Why Won’t You Die?

halo 3 screenshot

You’ve had a long, stressful day and you are in desperate need of some satisfying action on the virtual battlefield so you pop in Halo 3, positively giddy at the prospect of fragging and flag capping your worries away. The first game loads and it’s a gametype you despise on your absolute worst map. Of course no one vetoes so off you go into your own personal Halo hell. As if that weren’t bad enough, your gun is apparently loaded with glitter and butterflies as it doesn’t do damage to anybody. You empty clip after clip into your opponent’s back and they turn around, give you a bad look, and you immediately fall over dead. Lovely. The game ends, you ogle your highly negative kill to death ratio, and you tell yourself it can only get better.

Well it won’t because you spend the next handful of games discovering it’s one of those days. A day that you can full on out assassinate someone and they don’t die. A day where you respawn in the middle of three opponents and your feet don’t even touch the ground before you’re dead. A day you can put a sticky on someone’s face but it doesn’t explode, instead disappearing into that black hole where non-exploding grenades happily exist. A day where people are constantly spawning directly behind you regardless of where you are on the map. A day you can put four sniper bullets directly into someone’s skull and they obliviously escape around the bend with their life still intact. A day where absolutely nothing goes your way. So you keep playing, convinced at some point things will turn around.

Except it never does. Your luck just keeps getting worse, and you grow increasingly frustrated. You know you should sign off, you know it won’t get better, but you can’t stop playing. Who the hell ends on a bad game? Four hours later you do. That was me last night. I fucking hate those days.

30 Responses to Why Won’t You Die?

  1. legoassasinV2 says:

    I get that feeling all the time. Instead of playing matchmaking a lot, I usually play a lot of customs with my friends. Mostly infection, slayer, etc. We spend a lot of time forging new maps to play on and stuff like that. Whenever I play matchmaking with them, we usually lose a majority of the time. Not that I suck…erm…just happen to lose whenever I play with them. Hope you win some games soon though. : )

  2. Lan Mordreth says:

    Wow. I’ve never heard it put so elequoently. I hate those nights so much but my usual description falls under the expletive deleted category. I also tend to almost throw my controller pretty constantly with that too. There was a video I saw a long time ago of a guy playing Counter-Strike and having one of those nights. My favorite line of his was “Why does everyone keep shooting me!?” in this really high pitched whine. Hope you have a better night of play soon.

  3. CodeMonkey says:

    Yeah, I used to get tired of those games in Halo 3. Then I bought Call of Duty 4. At least in CoD4 I don’t have to worry about weapon spawns, as you can create your own class and have whatever weapon you want.

  4. kbl66 says:

    Welcome to my nightmare!

  5. Bryan Ojeda says:

    I hate those days. It feels as everyone in the game hates you and is all teamed up against you and your bullets don’t do [Blam!]. I shoot lots of bullets at thier back but they dont die and they turn around to kill me instantly! grrrr!!!!
    But we dont let it bother us, we keep on playing….

    But it seems to constant or am I beginning to suck?

  6. I hate those days…it usually ends up happening to me in a ranked match so im fighting and clawing for my rank to at least stay where it is. Then if i switch to say…Social Slayer…I will wind up with 15+ kills…then I think..”Well thats all I needed, time to go back to ranked.”

    where i proceed to suck plasma grenades.

  7. cd00 says:

    I seem to have those a lot nowadays…

  8. Viktim says:

    Glad to know it’s not just me this happens to. Of course, my runs tend to be measured weeks instead of days lately. Ugh.

  9. Cozmo23 says:

    Yea losing streaks are the worst. Im bad about getting rattled by a few bad situations playing out and it effects my play. I really believe that halo like any competition is largely physcological, if your thinking about how you just shot that Elite 7 times in the back of the head in Swat but he didnt die, you arent concentrating at the task at hand. I agree with mendicantbias00, sometimes you just need to take a break and play Social Slayer, or DLC objective(AKA Avalanche) and destroy some guests to get your head up.

  10. bs angel says:

    I very much agree with the psychological aspect. It’s almost a self fulfilling prophecy. You get to the point where you are convinced you can’t kill or do anything, and then you actually can’t kill or do anything. So, so frustrating.

  11. SoxKid05 says:

    right now i WISH i could have those days
    but no, i cant even play
    those damn three red rings of death. I am getting depressed.

  12. BSG Daffy says:

    Angel, I took a look at your stats for 7/10 and you had five 1st place finishes and four 2nd place finishes. It couldn’t have been all bad, eh? :P

  13. Valentine says:

    Don’t worry angel… That’s me every time I play Halo 3 hence I hardly play that game because for some un-godly reason… people just wont die. So after my 1 and 20 kills to death, I try not to break my Halo 3 disk and pop in COD4 instead and redeem myself from there LOL. We should play together… I see you on but you’re already in a game or playing a different game :) I will probably act as your shield as you get all the kills lol

  14. bs angel says:

    I need all the help I can get Valentine!

    And Daffy, I don’t judge my night by wins but more how I performed. Out of 17 games played last night, I had the lowest amount of kills on my team for 11 of them (and I went horribly negative in eight). We may have won, but only because my teammates were more than picking up my slack.

  15. Ragingterror says:

    Yeah, days like that are incredibly frustrating.

    Your best bet is simply to walk away from the game for a while (maybe for the night) and try again later. Continuing to pound your head against the wall usually does no good at all. :(

  16. Willy says:

    I have my fair share of those nights and it does suck. I know how you feel I am sorry. When nights like this happen to me I just blame the dreaded GREEN LAG MONSTER

  17. Skull Leadr says:

    Hey don’t forget about the ranked games where you’ve got your team quitting on you… Nothing gives the opposing team a boost of confidence when they see its a 4 on 3 and oh yeah they’ve got snipe, rockets and the hammer! WTF! Keep your chin up Angel! Things could be worse, you could be on your way to becoming a Grade4 Commander like me :)

    A good way to a break is to go into the theater for a bit after a few bad games. Look at things from your opponents view, turns out you didn’t make the headshot you thought you had at full speed, things like that. OR create some more cool screenshots of yourself to play with in Photoshop :)

  18. Ray says:

    I seem to have the luck (or misfortune?) of having everyone on both teams quit, leaving me to be the victor… am I THAT bad guys? =(


    I always see you on BS, but you are never available to play!
    Damn that Hexic HD… lol.


  19. SwampFox says:

    Been there my friend….oh so many times.

  20. SwampFox says:

    Nice V reference btw

  21. MrFibbi says:

    wow. I get a lot of these things…somebody look at my K/D ratio in bungie.net it’s so saddening…uhhh crap, I’m getting emotional…whatever..I think I’ll play Custom Games for a bit. :D

  22. ashame says:

    This never happens toe me. Wait… I never play Halo 3 online ^__^

  23. Jonathan B. says:

    Angel, I judge myself the same way. But that’s what team-mates are for!

    1) to pick you up when you’re down
    2) to accidentally shoot in the back of the head!

  24. Snatch says:

    Angel my dear, dont you fear. Ill always be there to pick up any slack you may be leaving behind :D

    On a side note though, I had a blast playing H2 with you and the crew last night. Let me know when we are doing that again!

  25. Stuicide says:

    Angel they won’t die because those are your teammates, there’s no auto aim. You’re having a bad night, we’re all just getting better at dodging your “love taps”.

  26. Crazyeye0 says:

    Yep, my days always seem to have a bit of a mix of those latley…seriously, apparantly you can’t run over anything more than a grunt whilst charging at turbo speed in a ghost, but when you move 1mm per hour you can kill a spartan >_<

    Also, try having all of that, combined with Snowbound, and a -20K/D spread, God, that was horrible =(

  27. brmonkey says:

    Average day in the life of me and anyone in my friends list. Life sucks. I’m gonna go make a noose. See ya. After your funeral…. HA! Made you think I was suicidal! You guys are too gullible!

    br – Over and out.

    • iPurism says:

      You failed.

  28. blagsc says:

    This is called when voodoo powers i have them were granades go though me (yes sticky granades)
    And the other power is the dark side were you for some reason cant doing anything but die but get random kills that are epic(sometimes)

  29. WaywardFerret says:

    Why I rarely play halo online. Which unfortunately means that I will probably never reverse my losing streak.

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