The Man of Many Consoles

I have an Xbox 360 upstairs and, because I am ridiculously high maintenance and more than a little lazy, I also have one downstairs. I always thought my dual 360 household was adequately impressive, until I laid eyes upon the much adorned shelf of hellon earth159 that is. A collection that started with the readily available Halo 3 Special Edition Console, hellon earth159 now scours eBay and the vast corners of the internet to find any and all (typically Microsoft-commissioned) Xbox 360 limited edition consoles. He spends an average of $1,000 per box and currently has 12 more on his wish list (300 movie tie-in, Lego Batman, PGR IV, Mass Effect, I am Legend movie tie-in, GOW 2 Comic-Con 08, GOW 2 Xbox Live Contest, Halo 3 Charity Signed, AC/DC Black Ice, Seattle Sounders, Netflix, and Watchmen). Enjoy ogling the numerous pictures of hellon earth159’s complete collection, minus the boring plain white one he actually plays on of course. I’m pretty sure we’re all more than a little familiar with that particular version.


Grand Theft Auto IV Limited Edition Console (#217 of 500)
xbox 360 console collection


Half Life 2 Custom Console
xbox 360 console collection


ColorBlindKid’s Skulls Custom Console
xbox 360 console collection


Madded 09 Limited Edition Console (One of 25)
xbox 360 console collection


Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles Limited Edition Console (One of 10)
xbox 360 console collection


Batman Dark Knight Limited Edition Bat Cycle Console (One of 55)
xbox 360 console collection


Batman Dark Knight Limited Edition Joker Console (One of 55)
xbox 360 console collection


MyPaintEffect’s Custom Joker Console
xbox 360 console collection


Skull and Green Eye Custom
xbox 360 console collection


Limited Edition The Simpsons Movie (One of 100)
xbox 360 console collection


Limited Edition Microsoft Launch Team Console
xbox 360 console collection


Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway
xbox 360 console collection


Fable 2 Limited Edition (signed by Peter Molyneux – One of 5)
xbox 360 console collection


Limited Edition DC Comic-Con 08 (One of 10)
xbox 360 console collection


Limited Edition Ninja Gaiden 2 (One of 5)
xbox 360 console collection


Halo 3 Special Edition
xbox 360 console collection


Indiana Jones Limited Edition (One of 5)
xbox 360 console collection


Custom Maxx Console by ColorBlindKid
xbox 360 console collection


Custom Marvel Wolverine Console by MHarvard
xbox 360 console collection


KEINOHRHASEN Limited Edition


Grand Theft Auto – XBL contest (One of 100)

*Images posted with permission.
modalicious consoles

46 Responses to The Man of Many Consoles

  1. madBOX20 says:

    now that is just weird. i guess he will never worry about getting RRoD and not being able to play for 3 months

  2. SonOfKitFisto says:

    >.> /agree with madBOX20
    thats some nice shit… i like the added part of which one of how many they made of the system (i.e. Signed Fable 2 System 1 of 5 which is CRAZY)
    i bet his eBay rep rules

  3. Mizzy says:

    1. Where is he getting all this money?!
    2. How can I get some?

    Seriously, this is one guy who’s stimulating the economy.

    • Sharkuel says:

      Sleeping with the boss, i think…

  4. Das Kalk says:

    I want those Dark Knight ones SO BAD

  5. soulofaqua says:

    I love the “I made this” on the Launch Team Xbox >w<

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  7. SoxKid05 says:

    all these are coooooooooool

  8. SoxKid05 says:

    you know what, not even just cool. its s.o x 10^1,000,000,000,000 cool. that right, theyre so cool it deserves scientific notation

  9. Salen says:

    Ooooh, that Half Life 2 one is sweet. So very sweet.

  10. Why do I have the feeling he lives in his mother/grandmother’s basement? Unless he’s selling crack on the side and that’s how he can afford this hobby.

  11. Grumpy Jedi says:

    I have one in my living room and my kids have one in their room (no XBL). Theirs was acquired through a special at work and not purchased at full price, otherwise they wouldn’t have one.

    Like you, Angel, I thought that was modestly impressive. This guy makes me feel like I’m that much more in the poor house.

    • Likewise, I have a halo 3 console, resident evil console, and 2 regular white ones(I have 5 kids, 4 of which have xbl accounts, + my wife plays as well, the family that teabags together,stays together), and I was modestly impressed with my own little collection. I was going to acquire one of those super cool new Modern Warfare 2 consoles too, but after seeing these, my pee-pee has gone flaccid for new consoles. The Batman ones are just plain sick, and something in my slightly rotund stature draws me toward the Simpsons one too…..Knowing these are out there makes just wanting the MW2 console seem like I have no ambition.

  12. davyboy94 says:

    i have the halo 3 one , i like the fable 2 one and the half life 2 one

  13. AusQB says:


  14. Ragingterror says:

    Oh, to have that kind of disposable income… O_o

  15. ScottyBob says:

    Ok… the controllers alone are worth a LOT more than my 360…. :(
    Mega cool though!

  16. Ray says:

    Not gonna lie, I’m pretty jealous.
    Then again, with that much bank, I wouldn’t be collecting consoles that never get played with.
    I just wish I had gotten the Halo 3 edition…

    We all collect things, his just happen to be VERY expensive!

  17. Trixie says:

    Seriously, he has too much money. :P They are super cool…but it would be better if they were auctioned off for charity or something. I would be grateful just to have an extra arcade sitting around in case of RROD. :P

    Hope he has good renters insurance. :P

  18. SpaceGhost2K says:

    ‘159 is also one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. He’s purchased a ton of faceplates from me, and he’s given me a bunch in return. He’s been a big supporter of our faceplate forums and database over at XboxAddict, as has BS Angel who continues to show her support to our little community by giving you guys a peek into it once in a while.

    One could debate who has the nicest faceplate collection. I have over 225 plates, but I don’t hold a candle to GameKing28, Tacohead, or hellonearth159’s collections. However, as far as consoles go, I don’t think there’s anyone even close to 159’s collection.

    And no, he doesn’t live in anyone’s basement. He has a job, and a budget for collecting. His budget is just a little higher than everyone else’s, lol.

  19. bs angel says:

    How I wish I could have a budget like his!

  20. ZZoMBiE13 says:

    The MAXX is my favorite comic! That’s awesome!!

  21. Keegs58 says:

    I love the Dark Knight ones, preferably anything with the Joker on it. Nice collection!

  22. Jillybean says:

    And how many of them, out of interest, RROD?

  23. Daredizzle says:

    I’m going to go spray paint mine with a picture of myself and call it 1 of 1 so i feel better about myself after seeing that collection.

    • ChronicTC7 says:

      make your own limited edition =D

  24. GeneralCupcakes says:

    I thought GameJunkieJim had the most consoles according to Bungiepedia.

  25. Mysterioso2006 says:

    @ madBOX- He probably NEVER plays any of them, and has several regular ones he plays.

    0_o talk about devoted.

  26. DethPwn says:

    Are there controllers that match?

  27. Gamertag to each console!

  28. NeoXDonut says:

    I wounder If any have the RROD.

  29. Handmade Hero says:

    The Wolverine xbox is amazing!

  30. Ken Raves says:

    That Half-Life console makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  31. LAZR Blade 14 says:

    I thought that rack held only games.
    Boy was I proven wrong.

  32. Rhamsey says:

    wow, thats a lot of money, as well as some sweet looking 360s.

  33. Skibur says:

    I don’t feel so weird for having four 360s now :)

  34. yoogleific says:

    It would be impossible for him to play every xbox in one day, let alone go to work so he could afford them.

  35. triptup says:

    i like wolverine’s claws ripping thru the “red ring” area!

  36. BerserkerBarage says:

    I gotta love the Marvel/Wolverine one. Although I’m more than a bit biased on that front.

    That’s an amazing collection. One day when I grow up and become filthy rich, I’m hoping to collect pinball machines. I’ve already bought my first one (a Super Mario Brothers one) and I’d love to expand out into other ones.

    Except for the fact that my fiancee would kill me if I even thought about buying another machine anytime soon.


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  38. seVen says:

    The Half-Life 2 one is completely badass. Even if I didn’t like HL, I’d still need that thing.

  39. Deadlock says:

    Someones got a lot of money to burn…

  40. Roka360 says:

    Is it me or is that Gordon Freeman on the Fable 2 Box, in the reflection

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  42. xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

    It kinda bothers me when people instantly think he got all his money by some cheating or taking advantage of.
    Study hard, get a good job, don’t marry or have kids, and BAM!
    Not-so-instant gaming fame.

    Amazing collection.
    Every single one of those is amazing.
    So amazing.

    Props. Brownie points. Kudos.
    Take ’em all.

  43. MathChief says:


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