The Sound of Halo 3

When I initially watched the Call of Duty 4 Gun Sounds video, the first thing I thought was, “Now if only someone would create something like this for Halo 3!” Well, actually it was the third thing I said but who’s counting, right? The most important thing is that there is now a similar video dedicated to the glory that is Halo 3. I wish I could say it rivals the CoD version, but unfortunately it falls significantly short. It’s still an entertaining watch though and at just over a minute long, there really isn’t a single reason to not enjoy it in its entirety. Unless you have something else that requires 60 seconds of your time, like counting the sentences in my previous posts.

13 Responses to The Sound of Halo 3

  1. AusQB says:

    I loved it. I actually almost prefer this one over the CoD one because I love Halo so much. I think perhaps it could’ve been a little longer, but it was still great.

  2. BSG Daffy says:

    You had three sentences in your previous post.

  3. AusQB says:

    I did? Which post might that be? I can’t recall posting only three sentences before now.

  4. aussie_spartan says:

    I’lll never get those sixty seconds back… and I’m ok with that.

  5. Mr.Fibbi says:

    I saw this like 300 times already, I just cant stop listening to it.
    It’s like that Drumline movie. haha

  6. Alex says:

    Keep in mind that there was a Half-Life 2 version a good long while before the CoD one, and before any of serpento’s stuff:

    The H3 version seems to fall a bit flat partially because of the ambient noise being too loud, though the fact that it’s a bit slow and short doesn’t help either.

  7. Wayne says:

    Well done. Very nice =)

  8. Butcher of Mjat says:

    Nicely done. The laser sound, when it comes, is soo… satisfying. Don’t know why that is.

  9. Dylan says:

    Could have been longer but it was awesome!

  10. Rhamsey says:

    i dont know, i think i liked the COD one better, and i really dont even like that game to much. this one was too short, and the music wasnt put together as well

  11. Araknoros says:

    i think they should use the halo 3 guns sounds to remix the mario theme song…if i had the time i would attempt this, (more so i just dont have the patience or a working capture card :( )

  12. Alex says:

    that is from my favorite halo movie maker ever

  13. Alex says:

    by the way if you say it needs to be longer your a retard. it takes like 2 weeks to do that i’ve tried

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