Zero Punctuation: Guitar Hero World Tour

zero punctuation Guitar Hero World Tour

9 Responses to Zero Punctuation: Guitar Hero World Tour

  1. Desert Rat says:


    That was good stuff!

  2. bs angel says:

    This one was actually useful to me as I would like to purchase one of the two newer music games but haven’t decided which one yet. Looks like it just may come down to song selection.

  3. Deepcee says:

    The Deus Ex song at the end was HILARIOUS! :)

  4. PikminGod says:

    Great review this time! I also hate harmonix! Rock Band is garbage and forces you to pass the sames songs OVER AND OVER

  5. Das Kalk says:

    Angel, what I see a lot of people do is buy the one whose instruments they like better then buy the game from the other one. Rock bands drums work with GH and GH’s drums work with RB as far as I know.

  6. Zoom says:

    I still want GH:WT… just the game… cause… my room is already overflowing with fake plastic instruments. As far as I know, each game’s instruments work with the other. I love Rock Band’s drum kit, but I love GH3’s guitar.

  7. bs angel says:

    I prefer GH’s guitar as well. I haven’t tried their drums but Rock Band’s have always worked fine.

  8. PikminGod says:

    i always get lost on the RB guitar… its hard to differentiate between buttons and the strum bar is way to thick….o plus my GHII guitar is all personalized and stuff!

  9. This here is my rundown of Rock Band versus Guitar Hero (I have Guitar Hero II, III and World Tour and I have Rock Band for the Xbox 360):

    GH: WT has a moderately good selection of music in my opinion. But like Yahtzee said, there are the occasional non-English songs thrown in there to appeal to the non-English speaking people. I, like most of you, speak (and sing) in English so that did get kinda annoying, but I understand why they’re in there and I can deal with it. But there is something I noticed; I beat GH: WT on expert on guitar three days after its release and I have yet to beat GH III yet. =\ FUCKING RAINING BLOOD! Why in the hell does a song have to get that hard? But back on track…
    The slide bar is pretty cool in theory. But you really have to be good already and get used to taking your hand off and back on the buttons. I pretty much gave up on using the slide bar with my left hand (I’m a righty); I will however, bring my strum hand up and use it on the slider. And when the “slider section” is suddenly over, you can simply tap the slide bar to strum.
    The drums are pretty neat I think and the added symbols are a nice feature. I did notice however that GH did add the new note which gave it six over RB’s five. And granted, RB and GH are compatible, GH switched the colors up a bit so it’s not exactly the same.
    I like how Yahtzee put the vocals; you’re singing karaoke. But there are a lot of songs and nobody knows them all. I mean, I only really know like 10 songs. So it is rather difficult to get into singing. But it’s like that in both RB and GH and there really isn’t an answer to that problem, other than someone making a “RB or GH Greatest Hits”.
    The new features in GH: WT are pretty cool. Song recording is new and needs some work, maybe a way to write music on the computer and upload them to GH? I know a little bit about actual music and trying to write it using a guitar controller is… different.
    GH: WT’s character customization is more in-depth than RB’s, but that’s to be expected since it’s newer. And I did like the new instrument customization as well. You can change everything on a guitar just about.
    Ok, so I’ve never played RB2 yet; but I will. I’ve loved both franchises and I recommend screwing the whole decision making process and fucking get both. There, problem solved and you get the best of both! =D
    Here’s something that I could go without though:

    Have I played too much? And sorry for the lengthy, delayed post…

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