Cortana in Your Shower

Many Halo 3 fanatics fantasize about Master Chief. Males simply wish they were him (I know some of you have a Master Chief costume in your closet) and females wish they could be with him. Skipping through a fragrant lush meadow holding hands amongst the wild flowers and butterflies sort of be with him (not the other kind, you perverts). Other people obsessed with the Halo series find themselves dreaming of everybody’s favorite female AI. The fantasy of being Cortana can now become a reality with this neat gadget for your shower.

led shower light

The LED Shower Light, which is expected to be available in mid-May for $44.95, illuminates your shower stall with a brilliant blue glow quite similar to the familiar glow that our favorite AI character basks in. There is a small downside though. The LED light is temperature controlled meaning it shines blue when the temperature is a cool 89 degrees or less but then switches to red when it goes above that mark. Yes, it will be cold but that just means you need Master Chief in there to warm you up. He said to wake him if you need him. Well guess what? It’s time to get up.

Source [geeksugar]

13 Responses to Cortana in Your Shower

  1. I thought there would be nothing greater than my yellow rubber duck shower head, but this proves me wrong!

  2. Serge says:

    Ha! Does Chief take off his uniform when he takes a shower? I hope he does when he goes to bed. Who likes muddy boots under the sheets?

  3. -S- says:

    Angel, I’m very disappointed in the deception laid out by this article’s title.
    “APPEAR LIKE Cortana WHILE in Your Shower” would probably clear up some confusion, for your readers who read the title the way it is, and quickly scuffled about the room closing their blinds and dimming the lights.

    ….which I totally didn’t do or anything.


  4. Sigafoos says:

    You should only be allowed to have this if you spend your time in the shower making bad Halo puns.

    ‘This is the way the dirt ends.’
    ‘This loofah will become your home. This loofah will become your tomb.’

  5. soulofaqua says:

    Me Angel -S- is speaking wise words this time around I also thought it was a bit more… spicyer,but still cool

  6. Socket29 says:

    Even if it does change to red, you will still look like Cortana. Does no one remember Halo 1? She constantly changed from blue to violet to red.

  7. NsU Soldier says:

    At Thinkgeek there’s also something for your kitchen faucet too. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

  8. bs angel says:

    This title is much better than what I initially wrote, that’s for sure. LOL, …

  9. -S- says:

    ….uhhhh Socket, Cortana def. went shades of greenish, to shades of bluish, but she never ever went red.

    :) Thanks, Soulofaqua I knew someone out there had to agree witHEY!! what do you mean, “this time around”??

  10. Socket29 says:

    Normal: Blue/Purple
    Angry: Pink/Green
    Flattered: Pinkish
    Rampant: Changes between Normal and Green with Orange eyes

    From Halopedia…
    She never quite makes it to red, but she gets pretty close sometimes.

  11. soulofaqua says:

    *waves hand infront of -S-* You like SoulofAqua he is great, he does not think you are easily fooled, you will brush your buns.

  12. Yanni Oblivion says:

    That shower-head is useless and cool in equal measures.

    If only I had the money…..

  13. For some reason every time I look at this picture I think of singing:

    “Pour some geeksugar on mmmmmme.”

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