Nine Things That Look Like Spartan Helmets



garlic chopper
garlic chopper

sandwich maker
sandwich maker

pencil sharpener
pencil sharpener

chafing dish
chafing dish

ping pong ball cozy
ping pong ball cozy



32 Responses to Nine Things That Look Like Spartan Helmets

  1. EntropyAttack says:

    Did you leave out the Legendary Helmet for a reason?

  2. I don’t know what a chafing dish is, but now I want one!

  3. soulofaqua says:

    ….Now I feel like making a helmet… out of a vacuum cleaner… GODDAMN YOU ANGEL!

  4. TofuDragon7 says:

    (In spirit of gamers on and the sandwich maker)


  5. elpolloguapo says:

    I think the chafing dish looks a bit like EOD, actually…

  6. Torrent says:

    I can’t really see the ODST in the garlic chopper.

    Now, I’m off to find some ping pong balls.

  7. MFone says:

    That was funny. It made me laugh.

  8. Alex says:

    Ahahha, this is fantastic-
    Now i have to go find some ping pong ball cozies so that my backpack can has recon.

  9. Ragingterror says:

    That vacuum cleaner looks sleek, and ripe for repurposing…

  10. Socket says:

    I cant see odst in the garlic chopper either. lol.
    And that sandwich maker is a bit of a stretch.

  11. AnTi PRO says:

    OMG Bungie Employee! That one is the best!

  12. Mike says:

    so is this going to be the next photoshopping project? take things that look like helmets and put them on in game pictures of spartans? winner gets a pat on the back?

  13. TheAmgine25 says:

    Good lord. I have a bungie employee’s helmet in my backyard! T_T I DIDN’T KILL HIM I SWEAR!

  14. I lol’d at the last one. Some very imaginative thinking here.

  15. MK28 says:

    Anyone ever notice that the cab of the Green SWAT truck (named Bulkhead) in Transformers Animated could pass for a Halo Anime helmet? I swear I’m not making this up or high on my own Halo-geektardiness.
    I wanna Swordfish Pencil Sharpener that looks like the Mark V… So I can say I pwn a Mark V!

  16. Gilver says:

    Angel, you are amazing.

    That vacuum cleaner looks so much like ODST, its scary.

  17. Bryan Simon says:

    This is too funny =)

  18. Ryan says:

    haha nice. btw bryan simon posted! sweet

  19. RevenADD says:

    Oh. My. God. That last one…Looked just like Shiska….

    cAn i hAz R3c0n?*%$^?

  20. RevenADD says:

    Don’t ban me Shiska!! I was only trying humor!!

  21. nixproto says:

    this is golden! the last one took me a minute to get!

  22. Idlewheelman says:

    Good stuff, last one especially

    hehe…icanhaz firepit ploxzor!?

  23. Legendary Blue says:

    I can haz Breville BR52 Sandwich maker!?

  24. TofuDragon7 says:

    I have just read this post again…..

    Why does food need to be ‘chafed’?
    Why do prawns need to be chafed actually? Have you ever ‘chafed’ a prawn?

    Man, if I need to chaff prawns/shrimp/seafood I’d put them between my bastarding thighs!

  25. Whaappened? says:

    The reason I played Halo was to get SECURITY ARMOR AND YOU COMPARE ITS AWESOMENESS TO A CHAFING DISH lol just kidding.

  26. Dude! I love the freaking ping pong cozy!


  27. Bad Bob HD says:

    Here’s a blavk version of the ODST Vacuum cleaner!!!

  28. Xenokyro says:

    I’d have to say that that Samsung vacuum is the strongest resemblence in that list.

    Ah damnit! Now I wanna modify and wear it! (Must…suppress…fandom)

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  30. Skibur says:

    Haha @ the Bungie Employee :P

  31. Lindsay says:

    All your fireplace are belong to us. ;)

  32. NiteShad0w44 says:

    OMG i have half of these stuff and my cousins have this other stuff and we all play Halo 3 and we havnt evne frekon noticed it!!!

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