  249. J says:

    Hg – Hand Grenade

  250. rob says:

    Red v. Blue


  251. porkstein says:

    Surely ‘Br’ has to be battle rifle. I would have chosen Banshee for ‘Ba’ myself.

    And I think ‘Ar’ would go nicely with assault rifle.

    • bs angel says:

      I really wanted Brutes in there and that seemed to be the best fit. I could always juggle it to be, then have battle rifle under br and banshee under ba. Hhhmmm, …

  252. AmX15 says:

    CP – Custom Powerup

  253. Mikey says:

    Bk = Bad Kid
    Pic = anyone with a needler

  254. Hectic Epic says:

    Rh should definately be reach, not rhino

  255. MysteryStory says:

    Cl – Cloaking (campaign equipment)

  256. Kaboose says:

    Jo – Johnson
    Ja- Johnson
    Jh – Johnson
    SgJh – Johnson
    A-Z Johnson
    Should I keep going?

  257. Laughing Sama says:

    Bk – Black Eye ( the skull that everybody loves in mythic difficulty)

  258. anthony says:

    Ta should be tartarus not scorpion.
    scorpion is already Sc

    • bs angel says:

      Thanks for catching that!

  259. Anthony says:

    Ru-Running Riot

  260. 117649 says:

    ill make one up but i cant get pics for everything

  261. 117649 says:

    ill make it up in publisherbut i cant find pictures for them all though

  262. Anthony says:

    I am almost done with my table, all i need is for the exact list, and to find some pics

  263. bobby says:

    is this topic dead?

    • bs angel says:

      I certainly hope not. I had some people working on it but it fizzled out before it got completed. I’m still hoping to gather a group though that is willing to see it to completion, I just need the time to focus on it.

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