Portal Pony Takes the Cake

portal pony

There will never be a greater art form than custom made video game-themed My Little Ponies. While the My Little Master Chief Pony still reigns supreme in my book, this Portal-inspired version has bumped the Midori Guitar Hero filly to a distant third. Crafted by colorful toy pony extraordinaire AnimeAmy, this enchanting equine was inspired by the writings on the walls you randomly stumble upon while playing that particular first-person action/puzzle video game. From the popular phrases to the instantly recognizable symbols to the cake balanced precariously on its hindquarters (fyi, it took me everything to not just say ass), this pony captures the essence of the much beloved game perfectly. More pictures are waiting for you after the oxer. See what I did there? No? Don’t worry, I have no clue what that means either.

portal pony

portal pony

portal pony

portal pony

Video Game-Themed My Little Ponies

8 Responses to Portal Pony Takes the Cake

  1. mcfree007 says:

    Wow. You really have to have alot of time on your hands and a whole lotta love for portal to make this. Great find Angel.

  2. DethPwn says:

    I am now officially unashamed of loving ponies…unless my friends see this… Oh, I just don’t care anymore! HEY WORLD: I LOVE THE HELL OUT OF PONIES!!!

  3. 2Three says:

    Not nearly half as cool as the model portal gun.

  4. Naterator says:

    I think the eyes were a pretty creative touch.

  5. Socket says:

    Shouldn’t the pony at least be white? Eh, If I was a Pony customizer I would have done this completely different.

  6. Jillybean says:

    Eh, really more of a coffin than an oxer all things considered.

  7. soulofaqua says:

    FOR PONY!!!!

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