Let’s Play “Dress Up bs angel’s Ears”

I recently came to the startlingly realization that I need a new pair of earrings. My particular style, which I would classify as “completely and utterly geeky”, is not available in most stores so I tend to have my jewelry custom made. My favorite person to buy from is skybluebunny, who just happens to make the cutest, most detailed pieces ever out of polymer clay.

pink controller necklacered heart earringsguitar hero necklace

This time around I am yearning for Halo-themed earrings. My only design ideas at this point are either plasma grenades or spike grenades. Hopefully I wouldn’t end up taking myself out with those spike grenades; they actually look a little painful to dangle from my ears. All of you tend to be much more creative than I am so I am looking for a little help. What object from Halo 3 should I get made into a ridiculously cute pair of earrings?

10 Responses to Let’s Play “Dress Up bs angel’s Ears”

  1. chickachicka says:

    You could pretty much have anything you wanted if they were dangly earings. I have some old western pistol earings and they dangle down from a chain. And you could even have stud ones as long as they aren’t huge. You could have just like a masterchief face studs. I dunno, there is so many things you could do.

  2. Valentine says:

    What about a (pink) Master Chief helmet? I think that would look absolutely cute. I’ve googled some halo weapons, since I’m a noob and don’t know much about them lol and found the weapons to be so detailed and intricate. It would be cool too if you get this covenant weapon and make ’em as clip on earings:

    When you do get your earings…I wanna see! :)

  3. -S- says:

    It’s funny that you mention this – I’ve been thinking of how to make earrings out of Halo Energy Swords to give to my gf for the better side of a year. Unfortunately, that would probably require me to be a master glass cutter/own shop materials in my basement (I don’t). If they existed in the market, I’d totally buy them.

  4. Destiny says:

    I would want energy sword earrings myself, so if you got some, I’d be totally jealous :P

    But I’d say plasma grenade earrings would be cute ^_^

  5. bs angel says:

    Swords are a good idea, definitely! I was also toying with doing one shotty, one sniper or one blue helmet and one red.

  6. Venus Envy says:

    What about the Halo logo.. maybe just that half moon thing? I don’t know the actual name. http://hushedcasket.com/files/halo3-logo.jpg I like how its more subtle then weapons etc. Although if done right, the sword idea could be neat.

    But knowing you, U defiantly need either shotgun earrings and/or necklace. … im just saying

  7. Crazyeye0 says:

    I was gonna say dangly Energy Swords, but it looks like I’be been beaten to it again =/

  8. Socket29 says:

    How about doing the Oddball? You won’t even have to have them custom made! Just go to some goth store…

  9. StealthSpeed3 says:

    surprised no one has said a miniature cortana face yet, but i agree that the halo logo (specifically H3, maybe make the 3 in the middle ‘spin’?)

  10. pixistar says:

    i love skybluebunny…she made me one of those xbox 360 controller necklaces in purple! it’s adorable. so perfect.

    i love the energy sword earring idea…the energy sword is one of my faves!

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