Next Stop, My Bedroom

I dream of Master Chief often and thanks to the always amazing Adam Grumbo of the Halo costuming and prop site, those dreams stand a chance at one day becoming a reality. Any time he sends me a new batch of pictures, whether they are of our favorite Spartan supersoldier or just a random marine, I think about how much I would love to get my hands on that man for one night of serious roleplaying. His latest batch of pictures, featuring himself as the Marine and Devin White as Master Chief, are all unedited and were taken just for fun in anticipation of a video that is currently in the works. He has given his permission for us to have a little photoshopping fun with them so if you feel like altering any of the images, whether it be to add explosions, bullets, or the random enemy, please feel free. Simply link your finished product in a comment and if there are enough photoshops, I will do an entire article featuring them tomorrow. Check back often as the gallery he sent is extensive and I plan on continuing to add pictures throughout the day.

Master Chief cosplay

Master Chief cosplay

Master Chief cosplay

Master Chief cosplay

Master Chief cosplay

Master Chief cosplay

Master Chief cosplay

Master Chief cosplay

Master Chief cosplay

Master Chief cosplay

Master Chief cosplay

Master Chief cosplay

Master Chief cosplay

Master Chief cosplay

Master Chief cosplay

You're dressed up as what?

60 Responses to Next Stop, My Bedroom

  1. Halcylon says:


  2. BBJynne says:

    cool that is.

  3. gigglepie says:

    DO WANT!!! tomorrow is my birthday and I know what I want!

  4. snorkle256 says:

    I am gay for Master Cheif

  5. dnefpooz says:

    I personally don’t like the pepakura armor because it doesn’t look nearly as good as this, but I’ve been slowly working on it. I have trouble making time for it. I’d much rather be outside or at work than making some armor -_-

  6. MattDGiant says:

    The last pic is lol

  7. dang! that photo shoot looks like one rootn’-tootin good time :D I love the E-Zine 405 just put out as well; good stuff

    Is it just me or does Adam in the fifth image down look like he’s undergoing one mosterous battle with flatulence :P

  8. Adam Grumbo says:

    I was thinking that too… it’s actually me about to die from heat exhaustion.

  9. “I was thinking that too… it’s actually me about to die from heat exhaustion.”

    Fixed ;):

  10. Rhamsey says:

    i can haz halo armor?
    that master chief costume is pretty sweet.

  11. dude that armor is sick!

    I wantz……..

  12. disco says:


  13. disco says:

  14. Slothboy says:

    Nice work boys.

  15. KaiserKold says:

    Y’know, that’s not only the best MC armor I’ve ever seen… It’s damn near perfect.

  16. Salen says:

    Hehe. Last pic totally reminds me of Tony Stark and the soldier from the Iron Man movie. Maybe it’s because TS and MC are both guys who wear big suits of metal or something.

  17. Anubis V0nG0dly says:

    who do i have to kill to get that MC Costume?

    epic photoshop slothboy, nice one

  18. Slothboy says:

    Thanks Anubis!

    Just so happened that one of my screenshots was perfect for that photo.

  19. SonofMacPhisto says:

    You put the IWHBYD on for the last pic, didn’t you? :)

    Very cool shots. MC needs to hit the gym a little though… ;)

  20. Magnius says:

    I’ll make more later, just wanted to get one out today.

  21. Chris101b says:

    Here is mine:

    The Chief now understands why the elites let the Grunts into the covenant.

  22. Chris101b says:

    The link didn’t work in the last one, so here is it again is:

    The Chief now understands why the elites let the Grunts into the covenant.

  23. Magnius says:

    My bad, here’s the link

    First MC Photoshop

  24. Vash says:

    Hawty is a pretty cool girl, seh is a halo and doesn’t afraid of anything

  25. Chris101b says:

    Here is my second and possibly final entry:

  26. *ahem* I believe it’s hero………… I’ll stop now

  27. NyHitman0401 says:

    OmG!!! Me Want… NOW!

  28. newguy2445 says:

    Quickly scratched this up.

  29. Das Kalk says:

    Mine kinda sucks, but I gave it the old college try didn’t I?

  30. Das Kalk says:

    DAMMIT! hawty, why does photobucket hate me? can you explain how to name my link please? thank you dearly.

  31. bs angel says:

    I’m not sure how you’re coding but it had a beginning and an ending but no middle. I just took out everything and left the link only so it is fixed. :)

  32. Sarge Tomzilla says:

    Hopefully something posts this time, looks crappy since I can only edit on paint(and I suck at editing anyway :P )

  33. ashame says:

    Woman and uniforms ^^;

  34. Very, very Nice, but I think I would rather have the Nightmare Studios version.

  35. GrimRune 21 says:

    I wish I had seen this earlier today so I would have had time to create more. I really enjoyed doing this. Hope you all like!

  36. GrimRune 21 says:

    ok here’s another one. I’ve been waiting to do this for a while.

  37. Ooo! Me likey the “Dear Sarge” one by GrimRune 21!

  38. FireDragon04 says:

    I decided to photoshop 4 of these photographs, here are the links:

    One Man Force:

    Enjoy, love these photos though! Fantastic set.


  39. Here’s a quick one using my laptop touchpad. Yes, I’m to lazy to wrestle with my Desktop to use my tablet. Spaceballs fan’s unite! If you don’t like Spaceballs, you can thank the mysterious JVB for getting Spaceballs in my head.

  40. Ken Raves says:

    That marine whose posing could check my HEV’s pressure systems any day.

    XD Just kidding.

  41. mendicantbias00 says:

    My submission is called The Calm.


  42. Jillybean says:

    Holy shit. I’m saving that one of the marine standing on the rock for personal use.

    *wipes off the drool*

  43. bs angel says:

    I know Jillybean, right?! I love that pic as well.

  44. Jillybean says:

    There’s just something pretty . . . pretty pretty!

  45. Kensai says:

    Looking great as usual Adam and Devin. Thanks for the recognition Hawty :).


  46. Kensai says:

  47. Facehead says:

    i think i did pretty good. :D

  48. WolfSarge says:

    I already saw these, but they’re still amazing.

  49. Jason says:

  50. Predator5791 says:

    Chief looks to thin

  51. ZaneXXX says:

    My friends, the armor exists and it is expensive :(

  52. Skibur says:

    Wow… That stuff is quality. Amazing!

  53. Hydra says:

    Old blog is old! But I’ve been sifting through, so…

    Anywho! Come to DCon next so you can stalk them with me… haha

  54. Lockhart says:

    This is a very late reply compared to when this blog post was made, so I doubt anyone will see it. But just in case, I just made this image today. I’m new at Photoshop so this is a very modest piece. I’m not that good at this sort of thing yet. I need a lot more practice. I hope somebody enjoys it. :)

    The Master Chief

    • iPurism says:

      I like it. downloaded. where’d yeh get the background

  55. iPurism says:

    Hmm, think he can make bigger versions? Me + Pics + Photoshop = Epic WIN Wallpaper.

    • bs angel says:

      Maybe try surfing 405th to see if they have larger versions available, or you can always try throwing Adam an email as well. :)

      • iPurism says:

        Email, por favor? :3 I am such a lazy bastard.

        • iPurism says:

          Oh and by the way, when you look at the recent comments box you see: “iPurism on Next Stop, My Bedroom”

          Is this a hint? Sorry, denied D:

          I love poking fun at people.

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