Most Expensive Halo 3 Hot Wheels Ever?

These just may be the most expensive custom Halo 3-themed Hot Wheels you will ever see. I would say that with more conviction except I have only run across one other customized Halo 3 Hot Wheels car so let’s just say between the two I am familiar with, this one is definitely pricier. By about $650.

custom halo 3 hot wheels

custom halo 3 hot wheels

Purchase here : mondocustomz’s eBay Store
Buy it now price : US $700.00

This ’62 Volkswagen drag bus two car set is bound to cause you a serious case of sticker shock but fret not. Included in this auction along with the two vehicles are also four handpainted figures. Is the price tag making a little more sense to you now? Yeah, me neither. Regardless, both the “Good Guys” bus and the “Bad Guys” bus feature various images of Master Chief with lots and lots of flames, all on top of a black background. Perhaps you can pretend they are in a rock band and these are their tour buses because I certainly can’t picture these being driven into battle. For $700 I would have expected some turrets. Of the gauss variety. That actually work. On real size cars.

8 Responses to Most Expensive Halo 3 Hot Wheels Ever?

  1. Ragingterror says:

    $700? Seems more than a little high to me.

  2. -S- says:

    Totally awesome – but seriously, $700? Truly, toys for the rich folk.

  3. Slothboy says:

    Um… no.

  4. kittymao says:

    not no but HELL NO.

  5. Venus Envy says:

    Unless these were made out of gold or platinum… who in their right mind would pay for that shit? i understand alot of time was spent making them, but seriously i could think of many better things i could do with $700

  6. JustChris says:

    And they’re not even Warthogs or Mongeese, etc. I don’t see the point of Halo figures on ’67 VW van action.

  7. yusha says:

    Does it work with batteries atleast?!!

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