Weta’s New Line of Halo 3 Limited Edition Sculptures

Weta, a company most known amongst Halo fans for creating a completely bad ass fully functional Warthog, has released a preview of their new line of Halo 3-themed limited edition sculptures. While the collectibles have apparently been in the works for nearly a year, they are currently finalizing the last few details and then will formally be accepting pre-orders. One of the pieces is Master Chief’s Mark VI Spartan Helmet, which seems a little like overkill to me. Everybody already has one helmet gathering dust somewhere, do we really need two? While that particular piece seems destined for people with bulging wallets and lots of empty shelf space, I do find the Cortana scuplture really quite stunning. No word on pricing quite yet but considering they are described as “high end”, don’t get your hopes up about snagging any of them for less than a pretty penny. Check out pictures of the rest of the line after the jump and then tell me if any of them catch your discerning eye.

Master Chief And Arbiter
Master Chief And Arbiter

Master Chief And Grunts
Master Chief And Grunts

Master Chief And Flood
Master Chief And Flood

Master Chief’s Mark VI Spartan Helmet
Master Chief's Mark VI Spartan Helmet


16 Responses to Weta’s New Line of Halo 3 Limited Edition Sculptures

  1. Reverendtiki says:

    I wish there were bigger pics. :( Butr i love the cortana one :)

  2. mendicantbias00 says:

    All of them are absolutely stunning! My personal favorites are Cortana, then Chief ‘n Grunts, then Chief and the Flood. I am not sure how big these are, but I think they are going to be more of an investment, than a purchase.

    Hopefully I have a while to save up!


  3. Tinycg says:

    Yeah the Cortana one gets my vote, wow. I agree with the helmet, it looks exactly the same as one most of us have.. now if you could WEAR it, hehehe.

  4. Aperture S says:

    I quite like the second one but this part ruins it:

    So i would get the Cortana Sculpture. If i had the money ;)

  5. CrazyKinux says:

    It’s amazing that they’re able to convey motion in these still figurines.

    Great quality work coming out of Weta, as usual!


  6. Ragingterror says:

    I love the Cortana and Cheif-and-Grunt sculptures. If I have enough extra money to burn, I will be sorely tempted.

  7. StealthSpeed3 says:

    McFarlane who? These are some of the best game-related sculptures i’ve seen in a while. If i had to choose i’d probably go with MC & Arby, and Cortana.

  8. Louis Wu says:

    Bigger pics (for those who are interested):


  9. mendicantbias00 says:

    Thanks Wu!

    Sometimes, you are too awesome.


  10. Gryphon says:

    Agreed with everyone about the Cortana one, it’s perfect.

    The Chief and Arbiter one gets my vote as well, but partialy because I currently have a screen cap of them like that as my desktop.

  11. Crazyeye0 says:

    I would buy The Arbiter and Chief sculpture, it’s pretty nifty :)

  12. MorSA764 says:

    These are all EPIC!!!

  13. Fezzer says:

    Arbiter and the Chief and the Cortana ones rock my socks.

  14. Mike says:

    I just got the cortana one for xmas off the wife, any halo fan will love them, the detail is excellent and they are proper heavy duty. bigger than it looks too. also it says on the box, 1 of 1000, so I panick ordered the chief vs flood too, not to sure bout the grunt one, looks a bit cheap when compared to others.

    • Mike says:

      oh, and for reference, the hand on the cortana model ispretty much the exact same size and a normal adult male. , then cortana is about a foot high.

    • bs angel says:

      Thanks for the info. And nice score, on both the gift and the generous wife!

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