Zero Punctuation: Gears of War 2

Gears of War 2

14 Responses to Zero Punctuation: Gears of War 2

  1. Jim 028 says:

    It’s a shame he didn;t touch upon the multiplayer issues, but still he managed to spot my number one annoyance in campaign. Dom is heartless when you’re bleeding out on the floor. He stands their staring at you. Tousle my hair man, come on!

  2. Tentimook says:

    I can never really tell if he likes the game or not… But Gears isnt my type anyway, and I dont rely on him for reviews. (The Halo 3 one was LAME)

  3. DethPwn says:


  4. mcfree007 says:

    I sorta liked gears, sorta didn’t. Sorta like a mood thing.

  5. Araknoros says:

    i loved gears but i zero punctuation is great, perfect review… its always a good LOL to watch

  6. REM says:

    spot on review

  7. SonofMacPhisto says:

    @ Jim –

    ZP seems to focus on the single player aspects of games, not the multiplayer. I always remember that when I’m watching his reviews… he’s kind of old school in that fashion, where the single player game is still tantamount.

  8. PikminGod says:

    chest high walls EVERYWhere

  9. frogged says:

    My favorite part of the game is when you get an active reload.


  10. setters says:


    that was the first review i’ve watched – spot on :)

  11. Penguin Ninjoid says:

    I personally played Gears of War 2 straight through the first night I had it. Play Horde a couple times after that. Haven’t touched it since. I kinda regret picking it up.

  12. Sten4sw says:

    lol, Penguin I feel the same way. I was so excited when I forked over the $70 for the limited edition, I beat it, and now I’m selling it.
    ZP usually never plays multiplayer, which he mentioned in his Halo 3 review. And he didn’t play the first 2 games before he reviewed Halo 3! That’s why he thinks it’s run-of-the-mill and all hype. But I don’t need to tell you guys that.

  13. MK28 says:

    I wouldn’t speed-read this gimmicky-shit in my sleep; what? You think you can gloss a lame opinion over fast talk, fancier metaphors and breathless rapture?

    From the Deathproof ‘manual stick man’ named Stuntman Bob:
    “Fuck you, I love EVERY gear as my engine purrs through them all before hitting the Orgasmo wall?!”

    DO. NOT. AGREE! Does that compute?!

    Sometimes you gotta make a stand for all that is good and decent in this world… and not just a cheap cash in! :)

  14. Excardon says:

    …. or because Will Smith is in it.

    Best final line ever.

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