Finish the Fight Against Mario

master chief vs. mario game

In the past 45 minutes alone I have given my laptop the bird approximately 30 times, dropped the f-bomb at least every other minute, and virtually choked the air in frustration more times than I can even begin to count. Making all of that worth it though was the sweet, sweet victory that followed. Bringing me that entire range of emotions was a simple yet entertaining Mario vs. Spartan game that was created by GeneticSpartan as a final for a game design and programming class. The premise behind the game is that Bowser hires Master Chief (which you play as) to destroy Mario. The game scopes only one level that is split into two segments but it’s fairly difficult. You die if you take any damage, your only weapon is grenades, and the controls are somewhat awkward even after you get them down. If you have a spare half hour though, I definitely recommend downloading the game and giving it a whirl. Whenever I got overly frustrated, I spent the opening scene trying to get my Spartan to float walk like the Ghost of Lockout. I’m so amazing I pretty much mastered that in about ten seconds flat. Hey, don’t hate me cause I’m 1337. Now go play already!

*A special thank you to Penguinish for the tip. He thought he was all pro because he beat the game, but then he found out I beat it too. Who’s pro now bitches?!

UPDATE: This game is no longer available.

17 Responses to Finish the Fight Against Mario

  1. AusQB says:

    Who’s to tell me what I can and can’t kill by jumping on top of them? I want Mario back.

    But seriously, for two days work this is an amazing game. Definitely a worthy time waster.

  2. CrazyMonkeyKing says:

    Good game, could of had a different variety in the boss battle. Also, pretty short, it’ not that hard to add more rooms and objects.

  3. Das Kalk says:

    that is wicked awesome

  4. mendicantbias00 says:

    “Who’s to tell me what I can and can’t kill by jumping on top of them? I want Mario back.”

    Agreed. :( I mean come on…its the Chief!


  5. A Shaky Shotgun says:

    This is a game you definitely cannot play at work. The cussing I’ve been doing is not appropriate in an office environment. Good game though.

  6. davyboy94 says:

    1 you cant stomp
    2 it irritates me alot
    3 it takes AGES to kill mario
    4 tere is no tactic needed except tap tap tap tap TAP

  7. gruntkiller99 says:

    took me about 10 minutes.
    and i did it without cussing.
    good time waster, especially when as bored as i am.
    and a good game considering it was made in two days.

  8. SonofMacPhisto says:

    What strikes me is how we think Mario is the one who can kill via stomping. A middle aged Italian-American plumber, or a 7 foot one ton genetically enhanced soldier with ultra advanced power armor?

    Really? Like, really?

    Yeah, one of the most frightening part’s of voc’s Halo script is when the Chief stomps a couple grunts… oh man. Stone cold baby, stone cold killa. ;)

  9. Mondo Titan says:



  10. bs angel says:

    I agree about the ending. I did a fist pump, waited a second, and then thought to myself, “I deserve more than that for what I just went through!” LOL!

  11. SonofMacPhisto says:

    You should’ve rode off into the sunset, in a Warthog, with Princess Peach riding shotgun and Luigi manning the turret. :D

    …then a little gold Elite (whose name shall not be mentioned) blows you away with a fuel rod gun.


  12. madBOX20 says:

    i wanna play it but can’t because im on a mac.

  13. Thanks for the mention!

    Ya, I could have worked more on the game, I know. I am thinking of making another just like this, with a more elaborate story and longer gameplay with more features.

  14. bs angel says:

    I think it was awesome! I really enjoyed playing it. If you make another one, feel free to drop me a link to it. I’d love to check it out! :)

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  16. Anthony says:

    I just would like to let you know that your link is broken. If you could fix that please. I want to try this out.

    • bs angel says:

      I believe the game was taken down and is no longer accessible. Sorry about that!

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