Bungie Unscrews Previously Screwed Gamer

nathaniel's custom xbox 360Exactly one week ago today I told the story of Nathaniel. Nathaniel had an Xbox 360 upon which he collected signatures and custom artwork from notable members of the gaming community. When the console broke, he called Xbox support and explained the situation. The phone representative assured him the artwork and signatures would be safe and sound during the repair process, so Nathaniel hesitantly sent it on its way. When the console was returned to him, the case was clean. No artwork by Luke McKay, no Bungie signatures, no funny lines written by the Rooster Teeth Productions staff. Everything was gone. Because of the communication error between Microsoft’s phone support and their repair center, Nathaniel suffered a very tangible loss. People have speculated whether the case was “cleaned” or switched out. Perhaps Microsoft will uncover the truth during their investigation, perhaps not. The answer probably lies in one single employee and that employee only.

The same day the article was posted, I received two emails from Bungie employees (one from Lukems, the other from Frankie) expressing the desire to help fix the situation. Despite the fact that Bungie had absolutely nothing to do with what happened, they wanted to help make things right with Nathaniel. A large box packed full of Halo swag arrived on Nathaniel’s doorstep yesterday afternoon. It took Bungie six days total to gather numerous goodies, pack them up, ship it off, and have it arrive at his house. The quickness in which they responded is absolutely astounding. Bungie goes above and beyond with their fans each and every day, but this time they truly outdid themselves.

bungie swag bag

signed halo 3 soundtrack

signed legendary helmet

Included in the Halo swag bag were :

  • Legendary Edition Helmet signed by most–if not all–of the studio staff
  • Halo 3 Soundtrack (two disc) signed by Marty O’Donnel (with “DO NOT ERASE!” written under his name)
  • Bungie Jacket
  • Bungie T-Shirt
  • Halo 3 Messenger Bag
  • Two Halo 3 Limited Edition Wireless Controllers (one covenant, one human)
  • Halo 3 Faceplate and Skins for Xbox 360
  • Four McFarlane Action Figures (MC, EVA Spartan, Brute Chieftan, Jackal Sniper)
  • Halo Actionclix Preview pack (Target exclusive sticker on the front)
  • Halo Actionclix Game Pack 4
  • Halo 3 Wall Graffix
  • Halo 3: Ghosts of Onyx Novel
  • Halo Graphic Novel
  • Halo 3 Wristband
  • Halo 3 Hackeysack

Nathaniel’s personal statement :

When I sent the information for this story off to bs angel, I had no idea how fast it would spread and how far it would reach. The amount of support from the gaming community as a whole has been extraordinary. As with virtually every hot story that hits the web, this story has been heavily debated almost everywhere it has appeared–from questions of validity to who should take the blame and much more. However, in reading peoples’ comments on the matter, I have found that the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

In cases like these, it is easy to question the motives of the party breaking the story. Sadly, we seem to live in a day and age where unscrupulous individuals are constantly looking for handouts from others. On the issue of my motives, I wish to be very clear. Although I was admittedly upset when I realized what had happened to my console after taking measures to protect it, I did not release this story for the purpose of exacting revenge on Microsoft. I have no intention of taking legal action–and I am quite alarmed at the number of people that have suggested I do so. I am not demanding that heads roll for this, and I never requested any sort of compensation. My goals for this story were simple: I wished to get the word out to the gaming community about situations like these and to make Microsoft aware of potential and/or actual issues with their service process(es). At this time, I feel that significant progress has been made to both ends, and I continue to await more information from Microsoft staff. It is my ultimate goal and sincere hope that we can find a way to prevent something like this from ever occurring again.

I would like to take the opportunity to throw out a few quick thank-yous.

To bs angel: Thank you for continuing to take such an active interest in my story. I greatly appreciate that you’ve not only taken the time to publish this but also have been willing to put forth the extra effort to alert me to and assist me in dealing with any pressing issues in the aftermath of this story’s release.

To my friends, of both the Internet and the real world: Thank you for your ongoing support, both in dealing with this story and with the challenges of everyday life. You guys are awesome.

And finally, to the staff of Bungie Studios:

I cannot thank you enough for the outpouring of support that you have lavished upon me in the aftermath of the release of my story. Long have I known of your dedication to your fans and community, but I find this single act of kindness mind boggling. Apart from the fact that a few of you had signatures adorning my console, you had no involvement in what occurred. As such, you have far surpassed any response I could have anticipated. I don’t think I could ever repay you for this.

Thank you all for what you have done for me. I wish each and every one of you continued success in your future endeavors.

P.S. Marty, I love the soundtrack, and I promise you that I will do as you’ve requested and not erase any of it.

halo swag baghalo swag baghalo swag bag
halo swag baghalo swag baghalo swag bag
halo swag baghalo swag baghalo swag bag

Unfortunately there is not much of a Microsoft update at this time. John Porcaro (a marketing manager at Microsoft) contacted Nathaniel last Friday after Nathaniel’s previous attempts at correspondence went unanswered and had this to say: “We’re gamers ourselves, and we’re all pretty shocked that something like this happened… Apparently the consoles go through a wash-down process before they’re shipped back. You would think that someone would see the case and realize that it would be best to leave it be.” While they are working on rectifying the situation, Nathaniel has not heard back from them minus a few emails from M3 Sweat (Chief of Staff of the Windows Core Operating System Division) requesting more information (serial numbers before and after shipping, call reference number, and whether or not there has been any other response than the phone call last Friday). Microsoft’s closing sentiments were, “We’re really sorry this happened. There’s no way to replace what you had exactly, but we’re going to try to get you something similar, if not even more awesome.” Hopefully they will provide him with an update soon as a lack of communication is what caused this error to occur in the first place. I remain hopeful that they will get to the bottom of this and perhaps work to make some changes to improve overall customer satisfaction in regards to communication between their phone support, their repair center, and Microsoft themselves.

682 Responses to Bungie Unscrews Previously Screwed Gamer

  1. Ragingterror says:

    I <3 Bungie

    • Bluey Beural says:

      Atleast they arent being dicks about it and giving him something back. And what bungie did was pretty nice. Its funny how over Xbox Live so many players claim bungie and microsoft dont care about their players but this is an obvious sign that they do.

      What I find weird is that I sent my 360 in for repair, and it had a few marks on it (from a marker and just from use) and when I got it back, They were still there. Microsoft owes me a free system wash! Bwhaha.

      • justin says:

        Sure they care. But what they care about are individual cases, especially cases that are “hot” and are high profile.

        In this case, Bungie wins more points than MS. At best, all MS can hope to do is respond in cool way – and the bar was set pretty high by Bungie. But, really, they’re in crisis mode, and not satisfaction mode. “Let’s not get more egg on our face than we need to over this.”

  2. germboy says:

    yeah, but did they give him recon? :) j/k
    bungie rocks. i’ve never seen a company so in touch with their fan-base before. very very cool.

  3. Gil says:

    Double that Ragingterror! That’s way above and beyond anything that I could have even imagined. I guess there are good people out there and not just greedy corporations.

  4. Tyrone Hawk says:

    Hurrah for hte good guys!!! WOOT!!!

    And dor those around there blaming Nathaniel and putting so many doubts on the issue, remeber: it’s so easy to fall on excuses until you’re the one living the problem.

    Great kiss to you, Angel!!!

  5. Frankie says:

    Let’s be fair to MS here, John Porcaro and Major Nelson ARE in fact taking care of this kid and we doing so before this blew up. It just takes time.

  6. TheKilla88 says:

    Wow! Bungie is now better (in the eyes of the gaming community) than ever before. Thats some pretty amazing stuff. Now if only I could read the autographs on the helmet…

  7. the light show says:

    i am in awe… that’s just about the best thing that bungie could do short of giving him the key to bungie studios. i don’t know how they do it…. make the best trilogy in gaming history and be so wicked sweet to their fans… its freakin awesome!!!!

  8. CrazyKinux says:

    …and that is why folks, Bungie is parting ways with the Redmond behemoth. They are worlds apart when it comes to community.

    Congrats to Bungie for making for a mistake which isn’t their’s!

    By such an act, you rise farther then I thought possible.


  9. Stuicide says:

    Many props to Bungie for the awesome schwag.

    Also, to the deserving gamer who is a good person. Karma rocks.

  10. -S- says:

    Most excellent. Although it’s still sad that the poor guy can’t get the artwork and original sigs back, now he has something new to collect sigs on – and with a good head start too.

    And Angel took the words out of my mouth – even though I’ve met up with a lot of sad, heartless people, I don’t think anyone would be stupid enough to try and make up a sob story/copy this story or whatever just to get free Bungie swag.

    Halo is the best game series I’ve ever played, and Bungie is the best gaming company ever – ALWAYS listening/reacting to the call of the community.
    So…while we’re on the subject… Bring back midship? :D

  11. AJ says:

    I’m glad to see that Nathaniel received an excellent resolution to this. I was the one who submitted the story to the consumerist as a tip. I’m sure they will be glad to post this wonderful follow up as well.

  12. Alekat says:

    I think the last time I hearted Bungie so much was when I loaded up the Halo 3 beta and saw “Love, Bungie”

  13. Laird says:

    Right on, bungie… is there anything you cant do?

  14. Arbiter419 says:


    Bungie, you guys really are incredible. I’ve never heard of anything of this magnitude done for a fan. You guys are truly amazing.

    And bs angel, you’re amazing as well. Great job.


  15. Quantifier says:

    Just more confirmation why we all love Bungie so much.


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  17. Monte says:

    great job bungie. Way to take care of the gamers.

  18. Simply wow. BUNGIE (and Microsoft) have proven beyond shadow of a doubt that people still care. Such a quick response from BUNGIE is amazing. Though the reponse at Microsoft is slower, from the sounds of his communication it is still in the works. Microsoft is a big company after all, things take time.

    However the part that amazes me the most is Nathanial’s humility and sincereity. He didn’t ask for a thing. He simply was looking out for others. Without a doubt one the few things that makes me proud to be a gamer.

    And last but not least, Hawty McBloggy (BS Angel), for being the wonderful caring person she is. A pillar in our community.

  19. BBJynne says:

    this just makes me admire bungie even more

  20. Strider1115 says:

    Whoa, good stuff! Bungie does it again.

  21. ZZoMBiE13 says:

    You know, it’s things like this that keep the Bungie and the Halo community going strong after so many years. It’s clear now more than ever that the Bungie name holds a place of greatness among the gaming crowd and for good reason.

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  23. Tortacular says:

    Bungie is filled with winsauce.

  24. Valentine says:

    That’s pretty awesome of Bungie to go out of their way like this for a fan. I applaud you Bungie :)

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  26. TTL Nodak says:

    Bungie is awesome.

    Nathaniel is a nice guy who doesn’t finish last here.

    Bungie is awesome.

  27. SidearmS says:

    What? No Luke Smith signed SWEATER?


    I kid, I kid… :-)

    Nice hookup for the guy, Bungie. If you didn’t know he liked Halo before, you sure do now…

    As for MS side, nice of John to handle this hands on. And yes, you know MS is working on something. E had his signature on it for crying out loud. So Nathaniel – Undertow, Frogger, Joust, and Time Pilot ARE ON THE WAY!

    Again, I kid, I kid… :-)

    Good vibes all around on this one.

    XBox 360 – I don’t think he will be taking any of THAT around to sign.

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  29. HIPPOSLUG says:

    A frog in my throat, and a tear in my eye, I see that there really is hope in this messed up world, where it seems wrong and right / good and bad have been so terribly confused. It would be a massive boon to society as a whole, if somehow most of the corporate world would follow Bungie’s lead. They seem to always give back that huge amount of extra. Bungie. ya you know who you are, and so do we, Achievement Unlocked – World Domination.

  30. SpaceGhost2K says:

    If Misters Porcaro and Hyrb say they’re working on something, you have a right to stay excited. To the person above who said Bungie and MS are worlds apart in customer consideration, I respectfully disagree.

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  32. Anthony says:

    AWESOME!!! Great story with a happy ending. Corporations take heed…this is how you do it.

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  34. AusQB says:

    That’s what I’m talking about. Great job Bungie.

  35. discopete says:

    what no recon? lol just kidding Bungie, you guys really helped make up for it

  36. Beaverb says:

    Good Job Bungie.
    Handled like a company that appreciates its customers.

  37. Kiddo says:

    Glad to see some results in this!!!! The Bungie staff is awesome!

  38. NsU Soldier says:

    Wow, go Bungie!

  39. Rebelphoenix says:

    I may not like Halo but my hat is off to Bungie on this one. Gotta love it when companies support their fans.

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  41. DAL says:

    Class all the way.
    It’s little gestures like this that make a good business truly great.

  42. Hawke says:

    Way to go Bungie!!!! VERY classy thing to do…. You don’t normally hear about this type of stuff…

  43. GordonCaladan says:

    rly happy for u dude there is justice. bungie rock on!

  44. SmilingAssasin says:

    I sometimes wonder why I ever even read forums and comments.

    I finally have a reason to read. Great story!

    Thanx Angel and Thanx Bungie!!!

  45. el moco says:

    holy shit, that is awesome. bungie’s dedication to it’s fans is unmatched.

  46. daalny says:

    Bungie knows how to take care of its fans/customers that is customer service.

  47. PCDAD Allen Gibbs says:

    I don’t care who you are that’s cool right there. There is meeting expectations, but nothing was expected. Way to go Bungie.

  48. Snipedout99 says:

    Bungie definatley scored some respect points in my book. i wont even think twice about buying your games anymore

  49. Skippy says:

    Auction it off for Child’s Play!

  50. Gerard says:

    This is a very easy gesture for Bungie to make. They’ve got tons of this stuff slouching about in the marketing department [although the signed helmet is as sweet a kiss of reconciliation as you could hope for].

    It bespeaks the kind of care for the customer that makes the difference between a good outfit and the out-of-this-world ones. It’s also saying a great deal about the care with which these people create their products and what that will result in as far as user experience goes.

    Bungie is carving themselves out a really big shrine in the online gaming lore. What they did, although kind, is not as important as the underlying, unstated, message to everyone: “be this kind of awesome at what you do. It makes a difference in somebody’s life.”

    Bungie: you’ve absolutely got the Right Stuff. Deep respect!

  51. cloeigrrl says:

    I’m not a gamer personally but my husband works in the industry and therefore I tend to read gaming community stuff just to get insight into his world.

    I read the article last week and was beyond shocked/horrified at what had happened. So reading this update has put quite the smile on my face just for mere human act of going above and beyond.

    It will be interesting to see if MS does anything else. My personal opinion is that he won’t see/hear anything from them but who knows.

  52. I absolutely despise Halo.. but that is a really, really awesome gesture from Bungie studios. Glad you were able to get semi-reimbursed.

  53. Bibbler says:

    Thanks for putting the bounce back in my Wallace and Grommet syndication.

  54. Ocean says:

    Wow. Hoorah! Bungie definitely showed companies the world over the way to do business. Bravo Bungie! This charitable and kind act shows an incredible amount of respect and selflessness on your companies part. It will definitely effect my buying decisions in the future. You have a new fan!
    Keep it up!

  55. Patrick says:

    Bungie is amazing.

  56. CollegeStudent says:

    Bungie, I am highly impressed with your pure passion and support for your fans. From a gamer to another, thanks!

  57. Tomas says:

    This is great. I’m not much of a gamer anymore but I have always been a fan of Bungie. The day I found out that Microsoft was going to be in on the Halo action (which I’d been anticipating since it’s inception in Marathon days gone by) is the day I cut my gaming by about 95%. I didn’t have faith in much but this restores it!

  58. Ron Mexico says:

    Forget Bungie, how do I get compensation from bs angel…. she’s a hottie

  59. HotSoup says:

    Woots to Microsoft’s puppet company. Lets see what Microsoft itself does in response to this.

  60. There is really nothing to say that hasnt already been said. But…

    To bs angel, I commend you for the swiftness with which you brought the story to mass attention. I sincerely believe that you are a pillar of the gaming community and that this situation would not have gotten the attention it deserves without your help. =)

    To Bungie, you are without a doubt one of the most respected developers/publishers in the gaming industry and you have no doubt cemented that fact by going above and beyond what anyone would have expected. Bungie Rules!

    To Nathaniel, I am glad that the situation has been rectified for you. I sincerely hope that what has happened to you does not happen to anyone else.


  61. Morpheus says:

    Damn. I need to get screwed over!!

    haha, no… j/k.

    I’m happy for you, Nate. That’s some serious schwag.

    And the AllMarty’s right, don’t erase that!!

    Also, wonderful job, Bungie.

    Now, if you could only fix spawns and melee…


  62. Morpheus says:

    I forgot! Luke, send him a steak!!


    We love you Bungie.

  63. Daniel says:

    I met the Bungee crew back in the day, On Halsted street upstairs from the climbing gym. before they got really famous, They were seriously cool then, they’re only an order of magnitude cooler now!

    Bungee, you folks ROCK.

  64. Gavin says:

    I too love Bungie and their games, especially the Myth series. WW2 recon was likely my favorite, though nothing beats ‘If I had a Trow’ 3 v 3. Ahh, I long for those days, I ain’t kidding.

  65. amadtaz says:


    I told this story to my friends at work and people who think Wi-Fi is a type of sterio. And everyone thought Nate would be SOL. And I don’t play Halo that often and when I played Halo 3 I killed myself about a dozen times when I hit the Y button.

    But this story just shows that normal people work for big companies too, and when heartbreaking things happen, there are plenty of people willing to make things right. I want to buy an Xbox and Halo right now just so I can play with such a tight-nit crew.

    This is truly amazing!
    (P.S. Where’s Oni 2?)

  66. M says:

    Is that all they gave you? Man you got ripped off

  67. Kuraudo says:

    I’m no huge xbox fan, but a huge ps3 fanboy.
    In my opinion after reading the first story I was shocked what M$ did to him, but then this story had a marvelous ending!
    Bungie what a bunch of great guys! WOW
    I’m deeply moved by the Bungie team for unscrewing an unhappy Xbox owner :) Looks like some great gear! Even for a non fan like me I can truly appreciate this good deed, and good fan merch!

  68. Josh says:

    I am not a fan of either halo or Xbox. However, Bungie is one of the most standup developers out there. I have huge respect for those guys.

  69. xp194 says:

    Wow… I knew Bungie paid attention to the community… but this is a whole ‘nother level…

    I henceforth declare the guys at Bungie the most awesome guys on Earth!

  70. architectnid says:

    Um…ditto everything here. Bungie is a model for others to admire and emulate.

  71. Sparks says:

    It’ll be interesting to see what MS does. Afterall, not too long ago they flew some yokel out to Redmon all because he got a Zune tattoo.

    They can’t let some little game studio one-up them either, not in something this publicized.

  72. rebmastu says:

    Oh damn. That’s so sweet. ;_;

  73. gus says:

    He got some cheese for his whine.

  74. munky says:

    Oh come on…lets be realistc here! Yea Bungee are wonderful they have done this for all you intense gamers out there but think about the reality of this for Bungee.

    Who actioned this to happen? CEO? Developers? The cleaner? No it was the marketing/PR department who have come up trumps. Fair play to them though but for all you who think Bungee are just wonderful just step back and take a look at it. I dont doubt their games arent good at all but its a huge PR stunt for them which seems to have worked

  75. Wolf26pack says:

    When I first read this story I really didn’t want to comment on it. Although it is very believeable that Microsoft would do such a thing as they really do more wrong then good at least IMO. I think that It is AWESOME that Bungie went and took it upon themselves to compensate for Microsofts Mistake. Those are some very Nice items he received. I hope like him that Microsoft Works on stepping up on there Customer Service and finally gets back on track.

  76. Richard says:

    I hope that other places that do warranty refurbs learn from this. I had an autograph on a cellphone lost when I sent it in for service and they swapped it out for a “clean” casing. Manufactures need to know that people do this to make these belongings theirs, and adapt their processes to allow for this to never happen again.

    Its all well and good cleaning a dirty console, but I have to wonder what was (or was not) going thru the minds of the person that cleaned that one down.

  77. Cobra16 says:

    i knew there was a reason i liked bungie!

  78. Solidus says:

    Wow. Awesome. I never knew how cool bungie were. Because of this act alone I will be preaching their name and looking out for their games…Theres very few companies out there like this and im all in favour of supporting their products.

    Bungie we love you :)

  79. Jeff M says:

    Back when I used to live in Chicago, Bungie produced a box set of the Marathon series. Somehow its shipment to me got messed up, and so the customer relations director drove up to my house from downtown Chicago to the far suburbs (and hour each way, most likely, especially in traffic) to hand-deliver it to me.

    Matt, the customer service director, is now at Wideload Games with some other Bungie staffers. When Halo 2 shipped, it seemed to mark Bungie’s entry into the “Majors” of game development in a permanent way, and so I emailed him to say, “Hey, remember when…?” He did remember, and said, “There were a few times Bungie bent over backwards for a fan, but that was probably the biggest effort in terms of actual miles traveled. It was a lot of fun though. We got to brighten someone’s day and assuage our guilt over the botched shipment of your game. Plus we stopped at the beach on the way back.”

    Glad to see that some things never change!

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  81. Henry says:

    That’s a great company taking care of their fan base….HEAR THAT KONAMI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Wolfgame says:

    That’s pretty awesome of them. A friend of mine had a similar thing happen to him when TekServe in NYC decided to wipe Woz’s autograph from the back of his ibook. That’s life I guess.

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  84. dude100 says:

    That’s really great of them guys over at Bungie. I think the signed helmet of course is the best thing. I’ll bet they have a whole closet of that stuff at their offices.

  85. Rekkart says:

    Props to Bungie. They know how to rectify a situation.. one that wasn’t even their fault! And all in a timely manner. Meanwhile Microsoft is moving at a snails pace, showing that it is tough to get a behemoth in motion.

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  87. I’m sure what I’d like to say has been said in better words. Class act Bungie.

    In a world without heroes, here’s showing there is hope out there.

    Halo and Bungie FOREVER!

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  89. Adam says:

    This is PR that money can’t buy.

  90. Shaun555 says:

    Bungie is the most EPIC Video game company ON THE PLANET!!

  91. PaperThinWalls says:

    See this why Bungie is one of the greatest developers out there. They really care about their fans.

  92. Masterofgrunts says:

    After seeing this display of help from Bungie im glad they split from microsoft, Microsoft would have never allowed them to send him so much cool stuff for free.

  93. Depredation says:

    Wow! I’ve only played 1 of Bungie’s games, was not very interested in them but WOW there’s never a gaming company so willing!

  94. Yarp says:

    I’m not a fan of Halo, but I gotta say, that was a class act.

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  96. brian says:

    All this because of Microsoft screwing off some devoted gamer!!! Brilliant. This is how you do customer retention

    Big Co. Take Note Please. A test will come soon…

  97. LostDog says:

    All this time and not one “Frog blast the vent core.”

    A discussion of Bungie is not complete without one.

    //if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then get off my lawn you damn kid.

  98. babs says:

    Jesus christ, this is making me mist up. Nice one, Bungie.

  99. ./fight says:

    Its good to know that there are still companies that have humans running them. Its funny how some folks are called, or claim to be a Philanthropist, yet they cannot take care of their own customers. Especially after they are the ones responsible for the problem..
    All that money and power, and no common sense. .. Whoah! DEJA VU…

    Cheers to Bungie..

  100. Thomas Able says:

    Who would make this up? Just the thought of that makes me sick. I’m glad that Nathaniel got something back for the stupidity of the console washers, even though Bungie Studios cannot restore Nathaniel’s memories, they are quite cool to help making more [memories].

    Now only if I could get Jabil Circuit to honor my Service Contract. I hate those people.

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  102. JT says:

    Well said, Masterofgrunts. Bill Gates would have asked the guy for about $200, probably.

  103. J says:

    Good for Bungie! F- Microsoft!

  104. OGsmokeTICAL says:

    Bungie you rock. What a way to take care of a gamer in need,

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  106. john says:

    Good job Bungie.

  107. T Shane says:

    If I were a gamer, I’d buy Bungie!

    Nice story.

  108. Wow says:


    Bungie’s next game is gonna sell like hotcakes, whatever that game is, i just want to buy it now just to support them.

    who can hate the company that loves the little guy? not me

  109. Slothman says:

    This is total awesome from Bungie. Way to go, I hope this story spreads all over the net!

  110. Andrew says:

    Bungie sometimes is like the best big brother why can all major cooperations take the same initiative if they did the world would be a much better place, thanks bungie!

  111. Wow says:

    i feel peace, serenity,
    good karma in the air

  112. dude says:

    This is truly amazing. I commented on the original story that Microsoft would never do anything. Guess what, that really is the case. However, Bungie is a completely different company these days and they care about their fans. Rock on Bungie!

  113. carville says:

    Last year I sent an e-mail to Bungie, and I asked them for a small birthday present (at least Halo postcard or T-shirt or anything else, anything possible), because here in Hungary it’s hard to buy any Halo stuff, and I wanted something special for my 18th birthday. I hoped I got at least answer, a Halo fanatic should get an answer, even if he can’t get gift, or even if they don’t know where Hungary is. I was wrong…

    Do american fans have priority? Ehh.
    Don’t misunderstand me, I’m glad because at least Nathaniel’s story has happy end. But I can’t resist to tell my story. :/

  114. dave says:

    arhhhh hes well lucky i want all those goodies!
    but all i can say is well done bungie!

  115. NeKoS says:

    Wow, I am sincerely in awe about Bungie. I always knew Bungie was a respectable company but this go farther then anything I believe anyone could image. This type of response is only dreamed about as a “What if”. Bungie is a company that all companies should look up to even MS for customer response and resolutions.

    Bungie will always have my respect!

    Nathaniel is certainly a deserving person for such response. Congrats to you, my fellow gamer! BTW, I am sure when MS gets to the bottom of this, they will take care of you for their huge mistake.

  116. HammerShot says:

    Sweet merciful crap. That’s alot of swag.

  117. Pingback: INSULINFUNK » Bungie Rights a Microsoft Wrong

  118. mase says:

    screw microsoft they suck the developers are awesome to bad they got halo series binded with microsoft a multi consol halo series would rule the gaming industry

  119. Pingback: Kantenflimmern - Wer was anderes liest, stinkt! » Putzfimmel

  120. Andrew says:

    Lets not kid ourselves…

    The artwork was not removed during a “washdown” procedure. MS did what it always does for 360 “repairs”, it cycled a refurb off the shelf and sent it back to the guy.

    The 360 he got back was not the same one. This sort of thing has been well documented, and if you think about the number of warranty repairs MS does, makes a lot of sense.

    His old unit is either on a shelf somewhere, in some unscrupulous employee’s hands, or has only recently been sent off for a complete refurb (at which point the case would be washed/replaced).

    So it seems possible that MS might be able to find the original defective unit, but only amongst a pile of other red-ringed 360’s in a massive warehouse somewhere…

    Gotta love it… Takes recyling to a whole new level.

  121. Twilight Ronin says:

    This goes above and beyond anything I expected. Especially since it is coming from Bungie who wasn’t directly involved. I must admit that I was never fan of Bungie myself, but after seeing this I just might have to change my opinion. I haven’t even heard of another gaming producer doing anything even remotely similar to this.

  122. mrpikachu1 says:

    Awesome! that’s the way to follow for the other companies
    so bungie my respects (sorry for the bad english)

  123. xepherism says:

    For a guy that got screw-over, he sure got a lot of good things back in return.
    Is this the work of Karma? :D

  124. nizzy1115 says:

    Very Very cool. Bungie is great and i love their games. It’s good to see companies truly caring about their customers.

  125. magoo says:

    Nice story……
    I am dumbfounded that someone would be so stupid to wipe the cover clean.
    This guy will never be able to replace his original, which makes one question why he just didnt buy a new one when the autographed model bellied up.
    “trust no one, assume nothing”
    I hope the guy at MS didnt steal this guys cover…..and really did wipe it clean……..otherwise…..thats just low.
    Those Bungie guys stepped up and saved MS ass.

  126. !dan says:

    I am going to cry. It is that beautiful.

  127. RandomJoe says:

    My only suggestion to Nathaniel would be that, after his console gets tagged again (we know it will!) and it red-rings again (sadly, it will), he get some plain replacement panels for the tagged panels, swap out the tagged ones for the plain ones and send his now “vanilla” box to the repair depot.

  128. bs_angel, I think that the coverage you gave this was really helpful. Thanks for your help in making the connection. I know that the Microsoft teams in support, services and Xbox are working on this issue, and will follow up with Nathaniel.

    As noted in an early thread, this takes time, but I expect that the teams will learn from this issue and take appropriate steps. I’ve returned an Xbox 360 and had to go through the regular repair process (as noted on my blog), and found in my own experience that the Xbox service team to be responsive and helpful.

  129. gor says:

    And they say there’s no God. I think he works for Bungie!
    Bungie, you guys are awesome!

  130. wow… I had to send in my box and it had a bunch of cool gaming stickers on it (ones from MLG, destructoid, kiaeneto and a few others) that all got taken off. It sucked :( and I even asked them if they would still be there and they said “if it’s just getting fixed, ya.”
    so I just assumed I got a whole new box.
    but ya.. stickers don’t compare to art and autographs. That pisses me off >.<
    but this guy sure is a lucky guy for getting all that swag :)
    I’m sure whatever they do to fix it, it’s gonna be epic.

  131. BlacFyre says:

    That’s just awesome. =D Utterly made my day hearing everything turned out alright and better by the looks of it!!!

  132. Bmack says:

    They all need to randomly show up at the kids house with Markers and remake the Xbox

  133. Adam Houston says:

    Wow. Bungie rocks. Totally and completely, this is the nicest thing I’ve seen a company do in a long time.

  134. Kinglink says:

    You know, I hate Halo, I think it’s one of the worse things to happen to console gamers, but at the same time after reading this I have to say Bungie is A+ class act.

    It might not be his old box but Bungie has given the guy something incredible out of the goodness of their hearts. They didn’t have to, but they saw a true halo fan and they hooked them up. Good for them. I’ll be buying what ever they put out next (unless it’s halo 4)

  135. TheDeeZone says:

    Very cool. Bungie is awesome.

    Isn’t switching out the case the same thing as stealing?


  136. Pingback: I feel for this guy « …and then they made me their chief.

  137. boojah says:

    imho bungie just did what any smart company does. its just good PR. but good for him :D

  138. MichaelB says:

    Wow. Two thumbs way up! You guys are truly a class act and your generosity and kindness have really made my day.

    I’ve always liked Bungie…their games exude style, creativity, and attention to detail (plot, graphics, etc). Although I’ve never tried the Halo series, I have fond memories of playing through each release of Marathon (including the leaked beta of the first game) back in my Macintosh days. I think I’ll have to check out Halo now.

    Again, bravo!

  139. Mecandes says:

    You know Bungie only did this because his story got so much press. Their marketing/PR guys saw an opportunity to send the guy some stuff and then get their company on the front page of Digg, etc. Do you know how much stuff they give away in a year? This is absolutely nothing to them. Very smart move, but probably not done out of the kindness of their heart, alas.

  140. Just_One_Fix420 says:

    I quit playing my 360 in favor of the ps3….I never owned Halo 3 ….but after following this story….I’m going to order a copy of Halo 3 and pick up the next game they release…regardless of what it is(hopefully on ps3?)….I want to stand behind a company that stands behind its fans.

  141. vernon says:

    WE LOVE BUNGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THEY LOVE US!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAMERS AND BUGIE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO

  142. c3p0v2.3 says:

    WOW, Bungie gets all my respect!

  143. ukluc73 says:

    it must have cost bungie alot for all this, and this is how nice they really are, makes you sorta feel happy that there are some REALLY nice people in the world =`)

  144. Mandude says:

    Good. I’m glad they stepped up.
    Thanks Bungie too. They got some major points for doing that.

  145. Donald says:

    Who cares what Bungie’s motives were? Few of us are saints. But their actions speak for themselves. Good for you BUNGIE! I for one am slightly happier to find such good deeds out there.

    Microsoft, step up and fix ytour processes. That’s all any of us want. You’ve got lots of resources and a valuable brand. Plan, and execute your plan. Your customers always should come first…no matter what. That’s how you get loyal customers.

    They did take care of my Xbox problems, and sent me a Live 2-month card. Thank you. Keep up the good work, and don’t screw up royally like this anymore!


    P.S. Please fix that piece of junk product called Vista!

  146. Pingback: Speaking of bad customer service… « Wrathchild

  147. blackHat says:

    Bungie has been true to it’s fans since the days when everybody had @aol.com email addresses. i’ve never known a company to be so grassroots, and so personally accessible.

    When Jason Jones made the decision to accept the Microsoft buyout, many avid fans all over the gaming community (the Mac community in particular) expressed major disappointment in them, feeling that the spirit that made Bungie unique would be absorbed and eradicated by the stuffy, impersonal corporate behemoth that is Microsoft.

    Now, several years on, it seems Bungie utilised the decision precisely as they said they would—they’re taking full advantage of Microsoft’s resources to make awesome games, and on the scale they always wanted to. What’s more—as is demonstrated in this case—they’ve kept the level of commitment to their fans, even in spite of the initial skepticism.

    Way to go, Bungie.

  148. Vash says:

    Bungie > microsoft

  149. Pingback: Bungie Fixes A Huge Microsoft Error - Hustlin’ Games

  150. Bilal says:

    Now if only HP returns my laptop which they have lost in their service center for more than 2 months! I have tracked it through UPS and have sent them all the evidence necessary to track it. It puzzles me on how companies are not in touch with their services.

    http://www.bilal.ca/ has more info if anyone is interested. Horray for Bungie for their awesomeness!

  151. xmiyux says:

    As always Bungie shows their class. Even those who decry it as a simple PR move – the individual customer doesn’t care and it fosters the rabid sort of love for the company many of us feel. <3 Bungie

    Also, the comment on the CD case to not erase is really damn funny. :lol:

  152. Jim says:

    Woooooo! Go Bungie!

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  154. Pingback: XBOX UPDATE: Bungie Unscrews Previously Screwed Gamer - NECO Forums

  155. Harrison says:

    This just confirms what I’ve always thought: Bungie rocks and Microsoft stinks, and wouldn’t be anywhere in gaming were it not for Bungie.

  156. Pingback: Bungie Helps Out A Screwed 360 Owner | Geek Madness

  157. DaXtermGuy says:

    this is how you do customer service.

    Thumbs up to Bungie.

  158. Tim says:

    It’s awesome and everything that bungie gave him all that stuff, and I might be wrong, but according to the list…they didn’t send one copy of halo 3 to the guy.

  159. David says:

    I have never liked the Halo series (gasp!), but this kind of support from the staff is pretty fantastic. Kudos to the guys at Bungie…maybe some of the large corporations will see this and remember how to treat people, not customers.

  160. Yo Yo says:

    Very cool of Bungie. Very cool.

  161. The Cool Side of the Pillow says:

    Awesome shit! I like how the guy who signed his name on the soundtrack also put “DO NOT ERASE!” lol

    Bungie is awesome, but Microsoft should take a page from them as well.

  162. blueimac540c says:

    Who cares if it’s all a PR move. Someone got what karma gave- And honestly, I’m sure there’s still a spine in that company, and the guys honestly felt for him. Call me naive, but I have to believe there’s still good hearts in the world.

    Next time I see a flaming helmet, I’ll remember to send a thank you note after the game.

  163. Gai says:

    That is absolutely awesome. Bungie rawks!

  164. Pingback: Bungie comes to the aid of broken hearted gamer « Last Minute Productions

  165. controlling chaos says:

    WOW -an excellent move. Good to see all goodies he got just for waiting. Enjoy your new toy!

  166. specordnance says:

    Wow. What a class act, Bungie.

  167. Pingback: Bungie makes good with erased 360 owner | Techchill.com

  168. Pingback: Euge’s Ramblings » Blog Archive » Good going, Bungie!

  169. Kevin O'Heron says:

    Do you realize how many fans Bungee has earned from this?

    I’m going to play Halo in honor of Bungee once I get my 360 back from Microsoft.

  170. Pingback: gg.org blog » That’s harsh

  171. I agree with Keven O’Heron(post 169). I think I’m going to go to my local LAN center and play Halo even though I’m not exactly a Halo fan. This is an awesome thing to do for a fan that was victim of an unfortunate circumstance.

    What an amazing gesture Bungie has extended to their dedicated fan.

  172. Pingback: El caso de la Xbox de colección tuvo un final feliz.

  173. Sephirath says:

    Hey, men, It was luck while unluck moment ;) We are with you!

  174. zeth006 says:

    Holy crap…that’s a lot. Now THAT is what I call customer service! If I were to receive that kind of compensation as well as quality customer support over the phone, you can almost guarantee 100% that I would be a loyal customer of that company for LIFE!

  175. silvercube says:

    There’s a lot of love to be found here : )

  176. Pete says:

    Other development houses like codemasters should learn from Bungie and their commitment to quality and community support. With Bungie you feel they make great games with passion and pride, 10/10 Bungie long may your success reign.

  177. Pingback: Loot Ninja » Bungie and Microsoft Doing Right by Wiped Xbox 360

  178. IsaacMG says:

    Damn, after reading this story I love Bungie even more! It’s just so incredible they did this to compensate Nathaniel for an error they weren’t involved at… props to Bungie!

  179. Pingback: Visiondecor Blogsite » Microsoft Screws Up, Bungie Saves the Day

  180. Brandon says:

    I bet after what Bungie did Microsoft is gonna try to top them…. but what the hell are they going to do? Send the 360 all over the United States possibly the world to get more signatures?!?!

  181. Pingback: Xboxic » Screwed gamer compensated

  182. Tyler says:

    Bungie guys are one classy group. Dugg the story.

  183. Iranian Ajax says:

    Im glad all things worked out. They usually do.


    Iranian Ajax

  184. Wes says:

    I bought a t-shirt from Bungie just to show my support!

  185. Pingback: Bungie compensa al usuario al que borraron las firmas de su XBox 360

  186. Xprimentyl says:

    This is a great story. Sorry about the loss of such a unique and invaluable console, but, Bungie’s action to repair some of the damage is astounding. IMHO, love my 360 and I’d miss the console if It had all that custom work on it, but the gift packagse sent form the greats behind my absolute favorite games is x10 better. NEVER OPEN THAT STUFF! THAT’S A LEGACY RIGHT THERE! Kids, grandkids and their kids are gonna love that stuff!

  187. goa says:

    yeah, bungie has always put their hearts into everything they do. When I bought marathon infinity in 1996 the serial # didn’t work, so they sent me a funny letter with a cool sticker and a new serial.

  188. Pingback: UPDATE: Bungie delivers! « Girth Industries

  189. carabus says:

    That’s a happy camper

  190. Pingback: Lose Signed Bungie Halo 3 Xbox, Get Box of Halo Gear | Halo's Finest

  191. setters says:

    go bungie! well done that company!!

  192. ubergamer99 says:

    Do you think if I said that happened to me they’d send me all that stuff?

    It looks pretty sick!

  193. madmilker says:

    duh! Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey….can’t they screw their own nuts!
    oops! they did.

  194. zero-kill says:

    The fact that they found your blog isn’t surprising especially since it pops up about every 140,000 stumbles on StumbleUpon.

    Good job to Bungie for their support.

  195. Cayote says:

    This Awesome Story Made Me Cry. I love this community and I love Bungie!

  196. Pingback: MEGATONik » What’s the difference between a pregnant woman, a lightbulb, and a screwed gamer?

  197. OMG! A few minutes ago I read the previous post and was so pissed off!! Bungie have regained my respect! Good job guys! This is how customer support should always works :-)

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  200. grimrune21 says:

    MAD props to Bungie for really reaching out to a fan. Congrats to Nathaniel

  201. Paul says:

    Good to hear there are “Good Guys” out there still!

  202. Pingback: Los Reyes Magos vienen de Bungie | Nivel22

  203. BattleMaster25 says:

    I am truely happy that Nathaniel has gotten some restitution, i know it’s not the same as what he had before, but in some ways it’s just as good if not better, still the orginals are the things we hold onto and charish the most. The response from Microsoft is so typical, and the response from Bungie so a-typical. Truely there is no better gaming company than them, and just one of the reasons why i am such a die hard fan of them, and their games!

    Thank you Bungie, thank you for all the hours/days of non-stop fun and constant enjoyment! Thank you for actually caring about your fans and followers, you are truely one of a kind!

    Again, Nathaniel, as an avid collector myself, i am truely sorry for what happened, and hope that your story, albiet it should have never happened, can hopefully change things for the better, so that no one else has to suffer a tragedy such as this!

  204. StatikBit says:

    I’m so happy to hear that Bungie hooked him up with so much! This is truely a great story; one for the record books!

  205. Ick says:

    Please send me that helmet in the mail. It looks like it needs “cleaned off” to me.

  206. Pingback: CrunchGear » Archive » Bungie sends a treasure trove of stuff to sad gamer

  207. XMixMasterX says:


    Any word on RT productions getting anything to him?

  208. Johnny says:

    It probably was a PR stunt… but who cares. More companies need to do more things like this. The world is losing sight that back in the day “mom and pop” shops would do things like this all the time. Microsoft I hope you are taking notes. Great job Bungie. Thumbs up.

  209. letmelive4sh0 says:

    *cries* i would have kissed every single bungie employee for that.

  210. NeoSimkin says:


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  212. IceMan 0007 says:

    WooHoo!! Way to go Bungie
    Totally above and beyond the call for the fans more companies should follow this example and back up both the fans and customers.

  213. BungieRocks says:

    Great job, Bungie. You have my loyal support.

  214. Revshawn says:

    I absolutely love Bungie, and I’m glad that Nathan got his 360 back. Microsoft should be ashamed for what they have done! They’ll probably do something stupid and give him Microsoft points or something dumb like that.

    I am proud to be a owner of Halo 3. Halo 4 ftw!

  215. Danthemanwithnoplan says:

    (in a godly voice) BEHOLD THE POWER OFF BUNGIE!!

  216. halo hater says:

    You wonder why Bungie did this? Look at the 200 or so positive comments praising them like they actually cared about this person….. This is an obvious PR scheme by them. It probably cost them nothing for all of that stuff. They probably have boxes of the stuff to give away for promos and contests. They’re just doing this to make halo lovers love them even more….

  217. Bill says:

    You wonder why Bungie did this? Look at the 200 or so positive comments praising them like they actually cared about this person….. This is an obvious PR scheme by them. It probably cost them nothing for all of that stuff. They probably have boxes of the stuff to give away for promos and contests. They’re just doing this to make halo lovers love them even more….

    I do believe it worked!
    We DO love them even more!!
    Awesome move on Bungies part…Awaiting the Microsoft response…???

  218. Pingback: It feels like Spring, and I like that « Jon Furniss

  219. WhiteRaven01 says:

    That is the single most awesome thing I have ever seen!!!! I had read the original article when it first went up.
    Nathaniel rock on bro!
    And Bungie shows what its truly about! Not the swag, not the popularity, but the all around support for each other. After all who else will look out for us except each other.
    As the way it should be.

  220. Ridge says:

    Im not a fan of the HALO fad, but the story about the erasure pissed me off as a gamer, and I give massive credit to Bungie for doing this for the gamer…

  221. Ryan says:

    props to bungie for going out of the way. I would sell that shit on ebay if I was him.

  222. WT Snaks says:

    Wow, that’s awesome of them (Bungie) to do that for you.

    Have fun with the action figures!

  223. Zyrin says:

    Bungie, you guys rock for that! Microsoft, you guys fail at this point.
    Bungie is now the new Emperor! Praise Emperor Bungie!

  224. Tim says:

    bungie ftw

  225. Pingback: » Archive » Why Bungie Rules

  226. Dave says:

    Bungie fir the win! w00t w00t!!

  227. birdough says:

    So how come my 360 just cam back from rrod service and still had the same old dirt smudge on it? They must only clean the ones with cool artwork?

  228. Bryan says:

    Bungie I love you!!!!!!!!!!!

  229. California Gamer says:

    Too bad they didn’t include functional laser/lights in the helmet. :-) That would be a killer mod to the Holo kit… Someone needs to make a x-box clear stick on kit… Like the 3M material used for clear bras… or this stuff http://www.xpel.com/ Then you could see the autographs but not erase them, and you wouldn’t have bugs stuck on your fine xbox 360… double sweet.

    Halo is pretty cool, and Bungie rocks for their quick and over-the-top response. I must admit that COD4 quickly push my copy of Halo3 to the curb… but hey, I bought it, and I think it is a great game!

  230. Emmy says:

    Wow Awesome!!!

  231. Scott says:

    My box got scrubbed also. Help me! :)

  232. mark says:

    All the nonsence with games now and systems, I’d buy from those people.

  233. Jacque Rodriguez says:

    I dont play X Box but I did gave one to my nephew and when I saw this article I just had to read it. I think it was great Horrah!! for Bungie It was a good thing they did. Its because of the fans that they have made it so popular.



  234. Ken Deemer says:

    Wow! That’s customer Service!! Not only was it not there fault, but they stepped up & tryied to right a terrible wrong!

    I’ll buy any Bungie game now!!


  235. rlee says:

    The yahoo headline was so misleading… Tragedy turns into Triumph. I thought some kid had died from from a Halo related incident, that he/she who passed away really loved halo and so forth…


  236. Ellen says:

    That’s freaking awesome of Bungie to do that! Marks up another reason to love those guys and gals!

  237. Robert Gist says:

    Thumbs Up Bungie!
    My question is did Microsoft take any responsibility for their mistake?!? My guess is NO!

  238. PJ Holt says:

    COOL!!!!! WAY TO GO DUDE!!!

  239. Brandon says:

    I would have had heads roll over this.

    This guy has the patience of a saint.


  241. Ghost says:

    Halo 3 Sucks, Halo 1 Is The Best, Halo 2 Is Hott. But Halo 3 Just Plain Sucks. That Kid Should Be Playing Call Of Duty 4.

  242. bunjie fan says:

    dude that is a really cool you are lucky i have never seen a company that cared for there fans as much as bunjie congrats on your new stuf

  243. Dennis Bauer says:

    i love the “Do not Erase” comment on the CD, nice work from Bungie ^__^

  244. dj says:

    Nathaniel if you owned a PS3 it never would have broke and you wouldnt have to worry about it! LOL

  245. ali says:

    lol. Bungie was nice for helping out Nathan. I’d be pissed if that happened to me. Way to go Nathan ^_^ Btw… Halo does rock xD

  246. fred says:

    man,luckey why do they do that like replace stuff well they ur soo nice too there fans

  247. jamie says:

    good for you keep on fraging.

  248. Shawn says:

    That is great! Bungie is obviously a stand up company!! Never have I seen a company go that far out of their way to make someone happy and this didnt even involve them! You guys kick a$%

  249. fred says:

    i dont get the’DO NOT EARSE’ plz explain to me

  250. shannon ward says:

    This story brought a tear to my eye as I am a huge gamer and a game art & design student, I hope one day to work for a company that is so dedicated to its fans! Bungie is the best ever!

  251. Heather says:

    Wow… My heart goes out to Nathaniel. I know how he feels. I’m a huge collecter of Sailor Moon, from the anime to the manga and I have over $2000 worth of stuff. If something some how got damaged, I do believe I would go insane. However, what Bungie did for this guy, well all I can say is…. GOOD FOR YOU! You guys went way over beyond, and I hope the problem with Microsoft gets taken care of soon. Nathaniel, hang in there; things always work out for the best (as you can well see for yourself) :)

  252. F4ith says:

    I read this touching story in the front page of Yahoo on Mar 13, 2008. Although I am not a fan of Halo sequence, I really really appreciate a company like Bungie. They don’t have anything to do with this poor guy’s system but they willing to step in and help as much as they can to ease the Nathaniel’s pain. I really respect a company that takes good care of their clients.

  253. Gin says:

    Wow… This really makes me believe that there are REAL people behind the machines. Not only did they make him a consolation package but he actually got a real response from Microsoft. Amen, there is a gaming god! Play on!

  254. d4n131m3j14 says:

    What number do you think that helmet is? maybe a special one? recon helmet would have been better than a shirt..

  255. mare says:

    Bungie rules!!!
    Microsoft sucks again.

  256. rachel says:

    bungie rocks <33

  257. bob says:

    What?! Am i the only one who is skeptical about this whole story? They really didn’t solve the problem …..they just threw some action figures at it.

  258. mare says:

    in reply to fred.
    it’s making fun of Microsoft.
    Because Microsoft erased everything on the Xbox when they were trying to fix the machine.

  259. bb says:

    u know, I wrote a letter to the Yankees organization thanking them for one of the most fun nights of my family’s life. We just had an awesome time. They sent me a huge bag of Yankee merchandise. I never expected anything so cool. The game was more than enough for us. There are some great organizations out there. Sounds like Bungie is one of them. Too bad about the atrwork & sigs….A washdown? I doubt it….

  260. I’d say that the people he sent it to kept the autographed one for themselves and sent back a new one… obviously.!

  261. Riverdog56 says:

    It is stories like this that has kept me away from X-Box. After it is made by Microsoft, one of the worst companies for the consumer that has ever been on this planet. Just look at the cruel joke they played on the world called Vista. They may actually give him some cool stuff but they can not replace the damage they have done. But they will say oops MY BAD and act as if that were enough. Go away Microsoft! just go away.

  262. Sacbeast says:

    I haven’t read all the comments, so maybe someone’s said this … but I’m a bit skeptical. Scrubbed clean? Really? I’d bet it’s more likely that someone working at Microsoft STOLE the artwork-covered case and replaced it with another case.

  263. Princess Scarlet says:

    Hi five on the response of some. You never know when someone will step-up or when you will get swept under the doormat. :)

  264. Evan Morton says:

    Bungee shouldnt have had to do anything, Microsoft should have, there system was sooo poorly made, I have gotten the freaking red ring of death 4 times now. Drives me nutts. I don’t understand why they released such a crappy product, Microsoft is just lucky that they were able to sign great games with their system or else I would never have wasted my time. (sorry im a little bitter as i just sent in my 360 again!) Bungee rocks however and it shows with their games!

  265. Riverdog56 says:

    Oh yes, Three cheers for the HALO crew. A company that Microsoft can only dream to be like.

  266. the JUICE says:


  267. MICHELE says:


  268. send nymail says:

    It is hard to find good customer service and this is truly great customer service. I was so excited. I cried after I read this story but I am still straight.

  269. buckshot says:

    I’m a huge halo fan from day 1 I have not played halo 3 yet but i will get it soon keep up the good work bungie im impressed with the company. peace.

  270. John says:

    Bungie Rocks!

  271. David says:

    LOL that’s so awesome… I’m not even a gamer but the Yahoo story made me smile to see what luck you have! Well deserved!

  272. Axile 888 says:

    I think that the best thing that can happen to a halo fan I havent played halo that much but I still think thats realy realy cool

    I have nintendo Wii not a X box 360 but it still cool

  273. Edwin says:

    man bungie is so tight i wish the guys at epic were like that 11 thousand kills and still no seriously achievement.

  274. Finder24 says:

    bungie has earned another follower in their quest for world domination. im in!. anyways what a amazing thing to do for something you didn’t even screw up on!.

  275. william gauthier says:

    well this helps me understand my son a little better , he pays this games 50 hours per week I hate it . I want him to go Driving in the ocean & horse back riding but no only games . will live in Vietnam he is 13 now he can have any thing but all he wants is games .

  276. Cal says:

    YOU KIDDING ME, this sick propaganda would make Goebbels blush. Microsoft and Bungie did this for THEIR profit, they could not care less about you peon customer, YOUR A MARK to these corporations. I am on my third xbox 360 and have lost $700 for choosing xbox. In addition, when my xbox was sent back for the second time, I got someone else’s xbox back, which is standard policy by the way. When MS sent my xbox back they canceled my subscription which had 8 months left, then gave me a subscription for my troubles, as promised – FOR ONLY 30 DAYS. They screwed me twice!!! Bill Gate pig demon must be laughing all the way to the bank he owns.

  277. Adrian says:

    That guy will probably have to send in his other Xbox 360 for repairs AGAIN, ha ha! My PS3 has never failed me from launch. And everything just looked dumped into the box, very very poor packaging.

  278. Cassandra says:

    Good for you man! It’s about time someone got something good out of a broken 360!

  279. WOOOWWWWWWWWWW =D <3 I love u guys!

  280. nico a says:

    Xbox 360 will go down as the ‘pinto’ of game consoles.
    so not only did microsoft make a shitty product, but what asswipe ‘cleaned’ this guys game? way to go ms
    cudos to Bungie for making it right…

  281. LC says:

    I dont think when he sent in his 360 that they erased it and returned it back. They just sent him a replacement so those autographs are still lurking out there somewhere.

  282. Sammie says:

    Oh my god he is so lucky!!! I love Halo to death. He better take care of all of those items. Still it sucks bout the 360 but hey he got a helmet of master chief and well shit he’s lucky.

  283. LPT says:

    Do Not Erase refers to the people who wiped off the signatures at the MS repair shop… it is a joke/dig at them.

  284. Pingback: Living in Sim — [Rich]

  285. Blah blah says:

    Wow bungie that was awesome, its shocking that you guys compensated him for loses that you had no connection in causing. Looks like this story had a happy ending =), i’am sure anyone wud agree

  286. Tee says:

    I think this is a great story, and kudos to him. Good things come to good people 10 fold. but… that was really stupid to put all that verbage warning others not to try anything stupid. If a knuckle head wants to try his luch, by all means, then press charges. What it really sounds like is you think there is someone clever enough to do it, pull it and get away with it and you are just hating on what they could possible, maybe get away with. STOP HATIN’ ha ha ha

  287. YourWorstEnema says:

    They should have given him some CHRONIC instead of swag!!! ha ha… that is freakin awesome that nathaniel got all that free stuff… lucky bastard!!!

  288. Susie says:

    I came to this page from the front page of Yahoo.com (even though I obviously read it before)

  289. Roger says:

    Nice story, but for the author’s information, “swag” is not the correct term here. That actually stands for “Stuff We All Get (SWAG), and is meant for free stuff from booths at trade shows or similar events. Unfortunately, we don’t all get this great Halo stuff.

  290. Sara says:

    Go Bungie! I think what they did is awesome! XD It was great of them to send that so him. It sucks that that happened to his Xbox. I know many friends who have had their xbox meet the red ring of death. It really sucks that their was a miscommunication. (did I even spell that right?) but yeah it’s awesome what people can do and achieve to help another person. You rock Bungie and Good luck Nathaniel!

  291. coolcat says:

    fred do you get it it says “Do Not Erase” to not erase the signature

  292. Bob says:

    Bungie rocks,
    But M$ Suxor

  293. Tee says:

    corrections, that’s LUCK and POSSIBLY. THANK YOU

  294. travis1134 says:

    thats real good that makes u love your xbox more

  295. Ghost says:

    All Right! In this day and age you don’t hear ANYTHING like this anymore, no one cares about anyone else unless you need something from them or something’s in it for you. Global Warming, political stupidity, usless wars, scandal, etc… are only a few of our MINDLESS problems. THANK YOU BUNGEE for acting like human beings should act, LIKE PEOPLE!!! (yes a cheesy comment BUT TRUE!)

  296. mike rogers says:

    Its probably not even his original machine… Some kid in India now has an xbox with the autographs on it…

  297. Joe says:

    This is so cool, (a gamer’s tear falls for the story of this lucky guy.)

  298. Evan Jin says:

    hah, looks like rooster teeths got a celebrity.

  299. BOB says:


  300. David says:

    I am very pleased that Bungie reimbursed Nathaniel. On a side note, I truly hope that Microsoft donates another Xbox 360 cover-plate with the same exact artwork and signatures. Thankyou for posting this story on here, it brings me great pleasure to know that there are caring people in this world. Please keep us informed on whether or not Microsoft finds or donates another Xbox 360 cover-plate to Nathaniel. Thank you again,
    God Bless

  301. Bolshak says:

    Don’t dis the Halo Trilogy (cough) “Ghost”. The Xbox and PS3 could amount to the same kind of graphics and hard drive space. I believe that Bungie did something above and beyond of what any corporate company would even think of doing. There should be more companies like that. Excellent memorabilia; put them in a glass case and cherish them.

  302. Larry says:

    A typical call taker/script reader response to tell this kid that everything would be fine! I wonder what Country he was calling. How many times must we deal with people who really DON’T CARE!!!

    I’d love to meet the stupid idiot that did this to his 360 box! No common sense and I would guess no speak-a-English either…

    What has happened to our world of customer service???

    Let’s see if MS finds out what really happened!

  303. Talan says:

    You wonder why Bungie did this? Look at the 200 or so positive comments praising them like they actually cared about this person….. This is an obvious PR scheme by them. It probably cost them nothing for all of that stuff. They probably have boxes of the stuff to give away for promos and contests. They’re just doing this to make halo lovers love them even more? I a hard time believing that. Now I will say since this popularity has raised, but planning for the event thats tough to take but not impossible at happening.

  304. Jesse says:

    Not a Halo gamer but I can relate as being a fan of something you love. Stuff like that and the memories that came along with it are irreplacable, very upsetting, moment of silence, wave of emotions, happy ending.


  305. Theresa says:

    WHOA!!! I seen the old console and it is a true loss. I am a gamer and comic book collector (2 PS2 consoles, N64 and a 360), so I know how Nathanel must be feeling.
    Bungie…I salute you!

    Theresa, AKA ShaharThorne on numerous gaming systems, including Runescape (WoW is too rich for my blood)

  306. Pearl chavez says:

    I am not a game player just a mom with four kids and this story caught my eyes and heart for My oldest son loves halo. I believe with being intouch with your fans and customer care this will bring you big sucess. may god bless you for your kindness.

  307. Daniel Jones says:

    You now, i am pretty certain that the “Do Not Erase!!” line was referring to the autograph.

    Man wanted to make sure infamy didn’t go after a twofer.

  308. Jennifer says:

    Oddly, my 11 year old son, Alec, has been trying for about 3 years to figure out who he would work for in the gaming world, normally when he talks about it he comes to the conclusion that he would rather just work for himself since he believes bosses are mean and companies don’t treat people well. Tonight after I read him this article he said very matter of factly, “well, I guess it’s decided, I’m going to work for Bungie”.
    So, be looking for him in about 5 years! Oh, and good luck with that, he is one bossy kid!

  309. Alex says:

    It’s because the support staff at Microsoft are all foreigners. Nobody’s gonna pay attention to a note that says “Don’t erase art on console.”

    It took me 8 weeks of continuously calling to finally get my credit card taken off of my account because they kept renewing my Live subscription and not letting me know about it beforehand. Why? Because nobody that answered me call understood what I wanted

  310. Pingback: Bungie por un cliente feliz - Foros Anim-Arte

  311. asobermindiswasted1 says:

    Your story almost brought tears to my eyes. It’s really ashame that Micro$oft didn’t own up, they’re just another company who can say f’ a costumer because they’re a global force, but I am great full to see this kind of love and support from developers to their fans. I hope you enjoy all that great swag!

  312. ImRjCkJaMeSBtCh says:

    Microsoft costumer supp. is hell, and Bill Gates is the devil

  313. zach says:

    yea, Bungie gave him the free stuff, not MS. MS messed up the situation like they always do. messed up on the hardware and are now paying for it big time…

  314. ImRjCkJaMeSBtCh says:

    no just kidding bill

  315. That’s a pretty kick arse thing to do… there needs to be more companies like bungie in america. Great story!

  316. wyatt_earp_fan says:

    Damn!!! Man he got served, Bungie rocks!

  317. fish says:

    The fact that someone at bungie caught this story is amazing. like many have said, no company has been so in touch with their fan base. score = 100000000000000 for bungie.

  318. Rob says:

    I’m glad the guy got compensated for “losing” his custom case but realistically it was stupid to assume that the unit sent in for repair would be the exact one sent back. Send an Ipod, laptop, Wii, or any other electronic device in repair and you will often get a different unit back as a replacement. Microsoft is certainly not unique in this practice.

    Some of you people really need to grow up and get over the tired anti-Microsoft rethoric bandwagon you cling to and move on.

  319. Reddzelly says:

    thats hella sick. man thats what i call a service. thats the freakin thang im talkin bout! this is what makes bungie bungie. Da best!

  320. Hidinginky says:

    This is so GREAT that a company making millions would step up for a fan is such a way. BUNGIE is a one in a million company in my book. If more ie Microsoft would step up like this we all would be better off.


    and We will keep on PLAYING!!!

  321. jayce says:

    thats the coolest shit ever i wish i could have something happen to melike that

  322. Dave says:

    Lucky. I have never seen anybody more dedicated to thier fanbase

  323. LiveLancer says:

    A sad story turned out to be great,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,cuz someone cared.

  324. jayce says:


  325. robin hood says:

    It is nice to see something good to read in the news, I am sorry this guy lost his dream machine but it all worked out. Dont you wish everyone was so kind and generous. Kodo’s to the Halo crew. I love a company that takes a misshap and makes it better. Just my 2 cents worth. Good luck

  326. somedude says:

    i can’t stand the game or MS, but I have to say that bungie did make up for the lies the MS support made to the gamer. bungie when from zero to one notch below hero.

  327. Jeremy says:

    It’s good to hear that the kid got taken care of after his box mysteriously got “scrubbed clean”. Sounds a little fishy to me.

    A note to the editor… you used the word swag to describe what the kid got from Bungie, which is not the proper use of the word. “Swag” means stuff we all get, clearly we did not all get the stuff Nathaniel got from Bungie, so it is not swag, it may be a haul or loot, compensation, even a prize, but definetly not swag. Do your job as an editor and edit the damn article. Geez.

  328. Hyena Cialis says:

    That’s awesome compensation dude…

    Holy cow Bs Angel!

  329. MIke Burriss says:

    Yeah im a ps3 fan but that the coolest thing ever that BUNGIE did. I play Halo sometimes great game. i guess that since bill is not tht richest man anymore. Employees are tryin to make some money back or something like that. But congrats NAT good like. OH yeah your not goona open those prizes are yeah they might be worth money? Just inquiring…

  330. Ceadderman says:

    Hmmmm I think someone at the shop saw what it for what it was and decided what a great item for Ebay.

    “Sorry dude but we wash down every repaired console before shipping them back”

    What a load of malarkey. I’ve sent items in for repair before and NEVER has anyone washed down anything electronic. I sent my HP pavilion notebook in an had to fight like hell to have them repair the sucker. Had to send it to them twice to get it right. And NOT one repair tech washed it down.

    Not that I had anything different done to the outside of it but the product was entirely the same as when I sent it in other than they finally fixed the problem with a bit of my pushing the issue of course.

    I’d definitely keep an eye out on the auction sites over the next year and maybe you can get the original case back. Cause that’s just rude. +_+

  331. Harsh says:

    yea… DAMN!!!! Nathaniel’s gettin famous.. OR is BUNGIE gettin FAMOUS? is this a clever market strategy?

    even if it is, I f***ing love HALO. Two thumbs up to the CREATORS and evryone involved. Special regards for composer, Martin O’Donnell. I love your music. Great work people. I bow-down before all of you.

    PS. is Halo 4 on the way? ;)

  332. Artofcip says:

    Bungie is a class act… It’s great to read the news and actually hear good news!!!

  333. RPCRed says:

    and what does microsoft have to say??? by the looks of they dont care…they got their money so THEY are happy…rock on Nathaniel and Bungie.

  334. Whitney says:

    He is soooo lucky!

  335. 828 says:

    360 sucks, PS3 rules.

  336. bob says:

    isn’t it a sham that this guy had to go public to get any response from microsoft..! then he makes an idiot of himself by thanking the idiots who bought him out..! the xbox 360 is a piece of junk, and microsoft should be ashamed of themselves for producing such a piece of high priced junk..!

  337. Vicheth MIen says:

    WOW!!!!!! thats tha coolest thing i have ever heard of!!!!!holy dam!!! i feel bad bout tha 360 but all that stuff!!!!!! dam he lucky

  338. 3Alarm says:

    That sucks, if the guy never blogged microsoft probably wouldn’t have take any action at all,but since this story is getting so much attention they have to take action. I know how to keep this from happening to me, it’s called PS3.

    BLUE RAY BABY!!!!!

  339. c. balmer says:

    Hats off to Bungie !! Integrity is everything to me and both sides show great character. I had Diablo accounts for years and purchased 2 cd’s over the last 7 years never hacked or cheated in any way, but, when my daughter erased my product code, blizzard pretty much told me tough #$*#. on getting a new product code. SO Thanks for the great story of human compassion.

  340. lil mayne says:

    all i can say is congratz and they stopped me at the end cause i wanted to falsely report :D

  341. jcruz83 says:

    Hopefully all ends well for you. Man, it really hurt to hear about your loss.

  342. mmmmm food says:

    i think i just blew a load

  343. markymark says:

    myth 2 ww2 was my favorith online game ever when they gonna bring that shit to the xbox 360? oo1o

  344. Jenessa says:

    Your story caught my eye on Yahoo!, my husband is a huge gamer too and would be equally upset if something like that happened to him. It is truly sad that Microsoft has not been more helpful. I only hope that their silence means that they are working hard to resolve this issue for you. Even still, it would be nice to get some updates, so you know they haven’t forgotten about you. I hope everything works out for you.

    I would also like to give credit to Bungie because they stepped up when they didn’t have to. Not many companies do that any more.

  345. derwin says:

    Thats absolutely awesome …. Its great to see that there is still a company out there that is in touch with there clients … HATS OFF to all those who made a mistake turn into a memorable experience. GREAT JOB GUYS FROM BUNGIE STUDIOS…

  346. Phoenix335 says:

    It’s hard to describe in words how cool it was for Bungie and team to respond to Nathaniel’s story the way they did. That said, the microsoft employees should have done much more to ensure that the console was repaired and returned as received with the artwork and signatures untouched. The uniqueness of the console and how special it was to Nathaniel should have been apparent to the employees handling the order which should have prevented the breakdown in communication which caused the problem. It would only take basic common sense for anyone who saw the console before it was returned to Nathaniel to understand the significance of the markings on it to the owner. Anyway, thats my 2 cents…

  347. Damn, Bungie, i thought was the greatest before, but now, they have stepped up from before. If i would have gotten that, i would have fainted in the doorway. I’m happy that Nathaniel received something that made up from his loss. Also a shout-out to Bungie, YOU ROCK! You’ve been kicking ass for the last several years, and i have loved every bit of it. And i think what happened was, that a Microsoft employee saw this case, replaced it with a new one, and put it on his/her system and took it home. I hope it either tuns up to be in the wrong hands (un-touched of course) and is returned to Nethaniel.

    Anybody that wants to f/r me on Xbox Live: Darkshadow512

  348. Jun says:

    Actually no one cleans or repairs the case of any machinery, its not included in the warrantee. obviously the owner or the xbox messed with it or else one of the company maintenance saw a glod mine and stole it. ive been through the procedure soo many times theres no way anyone could or should have scrubbed or changed the case.

  349. holy crap says:

    you are so dam lucky man HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  350. Bob says:

    I am not a gamer. My son is a gamer. I don’t get any of the games BUT I do get an act of kindness. This was it!! I don’t even know who Bungle is but he (they, them) obviously give a damn.

  351. Bzzt says:

    Ah, that’s so nice!!
    Such a nice simple story of a fan :)

    Bungie cares soooo much for their fans, I’m very glad about that. :)

  352. Rick Lane says:

    That to bad about you game system But that cool you got the Halo game system> well good luck glad you got something out of this.

  353. frank says:

    please make HALO 4

  354. NDYS says:

    I’m not even a gamer and I loved this real life story of tragety and compassion. I had to read ALL of it. As a professional musician I know how tight the musical community is, and this story is in the true spirit of what we do for our own. Yes, companies big and small are run by REAL people and when these people interact in such a positive way with their customers and fans it can do nothing but add to the success of the company. Many companies after becoming successful only look at their bottom line and forget the customers who got them to a successful level. I hope that companies all around the world read this story and use it as a model for their own performance. OH and BTW…isn’t it nice to see a good story in the news like this? VERY cool!

  355. Awesome! I dont know nothing about video games but I love happy endings like yours enjoy it

  356. R. George says:

    GentleBeings: I am neither familiar with Nathaniel, nor with Bungie, However… I feel I must offer my sincerest congratulations to both of them. Nathaniel for refusing to bow to pressure from anyone to do something he does not wish to do, (Litigate the situation), and to Bungie, for stepping up and seeing a wrong having been done and, as a Company, needing to do right by the person to whom this crushingly horrific thing has happened. If it had been me, I know I would not have the internal fortitude to not only do what Nathaniel has done, but to continue to do it. There needs to be MORE of this type of action in today’s world we live in. Perhaps if there were, it would not be as scary a place to live in, by half! Gentles, I SALUTE YOU!!

  357. jonny rocket says:

    you know that kid who fixed it took it home for himself. what a dick.

  358. Mystik Skye says:

    I wonder if after the swelling goes down, will Nathaniels head fit that helmut? Lucky guy to have gotten a nice swag from them!

    Kudos to the Bungie team for surpassing what I myself would have expected.

    Maybe they can add an Xbox into another game with his old Xbox designs and show it being destroyed sitting out for repairs…and Nathaniels name on the side for all to see……now THAT would be something other then a few collectibles.



  359. redtexans says:

    it’s great to see a company take pride in their customer service. They just could have told him sorry and that it’s but they went well above the call of duty on this one. And to those that will try to make up a story that goes along these lines I have one word for you DON’T. If you do try to get some free stuff based on a bunch of lies, I hope and pray that whosoever the company is I hope that they try their best to put you in not just jail but prison!! Shame on you for tying to get some free stuff. Get a job and pay for it like everyone else!!

  360. ivan says:

    maybe some publicity gimik to get positive awareness of their market

  361. adam smith says:


  362. Spork99 says:

    I’ve thought Bungie was awesome since I played the Marathon trilogy on my Mac Performa. Guess some things just get even better.

  363. Luciano says:

    what a great story… Im a fan of hallo now

  364. VSB says:

    I own a Lamborghini Murciellago and a Ferrari, both are signed by the manufacturers. I sent them back for regular maintenance and when I got them back, the signatures on both cars were erased. Could somebody out there help me get new Lamborghini and Ferrari? If not a free, signed Xbox would be nice.

  365. Jonathan says:

    Would anyone happen to know this guys’ gamer tag on xbox live?
    At the end it says do not try to make up a story, who would be stupid enough to do that.

  366. fat garrett says:

    u are the best that ever did it

  367. Julio says:

    This is an awesome story with an awesome ending. This should be featured in G4 especially on its AOTS show or x-play. Will be watching for more updates. Good luck to Nathaniel with microsoft.

    Bungie Rocks.

  368. Matt says:

    Obviously, Microsoft needs to make a clear statement about their policy on repairs.

    When you get your engraved iPod fixed by Apple, it doesn’t come back the same way. That’s just the way it is. It is partially M$’s fault for setting that expectation for Nate.

  369. Alexander says:

    i would crem for that

  370. michael says:

    that’s awesome.. I can’t believe a company would be so dedicated to their fans. I’m sorry for your loss though dude.

  371. Troyce says:

    That was Very Very nice……………

  372. Larry says:

    Wow, bungie is da shizzle! I hate microsoft more now then I did before. Terrible managment, communication, and all that shiat!

  373. richard says:

    go bungie like the new maps 4 halo 3 hope there another halo after halo wars

  374. Jason says:

    Just had to say I’m not a Halo fan and don’t own an X-box but my hat off to Bungie for making a terrible situation 100 times better and showing support for their players and customers.

    If more companies and developers acted like this the industry would be a much much better place. Remember your customers and gamers first above all else!!!

    Glad to see a happy ending.

  375. Matt says:

    Obviously, Microsoft just needs a better statement of their policy towards repairs.

    When you get your engraved iPod fixed by Apple, it doesn’t come back engraved. It’s a known fact and that’s just the simple policy. M$ never should have set that expectation for Nate. It’s their loss.

  376. Nathan says:

    That was a nice thing for X-Box’s Halo video gameCreator Bungie to do for someone. Nathaniel really must of had a dream come true!

  377. lalaciuos says:

    xbox sucks……….. bungie rocks…..

  378. anthony says:

    Is it just me or is his halo picture on the x box nothing more then a stick figure lol lucky kid got all that for garbage i thought it would be fully painted and awsome, i look at it and it looks like an ok artist did it with a sharpee in 20 minutes.

  379. patricia says:

    so glad you are getting the word out…. I know it is more then likely an isolated case but I do wish you the best.

  380. Shawn says:

    Great thing they did making up for a huge mistake. Gratz man on your news loot :-)

  381. lance says:

    wow this is on the main page of yahoo! congrats!

  382. Melanie says:


  383. BJM says:

    The caliber of Bungie studios is clearly shown by what was done for this young man. It clearly shows how far they would go for a fan.Ladies and gentlemen thank you for showing us(the fans) that we are more than just numbers for your company.Thankyou for restoring my respect in the gaming community.Have a pleasant evening team Bungie,regards,

  384. tokyo says:

    i bet the lid came off a developers work desk………A HEAD OF A WARRIOR!!!! MS does have a lot of 360s 2 repair so u really cant get 2 mad, lol. im a sony fan but i enjoy the gangsterizm of the master chief. BUNGIE…..U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

  385. Kenneth says:

    Dude…nobody wants to admit it…but this young man’s case was stolen buy someone who recognized it for what it was…and the big dogs are to embarassed to own up to an employee that would do such a low down thing.
    The People who went out of their way to compensate him for his loss are to be commended…that’s a real human act outside selfish gain.
    I hope the sucker gets ratted out and fired for doing that to a kid…low down trash……….that’s how I feel…I’m not of the politically correct crowd….speak your peace and be done with it.

    Way to go for the Good Guys!!!!!

  386. Ned Talamoa says:

    Hey, Nate.
    Congratulations on your Halo Grand Prize Set.
    You’re one lucky boy.
    I am glad you continued your efforts to get your Xbox 360 console
    repaired, even though it didn’t exactly turned out the way you wanted, in the end, you received the prize you never expected.
    Take care of your Xbox 360 sets and Halo Prizes.
    Keep up the good work and good luck!

  387. Maxim says:

    Congrats, dude. This whole pack of memorabilia is awesome! Kudos to the creators of the game for supporting the loyal fan. Why did Microsoft would erase the original artwork on the console though? They weren’t asked to return it “as new”…

  388. ben says:

    if bungie wants to take over the world it will be a happy place ad ill join

  389. !huD .ysae ytterp s'ti ..wehttaM says:

    Awesome… I wouldn’t say that this is just Bungie’s way of making a profit and greeeaaaaatt publicity.

    But damn they deserve even if that was their intentions.. I don’t people care too much about their reasons, i mean really what company you know would actually go that far to make up for their mistakes? Ha! Not the ones i associate with. Some things are just much better than your money back.

  390. ben says:

    oh ya happy for you man and thanks bungie

  391. KuroKan says:

    Wow I’m shocked… I never thought in all my life that I would see a company give out free stuff as an sign of courtesy.

    In response to Cal: What have you been doing to your Xbox? Throwing it against the wall? Maybe they sent you somone elses Xbox becuase they were tired of fixing that broken peice of crap your sending them. And if you dont like the price then dont buy it/pay it. It’s as simple as that -_-

  392. kevin says:

    damn thts pretty ,why can’t stuff like tht happen to me …lol…

  393. Rod says:

    Its unfortunate that things like this happen BUT they did make an all out effort to try and repair the damages done.
    Salute to the manager behind this action.

  394. Debra says:

    Awwwwwww, that’s so sweet it brings tears to my eyes! Never heard the term swag before but I like it.

  395. Have-a-go hero says:

    Screw this guy! He obviously already had some kind of “connection” prior to all the “hype”.And by the way he speaks in his letter,He’s obviously not a young kid! If it would have been like a poor young kid,or some type of sob-story,that’s cool! (Xbox Sux anyway!-PS3 MoFo!) lol

  396. Jay says:

    Excellent job, Bungie! like has been said previously, there are so many big company nightmares that get tossed around with no resolution. What’s amazing about You, besides the games that You create, is the fact that no matter how big you get, you treat your fans like You’re just an upstart company trying to make it. We know that you didn’t need to do this, and that’s what makes it so special. You guys there at Bungie fully command and deserve the respect of us, the gamers. Keep up the outstanding work, and know that You’ve just catapulted yourselves to a whole nother level.

  397. BUNDY says:


  398. marlowe says:

    awesome story.

  399. Rita says:

    I’m not a gamer at all! My son has a DS and I play mairo party every one in a while (when I can wrestle it from him!! LOL) but I want to say to Bungie….how nice and cool to go the extra mile for Nathianel. In this day and age where it seems that people don’t care…you do. It was great reading the story. Nathaniel I commend you on not wanting to “sue” Mircosoft unfortunately the are many out there that would. I enoyed reading the story and reading the outcome even more! Blessings!!!

  400. steve says:

    i think thats really nice of bungie to send Nathaniel all that sweet gear

  401. Host says:

    Guys you are the best ViVa Bungee Team you are the best

  402. Dean says:

    I think it’s awesome how internet helps spreading stories, but mos amazing is the reaction in those who get to hear it. Unfotunately I’m really disappointed about Microsoft’s reaction, they should get public and let us know how such a mistake could’ve happened. I also think ths case must’ve been changed by someone inside Microsoft, no one in their right mind would’ve washed away such an evidently valuable drawing. Gamers, speak up for Nathaniel this could happen to any of us, let’s hurry for a response. And to those who wanted to repair the damage I just can say it is admirable, specially because it’s obvious that Nathaniel moved some human fibers in them. And in the rest of us.

  403. eric says:


  404. Screw Microsoft Haters says:

    First off… Halo is the best game ever made, progressively gettting greater and greater with each sequel. Second, every product in the world has glitches. It’s bound to happen. So, deal with it. They have great service and tech support. Finally, as for the wiping off of the artwork. I feel for the guy, but it’s probably still out there, in one of their facilities, not to be copied, but for the electrical inside, to diagnose the problem and better even more the product for the future. It’s like Apple. If they cannot fix the problem within a few minutes, they just send you a new product of whatever you had. It was an honest mistake. Keep strong MS, and rock on Bungie!!! Keep it up!

  405. Alhazred says:

    thats the shyznit right there.. but it would help if they would not hire morons to fix shyt.. where has all the common sense gone in the world.. feels like we are moving towards idiocracy , hey all you smart people out there, you need to makes some babies, i dont wanna be ran by a bunch of tard’s i am out!!!!!

  406. Ladydear says:

    Kudos Bungie! You have made another fan.

  407. Ismael Martinez III says:

    Thats so cool ..i stil have the original xbox and my boys stil like it …i bet you wont be send anything else in to get fixed …unless they send you something else…..anyways cant wait to get my kids an XBOX 360 …..glad it all worked out for you …

  408. Hellcat says:

    This is a great ending to a rough story. I’m really happy for Nathaniel and I think the Bungie company totally rocks! Truth be told, Nathaniel’s story only makes me even more grateful that I’ve never given in and bought an XBOX. -L-

  409. tessa says:

    can i have a hacky sack!

  410. David says:

    Hate to say this, but I’m 53, and still a gamer, and not a nerd(yes I ski, surf, drive fast cars- and did it before I got the money). It is great to know that when you hear stories about a younger generation not caring or having the integrity and ways of doing right by people, like my parents taught us, that these stories are wrong. Hey, you might just be on to something here. No more anonymity in community, even if it is on the web and not face to face. Or as ET once said, “Be good”, or better yet, “Be righteous” as Bill and Ted would say! But, that XBox did look awesome.

  411. Benacio says:


  412. Tc says:

    Let me get this straight, The techs over at MS knew they clean up the cases before they are shipped out, did they tell Nathaniel that? If they did, he may have been able to plan ahead so that the case could not be cleaned (as in sealed) or he could have wrapped the outside of the case to in duct tape with DO NOT REMOVE.

    I have learned to mark my stuff before it leaves my hands. Maybe it was switched out. Really, MS would take the extra time and expense to clean the case? Why? Did it get all greasy?

    I thought MS made HALO, I had no idea a company called Bungie makes the game for MS. Now I kinda like HALO

    Dad of a Halo player.

  413. jordan says:

    awesome as hell.

  414. Aimee says:

    Awesome story. Glad to see there are some really nice people out there still. We need to spread some more of the love and stop being so nasty to everyone.

    Congrats, Nathaniel!

  415. Ash Ketchum says:

    Wow, This has to be the luckiest thing you could get!

  416. Damien says:

    Glad to hear about a company so in tune with people and hopefully they can track down the missing but even if not thats so awesome that any one would try and help in this day and age and for people to not take advanage just in such an instant of loosing the signatures ect. Good on you and Yes you are famous now even over here in Australia and over in Japan and the USA apparently because all my friends had sent me the site to check out. To all gamers be cool n fast n think with your brain not your ___.

  417. jason says:

    congratulations!! awesome!!! x-box rules!!!

  418. Jon says:

    I’m so impressed at these guys the way they treated their fan.

  419. Trisha says:

    What is xbox,and Halo anyways,another form of Atari. I mean I”m 42,and I must live in a cave or something,,,lol. It sounds neat,and sounds like you got a good thing going,lucky you.
    so this xbox hooks up to the t.v.? and does it have more then one game(besides halo)?? I love playing the games here on yahoo!!
    Anyways, its a very interesting story,and I’m so glad I got the change to read it, Thanks, Trisha

  420. L.Younkin says:

    Good for him !! Microsoft i hope sees this and all the bad plubicty they are getting for screwing over someone ( not new to Microsoft)

    Bungie !! rocks thanks for taking care of this kid.

  421. Jiggsssss... says:

    You Rock men, and Microsoft gaming staff is very careless regarding what happend but in the other hand they make it up to nathaniel. long live to both of you…


  422. tryrt says:

    WOW THAT’S ALOT OF CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  423. erick jamerson says:

    Gods Grace is always enough!

  424. Athishay says:

    ooo… hats off bungie…!!! u do take care of gamerz…..

  425. Taylor says:


  426. Sluce says:

    Enjoy the stuff man!!! haha i like the jacket xD

  427. sheila Nelson says:

    No one “scrubbed it clean” They took that home for themselves. and put another case on. When my son’s x-box 360 went to microsoft to be repaired they didn’t “clean” his up!!!

    As for Bungie, kudos to you guys!!! Nice to know somebody out there in this world still cares!!!

  428. Jadah says:

    This is good service & why I support Bungie

  429. Paul says:

    Kudos to bungie. Way to go guys stepping into the breach to correct another companies mistakes. You hear that Bill? you make a quality product and put your customers first you end up with a customer base that loves you and will develop loyal followers.
    Microsoft is no longer dealing with a captive audience like there windows operation. Now we have a choice in the console market and i for one will no longer buy xbox consoles or games. People on here have tried to say microsoft are trying to fix it they are just not as quick as bungie, well how much more time do they need? Microsoft knew about this long before the 7th of march when this story appears to of broken. but yet Bungie who would of found out about this around the 7th of march can acquire the items get them all signed and ship them off and microsoft is still asking for reference codes and serial numbers?
    dude if this was me i would sue microsoft for breach of contract. at the very least they owe you the cost of acquiring all of that artwork if not some more compensation just for the heartbreak.
    Come on microsoft for once do the right thing step upto the plate and admit you got it wrong and put it right NOW! dont worry no one will think less of you i mean we all know how much of an excellent quality product you always produce right?

  430. Krazy4Games says:

    I’ve played hundreds of games over a number of years, but have never heard of anything like Bungie did. So what if it’s a PR stunt? At least the gamer got compensated in some way, instead of just screwed over again. I played an online game (way back when) with Bill Gates before he ever became Mr Microsoft and I remember the avid gamer I was. I am wondering if that guy is still lurking somewhere under that corporate monster???

  431. rddr says:

    hehe bungie is awesome, they rock!!!

  432. Ryan says:

    Lucky. Thats so worth getting it erased. lucky,lucky, lucky. Bungie is so freakin sweet! <3

  433. Ricky says:

    Awesome !!! Goes to show you that there are still good people out there. GREAT JOB FELLAS !!!!

  434. MNCHILL says:

    someone at microsoft has a pretty sweet 360 case, i sent my xbox in for repairs and they didn’t clean off my little brothers marks he left with a marker. so the whole idea that they clean them is BS

  435. Krazy4Games says:

    Sorry, meant to say I remember the avid gamer HE (Bill Gates) was. It was on the old ISN network that got raped and pillaged by AOL. I’m sure some of the REALLY OLD gamers out there will remember it???

  436. nellabellah says:

    I think it’s awesome that they went above and beyond to accomodate this guy’s loss. Stories like this show that there ARE people out there who care enough about their consumers and want to make sure they are happy with their products.

  437. Myron says:

    In a world that seems to be getting more and more void of what customer service truly means (does anyone else notice this too?), I’m actually blown away that this company went above and beyond in making sure that their customer was not only satisfied but has a truly heartfelt appreciation in all they did too rectify the situation. Bugie, I SALUTE you! Heck, this event and story has actually made me WANT to become a CUSTOMER of theirs (I’m a die-hard Sony Play Station fan) as ANY compnay that stands behind their customers/fans as much as they do is A-O-DAMN-KAY in my book and definitely worth getting involved with. Bungie, keep up the GREAT WORK, this act will come back to you 100 FOLD!

  438. abel mendoza says:

    awsome story i love halo my couzin accually know the desigener of the game or someone invilved in it from seattle he hosted justin timberlake wen halo one came out

  439. PC says:

    Anybody think the x-box case actually got snagged and not wiped clean? Would it be hard to switch out the casing? I don’t know alot about the system.

  440. Andrew says:

    It’s great to see that good customer service stiil exists.

  441. Bryan says:

    That’s Fuckin awesome I’m so jealous i want a helmet like that. And that’s awesome of Bungie to make it up to a fan like that we know these guys really care about the people…

  442. iamjusta nerd says:

    hi i work for best buy and i play all 3 of the HALO games. i am a big xbox 360 guy. i dont think then wash that case bud . i think some one took it. i seen a whole lot of xbox’s go in to get repair. and then all was come back with same stickers and stuff on then. some one pull a fast one. i am very glad the guy go stuff to make up for it. but that is still bs u dont tack othere peoples stuff like that. that made up that bs about it geting wash if then all go wash the stickers woulnd be gone went othere people pick up there’s. but there not then are still there. some try to pull a fast one. but it did not work. well any way tack care

  443. Joseph Euperio says:

    I’m no fan of that game but for what they did to that guy, wow you people are fantastic. MS should follow your lead and MS don’t feed us your crap that this things takes time, thats BS.

  444. SM says:

    I am really glad a company went above and beyond for this person, mistakes do happen we all know but to see someone make it right does not happen much. Bungie seems like a great company, I have never played Halo, not really my thing but I might just try it out becuase of this, and to all the people that say they just did it to make a buck, ok whats wrong with that, if they had done nothing eveyone would say they were crocks, SO good for them.

  445. Mike A. says:

    Awesome Story. Fellow Gamers Unite :-D Brings a Smile to my face to see how much the gamer community supports each other. Keep gaming and making friends.

  446. pink taco says:

    well bungie would do anything now to keep loyal fans since HALO is getting owned by COD4

    ps3 wins.

  447. EDWIN says:


  448. josh says:

    wow dude, im really sorry that happend to ya

  449. Helen says:

    See!! There is LOVE out there and an ACT OF RANDOM KINDNESS show it to be true. I am Hairookiedoo, Mother of Paladin04( Halo player) LOVE YOU

  450. ex-employe of call center xbox 360 says:

    about the console, the agent told him something wrong, they cannot garantee the same console. We are instructed to garantee just the front case (is interchangeable). unless they change of politics, they should gived him an xbox refurbished console, never is the same customer’s console repaired, is another one, the agents are force to say that, try asking by your self, they’ll tell you that. And about “Apparently the consoles go through a wash-down process before they’re shipped back”, well “apparently” he doesn’t have a clue about what are they doing…come on he is a marketing manager, he must to know that…the kid received another console, that’s the problem…now, the point is to know where is the old console? if there is a wash-down process, then the artworks and signatures are lost…but he can sue microsoft for that because of what they promised in the first place…microsoft sucks..

  451. sephiroth says:


  452. NAK_GAMER says:

    I am glad to see that companies care for their customers!!! this is a great story…. I will make sure to buy more products from Bungie because they indeed lookout for their customers!!! GOOD JOB!!!!!

  453. Bernaldin says:

    Man, i read this and it just makes me want to say “YAAAAY!!!!” doesn’t it make you wanna do that? A PLUS for Bungie….

  454. iGrenade says:

    I’m jealous.

  455. Ace says:

    Bungie Rocks more success to you guys!

  456. D.Carson says:

    Bungie rocks ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  457. Kietsu says:

    Bungie is simple, they arnt here JUST to make a million bucks a day. They dont make games for us, they game too. i think any corporation who acctually cares a little about their fans/ consumers would do something similar, BUNGIE stands out on the other hand, NONE of this was their fault, not at all. but they did all they could to help. now microsoft, far after its been rectified by bungie, attempts to reconcile for the mistake. simply said, ( with no flaming for the remark) bungie doesnt just make the greatest game ever, they care about the people they make it for. personally, bungie has the tops for any company in my book.

  458. Christian says:

    dont forget bs angel.. this is one hell of a story for this day! dont forget to seed.. hahaha… :)

  459. asaky says:

    if only EA GAMES was more intouch i bought battlefield 2142 and when i signed up in the game my account never was made and it wouldn’t connect even thought i have 600kb per sec so it had no problems connecting i conntacted the forums but nothing has come up with the problem (note lots of other people have this problem and they should fix it and make it easyer to run the game maybe make a single player patch so you don’t have to use the net or sign up) it says to download a patch and click on a link so i did and it moved to download a download client but the client didn’t work either i’m guessing that this is becouse they released to early

  460. josh says:

    but man awsome that u got the recognition u deserve, Go Bungie!!!

  461. travis says:

    a washdown process? thats crap. when i sent mine in to be repaired, it had the same stains and marks on it as it did when it went in. stuff that came right off when i cleaned it off before i hooked it back up.

    the point is, someone swiped his case and someone at micro$oft is lying to you.

  462. zach says:

    man bungie is awsome to fix something like this that they really had nothing to do with is awsome, he probably would have taken recon and saved them money and time but it is cool that they did that.

    p.s.: Can I Haz Recon

  463. R1kaNz BaCk says:

    BUNGIE DOES ROCK!..and what they returned to him was f’n great, hmm wonder if i can get my limited edition xbox console signed..jk

  464. sovan says:

    you’re so lucky…..happy for you. As for bungie i’m glad their are still people like those guys. leaves something to be admired.

  465. Lori says:

    I think that what the company tried to do to make up for Nathaniel’s loss was noble on their part however, they still need to look into what exactly had happened and rectify the situation with Mircrosoft so that in the future it does not happen to anyone else. To you Nat, congratulations. Alot of people take things for granted these days and don’t take care of things so they prey on the innocent. Good luck to you!

  466. yeni says:

    omg!!!!!!i can’t believe that he got all of that stuff!!!way to go nathaniel!! my bro..would KILL for that STUFF!!!..but honeslty why the HELL would u send ur xbox to microsoft…i wouldve bought a new 1..MICROSOFT SUCKS!..but i guess if paid off soo kudoz my friend!!LOL :D

  467. Kirah says:

    Man, this is a great story! The halo guys rock! It doesn’t replace the cool artwork that was on the xbox, but I’m very impressed with the Halo dudes!


  468. Daniel says:

    What a fantastic story. There’s always a silver lining under every cloud, for the good people out there. My son and I love Xbox, will always be a kid at heart. ;-)

  469. CamMan says:

    WOW, bungie is a huge supporter of fan base (which rely contributes to sales :O)

    i just hope bungie makes the split from microsoft so they can do things like they wanted without these pressing release dates…they were gonna put stuff thats in halo 3 in halo 1 like the chaingun…halo could have been alot more….DANG YOU MICROEVIL

  470. mr Green says:

    This is incredible and a display of bungies amzazing company. Way to go and I support bungie as a fan. {,’=)

  471. RegMan says:

    Dude- Great story! I am not an avid gamer but I can see you right now: At home ‘Rockin’ out’ with your sound track on ’10’ – Blasting away on Halo 3 – Wearing your helmet and all your other gear! Gates needs to step in an do something – maybe come over and play Action figures with you! He owes you! Continued good fortunes. PO!

  472. Jar ROD says:

    In reference to the response #276, dude if you hate Microsoft and you hate xbox, why not just get a ps3? Lol don’t make everyone else suffer just because your pissed off you didn’t get compensated. Your probably one of those people who “threaten to write a letter, or want to speak to the supervisor.” Buck up and get over it, here I’ll buy you 365 boxes of tissues for each day you wallow in your sorrow, waaawaaaa, cry baby….

  473. MasterMind says:

    Way to go Bungee. Its amazing to see that there are still people with a heart out there and not just greedy, self serving corporations. What you guys did here is way AWESOME. Two thumbs up. BS Angel you are sweet indeed, what an act of kindness. As for Microsoft, kindly refine your processes as this sort of thing only harms your fair image. Damage control anyone?
    And for Nathaniel, congratulations man, u truly deserve it.

  474. MOhiTH says:

    Congrats to Bungie for their smart response.. Awesome folks..

  475. envyguy says:

    HOLLY C*** man thats freaking cool, man i envy you…

  476. Cam Man says:

    now i know there is someone in this world who writes worse than me: “Marty” O’donnell…KUDOS bungie great suppot to your fanbase once again and i wish microsoft wouldnt have put those release dates on you….we know we both wanted halo to be what you guys wnated it before microsoft release dates came flying in

  477. Joe says:

    WOW, I dont normally read these stories but for some reason, this story caught my attenttion. I am amazed of the quality of customer service and dedication of the individuals involved in this story and am happy that they made things right with Nathaniel.

    I dont play XBOX, im old (40), have a family and needless to say have other things I need to spend money on but I do play ALOT of games online and can tell you I have never EVER seen such attentiveness to a customer in the gaming world as witnessed here.

    Hell, in fact, I dont even see that kind of customer service in the read world anymore.

    Kudos to all involved for making this a great feel good story. If you treat your fans and customers good, you will have them for life.

    Take care

  478. Chris says:


    As a collector, I would of just bought another XBOX, but since I dont support XBOX, I find this story funny has hell.

    The guy was an Idiot to send this thing back!

    If I get an autograph book, I guy a second book to enjoy and put the autograph copy away!

    This guy kinda got what was coming…..

  479. Givenright says:

    This proves good things happen to good people, What comes around goes around. My husband and three children are big time Halo fans we have had two xbox’s in the last two years brake, the last one we sent in and they sent it back to us, we knew it was a new one.

  480. Invader_Zim says:

    Thats so awesome! Welldone to bungie for taking care of their fans! Halo3, a GREAT game done by a Great team.

  481. Von Zenhof says:

    The Kindness & Generousity In This Matter Is BEYOND KOOL:)

    Ya’ll Are Totally AWESOME!!!

  482. Greg says:


  483. mikerod27 says:

    i bet someone at microsoft stole the original cover and replaced it with a clean one, when i sent mine in, it came back without the little plate that goes on the disc drive, plus they didnt fix the 3 red light problem, i ended up fixing it myself. plus my one year gold live account had some problems with the login, they basicly told me i was screwed and had to buy a new account, i really hate microsofts customer service

  484. DoesntMatter says:

    Should of just gone with a WII in the first place . XBOX and Microsoft suck .

  485. Gamer Mom says:

    I think that was really cool what Bungie did. I can totally understand and appreciate the way a company made a situation right with a consumer even if they had nothing to do with it. Good Job Bungie and keep up the good work. Congrats Nathaniel.

  486. ares says:

    wow, Bungie first you rock my socks off with your awesome games, then you do this… you guys are my hero’s

  487. PS 3 says:

    get ureself a Ps3 it has a failure rate of .2% Xbox 360 is up to 20%

  488. Rhys says:

    Wow, thats amazing….Bungie Rocks!!!!!!!!
    It’s great enough they made one of the most famous games on Xbox360 but this is just amazing!

    BUNGIE 4 EVER!!!!!!

  489. toadu says:

    What a classs act! Bungie as a top notch company that actually cares about people and Nathaniel for so humbly for accepting their generous gifts(Bungie) and understanding that mistakes do happen(although I’m not sure this was a mistake; no proff mind you).Not being money hungry I’m goin to sue your as*. Nice move, it’s good to know that some people still have values.

  490. GWDeathscythe20 says:

    Wow, Bungie. Very admirable on their part, even though they had nothing to do with it at all. Kudos to them for such care and concern for their gaming fans.

  491. chevyredneck_85 says:

    I really dislike halo but htats just me i have alot of friends who play and i just have to say that this is something you will almost never see and i agree that this is one hell of a press deal but hay it works i wouldnt be mad to get that stuff


  492. Chef says:

    My xbox 360 broke 4 times since launch date. no one sent me free stuff…. must be nice

  493. white18 says:

    no recon?

  494. Luigi says:

    Its like pimp your XBOX360 LOL, COOL!

  495. ph3onix says:

    nice helmet you got there dude,
    nice going Bungie, you’ve made a sad dude into an overjoyed dude!hehehe
    hooray for BUNGIE!!!
    GodBless the Staff!
    Believe in good Karma.

  496. Jay says:

    Great for Bungie, But This wouldnt have happened if OUR community wasnt having such an issue with the 360 console’s going out. First release was the worst and now even the Halo 3 edition 360’s are freezing up.

  497. marqus says:

    That is great Bungie is the best

  498. Imran says:

    I’ve never been a fan of bungie or the halo series…but i am a gamer none the less…and reading this story sends a warm feeling of joy and happiness thru me that Nathaniel must have felt. A company that praises its fans like Bungie definitely deserves respect and praise for their efforts in keeping close ties with their fans and supporting them like the above example…Cheers for Bungie!!!

  499. unclehairee says:

    Home run for Bungie, strike 1, 345, 459 for Microsoft.

  500. Andres says:

    Dude Bungie is awsesome

    i wonder if nathans got live????

    if you can go and decorate your xbox Halo style you gotta be and Addict LOL


    but dude i wish nathan took pictures of it

    that one master chieft leanin is pretty cool

    i hella wanna that on my xbox!!!!!

    but yea neways bungie you ROCK!!!!!

    i have lived by the rule that 95% of people are assholes and the other 5 are too drugged to know and well maybe guys at bungie do smoke a lil jane but they are some sick ass people lol

  501. Terrence says:

    Why the hell did they remove all of his detailing? MS sucks B***S!

  502. DarkNemesis says:

    If someone did steal it, They could never sell it, not even on Ebay.
    After all…It is highly publicized, and not to mention, stolen. If it was stolen which I doubt…someone leaving the factory with it would probably be noticed. It probably is somewhere else inside the factory and could possibly be found. There is something everyone should know:
    1 make sure to write your serial number down.
    2 specify that: if at all possible…please give me my original xbox360. Be patient…remember there is a long line of broken 360’s
    to be fixed.
    I got mine returned…only to find more problems due to being not my original. I take excellent care of my equipment, so I know that mine has nothing wrong except for what I sent it in for.
    And now I have a piece of crap that has problems but I can’t pinpoint. JOY!!!
    Bungie can not do this for everyone…they would bankrupt themselves.
    ASK this guy why and what reason it got signed…and you’ll
    probably find the real reason Bunjie did this “nice act”.
    However…DUDE!!!! AWESOME!!!!
    But I still hope his original case turns up.
    Even if it doesn’t have the insides…having just the case would still be memorable.

  503. Patrick says:

    To everyone who believes this merely to be a “PR stunt”, I submit to you this…yes, I do concede that obviously this brings Bungie into a good light with everyone, but rightfully so! Consider that the company first had to happen upon this story, merely reading input on their fans’ thoughts and stumbling upon Nathaniel’s story. Bungie then decides, without parading around their greatness, to simply get all of this swagger and merch behind closed doors, then ship it fully paid to Nathaniel. This package came to his door without a letter begging that he follow up this goodwill gesture with a story that everyone could see. Bungie didn’t ask that Nathaniel go and preach the gospel of Bungie, praising their good gesture to all he sees. No, they simply read the same story we have and were likewise saddened by this travesty. So they righted it for their endearing fan in the best way they could think of.
    The responses are 99% positive here, and this story even brought me to tears. Good on ya, Bungie. I hope you gain many fans from this…your good faith and will deserve it. Keep up the good work, with much love and respect from all of us. :)

  504. tim.woot. says:

    Dang, bungie is the best. this story is so heart warming, its like a fairy tale for bungie fans.

    LOL at the Hackie Sack…

  505. Davie Boy says:

    You guys are all great for doing this. If everyone took a little time to pay it forward and not backwards, this world would be in a much better situation. Bungie is truly in it for the fan base and not for the money they earned along the way. I wish you guys the best of luck in your future. Don’t lose your hearts or creativity.

  506. jwizzle13 says:

    Not an XBOX fan (PS3 owner) but that is simply amazing what Bungie did. They prob. gave this kid something he will never forget. Mad props to Bungie, more developers need to take after them.

  507. isabelydancer00 says:

    Wow- Im not a gamer but read this story. Hmmm – mighty peculiar that the case got ‘scrubbed clean’. How incredibly horrifying! I’m glad you got some cool stuff in the end.

  508. What the flip!?

    So if mine breaks…


    I won’t! But I do expect one hell of better working xbox 360 Elite if mine breaks.

    Damn kid. Why the hell did he get the signatures to begin with?!
    Why not me???
    Well good job with the gifts.


  509. Peter says:

    I am amazed at bungie I have never seen any company do so much for a fellow gamer. Nathanial enjoy your stuff you probably went through alot. But at least a good citizen wins this time.


  510. Peter says:

    im not going to lie i dont get this whole halo or gaming thing but i happened to read the story and i think its pretty cool!

  511. mardyr says:

    anything free is always good. I just wished that bungie will do a little something for all the fans that made halo one of the most successful game trilologies out there. Like my self who has played halo 1 with my friends on two consoles with two tvs playin team slayer on a ethernet cable to xbox live on halo2 n 3 of course

  512. Sonny says:

    That is so cool. BUNGIE ROCKS!!!

  513. B to the G says:

    That is awesome. Seems like a nice guy he deserved it. Peace.

  514. Viz says:

    Nathaniel – If you are happy, its good. Ofcourse, it seems that MS is providing some flimsy excuse for the missing cover. Hope they realise the negative PR they are amassing and try a quick service recovery.

  515. :)) says:

    WoW i wish i had like that but i one of em i have the limited edition controlers :)

  516. estriol says:

    wow congrats what a great thing they did for u. truely a great group of people that compnay has sadly i wish sony was that way with everquest and was nice to us massive gamers lol
    take care and good luck in the future kid.

  517. eeboenk says:

    two thumbs up to BUNGIE!!

  518. king says:

    You know thats sad I understand that the company went out of the way to give this kid some swag but think it cost them nothing its all a tax cut and to top it all off it makes them look really good. they will make lots of money for one small act. Yes the act was great but why not keep it just between them that way they could support the fans without the process of making money. dont you think we should all be that lucky that our buisness get thousands and thousands of dollars of free pro. for just what cost the company a few hundred in merchandise

  519. Nix0-san says:

    BUNGIE !! <3!
    CONGRATZ , Nathaniel .. Bungie hit me with act on a level of honesty i can’t deny .. Rarely we see company’s that we’ll even read the comments in the first place , But to actually read them then do this and let the staff sign the legendary helmet and not only that but also the soundtrack by the composer… Is something you don’t see everyday .

    Bungie must be today’s #1 gaming studios !!
    And PS : all the jealous people , Please stop being negative ;) .

  520. jarvin21 says:

    bungie rocks, i love the game, and i love that even if they met success, they don’t look at their fans like they are nothing, bungie is a great company and i think more company should listen and pay attention to their fan base. ^_^

  521. Johnny Reyes says:

    Great story, but just one in a million.

  522. DeAtH_EaTeR_17 says:

    what’s up with microsoft? I think they just stole the case for some reasons.. they may be halo addicts, or sumthing in a jealous state…

  523. This 63 year old granny has previously lived in the Dark Ages. My first step tward modern technoligy is this here computer. I’m just learning e-mail.. . I’ve read this article and every response . .and went through a box of tissues (happy tears). . .I too would like to thank Mr. Bungie for righting a wrong. You are truly a knight in shining armor. I’m not a “gamer” . . yet . .give me time, but I’ll be sure to support you!!! Us good guys have to stick together!!!

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  525. crankywestcoast says:

    Bungie, u effin rock

  526. Wayne Davis says:

    I sent my XBOX 360 to be repaired by Microsoft. Well they repaired it but sent it to the wrong address. They sent it to where I use to live and I specifically told them the right address. I have now lost my XBOX 360 and don’t know how to get it back. Microsoft blaims FedX for the problem and FedX blaims Microsoft. I’m just getting the run around from both of them. I was totally screwed. The person that lives where I use to live signed his name to recieve it and I want to know how FedX can let someone else sign there name and it not be me??? If someone out there knows what I can do, please let me know.


    Wayne D.

    • Billdebeast says:

      send a letter to the house where you used to live and ask for your box back, giving an address, etc.

  527. Ssadie says:

    Well, I may be a girl, but quite a Halo fan. That would be so awesome if I had that stuff!!!!

  528. YouGotThat says:

    That is awesome stuff.
    I have never even seen the covenant controller.
    Nothing can replace the original but nothing can replace the stuff you got earlier.
    I wonder if this was when MS still owned Bungie?

    –YouGotThat.net stuff for gamers and lacrose players

  529. shaun g says:

    wow bungie has been very dedicated to their fans for a while and now they are just reassuring us their quality of service.

    cant wait for halo wars!

  530. lyncucu says:

    You are the sad one “king”. So what if they get more money from their act. Haven’t you heard that when you do good, good comes back. Quit whining and just celebrate.

  531. Glad to hear a story like this. Not surprised to hear it happen though. Anytime you customize a system in such a way you run the risk of losing it if you have to send it in for repairs. I’m afraid to have my iMac sent in but I have to. I’ve done nothing to it’s exterior but the internal contents are of the utmost importance to me.

    Any time someone does something, namely involving the gaming community, to truly have their stuff stick out there is always that risk someone will come and screw it up. And in the case of genuine stories like this, it’s even better to hear that someone did the right thing.

  532. Dan says:

    lets be honest, Bungie has one game thats worth a damn. If i owned a company that made only one product that sold for anything than i would be rather generous as well.

  533. todd says:

    It stinks that m$ tech could not read the fine print. It’s nice to here that Bungie did something for you. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the customer should be #1.
    Glad that Al Gore invented the internet so your story could be told.


  534. Dan says:

    oh and by the way scrubbed clean? absolutely not! when you send your xbox in its thrown into a huge pile with all of the rest of the broken xboxes wgich are then repaired and sent out as refurbished. so you send the broken one and as soon as they get it they send you another one that was refurbished and belonged to someone else. Do you really think they have a technician look at every single one, fix it, and then send that same one back to the same gamer who sent it? It would be bad business practice on Microsoft’s part, too costly and take too much time. Plus every customer who does NOT have a custom Halo Xbox would not want to sit and wait for their individual Xbox to get fixed, they want one back as soon as possible. Right now either that Halo Xbox that belonged to the kid is either being sent out as a refurbished replacement to another gamer (highly unlikely!) or sitting at the house of the tech who repaired it (very likely).

  535. Tab says:

    Bungie kicks ass, they love their fans so much and do anything for them. I hope to work for Bungie someday.

  536. Dan says:

    and lastly why would anyone care and why would microsoft get bad p.r. for this? most of the people who dont have custom xbox 360’s (about 99.9% of xbox owners) dont give a damn about which xbox they get back as long as its the same model and it works, so if youre a gamer that doesnt have a custom 360 then why would you even care?

  537. ken says:

    I’m glad his story is turning out well. I sent my 360 in for the 3 flashing lights in Nov of 07 and what I got back in the mail was a box of software that records Tapes and Vinyl Albums to your PC. Now after countless phone calls, I am deployed to Qatar and still no word from Xbox for resolution. You would think the least they could do would send an email.

  538. Ashleigh says:

    Man..This guy is a huge fan! I wonder if they gave him anything else

  539. Petula says:

    Wow! I’ve never seen a post with more than 500 comments… and, of course, I felt compelled to add mine. I’m not even a gamer and this story touched me. I think customer service nowadays is substandard to say the least, but I am impressed with the response from the Halo folks! That was very, very awesome and I’m glad Nathaniel received that type of response and support. Restores my hope that there is good in the world! :-)

  540. monique says:

    its sad you lost your one of a kind xbox360 but at least you got all that other stuff.

  541. RoosterQ says:

    You can tell Bungie is not a part of Microsoft anymore, yes? :) What a great story. Good on all who were a part of it.

  542. Lee says:

    Ya it probably doesn’t cost the company anything to give that stuff out, but as we were all told once its the thought that counts. The cool stuff im sure doesn’t hurt either. Unfortunately almost every companies customer support representatives will tell you anything to get you off the phone including lie and embellish the truth. I’m sure half the problem is the amount of 360’s that microsoft has to service, and the people they are probably paying chump change to do it.
    Enjoy the swag, good luck with Microsoft.

  543. dude, he is the luckiest kid ever. that is some wicked stuff, and i wish i had some of it. god luck to everybody that plays halo!

  544. Jen says:

    My husband loves the whole “Halo” series. I can only imagine what would happen if this were to happen to him. I’m sure I wouldn’t hear the end of it. But major kuddos to Bungee who went above and beyond for this hard core gamer! Everything happens for a reason, and it seems the guy isn’t mad, so maybe people can learn a lesson from him. Don’t always need to sue to get your point across!

  545. I meant GOOD luck to every body

  546. Cat says:

    That’s fkin awesome. Congrats.

  547. showstoppa says:

    Bungie = Piimp

  548. Ronnie says:

    Very happy to hear what they did for him. Nice to read a happy ending.

  549. Rhea MacDonald says:

    I am not even a gamer, nor do we own an XBox 360, but I was blown away by the makers of Halo. My daughter has friends who play this game, and has told me the story line, so I think it is awesome, but, as I stated, we do not play it or own the console.

    For Bungie to be this outstanding, well, it shows that some of corporate America has a heart, and this story brought me to tears. Wow, I was literally blown away. Thank you to a wonderful company, that is trying to ensure that what they do, is a heart felt endeavor. Kudos!!!!

    And to the young man who lost is console in this manner, my heart is with you. I have had similar things happen, but never with the response you received, you are truly intelligent enough to keep all paperwork and confirmation numbers. If more people would, honesty would be flowing more in this world than it is…you are very smart, and blessed.

  550. ALicia says:

    That’s awesome

  551. stewie says:

    This is a perfect example of why Bungie excels at what they do; they go above and beyond the norm in all aspects. How awesome would it be if all corporations had the same attitude and treated people so kindly. Hats off to Bungie, you guys are what it’s all about.

  552. I don’t play Halo nor have an X-Box but hey… Bungie did the right thing and I applaud them!

    I’d love to hear what happened to the original box, however…


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  554. marla says:

    i’m not a gamer or anything, but i read this story and had to comment because that was an AWESOME thing them to do! too bad other companies don’t follow their example!

  555. Jennifer says:

    I am happy that his xbox worked when he got it back and that bungie made up for what xbox did. If only we could all have happy endings when our xboxes break. I had a console that boke so i sent to be repaired and they sent me a new one to replace it……this happened 5 times over a year!!…..before i threw my xbox 360 console into the trash and bought the new elite. I have had that stupid ring of death twice on that console too but no returns yet.