Their Future Does Not Bode Well

Gamers tying the knot means two things, one being a future full of split screen and the other being the potential of having a completely awesome video game-themed wedding cake. While the split screen is still very much a reality for this passionate couple, the completely awesome video game-themed cake fell slightly short. Their beautiful ivory colored Xbox 360 cake is attractive at first glance but closer inspection reveals the A button and B button colors are reversed and the guide button houses a triangle reminiscent of Zelda instead of the instantly recognizable glowing X. One mistake may be forgivable but two? I’m pretty sure that is grounds for divorce.

xbox 360 wedding cake

xbox 360 wedding cake


xbox 360 wedding cake

Source [Xbox 360 Fanboy]
mmm cake

20 Responses to Their Future Does Not Bode Well

  1. Davyboy94 says:

    i think ive seen this pic before

  2. little guy says:

    so you think this is a “ring” of death situation?

  3. Davyboy94 says:

    lol someone should write ” do not wash on the side”

  4. Valentine says:

    Still looks pretty awesome though for it kinda being not exactly what it’s supposed to look like lol. When my hubby and I got married, we were really considering to do a SOCOM game cake, since that’s how we met. But heck… I ended up choosing a more traditional cake instead. To this day, I still kick myself for not just choosing the SOCOM game cake. blah!

  5. Ken Raves says:

    Epic Phail.

  6. SpaceGhost2K says:

    Hasbro made the thumbs backwards on their GI Joe figures so if someone made a mold out of them and started making their own, they could be readily caught. Mego, or all people, got caught at it.

    Anyway, maybe they used a triangle and switched the colors so Microsoft couldn’t sue them.

  7. Ray says:

    Once you said it was a wedding cake, I KNEW there would be RROD jokes… lol =D

    Besides, you are being way too picky with the cake… reversed colors, triangle on the controller… I think somebody’s jealous ^_-


  8. Ragingterror says:

    Oh, the RROD jokes that could be made…

    lol someone should write ” do not wash on the side”

    There’s another 0.001895 seconds of fame. :P

  9. Mr.jones says:

    i think its pretty awesome! :)

  10. caelan96 says:

    Maybe the people who made the cake are total noobs. Or maybe they were all out of green, slightly slanted X’s, and didn’t have any more green A’s, or Red B’s, so the couple chose the best available. Either that or they hired crappy caterers because of a possible divorce. I’m talking red ring of death.

  11. silvercube says:

    all that matters is if the cake tastes good :)


  12. Aperture S says:

    Who cares if there is a few problems, it is cake. It will still be eaten as quickly as a cake without faults

  13. Cozmo23 says:

    As soon as I saw the picture I thought “They probably changed it so “Mike Rowe Soft” wouldnt sue their asses, and RROD joke, looks like all of these have already been mined out! :)

  14. Cozmo23 says:

    PS why is my square all pink and girly?

  15. Matoro3311 says:

    What doesn’t matter is the mistakes. What does matter is the effort. :)

  16. bs angel says:

    You speak the truth Matoro. :)

    And your square is pink and girly because you are pink and girly Cozmo. Duh!

  17. D taktics says:

    Dude i’d sue the cake maker for screwing up my wedding.

    @ Bs’s responce to Matoro: lolololololol

  18. D taktics says:

    I’d also have a fake H3 disk sticken out of it. Hopefully the cake maker wouldn’t fuck that up and put cock 4 in there instead.

    PS: sorry for the double post.

  19. TheChrisD says:

    I wonder if they mixed up the 360 button layout, with Nintendo’s layout…?

  20. SpaceGhost2K says:

    News flash: That cake was a lie.

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