Invading Your Tummy

space invaders cupcakes

The cupcake ninja is at it again. The culinary genius behind the adorable Mario and Pac-Man miniature cakes has created a new set of tiny treats for your tummy, the latest theme being Space Invaders. When you are done drooling over the cute cupcake pictured above, feel free to ogle the full sugary set after the jump. And if you can eat the mystery ship in one bite, you get 300 bonus points. Score!

space invaders cupcake set

mmm cake

14 Responses to Invading Your Tummy

  1. Aperture S says:

    For a minute i thought they were M&M’s.

    If you don’t know what M&M’s are then shame on you!

  2. OMG! Those are so cute! I want one!

  3. At first I thought it was a Gingerbread figure, until i saw it was a cupcake… looks more like an M&M than a cupcake but awesome detail!

  4. Yahzee says:

    They are soooo adorable!!!

  5. Valentine says:

    to Aperture S… LOL I thought the same thing too! I know M&M’s can do candy customizations and it would be awesome for them to do this… then I clicked on “read more..” and it’s even better!! **drools at dark chocolate**

  6. TheChrisD says:

    I wonder if I could get some shipped out to me…?

  7. Ragingterror says:

    Epic… freaking… win.

  8. Davyboy94 says:

    i wants teh UFO o_o

    i too thought of M & M`s or Skittles

  9. Bryan Ojeda says:

    these look delicious! ME WANTZ! EPIC WIN! Tommy Talarico would love this!

    I know this may not be the correct place to ask this but what would go good with “Mythic”, I wan to change my gamertag and I want Mythic in it.

  10. These are great! The black with neon is awesome!

  11. Davyboy94 says:

    mythic tiger
    mythic soldier
    mythic beast
    mythic god
    mythic chimpanzee
    mythic pie


  12. Bryan Ojeda says:

    as in Mythic relating to Bungie. Remember that kid at the Halo Panel at comic con? “Get security, this kid knows too much!”

  13. StealthSpeed3 says:

    now if different colored frostings represented different flavors of frosting, then this would be a MFW. red = cherry, white = vanilla/cream cheese, green = something other then apple….

  14. BBJynne says:

    that’s really cool

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