Don’t Forget the Blindfold

viva piñata cake

While most piñatas are filled with an enticing assortment of sweet candy and miniature toys, the edible brightly-colored paper container likenesses on this titillating Viva Piñata-themed dessert of choice are instead filled with sugar, water, flour, eggs, butter, and other various staple baking ingredients. Looks good and tastes good too? Yeah, I’d totally hit it. All night long baby.

Source [Xbox 360 Fanboy]
mmm cake

12 Responses to Don’t Forget the Blindfold

  1. jdars1804 says:

    I am laughing in disbelief right now. Lol, really? Who made this? Pretty epic though =P

  2. 2Three says:

    Maybe Duff Goldman made it…? ;)

    Nice looking cake though. Mmmm… fondant.

  3. SpaceGhost2K says:

    I’m a cake freak and I approve of this post.

  4. Whaappened? says:

    The global population was shocked to discover a genocide against pinatas had been waged in their backyards and cheap kid’s fun centers. Why? Because these “party animals” are filled with delicious candy. However, new surgical extraction techniques and cutting-edge tools like the Not-A-Bat 3000 maximize candy yield but prevent the death of these noble, paper-mache creatures.

    The cake really spoke to me, okay!

  5. jdars1804 says:

    “Mmmm… fondant.”

    I’ve had fondant before, and it is disgusting =P

  6. bs angel says:

    What? Are you telling me you don’t like Cadbury Creme Eggs?! Those are one of my favorite treats EVER.

  7. RIFT says:

    I don’t like Cadbury Creme Eggs… not ever a little… no, I’m not taking that back.

    I love the game Viva Pinata!… and now they’ve made a CAKE of Pinatas!… from Viva Pinata! This might not be as cool as those Binto Boxes, but it’s still amazing and delectable.

  8. MK28 says:

    Such cuteness needs to be destroyed.
    It’s not the first time I’ve felt like destroying something beautiful… with an Ace Ventura headbutt!

  9. NINJA Dusk2Dawn says:


    Don’t be lured into violence, just because its a pinata cake doesn’t mean it has to meet the same fate!!!

    Viva Pinata Rocks!

  10. NyHitman0401 says:

    I <3 Ace of Cakes!

  11. MK28 says:

    @Ninja Dusk2Dawn:

    Are you kidding me? I’m getting a sugar rush just looking at that thing, as soon as my blood-sugar hits 60/40: I need to vent or I turn into a cake myself… just not a beefcake ;)

  12. Ryan says:

    I’m hungry now….stupid cute pinata cake!!

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