Arbiter ’08

the arbiter

Looks who’s a finalist in Kotaku’s Halloween Cosplay Contest this year! Since today’s all about voting, head on over to check out the other entries then officially cast a ballot for your favorite. Who will get your vote, the Arbiter or Master Chief?
You're dressed up as what?

12 Responses to Arbiter ’08

  1. Rhamsey says:

    arby gets my vote.

  2. soulofaqua says:

    HOLY… is there anyone in there?

  3. mendicantbias00 says:

    Arby gets my vote too!

    Not that I dont love chief, but he has been done alot.

    And that costume is FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!

  4. soulofaqua says:

    Well I looked through the list…. I’m sorry but I’m going for Sander Cohen, he might be gay but I fronking love him.
    And then there is Chun-Li….. S.L.U.T.
    The Bouncer Big Daddy missed his corkscrew at the end of the drill, a bloddy shame. I wanted him as my waiter but now… nah.
    Black Donkey Kong and…. mexican Master Chief…. right.
    Frank West… I fronking love him too. That is just… leip as we dutch say.
    Toad…. if it wasn’t for your title I would think you were poppy pop.
    Felicia… must resist… becoming… furry.
    Awww Luigi and his Mario son….. o.Q Luigi has a song that looks like Mario… someone’s been cheating there>.>
    Altair…. is that a metal pipe sticking out or are you happy to see me?
    Gum I know I should not judge on your appearance but the costume is nice and all… you are not gum though.
    Nero, Kudos on the glowing arm.
    Whoever the girl without bra almost flashing her boob is…. NO.
    Brotherhood of Steel ductape

    Please scratch all comments afor mentioned… I suck more.

  5. PsycheDiver says:

    Such a cool character. Really deserves his own novel post-Halo 3.

  6. AusQB says:

    Between Arby and Chief, Arby gets my vote.

    I’ve never seen anyone make an Arbiter costume, and this one is great. Perhaps the 405th should try some Elite armour (I wouldn’t know if they already have)

  7. Ken Raves says:

    I almost was Arbiter for Haloween but lacked the disipline to stand like that all day. I had Jedig33k make bumper stickers that say “HOOD/ JOHNSON ’08” and “ARBITE/ RTAS’ ’08” but not sure what happend to ’em….

  8. Doc says:

    I think the Mirror’s Edge one was really well done. Between Arby and Chief, I’m going with Arby.

  9. AT-AT says:

    I was wondering why the feet were so big. Then I realized the way you’d have to put your legs in that, you’d need big costume feet for balance.

    The way it looks like you have to stand in that would be to rest your knees and shins against the costume. Wouldn’t that get painful after a while?

  10. The Arbiter is so fabulous. I was watching ‘Arrival’ last night, and was struck with how stone cold cool he is.

    I mean, the MASTER CHIEF sticks a GUN in his mouth, and the man doesn’t even flinch. He even gives Chief a little shove and snap of the mandibles.

    Almost as if to say, ‘Are you quite finished? We have work to do.’

    Oh man… awesome. :D

  11. Skibur says:

    Anyone dressed in Bioshock inspired costumes gets my vote!

  12. ryan says:

    any instructions on how to make it anyone?

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