I Spy a Tasty Cupcake

super mario bros cupcakes
[Mario Cupcakes]

goomba cupcakes
[Goomba Cupcake]


pac-man cupcakes
[Pac-Man Cupcakes]


moogle cupcakes
[Moogle Cupcakes]


locoroco cupcakes
[LocoRoco Cupcakes]


pixelated mario cupcakes
[Pixel Mario]


pixelated zelda cupcakes
[Pixel Link]


mario cupcakes/cake
[Super Mario Cake/Cupcakes]


mister chief cupcakes
[Mister Chief Cupcakes]


raving rabbid cupcake
[Rayman Raving Rabbid Cupcake]


mushroom cupcakes
[Mushroom Cupcakes]


portal cupcakes
[Portal Cookie Cupcakes]
mmm cake

9 Responses to I Spy a Tasty Cupcake

  1. Jim 028 says:

    This makes me want to go into the kitchen and learn to bake.
    In fact, once Fee and I move into our new flat in March I think I will.
    If I manage to pull off any Halo related cakes I’ll be sure to let you know angel.

  2. Tortacular says:

    Tasty Cakes!

  3. jb84 says:

    I really like the style of the top Mario and Pac-Man cupcakes. That’s cool.

  4. Jordan says:

    I’ve had fondant on my list of to-do’s whenever I bake cakes and cupcakes. I just haven’t found the time or patience to get it done, but I think in the next few weeks I’m going to go ahead and set aside a day to get some done.

    I tried to make a green one-up mushroom for my then-boyfriend, but it was too top heavy–Once I moved it the damn thing came crashing down.

    Any of the gaming cupcakes/cakes that use fondant always look so amazing.

  5. xmiyux says:

    For my birthday my wife made me a full size three layer Portal cake. It was pretty awesome.

  6. bs angel says:

    I want to see pics xmiyux!

    And I love the fondant ones as well. It allows for such a crisp and bright image and is really just perfect for the more simple designs. It’s on my list of things to do as well. :)

  7. Creative people never stop making my jaw drop! I am doing the fondant ones with Mario, et. al. My boys will LOVE IT! Angel you find the bestest of the bestest stuff! Thank you so much!

  8. bs angel says:

    I’ll definitely need some pics thecanvasgrey!

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