Keep Your Balls Cozy

ping pong ball cozy
You know you play too much halo 3 when despite
knowing the item you are looking at is a ping
pong cozy, all you can see is a Recon helmet.

12 Responses to Keep Your Balls Cozy

  1. BBJynne says:

    that’s not fair…
    I didn’t know it was a ping-pong cozy.
    So that’s an excuse right?

    On a different note……..

    What’s a ping-pong cozy for?

    • The Real Dr Nog says:

      for keepin yur ballz warm

  2. AusQB says:

    Yeah, a ping pong cozy? Come on.

    What else, a paddle wallet?

  3. StealthSpeed3 says:

    a pac-man smurf?

  4. Soulofaqua says:


  5. Ragingterror says:

    This is a gaming blog… what did you expect your readers to see? ;)

  6. radiant penguin says:

    Recon? The first thing I saw was a cute little blue fuzzy with an orange peel in it’s mouth. I guess I don’t play enough Halo; I watch too many movies.

  7. AT-AT says:

    In my 4000 or so games (yeah, I know, its a lot, but the game’s been out for nearly a year), I’ve seen Recon like once, maybe twice. You must be playing with a lot of very lucky people to see it enough to see it in other things.

    Oh, I too thought it was an orange slice covered with blue fuzz.

  8. Cunbelin says:

    Here I saw a plasma nade and my first instinct was to pick it up so I wouldn’t be betrayed by it later.

  9. Bryan Ojeda says:

    I agree with Cunbelin…
    And I’ve played with two people with recon.
    Hanged out with the first one for a week,
    Idk, but someone told me the second guy we played with was Digital Ph33r.

  10. bs angel says:

    Sounds like you two play with too many people who betray you. *cough

  11. TheChrisD says:

    Great sock puppet(!) ;)

    Took me a while to actually figure out that it was supposed to look like Recon…

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