My Little Master Chief Pony

Once upon a time (way back in the glorious days of the ’80s) I was known far and wide for my massive My Little Pony collection. I had pink ponies. I had yellow ponies. I had ponies with short tails. I had ponies with long tails. I had ponies with rainbows on their butts. I had every single My Little Pony that had caught my little eye and then some. This custom My Little Pony would not have fit in with my childhood collection but it sure would fit in nicely with my current Halo collection.

my little master chief pony

Purchase here : masamune_studios eBay Store
Starting bid : US $45.00
Auction ends : Apr-07-08 21:01:04 PDT

This one of a kind custom Halo-themed My Little Pony is not only ridiculously unique but it also won second place in the Kentucky anime/gaming/comic custom pony contest. Sporting green weathered Mjolnir IV armor sculpted with Apoxie sculpt, this Spartan pony is ready for battle. All she needs is an Arbiter My Little Pony companion. And a Cortana My Little Pony friend too. I do believe I could reach the same level of fame I had achieved as a child if I were to begin collecting Halo My Little Ponies. And to think, I thought I would never be that cool again!

UPDATE : This item sold for US $151.57.

Video Game-Themed My Little Ponies

36 Responses to My Little Master Chief Pony

  1. ashame says:


  2. Rosco-128 says:

    th…there is something… fundmentally disturbing about that image…

    but it’s still cool anyway!

  3. Calliope says:

    I think it’s supposed to be cute, but that is just… wrong. Because I have this insane urge to smack MC Pony’s butt right now.

  4. verd says:


  5. Anime_Amy says:

    Thanks for your interest in my Master Chief pony ^_^.
    I am the creator of this pony as well as many other gaming oriented Ponies of which you can check out on my Deviant art.
    He was so much fun to make I have plans on making a few more ponies from the Halo series :)

  6. silvercube says:

    “Does my butt look to big?”

    Any advice, Cortanapiggie?

  7. Fuseli says:

    Angel, I do believe you now owe a good chuck of us some brain bleach.

  8. CYBRFRK says:

    There is something so very wrong about this. If MC is now a pony, does that make Cortana a horse-fly?

  9. Grim Santo says:

    I must say, that pony is pretty damn ugly.

  10. E says:




  11. Ph4de says:

    I think I just died a little inside…

  12. ZaaM IT says:

    Somewhat weird indeed, but amazing nonetheless lol. Thanks for providing me my next avatar

  13. mg says:

    I think I know what’s so disturbing about the doll –

    the my little pony dolls are made to appear female by their shape and posture. cladding the my little pony in a combat exoskeleton, effectively negating all the regular visual cues associated with the feminine pony-ness and it becomes very apparent that the my little pony dolls are sculpted to appear as mares in estrus, with arched backs poised to accept the advances of a stud.

    Call me crazy, but it just hit me and it explains the disconnect between the coolness of the sculpey armor and the still exceedingly feminine pony shape…

  14. Valentine says:

    Yeah I agree…there is something disturbing about that image. Does it come with a Cortana figure behind this Master Chief horse? *yeouch*

  15. Halochamp says:

    it lookes like someone ready to kick his baahooney!

  16. 2.0 Weblogs says:

    iThink that he has been spending too much time in front of the tv and not enough time out in the barn with Charlotte and her beautiful web. ;)

    Americo de Thunk Different.

  17. Joshua Pohl says:

    What have you done? The Halo gods might smite you! :D It looks really cool by the way.

  18. GrimRune 21 says:


  19. E says:




    (part 2)

    i am actually frightened … but oddly … I cant stop looking at it.

  20. E says:

    “…mares in estrus, with arched backs poised to accept the advances of a stud.”

    somehow … that doesn’t help me be less frightened …
    now i’m visibly disturbed …

  21. Soulofaqua says:

    I work at a toystore even today I looked at the My Little Ponies but only know can I see how HORNY their butt’s rise. Oh and we even got a Cascada Pony!

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  23. lwayswright says:

    Wow I never thought I would see the day….LOL

  24. Revshawn says:

    Wow. Interesting project indeed! The pony looks just like Master Chief, though I have to admit that the idea itself is….disturbing. I agree with Ph4de here, my heart just skipped a beat or two. The manliness of Master Chief has been exterminated, and that can only make him one thing.

    A girlyman.

    God help us!

  25. Shad0wFlame says:

    I will be bidding large amounts of money on that.

    Prepare to break $100 easily. =3

  26. Orphicdragon says:


    Is it just me, or does it look a lil like the national geographic girl baboon/monkey type things gettin ready to breed…

    Thats a wee bit too scary for me.

  27. wintermute2501 says:

    Now that’s pretty cool, though slightly disturbing, especially after reading that previous comment about the design choice (see comment 13 by mg to understand).

  28. Haha,

    Wow that is the coolest and most unqiue thing I have ever seen, never in my life would I ever dream of seening a Spartan pony

  29. donkeygrl says:

    The sculpting is amazing!!! LOVE IT!!

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  31. Fezzer says:

    I’m speechless.

    I bet the bungie doodz are ROTFL.

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  34. Jypcee says:

    My little girl just saw the pic and she wants a pink “pewi-ing guy pony”! ROFL! It’s funny but scary all rolled into one little pony!

  35. Master Pickles says:

    Wow, I think I just hit an all new level of Halo nerdiness.
    It burns my eyes an almostmakes me want to puke, but at the same time, I almost….want it. O.o

  36. Sydney says:

    ….Who in the world would have thought, atleast for a second, that someone would create a Master Chief My Little Pony….There is something about it that wants you to stop looking at it, yet stare at the same time. It`s actually pretty cool and creative also, yet weird also!


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