Reader Pumpkins: Master Chief’s Helmet

Did you carve a video game-themed pumpkin this year for Halloween? Send me your pictures (preferably one lit and one unlit) and I’ll post them, assuming I can tell what the hell it is! And don’t forget, if you carve a Halo pumpkin, head on over to HBO for their 343 Guilt O’ Lantern: A Pumpkin Carving Contest. I’ll post your picture but they’ll give you cool shit if you enter and win!

master chief pumpkin

master chief pumpkin

*Carved by madbox20. Images posted with permission.

11 Responses to Reader Pumpkins: Master Chief’s Helmet

  1. WolfKing4 says:

    looks cool

  2. nyhitman0401 says:

    I r teh Mast3rz Ch3ifz!!!11!!1!!!!1!one! :)

  3. nyhitman0401 says:

    Im going to make one!!!

  4. Louis Wu says:

    wow, it’s a good thing that the rules for our Guilt O’ Lantern contest don’t say submitted pictures can’t be published elsewhere, or you’d be killing people’s chances of winning cool schwag…

  5. Socket says:

    I might make a halo themed pumkin. :)

  6. mendicantbias00 says:

    I tried to do an Issac Pumpkin…but failed miserably…then I tried to make one of the chief…and failed miserably.

    Apparently pumpkin carving isnt my forte.


  7. Ragingterror says:

    I haven’t done a pumpkin carving yet this year, but I did carve an “RvB” pumpkin a couple years back.

    I’ll send you a pic in a little bit.

  8. Das Kalk says:

    That’s the first time i’ve seen Louis Wu post here! HEY LOUIS!!!!!!!!!

  9. Skibur says:

    Hi Louis from me too ;)

    We don’t really have Halloween here (Australia) It’s a shame, because I’d love to carve a Halo themed pumpkin… :P

  10. Matoro3311 says:

    I have no pumpkin-carving skills whatsoever.

    This, however, is something I would put outside my door on Hallowe’en night. Well done.


  11. disco says:

    My wife and I carved pumpkins last year. She carved a heffalump and I carved a pirate ship. Turned out ok. I will never carve a pumpkin again… lol

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