Pigtales on Parade

I may have a thing for custom video game-themed My Little Ponies. And by may have a thing I mean I am completely and utterly infatuated with that irresistible line of plastic toy ponies. The last one that had me foaming at the mouth was the My Little Master Chief Pony. Unfortunately for him, he finally has some competition for my equine obsession with this Guitar Hero-themed creation I recently discovered on eBay.

guitar hero my little pony

Purchase here : annelie85’s eBay Store
Starting bid : US $40.00
Auction ends : Sep-18-08 15:39:58 PDT

Modeled after Midori, a Guitar Hero character classically trained on the violin, this My Little Pony proudly sports silky purple hair and Midori’s trademark green-striped stockings. Complete with a white guitar, this custom 80’s toy comes equipped to fret all night long. If you have a fake pony fetish (and who doesn’t really?), hit the jump to ogle a nice shot of its ass. Don’t worry, it’s not bestiality if it’s made out of plastic.

guitar hero my little pony

guitar hero my little pony

Video Game-Themed My Little Ponies

6 Responses to Pigtales on Parade

  1. Aperture S says:

    oh wow hawty you find some strange stuff 0_o

  2. Socket29 says:

    Eugh, I don’t like GH.
    Maybe sombody should open something like Build-a-bear.
    BUILD A PONY, you could then satisfy all your ponyish dreams. LOL

  3. o_O

  4. PikminGod says:

    puffball midori is much cooler looking and would have made a better pony

  5. Bryan Ojeda says:

    They need spartan helmets at the Build-A-Bear workshop…

  6. ShadowRaven says:

    My Emo Ponies! The newest sensation that’s sweeping the nation!


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